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2nd TWP Rugby World Cup - Signups

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(Rugby Union)

Hello one and all! Americans are used to Thanksgiving Football, but we'll be playing a game of handegg with a more global twist this year. Ready for your nations citizens to prove they can out-brawn and out-brain the rest of the region? Well this is you opportunity! This thread is just for signups and out of context discussion, so sign up below or drop a line if you've got any questions!

The Rugby World Cup will begin after American Thanksgiving (Thursday the 26th), so signups will be open until then. Format will depend on signup numbers, but we're looking at a group stage leading into traditional knock-out rounds. 

Need some more info on sports roleplay? Open the spoiler below (copied from last time).


Sports rp is a special kind of roleplay where rather than the roleplayers deciding what happens, the results are generated first and then the stories are created by the players after the fact to fit the results. This means that the cardinal rule while rp'ing is don't contradict the provided scoreline.

Ah, but how is that scoreline created, you ask? With a special piece of software called a 'scorinator.' A scorinator uses random numbers to generate a realistic score for a sporting even, taking into account several factors. These factors usually are rank and roleplay. If the competitors have competed in the past and established before which teams are stronger, that can be reflected by assigning those teams a rank. The scorinator will then provide realistic results where the stronger team is more likely to win. On the other hand, teams can be given an rp bonus as well. RP bonus is a tool used to encourage people to roleplay in the competition. The user scorinating the competition will read rps and give a bonus to each team according to the roleplay it wrote, slightly boosting its performance in the scorinator. However, this doesn't mean that if you roleplay you will win, and you should always roleplay because it's fun, not because you want the bonus. 

Results will be scorinated one matchday at a time to allow people to roleplay about each game. If you have any other questions about the whole thing works that I didn't address here, feel free to message me or ask in the thread.


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United Adaikes, having received official recognition, will test their nation in the international sports scene starting with their formal application to join the 2nd TWP Rugby World Cup.

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