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  1. I've been a little lax on masking requests, so I'm not certain who all doesn't have access that should, but the current list of folks who should have the newspaper mask is: ALON Bran Dark Dilber Giovanniland Gloibria Fuentana Fujai Hyfy Marisala OT Podium Reçueçn Teralyon I know for a fact ALON doesn't have masking, but I'm not sure past them—thank you for the help!
  2. Fujai

    I am back guys

    Welcome back!! Don't worry, the bar's still here
  3. Fujai

    Random Poll #9

    These days I'm nearly nocturnal, but that's beside the point. When it's left alone, my body tends to sync itself to sleeping 4 am to noonish. I'm just more active at night and it's so much more comfy to me (and I don't have to deal with other people being awake).
  4. Thanks Eli! I was also wondering, is there a mask that gives mod powers over the RP subforum?
  5. I was going through the forums and noticed a couple old masks that were never cleared. Denieria is still masked "Minister for WA Issues" and Kawaii is still masked Guardian—there may be more, but I haven't noticed them yet. Thanks!
  6. The Shins - Chutes too Narrow Tracks: 10 Total length: 33:50 Genres: Indie pop/rock Year: 2003 Favorite track: (i have no idea) So this isn't my favorite album, and it's really the only album by the Shins that I like. However, it's a very good album specifically. It gets the idea of an album as a cohesive art piece really good. Every song fits where it is—there's an overarching vibe that it gives off that makes it difficult to listen to just one song without listening to the whole album. I think because of that I don't really have a favorite song from the album. They all hit hard, but differently in such a way that it's almost hard to tell which song is which. Listening to it now brings very visceral memories of a couple summers ago, sitting in my not air conditioned apartment kind of floating along while living alone and working for the summer. I remember very specifically listening to it while driving through a rainstorm on the way to my sister's place and it's retained that slightly dissociative feeling of driving through corn fields on a humid summer day as it rains off and on.
  7. Bold of you to assume I know English.

  8. Fujai

    Random Poll #8

    Autumn is my second favorite season, just behind winter, because it ends the oppressive heat and humidity of summer. I finally get to wear jackets and sweaters without dying (because I do that in summer too :P), everything's comfy outside and inside, the leaves are changing, and Halloween is right around the corner. Note that around here, late September usually has the tail end of Summer's weather, so all of this applies more to October, but hey, it's the thought that counts. The spring equinox is usually soggy or snowy, the latter of which is greatly preferred.
  9. I hate to be a bother (and double-poster), but I had incorrectly assumed that the HoN mask had access to the printing press subforum, so even though the newspaper mask hasn't been created, my staff can't access it yet and we need to be able to finalize planning as soon as we can. If there's any way this could be expedited I would be extremely grateful!
  10. No problem, thank you so much for all the help!
  11. If you could restrict the Printing Press to the newspaper mask (and higher ranking masks like minister/guardian/delegate as well, I assume), I would be greatly appreciative! The folks who should have newspaper mask are: @Aelitia @Dilber @Mia @Dalimbar @Reçueçn @Sensorland @Giovanniland @Darkesia @de la Fuentana @Boda @Podium @Teralyon On the form subject, it was a little more curiosity of what was possible. Laz was using a form stored directly on their forums (not embedded in a post), that, once someone fills it out, it creates a post by them with their responses in a specific subforum. I can do ministry apps pretty easy in a single thread, so it's not of as much use to me personally, but @Overthinkers may or may not find it intriguing for citizenship apps.
  12. I'm planning on using the Printing Press subforum for the newspaper, is it publicly viewable or is there a mask that controls access to it? Unrelated edit: I was looking around on other regions' forums to see what kinds of things they're doing, and I noticed that a number of them have built-in application forms that automatically create a post from the response—is there something like that that we have access to? I grabbed a screenshot from Laz if that helps get across what I'm talking about:
  13. Welcome to The Western Post! The Western Post is the official newspaper of the West, publishing on the first Friday of every month. We write regional news, make deep dives into history and conspiracies, write satire (or do we?), make comics and puzzles, and much more! Writers are expected to produce at least one article per issue, usually from 400-1500 words, depending on the style and subject matter. Artists are expected to produce at least one comic, cartoon, or other creation per issue. For reference, you can find The Western Post's back issues here. If you're interested in a position at The Western Post, please fill out this application in a reply to this post: What is your nation name? What is your Discord tag? Why do you want to join The Western Post? (For writers) What subjects are you most interested in writing on? (For artists) What subjects and style of art would you like to focus on? We are currently most in need of: Long-form article writers Cartoon and comic artists
  14. Welcome to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs! In CA, we help maintain the beating heart of the region by developing regional branding, organizing festivals and roleplay events, and creating a greater sense of enjoyment outside basic game tasks. It’s not all fun and games, though. Successful staffers dig deep in the forums and sort through countless RMB pages to get a better sense of the West to tailor opportunities based on the various idiosyncrasies of our residents. Cultural Affairs is always looking for people who are passionate, able to work both independently and collaboratively, all with a sense of fun! If you're interested in a position in CA, please fill out this application in a reply to this post: What is your nation name? What is your Discord tag? What do you want to do in Cultural Affairs? We are currently most in need of: Event planners Small-scale cultural coordinators People with ideas and the will to carry them out
  15. Fujai

    Random Poll #6

    *slams fists on table* Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats!
  16. Yep! That's what we want it for now. I made some changes to the post that I shouldn't have done unilaterally and neglected to make a backup, so that was much of the issue. Thank you so much for fixing this!!
  17. It's still showing up as the same on my end. The edits were made between 5:25 and 5:59 UTC, so I don't think that captured them, is it possible to restore it from a previous backup? We do have everything we need from Harsh's comment if that matters, so if it must be deleted I can quote it back in my own comment for the records if that's easiest for you. Thank you so much for all your help, and I apologize for causing the issue in the first place!
  18. A bit of an odd question: is it possible to revert edits made to a post?
  19. I was going through some things and noticed that Ark and Medio are still masked as Guardians, could that be fixed, please? Also, if it hasn't already been done, can @de la Fuentana, @Sensorland, and @Reçueçn be masked IA, and could the IA masking be renamed Cultural Affairs? Thank you so much!
  20. @Overthinkers My brain thought you were talking about a college football game so I was really confused which universities RMB and RSU were

    1. Reçueçn


      I mean RSU's pretty small, but you don't know RMB? A lot of TEPers go there. I hear it's a real party school.

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