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  1. Heya folks! I'm doing some research on the history of our regional flag and am hoping to do a little crowdsourcing to fill some gaps and see what old images folks have on their computers. If there are any mistakes in what I've gathered so far, please let me know! If you've also got any other versions of regional flags or TWPAF flags, I would love to collate them here for this effort. If anyone's got stories about the flag as well I'd love to hear them! I have a few of my own re: the most recent two flags that I'll add later. This is what I've got so far, with a very small amount of research: Early 2003, courtesy of @New People, the flag of the Atlantic, sourced here 2004-2005ish, courtesy of @Dilber, possibly earliest known version of the traditional flag: Late 2006-February 28, 2019, after Eli's first delegacy, courtesy of @Winnipeg, sourced here. Numerous slight variations were created over the years as old versions were deprecated and new ones were created. This is the earliest known version without the text from the one Dilber has: March 1, 2019-February 18, 2020, Imperial China flag, note slightly off colors in the rays and field—that's the earliest one post-theme contest that I can find in the Cabinet Room on Discord. I fixed the second one up at a later date with the right ones, but I don't remember which was flown more often at the time, so I'm assuming it was the first: February 17, 2020-present, Triangle Banner, The Flag That Has Always Been Our Flag, from me:
  2. Hey Winni! We were able to take care of Min-Su's request by archiving their old RP threads into the RP Archive, so they should be all set! Thanks!!
  3. I would consider my current residence a "big city"—certainly much bigger than where I grew up—but I have no plan to leave any time soon
  4. Could Nox please be masked Newspaper? Thank you!!!
  5. The second half of 2022 was pretty shite in some respects, but also had some very high points. Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to some changes that 2023 will bring—hopefully a bit of a reset for me and an opportunity to be happier.
  6. Okay see my issue here is that I love the aesthetic of the only white lights, especially on the outside because they shine so nicely on the snow, but also I live for excessive color so uhh imma vote colorful but say both
  7. Very low priority, but could this subforum please be renamed to "Archive Esferos" and the description set to "The dustbin of history—or rather the dustbin of unhistory, as the threads in this archive are no longer canon because their owners have left the map due to inactivity."? Thank you!!!
  9. Hello! I noticed this when the forum had it's big upgrade earlier this year, but it's been slipping my mind to ask about it ever since (@Nagaraningrad commented on it tonight which kickstarted me to asking). But ever since the big upgrade back in May I think, the old horizontal line code hasn't worked. Just typing [hr] used to make a line, but it doesn't anymore—is there any kind of replacement for that or might the functionality live somewhere else in the post editor that I'm not seeing? Thank you for the help!!!
  10. Football World Cups of Football 1st World Cup of Football - United Adaikes | OOC Thread | IC Thread 1st - Nieubasria 2nd - Larxia 3rd - Cambria 2nd World Cup of Football - Hertfordia | OOC Thread | IC Thread 1st - Nieubasria 2nd - Arifiyyah 3rd - Cambria
  11. Rugby Rugby World Cups 1st Rugby World Cup - Reçueçn | OOC Thread | IC Thread 1st - Hertfordia 2nd - Fujai 3rd - Giovanniland 2nd Rugby World Cup - Dilber | OOC Thread | IC Thread 1st - Zoran 2nd - Dalimbar 3rd - United Adaikes 3rd Rugby World Cup - Zoran | OOC Thread | IC Thread 1st - Zoran 2nd - Dalimbar 3rd - Cambria 4th Rugby World Cup - Dalimbar | OOC Thread | IC Thread 1st - Dalimbar 2nd - United Adaikes 3rd - Ryxtylopia
  12. A listing of every Official Sporting Event held under the auspices of TWP Roleplay. Use this as a resource, interesting list to look at, or whatever you please. Table of Contents Multi-event tournaments Rugby Football Cricket Gridiron football
  13. Eyeballs open

  14. hello!! could I get @Comfed masked as newspaper, please? also the forum upgrade looks great, Winni, thank you so much for the effort you put into that!!
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