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  1. So, as you may have figured, my flag, though I personally like the design a lot, is a bit complicated, and I've therefore decided to give it a change. The design below is what I'm thinking of replacing it to. Let me know what you think! My only concern is that it resembles the flag of the Philippines, a nearby neighbor of Zogradia (not that that's a bad thing, just potentially not as unique) Blue= national color, black= determination, white= peace, red (yin yang)= people of Zogradia, blue (yin yang)= government of Zogradia (both in a yin yang, to represent their mutual dependence) (You can find the old flag here)
  2. Finally made a national anthem for Zogradia! Even though I just modified the lyrics to Lupang Hinirang... by which I mean it's just the same song in Ikida... Still, though.

  3. That moment you find out everyone else from your old political union (the Teikei) has CTE'd...

    1. Atlae


      That happens to me all the time. That's why I stick around GCRs instead.

  4. *Arises from grave*

    *Grabs some snacks*


    1. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      Hey there!

  5. How's Media going? :v

  6. *That moment you realize your independence day is in two days*

    1. North Pacific Spy

      North Pacific Spy

      How is the independence?

  7. That moment you realize only one member of the Teikei (Mal) IRL lives in the "west Pacific" region..

    1. Malviet



  8. Worried my account was deleted for inactivity for a second...

    1. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      Glad to have you back here!

    2. Little Sealand

      Little Sealand

      I should be worried as well then

  9. I have also sorted out a couple grammar features for Ikida. First, when ending sentences, all periods, question marks and exclamation points are put a space after the sentence (ex: "Is this a question ?" [ىڽ سلنتي ؟ ]), though this is sometimes ignored in informal circumstances (usually by newby foreigners). Ikida also has a feature where the a, ā, and ı vowels are not required to be written when writing in the Arabic script (unless it's at the end of a word), so the word for a train station (sıtashın) can be spelled [ستشن or سىّتىشىّن]. Ikida words are structured so no diphthongs appear, which helps when written in Hangul/Hānkıl, and vowels are essentially implied in abjads like Arabic/Jawi, though obviously mandatory in alphabets like Hangul, so "sıtashın" can only be spelled "스따쓴" in Hangul.
  10. Population increase in NationStates! For a while, our population has hovered around 5,000, however, it has recently jumped to literally over 9,000, while somehow still staying at 5th place. The North Pacific remains the most populous region at over 11,000 nations. This is pushing the stability of the delegates’ power, causing Elegarth to send a mass telegram a few weeks ago to all TWP nations. Though the cause is uncertain, Elegarth seems to be stable with around 450 endorsements. TWP World Summit This March, the TWP Summit was hosted in Carson Village, Benjamin Mark, in which, the leaders of Zogradia, Hariko, Antahbrantahstan and Malviet all met for a couple days, though the discussion topic was not completely clear. Either way, the RP summit went on for about 10 days before the nations departed one-by-one. Zogradi Company Looking to Colonize the Solar System A Yakadu-based development firm known as Inostran, known for developing the Yin Yang Artificial Island Resort, has been developing everything from commercial districts to permanent Antarctic bases since 1988. However, Inostran CEO Kim Seung Jo has decided to partner her $13.6 billion (T7.3 billion) company with the government-operated ASAP Zogradia, the Zogradi space program, to jumpstart bases on the moon and Mars, hoping to also soon reach out to the moons of Jupiter. By Zogradia
  11. *Wheezes after writing 3 articles in a few days* Oh well, good thing I'm a fast writer! Anyway, Issue 2 is out in the link here! Hope it's good! Or, if you want to stay in the forums... Help Wanted at TWP! (Please?) Well, I guess it’s just me this entire issue, so… let’s get this through. Okay, so The West Pacifican (what the TWP in the title was referring to) is a newspaper we hope to have every month or so, though the progress of releasing issues has gone slower than Jim Gilmour’s 2016 presidential campaign, which is why I am asking you for help writing the newspaper to write stories. Basically, all you need is an idea, and preferably good grammar and spelling skills (at least better than what you find on the YouTube comments section), then, just write a couple short paragraphs about whatever you want related to TWP or NS that you think people will find interesting, then send it to my puppet [nation=short]The West Pacifican[/nation]. Simple! Anyways, now that I made my cry for assistance, let’s move on… Election Under Way! As you may or may not know, the 2016 election for WA Secretary-General is underway, and our own [nation=short]Benjamin Mark[/nation] is running for the esteemed office, but didn’t exactly make the second round, so we switched our support to [nation=short]Mikeswill[/nation], and we urge you to be a true West Pacifican™, and vote for We Are Not TBH! “But how?” you ask, well, first if you read this in the next few days, you will see a small, turquoise banner near the top displaying election numbers. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the election page, from there, click “vote” and select whoever TWP supports next! What are we Voting for, though?! The 2016 WASG election is underway at the same time as the US presidential election and the Zogradi Prime Ministerial election in a few weeks, but what is the first thing, exactly? Well, to explain it to a degree in which I can explain it, it is the election for the WA Secretary-General. As of the release of this article, we have had three primary rounds, and are now in the General Election, and we (TWP) have switched support from Benjamin Mark to Mikeswill, and are now supporting [nation=short]We Are Not TBH[/nation], keep in mind we’re against much of NS, including non-WA members. Yes! Non-WA members can vote for the head of the WA, like if I, being an American, voted for who will be the EU chancellor. But hey, can’t hurt, can it? (We’ll probably be fine)
  12. May I ask why we got a new Clubhouse?

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    2. Westwind


      *nods* Sold to make room for beachfront condos.

    3. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      Would you like to invest in the beechfront condo? We are making it a TWP timeshare!

    4. Westwind


      Just imagine the profits we'll make.

  13. So, I've been a bit obsessed with underground metro systems (I say 'metro', yes I'm from DC), so I decided to start a discussion about what our metro systems are like in our cities. The Yakadu metro is a vast metrorail system spread around the Yakadu-Sana-Nemtel City Metropolitan Area (Yakasamtel Cities), transporting over 5 million people per day, and largely inspired by the DC Metro. Map made at beno.org.uk/metromapcreator Metro map (without light rail lines) Typical station style
  14. Honestly, I'm pumped for the new Star Trek movie, but it doesn't really look like it will be a good movie from the trailer. (Also Hail Caesar! and Where to Invade Next)
  15. I was puzzled by that, too, given how different Jews, Arabs and N. Africans are from Europeans. Either way, it was all made up by some guy centuries ago going by essentially his opinion, I don't even consider myself "white", so much as "European-American".
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