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  1. Thanks for considering it! For that last link I did notice that the dev had responded to questions in the support thread as recently as October (ok, for a given definition of recently :P) and there seems to be activity there even this month, but I also see that the most recent published compatibility is version 4.3 and it looks like we're on 4.4 now. Anyway, thanks again for looking into it, it's really appreciated. Let us know whenever you come to a decision (or, if it winds up being a plugin or other solution that has a cost attached, I'd be willing to chip in or cover it). Kudos!
  2. Hi, I've got a bit of an unusual request, which I'm not sure will be easy/possible to fulfill, but I figure I might as well ask and see. I'm looking ahead in one of the games we're playing in the clubhouse, where the players are on a board kind of like monopoly, and it would be nice to be able to roll dice to move around on the board. I'd like to be able to do that online, while verifying that people aren't rerolling to get a number they want, but it would be even better if there was a way to do it on the forums without needing any outside resource. I don't know anything about how the technical side of the forum works, but I've discovered that there are plugins which apparently allow this functionality. I'm not sure if they work with this specific kind of forum, or host, or whatever (as I said I don't really know what that is), but would an admin be able to look into adding a dice plugin like that? Here's a couple links I found that seem to advertise a free dice forum plugin: https://mods.mybb.com/view/dymy-dice https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=434&t=1816135 And here's one that costs $5 but is posted on the invision forums: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8692-ne-dice-roller/ It might be hard for me to make an online payment to cover this—it's a long story—but I'd be willing to try to figure something out if that was the only option. Thanks so much for looking into this! I don't know if it's possible but I really appreciate any response (as well as all the effort the admins already put in).
  3. Is this just fantasy

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    2. Reçueçn


      For me I just type it in right above the list of recent updates. It looks like a search bar

    3. dithpri


      hello im new and i dont now the forum and i try to use you're advice Mr. rekuekn but it no work plz explain do i type my status here???

    4. Reçueçn


      >Mr. rekuekn
      nOTHING grinds my gears more

  4. Welcome to the forum! Excited to have you join nomic. Congrats on vice secretary general by the way!
  5. Well since literally all the current RSU posts are about spam, one more won't hurt... remember that time I won the spam points game? Wasn't that great?



  6. I don't see the double-post anymore and the link just goes to the top of the thread now, so I think someone figured it out for me. Thanks!
  7. Could I get this comment deleted? I made a mistake typing it and since it's the rules for the game didn't want to edit it, but was then surprised not to find a delete button. (Or maybe there is one and I'm just too stupid to find it.) I've hidden it for now but obviously for me it still shows up so if it could go away for good that would be great. (Without destroying the rest of the thread, please! XD) Thanks!
  8.  ̶D̶o̶b̶b̶y̶ Reçu is Freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  9. I shed a tear each time someone posts in a thread Hariko started and I see his pfp again

  10. Help, help, I'm trapped in a forum spam game and I can't get out

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    2. Westwind


      Remember, last one to post, wins.

    3. Reçueçn


      If only it was so simple.

    4. Westwind


      It is when you're an admin. Just post, and lock the thread. :P 

  11. I'd rather vacation at the beach, but I'd rather live in the mountains. The beach is nice cause it gives me a chance to swim, but that's mostly nice because I don't get the opportunity much. Somehow I feel like I need mountains in my life for some reason.
  12. Walking around Sherman Pass, apparently!
  13. It's hard to pick, 2020's been so short. I feel like I think just of December last year, which was great, so I'd vote for that, but then I remember everything else from that year... I'll vote 2020.
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