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  1. Welcome to the forum! Excited to have you join nomic. Congrats on vice secretary general by the way!
  2. Well since literally all the current RSU posts are about spam, one more won't hurt... remember that time I won the spam points game? Wasn't that great?



  3. I don't see the double-post anymore and the link just goes to the top of the thread now, so I think someone figured it out for me. Thanks!
  4. Could I get this comment deleted? I made a mistake typing it and since it's the rules for the game didn't want to edit it, but was then surprised not to find a delete button. (Or maybe there is one and I'm just too stupid to find it.) I've hidden it for now but obviously for me it still shows up so if it could go away for good that would be great. (Without destroying the rest of the thread, please! XD) Thanks!
  5.  ̶D̶o̶b̶b̶y̶ Reçu is Freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  6. I shed a tear each time someone posts in a thread Hariko started and I see his pfp again

  7. Help, help, I'm trapped in a forum spam game and I can't get out

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      Remember, last one to post, wins.

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      If only it was so simple.

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      It is when you're an admin. Just post, and lock the thread. :P 

  8. I'd rather vacation at the beach, but I'd rather live in the mountains. The beach is nice cause it gives me a chance to swim, but that's mostly nice because I don't get the opportunity much. Somehow I feel like I need mountains in my life for some reason.
  9. Walking around Sherman Pass, apparently!
  10. It's hard to pick, 2020's been so short. I feel like I think just of December last year, which was great, so I'd vote for that, but then I remember everything else from that year... I'll vote 2020.
  11. I'll just drop this question here: is there a members list on this forum somewhere? I've been struggling to update nations on the map because like a fool I couldn't find the HoN rosters thread, but a list (searchable!?) of members on this forum would be very useful. If I want a link to a specific person's profile, I don't know how to find that short of looking for one of their posts.
  12. Please feel free also to use this thread to discuss articles posted here (or in the dispatch). It has been determined that articles will be posted in locked threads, so we welcome your comments here.
  13. Westwind By Correspondent Reçueçn “I’d like to ask for your thoughts on some things, as well as just your own history,” I said. “Go right ahead,” said Westwind. He poured us both another glass of rum. I took a moment to look at the bottle, with the TWP Spiced Crimson Rum branding. “This is good stuff,” I said. Westwind nodded. “By the way, in TNP it was Crimson Rum. In TWP it was Spiced Crimson Rum. There IS a difference! Both are served at the E-Bar in Equilism, and kegs of Spiced Crimson Rum are delivered to the TWP RMB on special occasions. Such vintage spirits have limited availability.” I laughed. “Well I’m glad I could taste some.” I savored a mouthful as I thought about what I wanted to ask. “We talk a lot about how NS is a 'text-based game' and what that means. Definitely it's a very unique game in both the demands it makes of players and the opportunities it presents. What qualities of yours do you think it plays to?” “Well, having a degree in political science and geography plays well to a political simulation game. I remember when SimCity first came out....and the first Civilization. Having done my own sort of version of NS when I was young, and having written a book about those fictional nations and characters... it all fits well. Maybe Max Barry was my protege and he doesn't know it. As for the text-based aspect, there's probably a few other factors. Besides trying to write a book, I'd been editor of three publications. Back in the days of paste-up layouts before computers. So I'm often comfortable writing. And when those early computers came along, text-based games were what was available. 'Rogue'....enter a direction and get a response. Text based. Due to my disabilities, I cannot play Real Time Simulation games. (I liked Age of Empires, but I can't play it) Trying to keep up with the game causes me to have seizures. So I have to be careful what kind of video games I play. I have to watch out for rapid graphics, flashing graphics. And my medications slow brain function. So I'm too slow to react for some games, and I have to play them on the very easiest settings. The text-based game NS doesn't give me any of those problems.” “When you reminisce about your time on NS, what period do you think of the most fondly?” “I would have to say it was the camaraderie of the players of Equilism,” said WW. “How well we all worked together inside and outside the region. How we were often able to avoid the heated conflicts that were seen in so many other regions. How we were able to innovate outside of traditional NS ideologies, plot complex ideas outside of the box and out of the R/D perspective, ground our actions in well-founded ideals, and how well we could come together to accomplish our goals. Great players with great accomplishments all across NS. I was fortunate to work with them. Just like all the greatest rock bands....the interactions of strong personalities makes for great music.” “What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from NS?” “Intrigue in NS is described by Pink Floyd in the song 'Dogs' Welcome to NationStates!” And in true TWP style, Westwind began to sing me some karaoke: “- You got to be crazy.... - Gotta sleep on your toes... - You got to strike when the moment is right without thinking... - And after a while, you can work on points for style.... - You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to So that when they turn their backs on you You'll get the chance to put the knife in. - You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder.... - You know it's going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you get older... - And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown.... - Sometimes it seems to me as if I'm just being used.... - That everyone's expendable and no-one has a real friend....” He trailed off and thought for a minute before speaking again. “Or....Maybe I"m an old grandpa (my nickname became 'Gramps' in Equilism by '05) that's learned to be more online social media savvy from interacting with players young enough to be children and grandchildren on NS? Too weird. But I've been online since before the Internet was public, so I already knew cyberspace.” Once more, he began to sing: “’Net boy, Net girl Send your signal 'round the world Put a message in a modem And throw it in the cyber sea...’ I have seen NS political tactics applied in RL across Social Media that baffled traditional political operatives. I ran for office once in 1990's RL, via third party for State Legislature. An informational campaign. More recently, both major parties were offering me leadership conferences and training in the '16 election. So strange...getting offers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Washington, California...... I admit a certain curiosity as to how useful NS experience might be in pursuing RL Politics. Would I do it though? Probably not. I don't like either major party, and you can't win without one. I don't think my health would like it. And the mudslinging would drive anyone mad. But most of our RL politicians are not terribly intelligent.The Oligarchy of Real Life. In NS and RL, leadership requires finding the right people to do the job that needs doing, and being willing to delegate tasks and the authority (and resources) they need to carry them out. Thus, in NS as in RL, politics makes strange bedfellows. Play NS enough, and you'll understand the odd alignments that appear in RL politics at times.” “What question do you most want to get asked in an interview? What's the answer?” “I don't know. I'd found it curious that no one had ever asked me about The Crimson Order in TNP, and now that's been asked and answered in TRR.” We drifted into natural, personal conversation as we sipped on our rum and enjoyed some TWP karaoke favorites. Suddenly, the clock on the mantlepiece chimed loudly. It was already evening, and I had stayed longer than I had meant to. “Thank you so much, Westwind. For the newspaper, I'll let you have the final word. Anything else you'd like to say?” “I don't know if I have any words left." He chuckled. "NationStates is a curious animal. It cannot be tamed, but it can be lead and domesticated for a time and place. Just think.....had the Destroyers/Deadwood/NTO/SOULEATERS efforts been backed by a multi-regional organization such as a reformed ADN or The Crimson Order and followed to it's natural conclusion.....more Raider targets would have been removed from the game....Region names freed for new/active players to use.....there would be fewer small regions without security, leaving fewer regions for defenders to defend....the R/D game could be crippled......forum/offsite communities enhanced by players returned from the void of inactivity....interregional politics and 'wars' could supersede the R/D conflicts of the past....NS could be a more dynamic political simulation capable of innovation unhampered by limited R/D gameplay perspectives. The potential in those ideas that were developed was audacious. No wonder defenders worked with raiders to defeat The Crimson King. *chuckles* Existing paradigms don't like change. NationStates is a long story that is constantly having new pages written by it's players on a daily basis. And I'm just one of the Storytellers.” I would like to personally thank @Westwind for granting this interview. I had a lot of fun speaking with him and learning from him. I'd like to apologize for the frankly ridiculous amount of time it took me to get around to writing it up, and also for leaving out as much as I did... WW is a source of much wisdom and I couldn't pack it all into the format I wanted. Any inaccuracies in the above articles not in direct quotes are my responsibility: please let me know if I've gotten anything wrong. Happy Holidays!
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