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    I am the Most Serene Republic of Evender and I am new to NS. Also, how do I link my NS nation to my profile on the forums? I saw a citizenship thread where some user couldn't link his NS Nation to his profile here that's why I am asking.
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    Perspectives on Autism

    As an autistic person myself, this sounds about right. Except I was assigned female at birth, and was born the same year Asperger's was put in the DSM, and thus had to go through the pain of an initial misdiagnosis as being ADHD. The very assumption Aspergers/Autism only affects males baffles me so much.
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    new to ns as a whole

    call me drago, draco, marty, or literally any other nickname. they them pronouns only, your local florida enby here for roleplay in all forms. as a relevant note i intend to depict my nation as being inhabited primarily by dragons of many varieties, look up the game flight rising for a rough idea of what visual toolset i have at my disposal. i'm not really sure what else to put here, so i guess this is the point i'll start taking questions. i'm an open book /gen
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    new to ns as a whole

    Welcome! Glad to see you have joined our forums.
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