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  1. Archeological interest?
  2. Your personality type is: Debater ENTP-T I have no clue what it all means, but that's what it says.
  3. I watch both, but I must admit that the Winter Olympics feel simple more magical.
  4. Man that white list proposal is so disgusting
  5. o/ @Bran Astor o/ @Saint Mark TWP continues its path towards a glorious future
  6. Merci, my beautiful and cunning Dark Mistress of Chocolate!
  7. That's cuz you are heavy in the cool end...
  8. ++Grave digging++ I don't see the need to make another introduction thread to be honest, lol. So my intention is to come back to full activity within NS and TWP, and hence I have just posted my application as citizen (which, iirc, I had resigned to a few months ago to take care of stuff). Likewise, however, and while the regions of The Pacific and The West Pacific currently do not have formal foreign relationships, I'd like to be recognized as the current Foreign Affairs Envoy of The Pacific to TWP, at least in case that you need to officially communicate any diplomatic info to us. This is, of course, a formality only, and it is not intended in any was as a normalization of relationships. So, hello, and thanks for all the fish!
  9. Elegarth

    Fujansk Designs

    Hey Fujai, Are you still taking requests?
  10. Actually I think you can allow it to be anonymous or not, at the donnors desire.
  11. Indeed. That's what LOD advised for too
  12. From what I can gather from the Internet and Canadian sites... If the crowdsourced money is seen as gifts or donations, it shouldn't have Tax Implications. If you give something FOR the donations, it does, as it is considered a Sale. However, I'm sure Dark's research will give further details. I asked the NPO guys and they use Paypal donations. However, they are looking forward to use something different, they are particularly researching Patreon, as it allows for regular donations - say, if people wanted to give $1 a month, they could through Patreon automatically. However, that may change the tax implications as well, so they are also looking into it.
  13. I'm willing to contribute. I can probably compromise to $30 a year, at least. My economy down here is different than up north, but I think that sum is good. The bigger NPO organization also uses / receives donations one about once every 2 years. I can ask them what platform they use if desired.
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