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  1. Of course! You should have poked me in discord. I'm sorry I missed this.
  2. Edith Wharton: "There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it" My favorite
  3. INTJ-A Architect I feel so different than when I took this the first time, 20 years ago. Yet I still get the same answer. How terribly stagnant of me.
  4. Indy, it is so good to see you back with us! I hope your visit becomes permanent residence. If not, I hope we can offer some distraction from pesky RL. Welcome back!
  5. I don't think we had one because our last minister has Admin masking. Let's put it on the Cabinet agenda for tomorrow. Think about what forums you need access to etc.
  6. Bingsearching and his associated account has been banned for attempting to evade a discord ban by creating a persona on the forum and applying for citizenship with that second account.
  7. Forum revamp and masking should be fixed for the Newspaper staging area. Give it a try and let me know how it works.
  8. Sorry it's taken so long. I will get to work on this soon. However, I am still working a regular, office based full time schedule and have a side gig in high gear this time of year. I don't anticipate having time to work on it until Friday after 5pm.
  9. Even with that picture, I don't know what you mean. What kind of post are you talking about? Are you talking about integrating the Google forms thingy (technical term) that you are using for the citizenship applications? If so, that is a @Winnipeg question. My question would be: If you want it to be a post in the forum, why not put it there in the first place? Are you making a simple thing complex? If there is real value to it, I get it. I only use google forms when I am forced to do so, therefore I am not familiar with any advantage it may give us. However, that doesn't mean we can't do it or that there is some great advantage to it. We can add a restriction to the masking, if you want to do so. But masking remains in control of the Admin team and won't be given to moderator level masks.
  10. Sorry. This is done. I just forgot to say something.
  11. Hello. What kind of snake is that? it has pretty coloring.
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