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  1. Agreed. If someone was all-powerful, it's impossible for them to come up with something they CAN'T do.
  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Great idea! I want to draw something in now.
  4. 100% crab-free! 

    1. Giovanniland


      Yay! Crab-free is the way to go!

  5. Writing my factbook...

  6. For some reason, whenever I get sick, I always get a sore throat. It's like the bacteria are camping in there waiting for my defenses to go down.

    1. Westwind


      Zinc and Salt Water are your throat's friend and a cold's enemy. 

  7. After looking at the lists of all of the people who've voted so far in both votes, I've gathered that: 1. A majority of the people who voted for Japan in the first vote didn't vote in the runoff, 2. The people who voted for Japan in the first vote who did vote in the runoff all voted for China, 3. Almost everyone who voted in the runoff stayed with their original choices (except for the Japan voters, because Japan isn't in the runoff,) 4. A large number of people who voted for Russia in the first vote have not voted in the runoff yet, 5. A majority of people who voted for China in the first vote have already voted in the runoff so far, 6. And most new voters in the runoff (those who didn't vote in the first vote) voted for Russia.
  8. All of the three themes are almost tied in voting right now. Hard to tell which one will come out on top at the end!
  9. I agree wholeheartedly about the names. It makes it a bit harder for me to fill out diplomatic reports on Osiris since the Viziers all have silly titles like "Sandwich Enforcer" on the Osiris region page. I can still figure out who's who by looking on their regional forum to find out their real titles (Vizier of Gameside Affairs, Sub-Vizier of Community Affairs, etc.), but it would be a nightmare for me if all of their real titles were, in fact, names like Sandwich Enforcer or Pebble. I can imagine there would be a lot of confusion amongst members of our region if our gov officials' titles were "Czarveich" or "Kung" or "ChiangChun."
  10. Glad to have you here! Just so you know, it seems you've double-posted your topic.
  11. What does "WA locked" mean? What does this do to prevent raiding?
  12. NationStates Nation Name: The Gryphonian Alliance Discord User Name: HyFy- #3708 Your Local Timezone: Central Standard Time Regions You Have Active Nations In: The West Pacific and Krillin Any Diplomatic Experience: No.
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