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  1. Thanks for handling that. I've banned the Russian IP that logged into his account. Quietdad has been inactive since 2018 and was posting from a very not-Russian IP before, so it's more than a little obvious. I've also reset the accounts password to a random value, so if he ever comes back he'll need to do a password reset process.
  2. Done. Sorry, as always, I seem to be busy and don't see these right away.
  3. Sorry, been busy with the end of the school year here in Alberta. Lots of Provincial Exams to get computer labs ready for. @Comfed has been updated to include newspaper grouping.
  4. Updated for both of those users. @Fuentana was not in the Hall of Nations as a secondary group so I just left them in the Members group and Newspaper group. Sorry it took me so long to get to the forum upgrade, but I wasn't sure how well it would take to the new skin...aside from the header it looks fairly functional.
  5. Thanks for bringing those to my attention, both were accessed last by the same IP Subnet out of China, so you're likely correct. I've reset the passwords to a randomly generated 32 character password, so the users will have to perform a forgot password to get back in. That said, neither had much content recently, so may have been sleeper accounts anyway. I've updated iOctagon to Newspaper Staff.
  6. You're in luck, no one has apparently used just "Chris" yet. Sorry I didn't see this until today, been kinda burnt out at work the last bit so haven't been....as active.
  7. Done. Sorry, been a little distracted lately.
  8. Well, for those that love it here is what's outside my house right now...you're welcome to come shovel it for me. :p -19°C currently. Forecast is calling for an increase to -1°C today followed by another dump of snow tonight.
  9. Rain 100%...I don't have to shovel it! Plus it's a literal Blizzard outside right now, so I'm sure that "didn't" influence my choice at all.
  10. Fixed. You appear to be in the newspaper group....still not working (sorry about the late reply, it's been a heck of a month).
  11. I checked a few sources and the email from the account does show up as having been breached from Zanga Gaming, so they likely used the same password here as on that site. Doesn't really matter now as we've blocked up the account. Thanks for reporting the links.
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