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  1. Well, they're still at it, so that entire IP Block is now blocked at the firewall. Hope it wasn't anyone too important at Huawei International Pte. Ltd.....
  2. ...There sure are alot of guests from Singapore visiting the site right now after the upgrade...maybe I should block that IP range.
  3. Alright, think I'm done fiddling with this. We get an A on our HTTPS report now, so I'm happy. https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=www.westpacific.org
  4. Main upgrades complete. Might be some quick blips later, as I test a few other things, but should be good. Hoping this will help the forums be a little faster now.
  5. I will be performing backend maintenance later today, so expect some downtime as I upgrade the server.
  6. He keeps trying....I've banned a few of the IPs now from there...all DHCP so it's probably not going to help...I may have to ban the IP Range from that ISP completely. I'm going to add his IPs to the firewall on the server as well, as I think the login page still renders if I ban an IP. If you find your account locked out, you should be able to try again in 15 minutes as it will auto unlock (provided numbnutz doesn't keep hitting it).
  7. Has been banned, but it's a DHCP Address in Iowa, so it will likely return as a new IP at somepoint. You weren't the only account it attempted to login as. Thankfully the forum software's lockout/autounlock does it's job in preventing a true brute force attack, as it maxes out at 3 attempts.
  8. Ok, has been restored...although gotta say, it looks pretty bare... This what it was supposed to look like? Would have been done sooner but right after I posted my internet decided to crap out.
  9. I've restored it from the 6am UTC backup, but I'm not sure if that got all the edits...
  10. Not directly. I'm looking at standing up a temporary database to extract the post before it was edited last night. See if I can't restore it correctly, as Bran sent me a message last night about it.
  11. I'm guessing someone got to it already as @Daddy_Jacoby seems to only be a member of the default member group right now. Oh yeah, there is a nice admin audit bar on the right now, it looks like Darkesia got it update for you last night.
  12. Vortex was halted as it actually broke the MySQL database (too much data was retained I guess), I might be into looking at redeveloping that a somepoint, but do have to admit that when I get home from work, I'm less motivated to work on Web projects like that than I used to be. That said....now that you bring this up, I wonder if Vortex would be a good candidate to use SQLite instead of a full fledged database...I have had an itch to try building something using that. As for a tip jar, I'll look at setting something up so we can use paypal...it seems like the least amount of work overall.
  13. I don't see why not....course, I reserve final judgement before uploading, but so long as they're not overtly offensive I don't see objecting to them.
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