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  1. @Fantoccini @The Elevator @Ruskie DictatorshipAccepted. Edit: @Haste/Meone accepted.
  2. All the above applications are being processed. We apologize for the delay. Edit: @Oneheart @Eisengrun @The Western Beastlands @Libeuropa @setne550 @MarisalaTriumvirate @WillowGate Accepted.
  3. @Orandia @Laikaiti @Leveille Approved. Edit: As are @Eastern Pennsylvanian State @_Faulty and @Ultater.
  4. @Eastern Pennsylvanian State @_Faulty Neither of you appear to have completed the Google form. Please submit it to finish your application.
  5. @Dryestspace3080 Forgot to notify you, but you're accepted. @Orandia Please recomplete the Google form.
  6. *random accordion noises*

  7. @Sakana @The Free Land of Bygone John @Stons Searses Accepted.
  8. @Larxia @Centai Mal @New Kervoskia @CryItOutForMe Accepted.
  9. Denied. Edit: Merging this thread into the main thread.
  10. @Les Claypool @The United States of Cumbria @The Federation of Saadaanasia @Binoul @Harsh All accepted.
  11. PSA: If we have to do democracy, do it better than anyone else. Make OT and TWP proud.

  12. Apolications are now closed. Completed citapps posted before this message will be processed ASAP and those accepted will be eligible to vote in the May elections.
  13. @Eleftherios venizelos Accepted. @Kopple Rejected because you did not complete your own form and have not posted an oath. Acadie and @chitraya, please post the oath in this thread to complete your application. Citizenship applications will be closed for elections at 11pm CDT tonight. Any applications sent in before then will be processed and those accepted will be allowed to vote in elections. Any applications sent after that time will not be processed until after elections have concluded.
  14. @Gooseoflies @Nikilios @People of The Galactic Centre @Joniy @salandar @Spudguy @MiKasa All accepted. @Professor Thomas Please fill out the form to complete your application.
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