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  1. @F10 @The Republic of Verolandia @Yoshiland @Northavia All accepted. Make sure to sign up for UTWP!
  2. @Chris @Akkoro Accepted. Akkoro, as a new citizen, remember to sign up for UTWP. @Kortanx You need to fill out the oath in this thread to complete your application.
  3. @BoxcarJim @Trazilonia @Gninja451 @Wascoitan @A neoliberal hellscape @Thris New Islands @Jrb All accepted. As a reminder, your citizenship is provisional pending graduation from UTWP.
  4. @6cringeax6 @Agina @Nethemberg @Kalegiko @Livenkenchee @The Warriors of Determination Approved.
  5. @Anna @Acerola Orion @Reversia @WillyWonka45 All accepted.
  6. @Gentris @Schneeland Republic @Qapaq Suyu @Detradon @Xeroa @Emperor of Traikov @Wymondham @Joël Skarsgård All accepted.
  7. @MiKasa @cheerfulshrub Approved.
  8. @Reiot @Mars @Yldania Approved.
  9. @Japonic Islands @vvonky @Tupmonia Approved. @Naleśnik You need to post the oath from the OP of this thread to complete your application.
  10. @Puppy1970 Please fill out the form linked in the OP to complete your application. @Goowed @Japonic Islands Please post the oath as written in the OP in this thread to complete your applications.
  11. @GreaterOceania @Pax Tyrus Accepted.
  12. I have already ignored the application. Your ejection is between you and the Guardian that banjected you; don't bring it up here.
  13. This is formal notice that starting now, this application will grant only provisional citizenship. Full citizenship will be contingent upon completion of UTWP.
  14. We're no strangers to love.

  15. Alright, apologies for the delay everyone, the citizenship staff has been preoccupied with RL recently. @Archipool @Federation of Inner Ryxtylopia @Nijineser @Illaois @Hisokratch @embubbleblue @Veganism Rocks @WesternHowell @Moray.Aberdeen All accepted.
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