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  1. Please mask @Rakesh_DesertFox and @Korea East as Hall of Nations members.
  2. Neither of you appear to have filled out the Google form. Please complete the form to complete your application.
  3. Please mask @Indycar Racing @kangre @Cici_Vixvick as Hall of Nations members.
  4. @Indycar Racing @kangre @Cici_Vixvick @Leader of Surroosia Accepted.
  5. @trhills21 @Harsh @Anto70 @R2cruiter Accepted.
  6. @Coolcat5890 @Alexandria @Verrechia Accepted.
  7. @Alexandria I received your form submission, but you need to post the oath in this thread to complete your applcation.
  8. Please mask @Tempethy Commonwealth, @Serstania, @McMannia, @Zoran, and @Arracrania as Hall of Nations members.
  9. @Tempethy Commonwealth @Serstania @McMannia accepted.
  10. Not seeing it. Make sure you filled out the current one linked in this thread, not the old one.
  11. Please mask @Arsaoly and @Nark as Hall of Nations members.
  12. This thread is for posting changes to existing citizenship applications. The citizenship application is elsewhere on this board.
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