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  1. @DiCn @Kurabis @Tiritchiq @War_Devourer @Altino @The Grandest Empire Accepted.
  2. Submit a new application with the correct information.
  3. @kingdomofkancer @Av Libertas Vindex @Sensorland @Reefdog Accepted. @Pruthuania Your application is on hold as you have not completed the oath in this thread.
  4. @Indus 1 @Ashaley @dooropener @Valvad Zonia @LilGrimPixel Accepted.
  5. The linked nation is not in TWP and you have not filled out the Google form. Denied, try again.
  6. @Fantoccini @The Elevator @Ruskie DictatorshipAccepted. Edit: @Haste/Meone accepted.
  7. All the above applications are being processed. We apologize for the delay. Edit: @Oneheart @Eisengrun @The Western Beastlands @Libeuropa @setne550 @MarisalaTriumvirate @WillowGate Accepted.
  8. @Orandia @Laikaiti @Leveille Approved. Edit: As are @Eastern Pennsylvanian State @_Faulty and @Ultater.
  9. @Eastern Pennsylvanian State @_Faulty Neither of you appear to have completed the Google form. Please submit it to finish your application.
  10. @Dryestspace3080 Forgot to notify you, but you're accepted. @Orandia Please recomplete the Google form.
  11. *random accordion noises*

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