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  1. Anti-colonial sentiment in Giovannilandian Andolia reaches new high as man is mildly upset about taxes by Jerry Poole, Head Writer ANDOLIAVILLE, GIOVANNILAND — Global experts indicate that tensions in Giovannilandian territory in Andolia have reached historic highs after a man expressed minor irritation about Giovannilandilandian taxes. Flavio Deresse-Lumine, of Andoliaville, was purchasing a bag of milk at the convenience store. He reportedly sighed upon seeing the total ring up. According to witness testimony from the cashier, he then said “Those taxes are adding up, huh?” This brazen anti-government statement is the latest and most severe action by separatist movements in Giovannilandilandilandian Andolia. As news broke, Giovannilandilandilandilandian state media was very quick to discredit it, claiming that Deresse-Lumine was a “Varanian operative” sent to justify invasion and reiterated that “the residents of Andoliaville are very happy to be Giovannilandilandilandilandilandian.” Liza Corden, a social media figure openly associated with the Andolian Freedom Fighters, spoke out in Deresse-Lumine’s support. “Flavio is a hero of the Andolian revolution,” she proclaimed. “His act of bravery will inspire other oppressed souls in Giovanniland-occupied territory to cast off their colonial shackles and be free.” Deresse-Lumine could not be reached for comment. It is assumed he is being held in a Giovannilandilandilandilandilandilandian prison. The Review will deliver updates as they become available.
  2. Gio this is NationStates. Who here has enough friends to throw a huge party?
  3. Telepathy is too much responsibility and moral dillemmas. Telekinesis is simply YEET.
  4. This one is easy because I already can’t do poetry.
  5. @divinenakiyahh @genehung13 @Hyperion Towers @Norgad @The Isle of Reinbas Accepted. Rogo is denied due to administrative ban. This concludes citapps processed by myself. Any pending and future ones will be processed by Gio.
  6. That’s not 100% accurate. You are required to have a forum account to become a citizen, and you are required to make one forum post a month to maintain citizenship, but that has nothing to do with your “account”. TWP uses the forum and Discord in parallel for different purposes. The Discord is better for real-time coordination and for generally chatting. The forum is better for our RP and certain documentation.
  7. This poll reveals that we are all frickin’ nerds.
  8. @Azellenburg @Big Bird @Guam-North Mariana @Arstotskiano A.K.A Creopotava @Lisandeka @Alanda and Alsando @The Wieners Approved. @Caprock Please post the oath in this thread to complete your application. Applications are now on hold for the duration of elections. Any pending ones prior to this post may still be processed.
  9. @Guam-North Mariana Please post the oath found in this thread to complete your application.
  10. Upon application, your membership in the Hall of Nations is tied to the resident nation submitted. If you wish to use a different nation in TWP, you may transfer your citizenship to another nation. To do so, simply state your new nation in this thread. Less stuffy translation: if you swap out your TWP nation, tell me here or you will get purged.
  11. @500 @Noton Mast @Ionia @Apexiala Approved!
  12. @Mikawa @Xebloso @Kindar Stand @Fatimya @Woolfbetia @Christian Taylor @Amatisnia @Kalmach Approved!
  13. @irrilo Please post the oath in this thread to complete your application. @Pelicanists Please fill out the Google Form to complete your application.
  14. @diegowolfbr @Fachumonn @repAureus @VTR_M @San Lorentino @renguminlingo @ACatEnjoyer @PeoplesRepublicOfRenisind @Jabin @The Perfection Isles @LandofLake @Blue Hospodar @ShiftyMcGee @destny Approved. Uskyr and Vicuro have moved their applicant nations out of the region and are no longer eligible.
  15. @Adorable Davelands @Ahmir I of Meracina @PumpkinHeadTheLegend @no1crate @New Quieria @Wolowso @New Naticefecka Islands @The Empire of Gordinium @Load All accepted. Gwist rejected due to admin concerns. Jakub has been banned from the region and is no longer eligible.
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