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  1. @Dilber you know, you look better covered in a healthy shade of neon green.
  2. @Dilber I have a slime delivery for you! :p
  3. ^Actual picture of @Dilberafter my spooky sliming this week
  4. Welcome! We are glad to have you join!
  5. @Dilber so because of budget restraints I had to change the source of the slime. The slime may be green but don't be fooled...it is made of crabs!
  6. @Dilber if you thought you were safe from the sliming this week then you have been mistaken! From the pile of busy work I shall still slime you!
  7. @Dilber later than usual but here is your weekly sliming!
  8. @Dilber another week and another healthy dose of slime.
  9. @Dilber despite being at school and stuck in classes I will still slime you! You cannot escape the slime!
  10. @Dilber glad you think so because it will keep going as long as I am here so here is your weekly dosage of slime!
  11. @Dilber another week another sliming.
  12. @Dilber it is that time of the week again!
  13. @Dilber Bit later than I liked but here is your weekly dosage of slime!
  14. Mia is a great deputy minister of Foreign Affairs
  15. @Dilber Double slime for you today!
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