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  1. Following the government change… Par on course - Everyday lives and effects It has now been a long while since the government was basically overthrown by a large angry population. The back then provisional government, which could be described as a mere joke, took on a quite significant stance, changed multiple policies all over, instated new ones and brought democracy back. They weren’t lying about freedom from the oppression of the previous government when they stormed the government seat. The current government has now grown semi-stable but is still majorly overwhelmed with bureaucracy and the effectiveness of handling it can at best be described as lack-luster and only forced to work on. Of course, this covers a major scope such as enforcement of policies, lots of agencies for work, families etc., aswell as taxes and different forms for state issued IDs and much, much more miscellaneous concerns and issues. As already described, there’s a backlog. And it is huge. It is affecting everyday lives to the point of having to wait around 5 weeks for government mail to be delivered, which in many cases is already way too late for the origin problem. This eventually led to a widely frowned upon “pick up policy” which was instated to get the mail to the recipient in time. Very urgent to semi urgent mail now needs to be picked up manually by the addressee at the nearest city hall, financial institution, aswell as several different offices, and in rare cases the post offices itself. With this policy in place, the backlog of bureaucracy has been reduced only by a marginal amount, but the reduction is picking up pace with more government reforms, votes and general stability so forecasts see it only as a matter of time until that issue is resolved. The next point on the list would be general life, happiness, education, public transport, and health. For one, the government has been changed, that we know for sure. But what benefits or even drawbacks/ disadvantages affect the populace? A major point to address would be the now more liberal way of life. The previous government had enacted policies, such as bans on clothes in schools, very high tax rates, public surveillance and even curfews with armed patrols in some places in Fauthur. These were just a few examples but almost all “non-liberal” policies, as the government describes, are now reversed and to a very major degree non-existent. This has changed many a life for the better and gave a boost to production and overall freedom in the workplace, aswell as private and internet life, resulting in the overall population becoming more happy on average, seeing a whopping 18% increase since the government change. Furthermore, a lot of welfare policies and public services were enacted, as far as the budget allows to not draw even more debt to the economy - which we will come to later. A few examples are state provided healthcare and education, effectively making these sectors public and state funding, leading to an equal, tax free, also majorly cheap and effective treatment, aswell as state covered expenses for elementary and secondary school materials and the testing of introducing electronics, such as TVs and computers into some schools around the capital. This is being called “digitalisation of education” by the government and has received, in contrast to the pick-up policy, huge popularity, especially with the youth. Another aspect would be the started expansion of the rail network. As known from a long ago time until the change, the Fauthurian rail network is majorly outdated, in need of repairs, underfunded and has a plethora of other issues going on. Even though it strained the budget, the government also decided to take over the rail sector into a state-owned status, providing and covering expenses to the national rail company to expand the network, build more train stations and overhaul the overall system, with the goal of firstly, getting it to even work. The out of date rail system has been a major economical issue in Fauthur for generations, cutting off major travel routes internationally, inconveniencing industries and leading to a GDP decrease, in turn increasing car and truck usage, polluting the environment. With the now ongoing repairs and overhaul of the rail system, upgrading, restoring and building stuff, the country is set for a reintegration of public transport by train and more industry productivity by the end of 1425, if done well. The government is allocating major ressources and incentivised workers for this long term project to speed it up, but still have surveillance over all the safety regulations and faulty systems elimination. Bus Transport in connection to schools has also been slightly expanded overall, with students now getting free bus passes if they reside more than 3 kilometers of flight distance from the school they are attending too, and also establishing extra bus lines just for students. Whereas sadly, the bus ticket prices were raised by 50 Presence Coin (Presence Token form of European cent) which the, government stated, would be a “fair exchange of services”. Current traffic laws and road maintenance was also impacted in the change, with the government changing speed limits, setting up speed traps, overhauled specifically only very bad highway and main city connections, and enacted, with a surprisingly major acceptance, a ban on very low miles per gallon cars, needing every car to be produced by new efficiency standards and wanting to complete transition away from low MPG cars by the end of 1427, prompting many people with low MPG cars to seek alternatives. The government also incentivizes this but a little, making it not really attractive to transition, but many people seeing it as a forced transition of sorts. This was a heavy blow to the already struggling automobile industry in the country, now more heavily reliant on Kalmash car imports and already in connection to expand the contract. Recent changes on the international political stage in contrast to the government change has spiked a change in overall hostility, especially against citizens of Fauthurian nature, aswell as several other non-ethnic Fauthurian groups, prompting a more secluded and pessimistic way of life for Aftokratorian population centers in Fauthur. Whileas in other aspects, the government decided to institute more small-ish national parks, due to the size of the forests still available, protecting more forest and also still untouched natural habitats for flora and fauna to thrive alike. In the industrial and agricultural heartland of Fauthur however, the forestry industry is booming with widespread deforestation with the reason of “expanding the available industrial and agricultural space”, which is seen as an honest, but not condoned reason by locals. In the final aspect before the economy - The government As mentioned very often above, the government changed and a free democracy, now with a hint of socialism due to state owned industries emerged, facing many problems with just some listed above, but settling ok in their current position with neighboring countries and inside the state of Fauthur. Of course, it is still in the process of stabilizing even itself, but it already brought great and liberal change to the people of Fauthur who still sigh in relief, that the terror imposed upon them by the previous government for generations on end, finally came to an end. It is hosting it’s own almost full fledged voting and appointing policies, aswell as a public voter integration which requires the government, by law, to hold a public referendum on law changes, law enactments etc., as also done with voting the parliament of course. Things should get done more slowly now in the face of these regulations, as the emergency power-state of the provisional government came to an end with stability and an actual, internationally recognized state. Fluctuation by the hour - The Fauthurian economy in retrospect to all the changes, regulations and budget cuts, aswell as budget raises in other places As mentioned before, we will now dive a bit into the economical aspects of the changes, well, rather said a summary of everything. ——— Starting off with, surprise, the start, where it began. Immediately after the government change, the new provisional government had implemented a whole change to the economy, impacting multiple industrial sectors and sent prices fluctuating by the hour. The changes were so drastic however, that for a very brief duration of two weeks, the country had such an unstable economy, it had to print money to keep itself afloat. This resulted in a high inflation spike, with prices at it’s peak being 227% more expensive than normal. However, this caused several problems and maybe even a few crashes in some industries, that is was an absolute marvel the economy recovered as fast as it did to stop the inflation. Things seemed to be going to plan, for a short while atleast. The economy, along with it’s markets and industries strangely stabilized themselved in an unstabilized state, making drastic price changes by the hour, aside the recovery and 4 months after. New and more economy changes, some of them may even be last minute, brought the economy back on track either stagnating, or slightly growing in cycles. This was the case until just recently, as the government passed major policies and changes, such as the nationalization of the health and train industries, needing the government to dump extraordinary amounts of funds into these projects and even having to raise bus fare prices and put up a reinforced amount of speed traps, radar traps, and radar controls to gain some income to mitigate the nationalization somewhat. This used up all available funds and put the government in slightly more debt than it already is, leading to a higher interest rate and putting more strain on the economy. Experts although forecast some stabilization, aswell as a GDP increase and economic production boost in the coming years, implementing itself slowly and will be barely noticeable but if compared to the past. This was a brief summary and reflection of some events going on, with the change of government still pretty much in progress and establishing itself even more, gaining in popularity. The story goes on and we will await the next big update on the matter. Renaming topic to - A change in pace, Documentation and Effects after “Liberation day”, as the people now dub it.
  2. Fauthur - 16th August 1423 News report Plans to build Goerg-Esch canal leading through Fauthur rumored to come into action coming November As it was already clear that there is great potential to shorten the sea route around the west of Nur by building a canal leading through Fauthur on the thinnest point on the border to Campa Simpatica, some reports claim that the government wants to start construction of the Georg-Esch canal coming November. The mega project would be dubbed “Proijek Korban” (Project Korban) and would require a yet unknown, but huge sum of money to fund. The process of building the canal will span across several years until completion. Of course, beware it is just rumors but they sound promising. If the plans for the canal are indeed real, upon completion it will be a great help and boost to several economies in Nur and effectively shortening time for vessels. Suspicious arrival at Fauthurian naval base At approximately 11 PM on Sunday, anonymous sources witnessed a strange arrival of 2 Fauthurian naval vessels on the Albrecht naval base in Berklozt. Apparently, these vessels were identified as both the UNFC Grafen-Holmer and the UNFC Ventig, which was surprisingly burning amidships. Both ships looked like they were in an engagement prior to arriving back at base. Should we worry about that? What is the government trying to sweep under the rug? There is definetly something going on between our nation and the nation of Aftokratoria, and that may be our prove that there is more than meets the eye already. But don’t forget, don’t believe everything you see on the news, we could be wrong afterall but we try our best to give you the most serene and informative articles possible. Fauthurians and the problem with discrimination Many times in history and in the modern day, there has always been a huge uproar in politicians making lifes worse for immigrants and tourists from abroad. New studies show, that the majority of the Fauthurian populace is not content with most tourists and immigrants in their near area. 58% of surveyed people claim that they are immediately hostile towards non native Fauthurians and don’t trust them. This is a rise of 3% in contrast to the last 2 years and is only getting worse; especially for individuals of Aftokratorian nature. The recent tensions have caused many incidents involving hostility towards Aftokratorians, even going as far as setting buildings with Aftokratorian residents alight in the night. Multiple affected people across the whole country state that it’s getting unbearable and are considering leaving the country for good before something even more serious happens. One man, who wants to keep anonymous said the following: “We just want to live here in peace. We can not control what happens on the political and international state. We can’t do anything about being Aftokratorian. Why are we getting targeted, insulted and even hit in broad daylight in the middle of the city? This is outrageous and I just can not understand why people do it. Again, I can only say that we want to live in peace and we can not do anything at all about what’s happening. My wife and I are done with this treatment and we want to leave the country soon. It’s a shame really, we liked the landscapes and before the whole political ordeal, people were still nice to us. Our neighbors came over every sunday for some cake and coffee but now they won’t even talk to us and ignore us.” This is very concerning for many people across Esferos and majorly for Aftokratoria. We ask of you to maybe overthink your choices and be nicer to people. Especially those who come from abroad to make everyone have a nice and fun time. We don’t want to be seen as the most hateful people on Nur after all. This report was brought to you by the whole TNW team YOUR BANNER HERE FOR 56,99PT / MONTH
  3. Incident at seas 10th of August 1423 4:23 PM sharp, waters of Aftokratoria, near the oil spill site It was a rather calm afternoon. The waves were slowly crawling up the beaches, almost no wind to feel. Yet the water splashing against the hull of the ship was audible to the whole crew of the Sekiyan RNS Destiny, a Holz Class Frigate. The whole reason it was there was to safeguard Aftokratorian waters and help with the oil spillage, with the crew thinking nothing much would happen. But they were there for a reason, a reason that will soon make itself known. The radar was quiet, everyone was doing what they were assigned to do, many relaxing on deck. The captain of the Sekiyan RNS Destiny is checking over some papers in his office when a frantic knocking could be heard on the office door. “Come in.” said the captain, “What’s the matter?” The executive officer stepped into the office, heavily panting like he’d just ran a marathon. “Sir, we spotted 2 unidentified military vessels approaching the location, *deep breath* we’ve sent up a recon helicopter already to see what comes of it. We presume they are vessels of Fauthurian nature!” For a brief moment, it felt like silence shook the room. The captain stared into the eyes of the executive officer with intense seriousness. It felt like ages, but the captain finally came to word. “Get everyone ready. I want immediate communication contact with these vessels.” Without saying a word, both the captain and the executive officer hurried out of the office. One could feel the tense aura that was emitting from the captain. Just a minute later, the captain and a radio operator made contact with the vessels and the recon helicopter report came back positive for Fauthurian military vessels. They appeared to be 2 smaller offshore patrol vessels of the Grafen-Holmer Class, manufactured 1408, already in dire need for a refit. With the vessels closing in about 20 kilometers (12,4 miles) away, radio connection was finally established and a heated, but still serious discussion could be heard from both sides. The Fauthurian vessels were advised to change course and leave the area multiple times, although they did not budge and remained steady on course. Meanwhile other radio operators called in backup from 2 nearby Czuleckian missile boats just 7 minutes out. 4:35 PM The Fauthurian vessels were now in line of sight, barely 6 kilometers out and at a full stop. Just like the RNS Destiny. The two vessels made themselves known as the UNFC Grafen-Holmer and the UNFC Ventig and were protesting on their right to be in these waters, claiming it’s international waters, although the navigations on the RNS Destiny stated it’s Aftokratorian territory. Once more the Captain of the RNS Destiny, now backed up by the side of 2 Czuleckian missile boats, the CzWNS Eldheim and the CzWNS Fjellborg, advised the 2 Fauthurian vessels to turn back immediately, reason being they’re violating Aftokratorian waters. Failure to do so would result in warning shots. Without a response, one of the Fauthurian vessels aimed its armament in the direction of the RNS Destiny. The RNS Destiny did the same, along with the two missile boats on standby and the Sekiyan Holz Class Frigate RNS Concorde also underway as backup, although too far away. Suddenly, the captain of the UNFC Grafen-Holmer spoke on the radio. “We have a right to travel through here. This is international waters and thus we are free to traverse along this path. We won’t have any remorse, nor hesitation to open fire unless you move out of our way and stop impeding our travels. We are simply following orders.” It was immediately clear to everyone that this was a big threat, and no one is going anywhere. Although visibly angry and slightly panicked, the Captain of the RNS Destiny responded in a calm and peaceful manner, going with the diplomatic solution: “We both know that this is Aftokratorian waters, and you are violating said waters. Turn around this instant and there will be no further consequences and no harm done. If you plan on forcing your way through, we are also ready to respond with all means possible, as well as further backup arriving soon.” Afterall, one could simply not let these Fauthurian vessels pass on Aftokratorian waters with everything that has happened. And that is why the RNS Destiny was here; to protect these waters. A big suspense filled the air. What would happen next? Will there really be an engagement between the task forces? Guns are aimed, ranges found, and a lot of sailors scared or eager are waiting for what happens next. The water still splashing loudly against the hull, seemingly intensifying by the second. Finally, the silence was broken with a stern voice coming through the radio again. “We will give you 2 minutes. Let us pass or we will use lethal force. We will not be brought off course by a couple of idiots.” A loud bang was heard, shaking the crew of both the RNS Destiny and the Czuleckian missile boats. The UNFC Grafen-Holmer fired a warning shot above the RNS Destiny. “Hold your fire!” the intercom of the ship announced. “If they fire again, we will retaliate.” The captain speaking through the radio to the Fauthurian vessels a last time. “Turn around now and there will be no consequences! We can solve this peacefully, but if you fire again, we will be forced to retaliate with everything we have!” With a loud and continuous creaking sound, the UNFC Venting now turned her turrets in the direction of one of the Czucleckian missile boats, the CzWNS Fjellborg. Around 4:41 PM After another minute of suspense, the Fauthurian vessels began firing upon the taskforce of Sekiyan and Czuleckian vessels without warning in a near spectacular manner. Explosions after explosions and loud bangs, mixed with loud yelling of sailors mixed the air. It was now a life or death situation and everything was moving in a hurry. Shells flying overhead, missing towers and funnels by mere inches, panicked yells of terror echoed through all ships as an immediate distress signal was emitted from the RNS Destiny. After two minutes of terror and ear defeaning banging, the shots of both sides stopped. “HOLD FIRE!” Was announced on all of the ships near simultaneously, just a second after a torpedo was mistakenly fired from the CzWNS Fjellborg in the direction of the UNFC Ventig due to a communication error, striking it amidships after a couple of seconds. The captain of the UNFC Grafen-Holmer announced an immediate cease fire and disengagement, stating defeat and wanting to prevent the loss of life. But only really done to not be sunk themselves. By a miracle almost no shots hit the RNS Destiny, nor its complement or the missile boats. It seemed the Fauthurian vessels had new crewmates on board or were deliberately missing shots. The Captain of the RNS Destiny immediately called in the cease fire and disengagement to a nearby naval base. Only 14 injured, no dead are the official numbers reported after a checkup. Both the UNFC Ventig and the UNFC Grafen-Holmer had already turned around and are fleeing, with many losses, both of Fauthurian and Artingurian nature. The UNFC Ventig sailing behind the UNFC Grafen-Holmer with greatly reduced speed, listing badly to one side and a massive fire raging on board that still wasn’t contained. After the situation had calmed down significantly, the captain of the RNS Destiny went back to his office and reported the happenings to higher staff immediately and with great urgency in his voice. The RNS Destiny would need to return to port to repair still, reason being that a part of the front mast was blown off, along with the CzWNS Fjellborg that sustained heavy damage on its bow as a result of a penetrating high explosive shot. This incident would spark a new major fire on the already fragile situation between Aftokratoria and Fauthur, also possibly worsening relations with Sekiya and Czuleck in the process. The reaction may yet be seen but the government of Fauthur is keeping it secret from the public for now and censors any and all allegations and news reports of this incident. Made in collaboration with Sekiya, Artingur, Czuleck, Aftokratoria and Fauthur
  4. 13th June 1423, 8PM sharp West Fauthur Central Radio Evening broadcast introductionary program West Fauthur Central Radio 8PM sharp Moderator 1 (Lehan): Good Evening Fauthur! You're tuned in to West Fauthur Central Radio – Evening!, your source for all the latest news, updates, and of course, music. I'm Lehan, and joining me today is our esteemed colleague, Iltip. How are you today, Iltip? Moderator 2 (Iltip): Good Evening Lehan! I'm doing well, thank you. It's great to be here, especially given the current state of affairs between Fauthur and Aftokratoria. We have a major incident to discuss today. To make things more urgent, it is BREAKING NEWS, Lehan! Lehan: Absolutely, Iltip. As we all know, the tensions between Fauthur and Aftokratoria seem to be reaching new heights each day with all the pollitical drama and stuff. We've just received a report about a incident that's sure to add fuel to the fire. Iltip: Literally! Reports indicate that five Fauthurian vessels, still unidentified, deliberately entered Aftokratorian waters earlier today and Shockingly dumped hundreds of barrels of oil into the waters. To make things worse, the zone they dumped the oil in was designated to be a protected natural habitat! Dear listeners, this is a MAJOR slap in the face, straining the fragile situation between Fauthur and Aftokratoria even more. Lehan: Unbelievable! These actions will surely stick around for a while. Aftokratorian coastal defense forces have swooped in to respond. They wasted no time in taking the sailors on board those Fauthurian vessels into custody. It's important to remember that these sailors are Fauthurian citizens as well! No one except the coastal defense forces and maybe their ministry knows wht’s being done with these sailors and their vessels! We still have not received any updates nor statements on that matter. But still, you gotta say, It’s not been that long ago. In fact, this incident occurred around 3 hours ago! Their Coastal Defense is probably still cleaning up the mess these sailors made. Iltip: Indeed, Lehan. This incident raises concerns not just about the environment but also about the potential escalation of hostilities. It remains to be seen how our government will respond to their citizens being held captive by Aftokratorian authorities. Lehan: Absolutely, Iltip. The tension between the two nations has already led to protests and calls for peace from the public. This incident will undoubtedly intensify those sentiments or even make them worse. We can only hope that both governments take these calls seriously and work towards a peaceful resolution. We do not want a war in the worst case! No one wants that. Illtip: Well said. It's crucial for Fauthur and Aftokratoria to prioritize dialogue and find common ground. The longer this animosity persists, the greater the risk of a full-blown conflict that could have devastating consequences for our country or even others. Lehan: Now, it appears that our introductionary time frame is running a bit low. Let's move on to some traffic updates to keep our listeners informed. We have multiple incidents reported across the capital this morning. Firstly, there's heavy congestion Westbound on the A6 leading to Ibbenhausen, due to a multi-vehicle collision near the Lemko-District exit. Reportedly, a semi veered off the right lane into the left lane of traffic, striking a sedan. This followed into a huge wreck where multiple vehicles coud not break in time and piled up. There are a total of 8 vehicles involved. It has yet to be seen how many people are injured or even dead. Meanwhile, Emergency services are on the scene and the left lane has reopened, but major delays are expected, so please plan your commute accordingly. Iltip: Let’s hope no one is injured. In addition to that, we have reports of a wrong-way driver on the A19 Northbound in direction to North Capital Helpe-District. Authorities are responding to the situation, but it's essential for all drivers to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings. Lehan: Thank you for the update, Iltip. Fauthurians, let's stay safe on the roads and remain vigilant. Remember, if you're stuck in traffic or need some calming tunes, we've got you covered with our next song. Up next, we have "Sunset Serenade" by the talented Fauthurian artist, Oliva Rehkle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the music while we continue to monitor the latest developments and keep you informed here on West Fauthur Central Radio. Iltip: That's right. Stay tuned, Fauthur! We'll be right back after the music with more news, updates, and the best music on the airwaves. Confidential Incident Report
  5. Majorly Successful Fauthurian Racing Team "Epsylon Fira Racing Team" to compete in the Esferos F1 Championships West Fauthur - May 25th, 1423 It truly has been some past difficult months for E-Fira Racing Team Leader Kentrijk Heifth and his team. Ever since word got out that the Esferos F1 Committee is scouting for suitable racing teams in Nur to take part in the grand Esferos F1 world cup, the team gave it their all and intensified their PR accordingly, pulling hoour after hour of overtime and giving racing and team building a lot of effort. In that time they won 3 major racing leagues. The Fauthurian Rallye Championship, The Fauhturian National High Speed Circuit Grand Prix Tournament, aswell as the RallyX Championship going alongside the normal Rallye Championship. During that time, many of E-Fira's drivers improved especially on high speed head to head races, and time cutting, consistency. Upon the announcement of E-Fira actually being accepted to the Esferos F1 Championship, the HQ in Bolia Verde, Espirtu Santo, must have been bouncing up and down with happiness. Fauthurian social media is also blowing up as we speak. There has never been so much pride and hype for Fauthur in a sporting competition since we were part of the United Nations of Kalmach. All kinds of people singing praises up and down. Now, what an insider of TNW (your newspaper truly) found out, is that Head of Government, Kerglom Hafth has shown great interest in the success of the Fauhturian team in the upcoming Championship. He himself has not yet made any statements about this issue and keeps a poker face throughout the whole ordeal. Also seemingly withdrawing from the whole Aftokratorian affair as if it never happened. The Aftokratorian issue is being largely overshadowed by the Esferos f1 Championships currently and seemingly no one is batting an eye on international affairs for now. We hereby want to warn you, dear readers, that there is always a possibility of grave mistakes happening everywhere around you, as well as in the government. We ask you to keep this in mind as international affairs, especially the Championship progresses. And please do not get rowdy in any foreign states. Always watch your alcohol intake and drive safe. We ourselves are also very proud of the Epsylon Fira Racing Team. Also take a look at the Championship calendar here - The New West News Operation Team YOUR AD HERE FOR 56,99PT/MONTH This space has been freed of ads for the remainder of the Esferos F1 Championship pre-season
  6. February 16th 1423 - The Cause At a public speech this afternoon, Head of Government, Kerglom Hafth got into a heated discussion with an audience member at his monthly public speech in the West West Fauthur Halls, where he loudly exclaimed that: "Aftokratoria will not be recognised as a part of the Nuran continent, and never will. It is simply situated too far north of that it would ever be recognised as a Nuran state, and should therefore not particiapte in our politics." This was not well received by the audience, aswell as fellow politicians as this part of the speech was uploaded to social media in just a couple of minutes, sparking a "shitstorm" on the web with several people not being satisfied of Hafth's actions. Furthermore, Hafth openly defended his words, not trying to diffuse the situation. This is seen as a international statement to Aftokratoria which could cause massive backlash upon the government or even the country. A lot of effort is being made as to cover up this incident but it is already too widespread to do anything about it. Hafth already has several scandals behind his back even before the candidacy for Head of Government. For example, Hafth has once been caught spreading lies about the then current government which was not successful. The other time he tried to rig elections in favor of a center right politician who was promptly discharged from his position as a politician and permanently disbarred from participating in any political actions. It is, as honest as we say it, a small wonder Hafth even got to where he is today, stating that he's bettered himself from back in the day, which, as we see today, is not true as he is starting to reveal his true nature once again. There has not been an official response from the government of Fauthur, nor the government of Aftokratoria on this incident yet. And it doesn't seem as though Hafth will receive any consequences, but future will see. The public of course hopes that the Aftokratorian government does indeed not take this seriously but as Hafth said it, this matter may be more pressing and serious than we think, as it is in fact an official statement made by him, the Head of Government.
  7. April to October 1422 A change in pace Beginning of change As the masses are shouting, the news are writing and things are doing their things... something is brewing in the government. Something, that should change the history of this country for the seemingly better....atleast for the people that is. For quite a while now, citizens of Fauthur have been getting increasingly more public with their opinion about the government, aswell as enciting what seems to be small scale protests across the whole nation. In a recent turn of events, there have been mass gatherings of around 2 to 3 thousand people in front of the West West Fauthur Halls in the capital city of West Fauthur which demanded a change to policies and overall government. Now, one could say that these protesters can be disregarded and just be thrown into jail or whatever, but not with this particular crowd. In this crowd were important people of media such as but not limited to; Streamers, vloggers, National Prize winners etc. There were also some high ranking government officials such as politicians. So, "removing" this protest wouldve been a huge scandal to the current government, which certainly won't help the situation relax more. This particular protest caught the interest of other government officials and more people and the crowd increased and the pressure was at high. They just were not staisfied with the current government and they were certainly being oppessed for now quite some time in their ordinary everyday lives. The people had enough of these antics and want a total change of government, even if they have to do it forcefully. The Downfall The Police couldn't keep the protesters in for long as before reinforcements could arrive, the protest evolved into a riot against the government, getting violent. Flares are being thrown, houses in the streets vandalised, shops looted..all in the name to get rid of the current State. Some rioters, as the protestors will be now reffered to, even managed to get past security and get before the doors of the office of Sir Avery Buntknecht, acting leader and "dictator" as the masses were shouting. They were removed quickly from the building. Seeing as he was being forced to do something and the riot not stopping on its own, Buntknecht ordered the local Militia to step in and end the riot. This was done rather quickly as the rioters were, rightly so, scared of being shot or even killed, although there was still some resistance and even losses for both sides. This action therefore didn't go unnoticed and was used as a caption for further protests and riots across the country. "People Murderer" ,"Psychotic Dictator" the people were calling the Leader now. Even in the following meetings and assemblies in the West West Fauhtur Halls the politicians were increasing their pressure towards Buntknecht. With no other options left, he was forced to "Abdicate" the Leader position temporarily to avert bigger disasters. Buntknecht was promptly replaced with a secret advocate of the movement which was talked about previously and now reform after reform was pushed to relief the citizens and make the country overall less restrictive. The provisional new government also decided to plan out how the new government should be set up and what it shall do and purpose, to satisfy the needs of the population as much as possible. The New Government While the overall economy was at a severe risk due to these drastic changes, it still hasn't shown any signs of massive recession, although the new government could influence that quite hevaily with every decision they make. Now, for the government. After all these days and even more, the government now has a new government and a new ideology adding to that. Now, there are several political parties ranging from left to center-right, as the new government made any more extreme form of Authoritarianism void and banned it. Those parties, like in any democracy, will have seats in National Congress in the West West Fauthur halls. The populace may give a votes for parties they like every year and the party with the highest amount of votes will be able to elect a head of Government. Then, the head of government must choose 6 elegible candidates, whom may not be previous Head of State actors and at maximum only be 2 people from their own party, for the position of Head of State, which the populace would vote on. After the Head of State is chosen, he will have the power to elect a small cabinet of ministers who will then act as managers for their areas they are minister for. Law changes should only happen if the law in question gets enough support from the crongress to be instituted, changed, or be removed. The head of government holds a vote power that equals 5-10 seats in congress, varying on the size of congress. Citizens may also voice their opinion on certain things in the government and will not be punished for doing so. The Head of State, aswell as the Head of Government can call an emergency vote on ministers if they find that the minister in question is not doing his ir her job correctly. The populace will then be able to vote on replacing the minister or not. Every 2 years, a survey must be held by the government that ensures the population is indeed satisfied with the current government. The government is forced to do something about certain areas of the government, if close to, or over half the voting populace thinks negatively about said area. This may include certain Laws, politicians, ministers, both heads of state and government, aswell as other areas. The government may and shall never elect or support any authoritarianist policies and ideologies.For the current state controlled economy is not in rights with the soon to be constituted new government and policies, the form of the economy of Fauthur must change. For now, this will be a placeholder system awaiting further improvement and changes. The current government therfore instituted a Free Market Economy to act for said purposes. This marks the end for this story as it still is in the progress. This is a significant change in the lives of millions of people, hopefully a good one.
  8. Welcome to the New West! This is the only, and most trustworthy source of news in Fauthur! With only the most interesting Articles, weekly editions (If not short staffed), and a cheap price! (5 PT) Fine print. State Controlled Media Reporting to you: Regional and Jurisdictional Happenings Weather Forecasts Politics Job posts And Much More await! (Also comes with special crossword puzzle)
  9. I, Fauthur, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, or any laws made pursuant to it.
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