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  1. What do you think the mission of Cultural Affairs is?: To create an unique, fun culture and experience you can only find in TWP Why do you want to join Cultural Affairs?: I like RPing and RP events What experience, if any, do you have in this area (in NS or RL)? none, but would like to learn What areas of Cultural Affairs are you most interested in?: RP coordination
  2. If it passes, the "Disease Naming Compact" resolution should be repealed. It's useless and it's too much bureaucratic.
  3. Hi everyone! My nation is named Kurabis. I have as of time posting this 648 million people. My capital is Parducze, national animal is blackbird and currency is Kurabisian crown. I am not very active in the region RMB since joining this region , but I will probably start to be more active there.
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