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  1. Welcome to NationStates! Glad to see you have joined the forums. I don't see what you mean with linking your NS nation to your profile on the forums? That isn't possible, but if you are talking about the citizenship form, you do need to both post the link of your NS nation (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=evender) and your forum profile (https://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/profile/3099-evender) in the respective questions. Have you joined our Discord server at https://discord.gg/C8PAEvR, by the way?
  2. @Lady Madeline @Joplos @ToastIncorporated @kingdomofhammond @Foverios All accepted! @Elanio I see you've filled the form, but the oath is also needed. @The Godly United Forces Ideally the post should've been made under the account rather than as a guest, but we'll consider the application.
  3. @Osmari I see you've filled the form, but please post the oath in this thread in order to complete the application. All other applications will be processed shortly pending admin verification.
  4. Welcome! Glad to see you have joined our forums.
  5. @alexwuose @Guildia @steurburg All accepted! Welcome to the Hall.
  6. Welcome back! I don't think we talked much, as you were last active when I was starting to getting involved. Nevertheless, it's nice to see former members return!
  7. @ZakkuRakuishi @Nova Angelus @Gerald @Tartarinan @East Pal Giulia All accepted! Welcome to the Hall. @Islamic-Nations You're already a citizen through the @Berke Khan account, so no need to apply again. @Ilya_Smuzi Your nation isn't a resident of the West Pacific anymore. @ricardotimoteo1@hotmail.com Please fill the application form in addition to posting the oath. @Mohorde I see you've filled the form, but please post the oath in this thread in order to complete the application.
  8. Giovanniland


    No worries! Thank you for translating it. I think the first flag design looks good, I like wreaths on flags as seen by my flag.
  9. Giovanniland


    Are you seeking opinions on which flags to choose through a poll? I've voted on one, but this forum is an English language forum so please make your posts in English, that way others can understand without needing to translate.
  10. TWP stands with its treatied allies, so this embassy has been closed following recent events impacting two of them.
  11. Thanks for the update!
  12. Please register a forum account and post the oath in the English language this time. Also, I believe you haven't filled the form.
  13. Thank you for delivering the monthly foreign report and the update about the new Director of FA! Congratulations to them as well.
  14. Welcome Ist! Glad to see you here.
  15. Please create a forum account and then fill the form & post the oath correctly.
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