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  1. Yes, there is a thread for name changes. Post your request in the thread linked below and one of the Admins will review it: https://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/topic/2240-name-change-request/
  2. Interesting, only me and Mia didn't vote for 2020 in the last poll. I guess that will continue, and 2021 earns my vote this time around.
  3. Tough choice... but I'll pick brownies. I just love eating them, especially chocolate brownies.
  4. Welcome to The West Pacific's regional forum! You don't need to register the ambassador status in our forum. Seeing as United Kingdom already has a forum embassy in here, you can already post updates and announcements when needed. Below is the link:
  5. Good luck to everyone in the 2nd TWP Rugby World Cup, and may the best one win!

  6. Accepted, welcome! You should already be masked for the FA channel. Please message me on Discord and we'll talk about your future assigned region.
  7. Hello! This thread is quite old and I'm not sure why did you post here, but in order to join FA you must first apply for citizenship. Then you can message me on Discord and we'll talk about you joining.
  8. I chose rain because, well, there's not really snow in Brazil. And I like the soothing sound of rain, especially when I can sleep hearing said sound.
  9. Here's a TWP-themed Sasquatch! The colors used were mainly tones of purple and red from the TWP Pirate flag. I admit it, drawing with a mouse is probably not my best skill. But I'm happy with the result!
  10. Welcome to our forums! I recall seeing your nation game-side when I started playing, but didn't see you in the Discord or forums until now. It's great to see you here!
  11. Commend Big Bad Badger Nominee: Big Bad Badger Passed: 10th October 2020 For: 26 (100.00%) Against: 0 (0.00%)
  12. I read that forum thread recently. I am fine with the current Z-Day despite the pandemic, but I understand those who aren't. If it changes, I am excited to see what comes this year.
  13. Welcome! I've seen you on the Discord already, but nevertheless it's nice to welcome you here too.
  14. Basically, zombies start appearing in your nation and you can either a) exterminate them, turning them into dead people; b) cure them, turning them back into living people; or c) embrace the zombie horde, enabling you to spread zombies to other nations. The region works together to reach a single goal (last year we did pretty good in curing), and has the option to temporarily close borders. It's fun! Although now having participated in N-Day, I can say both are cool but I prefer N-Day over Z-Day.
  15. I went with Z-Day but that's because I never participated in N-Day yet. Probably in a few days when it happens I'll go back here and change my opinion.
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