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  1. Pick an option and optionally post your reasoning! There are tons of would you rather questions about eating/drinking, but I found this one specifically amusing.
  2. Greetings! Please talk in English in our forum, and elsewhere in our region as well. Thanks for introducing yourself! Have you read our Guide to the West and How to Get Involved dispatches?
  3. I tend to start dancing to music sometimes without really wanting, so I figure it wouldn't change much.
  4. A more funnier question for you to pick an option and optionally post your reasoning.
  5. It's been a question I've been personally thinking of as I study, but I'm inclined to take the second option (not really poor, but lower-income) for it means to spend a lot more time of my life doing something I like rather than the jobs everyone wants to take here.
  6. As far as I know you can change your choice.
  7. Forgot to update my location until now. :P

  8. Greetings Admins! I've noticed an issue with thread views that seems to have started late December, so around a month ago, that first I thought would be temporary but seems like it's consistent with any new thread created. Basically, the views counter for every thread created since then remains at zero, I also believe older threads' counters are also frozen and don't account for new views since the date mentioned. Posting here in the hopes that you may know a solution to the issue, even if the problem is a minor one that doesn't really affect user experience. Thanks in advance for your time!
  9. A fairly important question for life choices. Pick an option and optionally post your reasoning!
  10. Idem with @no1crate, @Flauschi918, and @Laudesiaas well please - other recent additions to Newspaper staff that I didn't request masking for yet.
  11. That's similar to me, I don't work with animals but I do have several pets at home and would be great to know how they feel through words. And the weather since I have moved to the new house is awesome with no need to change.
  12. In honor of our ongoing TWPLAZA event we have a nature-themed TWPChooses question! Pick an option and optionally post your reasoning.
  13. Thank you for introducing yourself! Here's to a great stay in the West Pacific, and don't hesitate to ask for help on getting involved if you need!
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