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  1. @ScottDrort @Serglargo both these accounts posted spam in Russian, I've deleted the posts since they had suspicious links, and reported them here to let admins know and take further action.
  2. 1423 Giovannilandian Chess Championship Concludes! The official logo of the 1423 Giovannilandian Chess Championship. Sonserina, Giovanniland — The 1423 Giovannilandian Chess Championship came to an end this Tuesday, 26th December 1423, with multiple-time former champion Raffella Quadrigaro returning to the position of champion after almost a decade. The competition started in the first day of the month and featured forty participants from different regions of Giovanniland, playing in a group stage where the top two from each group advanced to the knockout stage and then decided the winner. The event was visited by notable political figures, including Prime Minister Elisa Anario-Silva and His Majesty King Giovanni VI, as well as His Serene Highness Prince Marcarius of Saint Mark. It happened in Sonserina, a city of 103,715 inhabitants, considered the national capital of chess. Every year, regional competitions determine the participants of each championship. Places are allocated to each region in proportion to their population, and these competitions are often a place for rising stars in national chess to be known for a wider audience, while established players usually are the first to confirm their qualification. The following image shows the names of all participants for this edition and their titles, with GM standing for Grandmaster, IM standing for International Master, and CM standing for Candidate Master. All of them were ranked and divided into five pots by ELO rating and then randomly sorted into one of the eight groups, which will be described afterwards. Group A Group B Group C Group D GM Guillermo Uryde-Amorino*, 2780 GM Giuliana Flaviano-Emina, 2651 IM Gioseppa Saliflumo, 2503 IM Augusto Rossiano-Gellio, 2457 Vanessa Gravanda-Edrense, 2251 GM Giovanni Amdo-Gyatso, 2752 GM Kyro Lartidio-Velanio, 2659 IM Aurelio Vindemia Orfeo, 2522 CM Daniella Gigero, 2361 Massimiano Farsullo, 2164 GM Karlo Neurine-Sousa, 2702 GM Gallio Kervario Ortense, 2583 IM Gepelle Gormo-Pasano, 2531 IM Gratia Frigiva-Lukio, 2460 Tserina Suevio-Medottone, 2224 GM Lavinia Pasquale-Arbone, 2674 GM Gianna Superbo-Legia, 2570 IM Amanda Gilvano de Valle, 2473 IM Margerito Alboquerko, 2469 Angelo Dolabella Porto, 2189 Group E Group F Group G Group H GM Sergio Amorante-Aquilano, 2734 GM Vittore Nyima-Lyamo, 2680 IM Tommaso Koliva, 2519 CM Eustakia Erdene, 2380 Madalena Amento-Tobranno, 2275 GM Severo Spindola Giordano, 2642 GM Oralino Kyentse-Gormo, 2630 IM Markella Viatore-Tamudio, 2444 CM Isidoro Artena-Santos, 2424 Amando Nevio-Karpo, 2310 GM Gustavo Takeda, 2711 GM Antonio Ambrosio Borba, 2559 GM Tsutrina Palbario, 2543 CM Otto Velite-Peskennio, 2415 CM Serena Agrikola, 2345 GM Raffella Quadrigaro, 2834 GM Lavanda Rosetta-Lyra, 2621 IM Augustino Neurine-Kalburno, 2490 CM Giulio Punso-Lodago, 2369 CM Vittore Urbano-Allamore, 2332 Group A was led by defending champion Guillermo Uryde-Amorino, winner of the 1421 and 1422 chess championships. It also had three other participants that were last present in 1421, namely Giuliana, Gioseppa and Vanessa, as well as Augusto whose most recent entry into the national championship was five years ago. In a surprising twist, Guillermo did not finish in first place because both him and Giuliana had the same amount of points, but in the head-to-head record he had lost to her. The two ended with three points each, from three wins and one loss, while Gioseppa was close but did not make it—she won against the eventual group leader but drew against lower rated opponents. Group B's highest rated player was Giovanni Amdo-Gyatso, notable for being the champion in 1411 and runner-up in 1422, and he indeed finished first far ahead of the others, with three wins and one draw for three and a half points. Aside from returning participants Kyro, Aurelio, and Daniella there was also Massimiano who entered the national tournament for the first time. The surprise of this group was Daniella, who returned after three years and qualified in second place to the dismay of Kyro. Both achieved two points, but as Daniella had more wins, she qualified for the knockout stage for her first time. Group C saw the participation of perennial participants Karlo and Gepelle, who rarely fail to qualify; returning players Gallio and Gratia; and another new arrival to the tournament, Tserina. Karlo—notable for winning three consecutive championships from 1408 to 1410—led the group with the same results as Giovanni did in Group B, however competition was more fierce, as the second place Gepelle was only half a point behind. The international master has a history of creating some upsets, for example in 1421 when she defeated then-defending champion Lavinia Pasquale-Arbone and caused her to miss the knockout stage; in fact she might be promoted to Grandmaster in the near future. This time, she defeated the slightly higher rated Gallio who then lost the second place to her. In the Group D, the 1420 champion Lavinia improved her chess record by topping the group after failing to qualify to the knockout stage twice in a row in the last two editions. She got 3.5 points and only failed to win against Amanda Gilvano de Valle, who also ended with the same amount of points, thus their draw meant that Lavinia finished in first for her higher rating. Amanda continues to enjoy success after her surprising run to fourth place in 1421 despite not having any chess title at that time, followed by a fast rise in the national rankings. New participant Angelo did not get any points, however the bigger disappointment of the group was the grandmaster Gianna, only earning a single point and finishing in fourth, behind international master Margerito. Group A P W D L Group B P W D L GM Giuliana Flaviano-Emina 3 3 0 1 GM Giovanni Amdo-Gyatso 3.5 3 1 0 GM Guillermo Uryde-Amorino 3 3 0 1 CM Daniella Gigero 2 2 0 2 IM Gioseppa Saliflumo 2 1 2 1 GM Kyro Lartidio-Velanio 2 1 2 1 IM Augusto Rossiano-Gellio 1 0 2 2 IM Aurelio Vindemia Orfeo 1.5 1 1 2 Vanessa Gravanda-Edrense 1 0 2 2 Massimiano Farsullo 1 1 0 3 Group C P W D L Group D P W D L GM Karlo Neurine-Sousa 3.5 3 1 0 GM Lavinia Pasquale-Arbone 3.5 3 1 0 IM Gepelle Gormo-Pasano 3 2 2 0 IM Amanda Gilvano de Valle 3.5 3 1 0 GM Gallio Kervario Ortense 2.5 2 1 1 IM Margerito Alboquerko 2 2 0 2 Tserina Suevio-Medottone 1 1 0 3 GM Gianna Superbo-Legia 1 1 0 3 IM Gratia Frigiva-Lukia 0 0 0 4 Angelo Dolabella Porto 0 0 0 4 Group E P W D L Group F P W D L GM Vittore Nyima-Lyamo 4 4 0 0 GM Oralino Kyentse-Gormo 3 2 2 0 GM Sergio Amorante-Aquilano 2.5 2 1 1 CM Isidoro Artena-Santos 2.5 2 1 1 IM Tommaso Koliva 2 2 0 2 GM Severo Spindola Giordano 2 1 2 1 CM Eustakia Erdene 1 0 2 2 Amando Nevio-Karpo 1.5 1 1 2 Madalena Amento-Tobranno 0.5 0 1 3 IM Markella Viatore-Tamudio 1 1 0 3 Group G P W D L Group H P W D L GM Gustavo Takeda 3.5 3 1 0 GM Lavanda Rosetta-Lyra 4 4 0 0 GM Tsutrina Palbario 3 2 2 0 GM Raffella Quadrigaro 2.5 2 1 1 GM Antonio Ambrosio Borba 1.5 1 1 2 CM Giulio Punso-Lodago 2.5 2 1 1 CM Serena Agrikola 1.5 0 3 1 IM Augustino Neurine-Kalburno 1 0 0 3 CM Otto Velite-Peskennio 0.5 0 1 3 CM Vittore Urbano-Allamore 0 0 0 4 Meanwhile, Group E was one of the only two groups where a participant won all the matches. It was Vittore Nyima-Lyamo, who recently earned the Grandmaster title and notably got the bronze medal in the previous edition. He even overcame Sergio Amorante-Aquilano, a regular participant of this tournament and champion in two separate occasions, 1411 and 1418. Eventual third place in the group Tommaso did not get the chance to see the knockout stage again after his quarterfinal appearance two years ago, while the two other participants Eustakia and Madalena enjoyed returning to the tournament after three and four years respectively, despite not getting a good performance. Group F was a group where all participants had been in at least one of the two last editions. The two Grandmasters of the group, Severo and Oralino, had little difference in their ratings, and in fact drew the match between the two, however the former did qualify while the latter did not. It was the candidate master Isidoro who achieved second place instead, in his fifth appearance here, after an also interesting run as far as the quarterfinals last year. The overall group was competitive, all players without exception being exactly half a point in distance between each other, from the first place Severo to the last place Markella. As for Group G, it was the only group to have three Grandmasters, since a total of seventeen players with this title qualified to the competition. The 1419 champion and strong contender for his second title Gustavo Takeda led the group as expected, however he did not win all the matches as he managed to do in the previous two years. Instead, he won three of his matches and drew the other one, against fellow grandmaster Tsutrina Palbario. She was able to join the tournament again after a two years-long absence and performed strongly, taking the second place in the group. The other three players in the group—Antonio, Otto and Serena—all have played in the national tournament before, however they could not achieve a good result this time. Finally, Group H was the other group where a player got the most points possible, four, after winning all matches. Unexpectedly it was not the top rated player of the group, multiple-time former champion Raffella Quadrigaro, but rather Lavanda Rosetta-Lyra. Lavanda finished in fourth place in the last tournament, her best finish so far ever since her first participation seven years ago. Meanwhile, Raffella qualified for the knockout stage in second place, fighting until the end with Giulio Punso-Lodago for the position, but it was an improvement over the previous year where she stayed out of that stage entirely. This was also a group where all participants have played in one of the two last editions, including the other two players Augustino and Vittore. The results of the knockout stage. After the group stage, twelve Grandmasters qualified for the knockout stage, as well as three International Masters and one Candidate Master. In the upper part of the bracket, Raffella Quadrigaro made up for her not very good group stage performance with a streak of confident wins, denying players such as Giovanni Amdo-Gyatso and Lavinia Pasquale-Arbone a chance of getting another championship. The latter went as far as the semifinals, defeating multiple-time champion Karlo Neurine-Sousa throughout her way, and thus proceeded to play the third place match. Meanwhile, other players did not get past the round of 16, for example Sergio and Isidoro, two of the quarterfinalists in the previous championship, and Tsutrina who reached this stage for the first time. The lower part of the bracket had matches just as interesting as the upper part. Vittore Nyima-Lyamo was the finalist from here, firstly defeating the two best international masters of the tournament, Amanda and Gepelle—the latter was the only one to go past the round 16, after she won against Oralino. Then, a very awaited and exciting match came into being, with Vittore facing Gustavo Takeda in a repeat of last year's quarterfinals! Gustavo came to this match with high morale after knocking out the defending champion Guillermo Uryde-Amorino out of the tournament, but it unfortunately wasn't enough in the tiebreaker matches, and he fell a second time to Vittore. Last but not least, the final and third place match happened in December 25th and 26th which is the same time as the Lavender Festival started, a very important week-long celebration in Giovanniland, thus adding to the great expectations for these last two matches. The bronze match was fittingly between 1419 champion Gustavo and 1420 champion Lavinia, in a very close dispute that the former won after tiebreaks. As for the great final, multiple-time champion Raffella faced the rising star Vittore, and convincingly won the game to add one more title to his collection, although Vittore also played very well. Raffella has played professional chess for over three decades now, winning the national championships of 1400, 1405, 1407, 1413, 1414 and now 1423. Celebrations then ensued, as the medals were awarded to the top three and the final rankings were announced. Rank Player Group Points W D L 1 GM Raffella Quadrigaro H 6 5 2 1 2 GM Vittore Nyima-Lyamo E 6.5 6 1 1 3 GM Gustavo Takeda G 6 4 4 0 4 GM Lavinia Pasquale-Arbone D 5.5 4 3 1 Quarterfinals 5 GM Giovanni Amdo-Gyatso B 5 4 2 0 6 GM Karlo Neurine-Sousa C 4.5 3 3 0 7 GM Guillermo Uryde-Amorino A 4 3 2 1 8 IM Gepelle Gormo-Pasano C 4 3 2 1 Round of 16 9 GM Lavanda Rosetta-Lyra H 4.5 4 1 0 10 IM Amanda Gilvano de Valle D 3.5 3 1 1 11 GM Giuliana Flaviano-Emina A 3 3 0 2 12 GM Oralino Kyentse-Gormo F 3 2 2 1 13 GM Tsutrina Palbario G 3 2 2 1 14 CM Isidoro Artena-Santos F 3 2 2 1 15 GM Sergio Amorante-Aquilano E 2.5 2 1 2 16 CM Daniella Gigero B 2 2 0 3 Group Stage 17 GM Gallio Kervario Ortense C 2.5 2 1 1 18 GM Giulio Punso-Lodago H 2.5 2 1 1 19 IM Tommaso Koliva E 2 2 0 2 20 IM Margerito Alboquerko D 2 2 0 2 21 GM Kyro Lartidio-Velanio B 2 1 2 1 22 GM Severo Spindola Giordano F 2 1 2 1 23 IM Gioseppa Saliflumo A 2 1 2 1 24 GM Antonio Ambrosio Borba G 1.5 1 1 2 25 GM Aurelio Vindemia Orfeo B 1.5 1 1 2 26 Amando Nevio-Karpo F 1.5 1 1 2 27 CM Serena Agrikola G 1.5 0 3 1 28 GM Gianna Superbo-Legia D 1 1 0 3 29 IM Augustino Neurine-Kalburno H 1 1 0 3 30 IM Markella Viatore-Tamudio F 1 1 0 3 31 Tserina Suevio-Medottone C 1 1 0 3 32 Massimiano Farsullo B 1 1 0 3 33 IM Augusto Rossiano-Gellio A 1 0 2 2 34 CM Eustakia Erdene E 1 0 2 2 35 Vanessa Gravanda-Edrense A 1 0 2 2 36 CM Otto Velite-Peskennio G 0.5 0 1 3 37 Madalena Amento-Tobranno E 0.5 0 1 3 38 IM Gratia Frigiva-Lukio C 0 0 0 4 39 CM Vittore Urbano-Allamore H 0 0 0 4 40 Angelo Dolabella Porto D 0 0 0 4
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