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  1. Thank you for the introduction! We've already talked for a while, but it's good to see you on the forums as well. I do also hope you get to know the community and become involved in the region! If you have any questions about learning how to do that, feel free to ask.
  2. You'll have to ask the admins in the task thread.
  3. https://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/profile/110-quietdad/ This account seems to have been hijacked and posted some advertising spam which I deleted.
  4. @Exonastas, @Kurabis, @Pangrado, @Cadacina, @acepilot, @Isthill, @Leo2103, @Apexiala, @ZastadAll accepted, welcome to the Hall of Nations! @Wastering27Rejected due to moving out while applications were processed. @Backgammon,@Candyman_334 You can still post the oath here in this thread in order to finish the application!
  5. @Backgammon, @Candyman_334 and @Leo2103, please post the oath on this thread to complete the application. All other applications will be finished to be processed shortly pending admin check.
  6. Please note a few things before doing anything else: 1. You need to apply for a position in the roleplay map before roleplaying. Start by reading this thread to know what to do: 2. The Lounge isn't the forum for roleplay. I think you know where it is already, but please work on a Map Application first and wait to be accepted before posting there. 3. Nukes are off-limits on roleplay.
  7. Giovanniland


    According to the nation API I have answered 3540 issues over almost 3 years, so it would be hard to single one out. Among all issues, though, ones I particularly like are the Easter Eggs, about which our @Mediobogdumhas a great dispatch. The color one was the first I received (and a few days ago I received the 13th and last one), I chose the green option if I recall correctly.
  8. Another change has happened, this time ministry-level: can @Varaniusbe masked as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs?
  9. Could @Wymondhambe demasked as Speaker and @Clarkovmasked, please?
  10. Welcome to the West Pacific! I hope that you like our region as your first ambassador assignment. Simply follow our rules and common sense and you will be welcome here.
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