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    I like maths, chess, and science in RL. My favorite thing to do in NS is, obviously, card farming :)

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  1. Although I already knew you before, thanks for the introduction!
  2. Firstly, I thank @Saint Mark. I joined NS at the time of Halo's reign as Delegate. He showed me that there was a lot more of NS beyond issues, and encouraged me to become a citizen and join the Discord server and forums. Although the delegate change happened not much time after that, I still remember Halo's delegacy, and I thank him for helping me. I also thank @Ark for introducing me to Foreign Affairs, which was the first ministry I decided to join, and I thank @Bran Astor for being an amazing Delegate and helping me with the Speaker position after I was elected, such as giving me ideas on how to start the Regional Commendations. Furthermore, I also thank @Reçueçn, @Elegarth, @TUMS and @Mediobogdum for being Trading Cards players that constantly trade cards with me and help keep the TWP Card Channel in Discord active. From all these card farmers, I think I should especially thank @Reçueçn for also encouraging me when I was seeking the last cards for my TWP S1 collection, giving me ideas to contact the players who had these rare cards, and showing me some tools to make card farming faster and less boring. It is important to say, though, that those are all individual players. I thank the West Pacific as a whole for being a wonderful region! Without you all, TWP wouldn't be the same.
  3. Commend Winnipeg Nominee: Winnipeg Proposed by: Giovanniland Passed: 4th April 2020 For: 17 (100.00%) Against: 0 (0.00%)
  4. Nation name: Giovanniland Discord tag: Giovanniland#8272 I'm already a WAR member and a Regional Guide, but I'd like to apply to be a SC Liaison and WAR Staffer.
  5. I think there is lots of information there - however, we must be careful because we don't want other people writing history about us, but rather write commends/condemns for our own so we don't let others change a part of our history. I'll see if I get some time to do it, but I'll gladly help with it.
  6. Welcome back! Although I don't remember you by name, it's great to see you here again.
  7. Welcome to the West Pacific! We hope you can have a great time here, and feel free to ask any questions you have.
  8. Spring! I just love all the flowers. It's also the only season that has a weather I like - summer is too hot, and autumn and winter are too cold here.
  9. Agreed. There were more votes against it when I last checked, but it seems not even the might of 4 out of the 5 Pacific delegates (even TNP) was enough to stop it. So, anyways, it is a good idea to repeal it.
  10. Condemn Dalimbar is a good place to start. The problem is, I've heard some non-TWP members were also thinking of it, so not sure how it goes. My opinion is that those commendations/condemnations should definitely be done by us, for us.
  11. Hello! Welcome to the West Pacific!
  12. Hi! Also, that's an interesting photo.
  13. I prefer the Summer Olympics, since I also identify with more sports in that one.
  14. Indeed! I hope you have a nice stay here, if you need help feel free to ask.
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