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  1. Some reasonable aims but does not cover many of the issues at hand... "Against" also.
  2. Too parochial a Commendation for me... have already voted "Against".
  3. *Opens up some Debtor's Prisons* Seriously, though, although not a perfect resolution in a number of areas, the main thrust of the argument for approval is sound.
  4. Bran, you are undoubtedly a great choice for our next delegate. I have watched with much pleasure your enthusiasm and dedication shining through all that you do for the region and the wider NSverse over the past many months. Halo, what can I say? Your wonderfully, energetic, enterprising, and hard-working run as TWP delegate is coming to a close. It has been a sincere pleasure to have served under your tutelage. Many, many thanks for your service to the region
  5. There are many cases that I would support forced sterilization of individuals involved in sex crimes and so have voted against this proposal.
  6. I just love this one! A definite "Thumbs UP"!
  7. Neither do I. In addition, I hate trying to read a quoted dispatch containing all its coding!
  8. I like it... and will always support a Condemnation of a nation that dispenses nefarious actions that are vital to keeing the NSverse on its toes and watching its back!
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