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  1. INFJ-A Advocate I think the same as last time I took this test.
  2. I could not agree more! Definitely a 'thumbs down' for me as well.
  3. I would venture to suggest that this should have been a Commendation rather than a Condemnation for the region being an interesting alternative to the usual run-of-the-mill NS life style! Oh, well... it is the 1st April
  4. Traditionally, I have always preferred the Summer Olympics but I do have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Snowboarding events with their spectacular crashes!
  5. Although the arguments in this Repeal are valid, I would have preferred that the author had gone a step further and acted to remedy the shortcomings by drafting, or planning to draft, a replacement GA Resolution.
  6. Nothing detailed in this Resolution to get my juices up... too thin in too many areas. Voted "Against".
  7. Some reasonable aims but does not cover many of the issues at hand... "Against" also.
  8. Too parochial a Commendation for me... have already voted "Against".
  9. *Opens up some Debtor's Prisons* Seriously, though, although not a perfect resolution in a number of areas, the main thrust of the argument for approval is sound.
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