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  1. I would love to answer the poll, but I dislike both varieties of life forms! Cats eat birds and dogs are mobile pooping machines
  2. I also choose Batman because of a BBC program in the series called Only Fools and Horses where in one episode the two main characters dress up as Batman and Robin. Will never forget the scene where they run across an empty parking lot!
  3. INFJ-A Advocate I think the same as last time I took this test.
  4. Traditionally, I have always preferred the Summer Olympics but I do have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Snowboarding events with their spectacular crashes!
  5. Bran, you are undoubtedly a great choice for our next delegate. I have watched with much pleasure your enthusiasm and dedication shining through all that you do for the region and the wider NSverse over the past many months. Halo, what can I say? Your wonderfully, energetic, enterprising, and hard-working run as TWP delegate is coming to a close. It has been a sincere pleasure to have served under your tutelage. Many, many thanks for your service to the region
  6. Neither do I. In addition, I hate trying to read a quoted dispatch containing all its coding!
  7. Indeed, who is going to check that the checkers are checking for valid checks in the checkboxes?
  8. Well, I am most sincerely humbled at the honour... My record as an ardent supporter of all things about The West Pacific is not nearly as long as many other stalwarts of the region, but I have always tried my best to become involved in as many aspects of the region's affairs as possible. I will wear the Order with great pride. Westwind, I thank you for your sage advice and guidance during what was for me at times a rather difficult birth into the West Pacific
  9. We look forward to a period of glorious cooperation in the field or on the high seas between our two regions!
  10. Which ever way Winnie wants this to go is okay by me... PayPal seems to be the easiest route to follow as many players probably already have an account. Well, at least I do! Do we know what sort of level of funding, apart from annual fees that is needed? Was thinking about costs for developing/enhancing/repairing features? We used to have a great feature in Vortex which allowed us to see which nations we had not endorsed and vice versa. This excellent facility fell by the wayside, but maybe that was a different feature from the forum?
  11. I would certainly be happy to provide a contribution to the running costs of the forum. The total sum is little compared to many of my monthly 'PC-related' costs so would be glad to contribute so that the total parts are four. As Winnie is the actual original 'owner', how does he feel about this proposal? Maybe Winnie, and Eli would prefer to keep things as they are? Has an approach been made to them? Just seen Dark's post... are we looking at a NEW forum as a possibility as well? It would take some real work to set it up and I'm not sure we need to or want to veer away from 'our' tried and trusted current forum format that has served us so well for so many years.
  12. But, but, for the formal record the score is still a tie! No problem, just happy we can move to the next phase.
  13. Maybe a runoff for the runoff? Oh dear, “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”
  14. I am greatly saddened by where this is heading... it sounds like "It's my way or the by-way" with no option for the greatest percentage of TWP players to get a say, even if it were an advisory one. Obviously, the residents have had the option to become involved in this forum but we all know that this has not happened in the past and was never going to happen this time either so the outcome has been determined by the votes of about 31 players out of many times that possible number. It is incredulous that in an attempt to increase interest and participation we are rejecting a ploy that would have certainly achieved that objective! The result might well have been the same as the forum vote, anyway
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