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  1. Please mask @ALON as Speaker for the Hall of Nations. I'll have some forum masking setting changes done post-HoN changes.
  2. Once you get your citizenship, send me a message on Discord, and we'll get you in
  3. I demand to know where the slime was sourced
  4. Congrats @Bran Astor now you get to be annoyed by me
  5. awww yeah. It was a pleasure to work with you all. I had a great time.
  6. I enjoyed reading that. It's cool to see the things I missed.
  7. Against. It also overstates specific things. The NPA really wasn't great during the ADN era. it's poorly written, as pointed out, and doesn't go into any actual detail about the real good things done by TNP. It fails to recognize significant members as having an impact via their role in TNP. It's main purpose seems to be how the government kept changing due to coups, and I'm not quite sure why that's commendable. It's a good region with good people but this resolution isn't great.
  8. I am 100% pro-imperial China.
  9. Halo, Thank you for posting this here. I appreciate the work you put in during these troubled times.
  10. My main issue with the 1 post per month thing is that as I got older, I really only reply to things that are relevant. I'm active in the discord, and people know I'm around, but there isn't always a "topic of interest" to post on here. I looked at the book thread, but it's only a couple posts long with the last response being in August. We do a lot of stuff on the Regional board, but it might be worth bringing some of those topics here at the same time.
  11. I really disagree voting for Delegate. You need stable leadership and protection for the region, else you run into it being really easy to take over the region, which has happened to other feeders before.
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