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  1. Holy shit, hey Punk! Get on discord: https://discord.gg/C8PAEvR
  2. Picked batman because at least one time while attempting to save someone falling from a large distance spidey killed them and didn't realize.
  3. I went ahead and did it. He was supposed to have it, was a temporary removal a while ago.
  4. Please mask @ALON as Speaker for the Hall of Nations. I'll have some forum masking setting changes done post-HoN changes.
  5. Dilber


    While here, we would like some clarification on the position of India on TWP as per your regional newspaper. Your newspaper stated that "TWP has also faced crisis in regards to activity, military, civil rights, diplomacy, stability and overall delegate and government performance. The only way TWP can rise from its ashes is through a revolution..." Is this an official statement of the region of India?
  6. Welcome to the new embassy of India!
  7. I'm glad this is ongoing.
  8. Thank you I'll see if anyone wants to do it.
  9. I enjoyed the read. Thank you!
  10. that's pretty neat. Who's running for Tribune?
  11. This is neat. I like this.
  12. Once you get your citizenship, send me a message on Discord, and we'll get you in
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