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  1. Isn't the answer obvious? The Chicken or The Egg?
  2. January 9, 2020 we started with the 2019/2020 poll. I'm think we choose poorly last time. So let's give it one more try....Pick your year.
  3. You should be good to go. Exactly. It's good to be a Native West Pacifican.
  4. Westwind's daughter didn't hesitate. "Brownies!"
  5. Let's end the year with the season of sweets in mind... There are so many choices, but this year you only have two. Which do you prefer? (BTW, in case it helps complicate your decision, both are chocolate because All Your Chocolate Belongs to @Darkesia)
  6. Greetings! Yesterday, three member accounts were hit by a hacking attempt. The attempt failed, as the forum temporarily locked the accounts to prevent further attempts. The attacker tried one account, then a second, and then the third. The source of the attack is from the USA, and the source has now been blocked. Of course, the attacker could change IP's and repeat the attack. Two of the three accounts have been targeted previously, leading to the possibility of a repeat attacker. I want all of our members to know that additional account security is available to you. You can enable 2-factor authentication for your account if you would like, using Google Authenticator. Go to: https://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/settings/account-security/ Once you've selected 'Enable' you will get this screen: Once you have Google Authenticator installed on your phone, you can scan the QR code and enter the code it gives you in the 'Verify Code' box. Your security setting will then show that it's enabled, and you will need to enter your Authenticator code as well as your password each time you login: And you can select 'Disable this method' to discontinue use of Authenticator. - Westwind, TWP Administration
  7. Kids 'round this part of the country won't shovel snow, won't mow lawns. They refuse then complain they have no money. *rollseyes* My basement was flooded by the snow when I lived in Wichita. Then flooded again when the pipes broke from freezing. The house was also burgled there after a snowstorm - they left footprints in the snow, the cops refused to investigate. (Yes, Wichita sucks. They also closed the parks with a permanent 7pm curfew and banned outdoor concerts. You could only buy 3.2% beer, and had to be a 'member' to go to a bar. The radio stations were all Country music except for one with Classical music.) Westwind has a difficult time choosing. After a decade in the land of nine months straight of rain, and two decades of nine months straight of snow......ugh. Might be time I moved to the desert. BUT.....if it's a 'Dark and Stormy Night', wouldn't the snow brighten things up so it wouldn't be dark?
  8. Hail The West Pacific! Westwind shall now be serving as your Ambassador from Equilism. While Equilism has been very quiet in recent years, we're not quite dead yet. I was unable to post this message in our Embassy, as it has been locked due to our inactivity. So I would like to request that our Embassy be unlocked, so that we may continue in compliance with our mutual treaty: We have appreciated The West Pacific's dedication in continuing to provide updates in your Embassy in Equilism through our periods of inactivity. Thank you!
  9. Such a tight race. N-day wins by two votes.
  10. Hmmm....I better get busy. I'd planned on 12 polls for the year. When it comes to a 'Dark and Stormy Night', what kind of precipitation do you prefer Rain or Snow. (Yes, yes, I know, there could also be sleet, or graupel, or hail, or dust, or.......anyway, Westwind's Random Polls of 2020 are only allowed two choices.
  11. Interesting. It seems to me that Z-Day was leading until N-Day came. Will it flip back after Z-Day? (Or will Z-Day change this year?) https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=491901
  12. Recently reported sighting....
  13. Which do you prefer? Zombies or Nukes?
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