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  1. Recently reported sighting....
  2. Which do you prefer? Zombies or Nukes?
  3. Westwind


    Smiling is overrated.
  4. Some are Morning people, some are Night Owls. Science seems to think there's something about it in our DNA.
  5. "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth" --- Marcus Aurelius
  6. It isn't about Olympics, but let's be fair to the Equinox. Which do you prefer?
  7. This creativity reminds me of a story from long ago in NS. In 2005, then Equilism President and Admin Nooterland issued a decree to ensure all forum members maintained a proper avatar, rather than leaving the default icon on their account. All who failed to comply were enriched with a new avatar created by Noot's 2 year old daughter. It was an effective decree.
  8. Did you know that the Salish people's stories say that when one of their Chiefs dies, that Chief is reincarnated as an Orca (Killer Whale). Westwind has a fondness for Orca. Welcome to The West Pacific!
  9. You should at least have the Former Delegate badge.
  10. It is listed as being active on the in-game dispatch: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1257173
  11. Winter and Summer are more that Solstices. Which do you prefer?
  12. I woke up surrounded by cats. One on each side. It's best not to argue with them.
  13. This one should be easy. Dogs or Cats?
  14. I dunno, my daughter once said I'm Batman and named one of my cars 'The Batmobile'. (I no longer have it though)
  15. Westwind is like that sometimes.
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