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  2. 10000000000000% take things back. I have said so many stupid and embarrassing things, I would love it if I could do that.
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  4. Honestly both is good, but imma have to go with hear any convo about me so i can improve myself to be more likeable by hearing some criticism.
  5. Government Departments Dept of Finance Director of Finance Responsible for developing and implementing fiscal policies, managing government debt, and controlling government spending Office for Treasury Office for Financial Conduct Office for Financial Research Office for Financial Sanctions Office for National Investment Fund Dept. of Defense Director of Defense Responsible for protecting national security, developing and implementing military policies and strategies, managing the armed forces, overseeing national defense operations, and maintaining military readiness Office for Army Office for Air Force Office for Navy Office for Defense Intelligence Office for Security Services Dept of Justice Director of Justice Responsible for enforcing the law and administering justice, including prosecuting criminal cases, representing the government in legal matters, managing prisons and correctional facilities, and providing legal advice and support to other government agencies and departments Office for Courts Office for Legal Counsel Office for Legal Services Office for Criminal Prosecutions Office for Prisons Office for Probation Services Office for Civil Rights Dept of Home Affairs Director of Home Affairs Responsible for Domestic affairs including Borders, Immigration, Policing, Fire, Search & Rescue and Counter Terrorism Office for Border Control Office for Counter Terrorism Office for Fire Service Office for Immigration & Citizenship Office for Domestic Intelligence Office for Police Service Office for Search & Rescue Dept of Foreign Affairs Director of Foreign Affairs Responsible for managing foreign policy and diplomatic relations with other nations and international organizations. Representing the country in negotiations, treaties, and other international agreements Office for Diplomatic Relations Office for Foreign Intelligence Office for Tourism Dept of Administration Director of Administration Responsible for collecting & maintaining data and data systems, statistics, administering Elections & Census and issuing Passports, ID's, Driving Licenses and Firearms & Explosives Licenses Office for Audits Office for Births, Deaths & Marriage Records Office for Business Registry Office for Census Office for Charities Office for Driving Licences Office for Elections Office for Firearms & Explosives Licenses Office for Land Registry Office for Passports & ID Office for Statistics Dept of Standards & Regulations Director of Standards & Regulations Responsible for setting and enforcing standards to improve outcomes, as well as making recommendations for new laws that may be necessary Office for Advertising Standards Office for Animal Welfare Standards Office for Automotive Manufacturing Standards Office for Business & Trading Standards Office for Construction Standards Office for Employment Standards Office for Equality Standards Office for Financial Standards Office for Food Standards Office for Health & Safety Standards Office for Market Competition Office for Media Standards Office for Medical Standards Office for Privacy Standards Office for Professional Standards Dept of Commerce Director of Commerce Responsible for promoting economic growth and development, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, protecting intellectual property rigths Office for Business Office for Copyright & Patents Office for International Trade Trade Apexiala Dept of Labour & Revenue Director of Labour & Revenue Responsible for maximising Employment, collecting Taxes & distributing Pensions & Welfare Office for Employment Office for Tax Office for Pensions Office for Welfare Dept of Health Director of Health Responsible for the provision of Health Services, Disease Control & Drug classification/authorisation Apexiala Health Service (AHS) Office for Controlled Substances Office for Disability Assistance Office for Disease Control Office for Drug Rehabilitation Office for Medical Services Office for Mental Health Office for Social Services Dept of Education Director of Education Responsible for developing and managing education standards and curricula, overseeing educational research and statistics, administering educational grants and loans, and providing technical assistance and resources to schools, colleges, and universities Office for Schools Office for University Office for Qualifications Dept of Science, Research & Technology Director of Science, Research & Technology Responsible for the advancement of Science, Research & Technology Office for Marine Science Office for Medical Research Office for Chemistry Office for Biology Office for Physics Office for Geology Office for Space: Atmosphere, Astronomy & Astrophysics Office for AI Research Dept of Transport & Infrastructure Director of Transport & Infrastructure Responsible for the Construction & Maintenance of Transport Infrastructure & Networks, and the provision of Transport Services Office for Roads Office for Buses Office for Trains Office for Underground Rail/Subway Office for Aviation Authority Office for Airports, Harbours & Ports Apexiala Airways Dept of Energy Infrastructure Director of Energy Infrastructure Responsible for the Construction & Maintenance of Energy Infrastructure, and ensuring energy security Office for Electricity Office for Gas Office for Fuels Dept of Environment & Wildlife Director of Environment & Wildlife Responsible for protecting the environment, wildlife and natural resources Office for Environmental Protection Office for Marine Management Office for Weather Services Office for Climate Change Prevention Office for Wildlife Services Office for Natural Resources Dept of Culture Director of Culture Responsible for the provision of Sports & Cultural facilities and maximising engagement in Sports & Cultural arts Office for Museums Office for Sports & Leisure Office for Culture & Heritage Dept of Agriculture Director of Agriculture Responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs related to agricultural production, food security, animal and plant health. Managing agricultural research programs, developing rural infrastructure, and managing environmental sustainability Bureau of Livestock Management Dept of Housing & Urban Development Director of Housing & Urban Development Responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs related to housing and sustainable urban development. Managing public housing, homelessness and housing discrimination, supporting community development Office for Housing Office for Urban Development Build Apexiala Other Semi-Independent State Bodies Central Bank of Apexiala National Mint Apexiala Trading Exchange Non-Profit Causes Apexiala Broadcasting Network Visit Apexiala State Owned Enterprises Energex Apexiala Telecomms Network Trade Apexiala Apexiala Airways Build Apexiala R.I.C.O. (Defense Contractor)
  6. I, States of Glory, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, or any laws made pursuant to it.
  7. An interview between a reporter from Sekiyan news outlet Die Post and 27 year old Henreich Walter, CEO of Eckhard-Walter and grandson of Julie Walter, founder of Walterwagen, the senior partner in the 1387 merge that formed Eckhard-Walter. Reporter: Good morning, Mr. Walter. Thank you for joining us today for this interview with Die Post. As the CEO of Eckhard-Walter, we are excited to learn more about your latest venture in the world of Formula One. Could you tell us about the new U-77 engine your company has developed? Henreich: Good morning and thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here. At Eckhard-Walter, we've been working tirelessly to develop a ground-breaking engine specifically designed for the Formula One racing car. Reporter: That sounds intriguing. What sets your engine apart from the competition? Henreich: Our engine boasts several key differentiators that make it truly exceptional. Firstly, the U-77 engine is highly efficient, allowing for optimal fuel consumption and reduced time in the pits. Our engine offers enhanced reliability and durability. We understand the rigorous demands of racing on the engine, and so the U-77 has been rigorously tested to ensure it performs flawlessly under extreme conditions. Reporter: Impressive! How do you plan to market this engine to Formula One teams and encourage them to sign contracts with Eckhard-Walter? Henreich: At the end of the day, we understand that a racing team wants a quick, reliable engine. We have been rigorously testing the U-77 in our formula one chassis around Kirchfield and many of Sekiya’s more demanding tracks. Previously to this, the U-77 has performed extremely favourably in simulations that has given us the data we need to market this as a competitive engine going into the tournament. Reporter: It's clear that Eckhard-Walter has invested considerable effort into this engine. How confident are you in its performance and potential to dominate the Formula One circuit? Henreich: We have full confidence in our engine's performance and its potential to be a strong challenger in the world of Formula One. Our team of expert engineers, in collaboration with racing veterans, has poured their knowledge, passion, and expertise into this project. We have left no stone unturned to create an engine that embodies the spirit of Eckhart-Walter’s legacy while pushing the boundaries of performance. We are eager to see our engine power teams to victory, and we firmly believe that with our technology, combined with the skill and determination of Formula One teams, we can establish a new era of dominance in the sport. Reporter: And now onto tyres – we hear that the Eckhard-Walter racing team has chosen its tyre supplier? Henreich: I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone when we announced we would be signing a contract with Giovagoma – Eckhard-Walter has been using Giovagoma for years now with our production sports cars, and it’s a product we like and believe in. Reporter: Thank you, Mr. Walter, for providing us with insights into the remarkable engine developed by Eckhard-Walter. It's evident that your company's commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability sets your engine apart in the competitive world of Formula One. We are excited to witness the impact of your U-77 engine in the upcoming racing season. We wish you and Eckhard-Walter great luck for the upcoming championship.
  8. (This post is a collaboration between @Saint Mark and myself) Valentine Aragretto, Captain of Vola Aurum, Hans Anorson, President of Vola Automotive, Sigurio Circum, Vice President for Racing of Zephyr Saint Mark, Elise Aragretto, Vice President for Marketing for Vola Aurum, and Sir Edgar Hampton, Chairman of the Saint Mark Racing Commission, were seated on one side of the polished dark wood table. On the other were Tullio Urbolina, co-founder and CEO of the engine supplier Quintana-Urbolina, and Aetio Quarasta-Dazane, CEO of the tire supplier Giovagoma, as well as the heads of marketing for the two companies, Marko Nyazene-Arruda and Kamilla Tesfaye respectively. “Greetings,” Aetio said, “we’re glad to have arrived here and that Vola Aurum is interested in the Giovagoma tire.” “Likewise for the Velite 1420 engine”, Tullio commented. “Thank you for joining us,” responded Valentine, his smile bright in his tanned face. “We love the stats on your engine and tire. As you know, we would like to race with these in the Esferos F1.” “The Velite 1420 is actually quite similar to one of our own,” interrupted Hans. Valentine glanced over and then back. “Yes, that is true. As I was saying, we feel these are fine products. Might I propose that, since we will be using these, we feature your companies’ logos on our car? In addition, we would request that one of your top engineers be part of our pit crew.” “Promotion for Quintana-Urbolina is always good, and having one of our top engineers on your pit crew sounds reasonable,” Marko agreed. Tullio added, “We could also give Vola Aurum access to engine data and performance analysis, and our technical experts can ensure that the engine is installed and maintained correctly, so that it’s always reliable and has optimal performance.” After he finished, it was Giovagoma’s turn. “I’m quite happy with publicity for the Giovagoma tire, and in return we can certainly mention Vola Aurum in our list of notable customers, alongside other F1 teams such as Las Lavandas,” said Kamilla. Aetio continued, “I also agree that it would be beneficial to have a top engineer to assist Vola Aurum in matters concerning our tire, race assistance is crucial.” Everyone looked satisfied. Sir Edgar replied,” Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think we are all in agreement. I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say that it will be quite a pleasure working with you. Would you all care to join me in my city apartment for dinner this evening? We can go over the details and get to know each other better.” Both the Quintana-Urbolina and Giovagoma representatives agreed with the idea, and looked forward to the dinner.
  9. I say dumb things. I choose take it back.
  10. Valentine, and his two star drivers, Ari and Celerio, sat on one side of the polished maple table, across from Mario Ingenio, Chief Engineer for Vola Aurum. Ingenio's soft voice and bland countenance might make someone who didn't know better discount him as ordinary. He was anything but. Ingenio had finished his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering by the age of 22, had won the Crown Award for Automotive Engineering the year later, and became Vola Aurum's Chief Engineer the year after that ... the youngest in its history by a decade. "Gentlemen," he began. "My design was not selected to be among those available for the Esferos races. I understand why it might not have had a broader appeal. It was designed with your driving talents in mind. The engines that were selected are still excellent, however, and you must now choose which will bring you victory. The Velite 1420 is the one most similar to the one I had designed. It has a lot of power pushing an ultra-light machine. This car will fly like a rocket (Celerio grinned), but most drivers would find it difficult to control. It would be a magic weapon in your hands, though, Ari. You'd be able to tame it." "On the other hand, this might not be the best choice for you, Celerio. I know it's what you want, but you might be too aggressive for this one. I think the Y2J HITC might be more suited to you. It has plenty of power, but its added weight will help to keep you grounded (Celerio's face fell). Your driving style could really pull the best performance out of this one." Valentine looked at his drivers. "We can only choose one engine, boys. Which will it be?" Celerio responded quickly. "Ari will want to choose the Y2J to keep me safe, but no way! The Velite sounds hot! We have to go with that. I'll be fine and we all know what Ari can do with it." Interrupting Ari's objection, Ingenio added, "That may be our best option, and to keep us on the track (looking directly at Celerio) we can choose a stickier tire. If it's going to be the Velite, I suggest the Giovagoma. It may not have the strongest grip, but it is pretty strong, and definitely more reliable. We can't have the wheels popping like they did at Kirchfield last year." "It's agreed then," said Valentine while he pushed away from the table, "we'll go all Gio this year." Summary for UA: Drivers: Ari Dasher, Celerio Dasher Engine: Velite 1420 Tire: Giovagoma
  11. Take back. Why? *Loads last save I guess I'm going to be safe for a while.
  12. Imho pineapple on a pizza is worse than pineapple off a pizza, but it doesn't ruin the pizza or make it inedible. I think a regular pizza is better than a regular pizza+pineapple, but I would never turn down a pineapple pizza unless it was actual garbage
  13. Hearing anything about you could end you up in a bad situation so i don't think that's to good, but being able to have take backs, it's like being able to reverse an action in a video game!
  14. May 21, 1423, 20:00 International Atomic Time — Quintana-Urbolina Headquarters, Giovannia Capital City "Are we all ready?", Tullio and Aetio asked in unison. "Correct!" replied Martina Laurentia, Giovagoma Head of Design. "Indeed, we have made some nice designs," added Gyalwa Tselya-Monte, Design Manager for Quintana-Urbolina. "Awesome," Aetio remarked, "let's see what we have." "Ekke," Gyalwa uttered as he called everyone. "Good job everyone!" exclaimed Tullio, satisfied with the designs. "I am also satisfied," concurred Aetio, "and I'll get our head of marketing Kamilla Tesfaye over at our headquarters in Gioville to share it across the world for other teams to see." "Same here! Marko, could you get our advertisement published for the various F1 teams?", he said, calling the Chief Marketing Officer, Marko Nyazene-Arruda. "Roger that," replied Marko. Soon after, Aetio would also get the confirmation from Kamilla, and the two CEOs would soon see results from their campaign, starting with the Giovannilandian team in the championship, Las Lavandas. ------------------------------------------------ May 22, 1423, 16:00 International Atomic Time — Las Lavandas Team Base, Amorante City "Hello everyone!", Las Lavandas' team principal Severa Alva-Oriene said to a crowd. "Today we have several announcements to make in advance for the Esferos F1 World Championships soon to happen!", she exclaimed. "Firstly, we will announce the first signings in our competing team for the upcoming season, two outstanding members of the Academia de Automovismo Las Lavandas! We're very glad to have them for the official team, and I will welcome them to the stage. Please come here, Sabina Dawa-Gyatso and Lukas Taval-Sabino!" The crowd cheered as the two drivers arrived. Talking about them, Severa noted in particular Lukas' interest in racing since childhood and invite from the academy still during his teenage years, and Sabina's closeness to her mother and family, and the importance of that and her hard work in achieving success, despite financial struggles during her early life. "Thank you Severa, we're both excited to be part of Las Lavandas and bring great success to the team in the upcoming World Championships!", said Lukas. "And I'd like to offer any other drivers the chance of signing up for our team in the pre-season while there's still time! We have a great team spirit and focus in reliability above all else while still having high skill in aspects such as acceleration and turning, so if that sounds like the fit for you, come join Las Lavandas!", added Sabina. "Indeed," Severa concurred, "and now we will also announce two important partnerships for our team. Please welcome our engine supplier..." "...Quintana-Urbolina, with their engine Velite 1420!", she exclaimed. "The Velite's focus on actuation and reliability is very important to us, and I thank Tullio Urbolina for the offer." "Quintana-Urbolina thanks Las Lavandas for being the first World Championships team to which we supply our engine!", said Floriano Girvyan-Altada, the company's representative at the event. "Of course!" And now, we will also announce Las Lavandas' tire supplier... Giovagoma!", Severa declared. "Giovagoma's message of balance between reliability and traction made the most sense to us among the selection of tire suppliers, so it'll be the right choice for us, and I thank Aetio Quarasta-Dazane for offering this partnership." "Similarly, Giovagoma is glad to see that Las Lavandas is the first team to which we will supply our product, hopefully the first of many!", commented Antonio Aquila-Lampo, representing Giovagoma in this occasion. "Over the coming days, Las Lavandas will hope to bring many more enticing announcements, as our team prepares to excel at this worldwide event, and hopefully announce more drivers from other nations as part of our team!", announced Severa. "Don't forget to watch me and Sabina here at the Kirkone Amorante for the Aura Test Event pre-season, coming June 17!", reminded Lukas. "...and in Porto Violeto at the great Magnopremo January next year, we'll need you all to cheer for us!", said Sabina. "As well as the other events abroad, of course. Tune in for these through your media of choice, or take this opportunity to visit other countries and watch more events, and support Las Lavandas!", she added. "See you all soon!", concluded Severa as the event finished and the crowd cheered once more.
  15. I, The Republic of the Finlandic People, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, or any laws made pursuant to it.
  16. Could you imagine having that super power (hear everything that is said about you) as a Movie Star, or Hockey Player...I don't think you'd be able to hear yourself think, let alone operate machinery!
  17. Id love to hear what is said about me, it would be the easiest way of knowing who actually likes me and not, and who currently has an issue with me and why.
  18. The Saint Mark Vola Aurum Charlotte Hudson (Reporter for Motor Monthly) : While Vola Aurum did decide to include both of you on its Esferos F1 team, there was some initial uncertainty, was there not? Celerio Dasher : Well, Charlotte, they had to keep the pre-race interest up, didn't they? Anyone, such as yourself, with any real knowledge of racing, knew we would be the ones Vola would race all along, right? Charlotte : My sources tell me that this time, the powers-that-be at Vola Aurum seriously considered a driver outside of Saint Mark, one with a more conservative approach. Celerio : Now just a minute, as I said, that was only tossed about to gin up some interest. Ari Dasher : Even if there was a bit more to it than that, both Celerio and I are the final choices of team Vola Aurum. We look forward to racing against some of the best in Esferos and to besting some challenging new courses.
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  20. Racing Team Regalia Genesis, formed by the Clarkson/Hammond/May trio through their recently-birthed upstart company Grand Tour Ltd., were making their final preparations for entry into the Esferos F1 World Championships. The home of all the creations made by Esferos simultaneously most fun and most horrifying trio. [Hammond and May arrive at the Grand Tour Technology Centre/𐑜𐑮𐑨𐑯𐑑𐑵 𐑑𐑧𐑒𐑯𐑨𐑤𐑧𐑛𐑺 𐑕𐑧𐑯𐑑𐑽/Грандиюн Абикеупке Текнапедеийе Тенте] Richard Hammond: Here it is. The crucible for all our great inventions. This is the car we've got, it's the Yousekai RG38, it has been done on our own Eclipse tires by FrostNova, we paid Δ56,000.00 to make it, and now we must add an engine to make it a complete racing car, by... bolting lots of racing car engine bits to it. A rough image of the vehicle Regalia Genesis will use, the Yousekai RG38. The main colour is black, the [absence of] colour most associated with Hertfordshire & Jammbo, while the secondary colour is meant to imitate glowing ice. It shouldn't work, but it does. Richard Hammond: The helper for Regalia Genesis, Jeremy, is doing all the trivial jobs, like the brakes, the suspension and the electronics, while we do the big stuff. I have to fit the tires. James meanwhile you have to find an engine. We're not choosing Eckhard-Walter's U-77 engine, got it? James May: I know. Jeremy Clarkson: Yep. [Hammond struggles to fit the tires in properly. May struggles to choose an engine.] James May: You got a spreadsheet? [Some time later...] James May: With that not done, I'm checking on Hammond. Richard Hammond: Yes! Viktoria-RKO's Viktoria-RKO F1 M2x0 E Performance. That sounds business-like. James May: Hammond? Richard Hammond: What? James May: Do you understand racing? Richard Hammond: Yeah. James May: Low-to-mid reliability, low-to-mid actuation, high tare. You wanna rethink it? So let's just say we go with your engine choice, the drivers, you and me get in, the cars have been refuelled. Richard Hammond: We then set off. James May: It's lights out and away we go. Richard Hammond: It will be a bit heavy for us, I grant you, it will jeopardize the car's light weight. James May: No it won't be a bit heavy, chap, it will be... Richard Hammond: It's there. It's chosen! [May imitates sounds of racing cars going past really really fast] James May: Those are the noises of them. Meanwhile, back in the Regalia Genesis pit, Richard and James. You'd have to get a saw to cut off parts of the car. Richard Hammond: Well... yeah. Right, I'll consider your choice of engine and it'll be more... boring! James May: Here, we need to choose Lampadati Auto's LampadatiGP engine. Most engines are rubbish, but this one fits us. Okay, so when you're on the track, unless you crash, you've got the highest reliability and its actuation isn't too high like Quintana-Urbolina's Velite 1420. See, see here? Richard Hammond: I am seeing it. James May: It's brilliant! That works. Richard Hammond: Well... it's not brilliant if I'm honest. James May: Oh. Richard Hammond: Yeah, it's... flawed. Jeremy Clarkson: To make it perform like a racing car, we need a balance. But sadly because of you two fools, we can't get a good one, so I've just sort of ordered my own choice. [Clarkson reveals his choice of engine from Teralyon] Jeremy Clarkson: Look at that! Erunius' Y2J HITC. It's a proper racing car engine. Lower tare than your Cambrian engine. Richard Hammond: The Viktoria-RKO F1 M2x0 E Performance is an engine, the Yousekai RG38 needs this. James May: No, the car is ready, our thoughts need to turn to the LampadatiGP engine. Jeremy Clarkson: You know I said "how hard can it be?" when we started this? Richard Hammond: Yes. Jeremy Clarkson: If I'm honest, I think it's gonna be really hard. Richard Hammond: I'm quite glad you said that 'cause it's crossed my mind, we need to choose one. I'm aiming to win, but I'm mainly aiming for people to take us seriously. James May: Yeah, I just think we're going to look ridiculous. The bickering continues long into the night, as the trio argue over whether to go Teralyan, Cambrian or Larxian for their engine. Clarkson briefly considered Giovannilandian but the other two shot him down, May took longer on that front. Sekiyan was not considered.
  21. Anti-colonial sentiment in Giovannilandian Andolia reaches new high as man is mildly upset about taxes by Jerry Poole, Head Writer ANDOLIAVILLE, GIOVANNILAND — Global experts indicate that tensions in Giovannilandian territory in Andolia have reached historic highs after a man expressed minor irritation about Giovannilandilandian taxes. Flavio Deresse-Lumine, of Andoliaville, was purchasing a bag of milk at the convenience store. He reportedly sighed upon seeing the total ring up. According to witness testimony from the cashier, he then said “Those taxes are adding up, huh?” This brazen anti-government statement is the latest and most severe action by separatist movements in Giovannilandilandilandian Andolia. As news broke, Giovannilandilandilandilandian state media was very quick to discredit it, claiming that Deresse-Lumine was a “Varanian operative” sent to justify invasion and reiterated that “the residents of Andoliaville are very happy to be Giovannilandilandilandilandilandian.” Liza Corden, a social media figure openly associated with the Andolian Freedom Fighters, spoke out in Deresse-Lumine’s support. “Flavio is a hero of the Andolian revolution,” she proclaimed. “His act of bravery will inspire other oppressed souls in Giovanniland-occupied territory to cast off their colonial shackles and be free.” Deresse-Lumine could not be reached for comment. It is assumed he is being held in a Giovannilandilandilandilandilandilandian prison. The Review will deliver updates as they become available.
  22. New Maserut's soccer team wins the Candelù league, the glorious victory will be remembered. (Saturday, May 20th, 1423) Tiveria, after winning the league for 3 years in a row, was eventually beaten by its main rival, which also happens to be our capital, New Maserut. This match has shown how much New Maserut's team has evolved through the years, and how its new captain and coach were able to bring the city's squad to the win. The match took place in the capital's stadium, as anticipated before, it was against the city of Tiveria. Maserut's Team Tiveria's team No one expected New Maserut to dominate the game, and the 4th win in a row for Tiveria was the most likely scenario everyone thought of. Though, from the kickoff, Tiveria's players were overwhelmed by the enemy team's power. Each one of the moves, shooting, passing, it showed the dedication and commitment to win. New Maserut's offensive was able to breach through the enemies, allowing their star striker, Leonardo Ponte, to create a lot of score opportunities, most of which worked. In the end, the win was 6 goals to 2, signing not only the end of the streak for Tiveronia, but also, one of the most remarkable days in our Capitals' modern sports history. Long live the Emperor.
  23. May 19, 1423, 15:00 International Atomic Time — Quintana-Urbolina Headquarters, Giovannia Capital City Tullio Urbolina, co-founder and CEO of Quintana-Urbolina, was at his office contemplating with glee the notice that his company's engine Velite 1420 was accepted as one of the official suppliers for the Esferos F1 World Championships. Suddenly, his phone rang; it was his friend Aetio Quarasta-Dazane, CEO of Giovagoma. The two were long-time friends back from having graduated university together, and sought to collaborate when the international competition was announced. "Hello Aetio!", Tullio said when he answered the phone. "Hey there my friend! I have great news, Giovagoma will be one of the tire providers for the inaugural Esferos F1 tournament," Aetio exclaimed. Tullio replied, "Wonderful! Likewise for my company's engine, the Velite 1420." "Excellent," Aetio answered. "Giovannilandian talent will be very well represented at this event, ranging from the team Las Lavandas, two very skilled drivers, one test circuit and one actual circuit, and the work of our two companies of course." "Indeed," Tullio thought. "I'll have to check with Severa Alva-Oriene, head of the Lavandas, and ask her about signing an official contract with both of our companies to provide engines and tires. When it's time, of course, but it seems unlikely that she'd go with some other choice." Aetio agreed, and proposed: "Besides Las Lavandas, we should also make some advertisements so that our companies get well known throughout the world and other teams choose the Velite 1420 and Giovagoma." "Good idea, what about extolling some of our good characteristics?", asked Tullio. "Sounds good," answered Aetio. "Although most of the official tires have similar characteristics, I'd say that the Giovagoma stands at the middle of the pack, providing the right balance between reliability and traction." He added: "It has a significant traction power, while not sacrificing a lot of reliability in the process, after all we don't want them to run amok at the middle of a race. That's right—the word is balance." "I like it, and I also have a very skilled designer here in Quintana-Urbolina that could make some nice graphics," commented Tullio. "Likewise! Now, what are some aspects of the Velite 1420 that you'd judge remarkable, my friend?", asked Aetio. Tullio replied while looking at some papers, "Surprisingly, it looks like the Velite is the only one out of five engines that has above average actuation. In other words, we're the fastest to activate and that could give drivers who use Velite-powered race cars the edge at the start that they need." "Wow, that's nice!", exclaimed Aetio. "And the Velite also has a reasonable amount of reliability, which is always a plus for engines," Tullio added. "Sounds like an engine I'd choose if I were in charge of any team," Aetio said. "Anyways, we should schedule a collaboration to design some advertisements for each of our companies' products." "Let's do that!" confirmed Tullio. "I'll gather the Quintana-Urbolina staff that would be most needed for this effort, and I trust you to do the same for Giovagoma. See you soon!" "Of course, and see you!" finished Aetio as he hanged the phone. The two business partners looked forward to this meeting.
  24. @Annix Nation is not in the West Pacific. Please reapply and fill a proper form should you want to return.
  25. Resident nation: Lydun Discord name: Anixxs#5541 Map nation name: Lydun A couple sentences about your nation: Is an Empire under a semi-constitutional monarchy. Its official language is Lydunese. Map request as an image: 3-Letter Code: LYD 2-Letter Code: LY Capital City: Manyo Government Type: Semi-constitutional monarchy The population of my nation is: Average The population density of my nation is: Average The GDP per capita of my nation is: Above average Government Spending - Which statement best describes your nation? My nation provides moderate social programs, or a small selection of social programs. ✅ My nation has an extensive social safety net, or provides multiple programs like universal healthcare, welfare, and free tuition for its citizens My nation does not provide social programs beyond bare necessities and/or high school educations. My nation does not prioritize social spending, but engages in some large-scale government or public spending projects. My nation’s government spending is a vast majority of our GDP, such as having to coordinate our import-dependent economy. (this option is subject to Cartography Board approval) Military Indicator - Which statement best describes your nation? ✅ My nation has made a commitment to security, and maintains a moderately sized modern armed forces within our means. My nation has little incentive or political drive for military spending, but maintains a small-to-moderate modern armed forces. My nation has prioritized military spending at the expense of other key areas and may have been criticized for lack of freedom or human rights issues. My nation does not prioritize military spending due to other priorities, the belief we are safe, or we don’t have enough money left over to fund it. My nation is heavily embattled and we believe we face an existential threat. (this option is subject to Cartography Board approval) Any other inspirations or concepts you want to share: none
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