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  1. Please remove TWPAF masking from @Wyvern. Thanks.
  2. Per the results of the election, please make the following changes: - remove Speaker from @Varanius and add it to @Giovanniland - add DMoWA/R to @Sensorland if such masking exists. - remove Sergeant-at-Arms from @Wyvern. This position has been retired. - @Reçueçn and @HyFy are incumbents and do not require and changes. In addition, please remove MoFA from @Saint Mark and add it to @Dilber Thanks!
  3. Halo was named Chancellor of the Hall of Peers November 26 in this post. I assume posting rights would have been granted when the subforum was created. My guess is that was an oversight at the time of establishment.
  4. What is it about a redemption story that draws us in? Is it the drama of the fall from grace? Is it the hope of a better tomorrow? Could it be that each of us has a nagging memory of a wrongdoing we hope won't follow us the rest of our IC, OOC, and IRL lives? The author of the White List Campaign telegram is betting on that. NationStates, for the most part, has a good Admin and Moderation team that does indeed protect its players. We've witnessed them warn, correct, suspend, ban, and delete accounts that commit everything from spam to flamebait to harassment. However, as most of us know, the communities and overall nature of gameplay extends to several off-site locations, such as forums, IRC, Skype, and Discord. Does the protection of the Admin and Moderation team extend to those locations? No. Do certain players take advantage of that? Yes. NationStates should be a safe space for people of all ages. A vast majority of communities have admin teams comprised of good, sensible, caring players who diligently extend the umbrella of protection to all facets of gameplay. They have long drawn a line of decency against bad behavior in the sand and proclaimed "Here we stand." The West Pacific has a long memory. We remember the White List author. We remember their actions. You and your kind will never be welcome here. Here we stand.
  5. Please close http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/forum/82-rpgs/ as we have a dedicated RP subforum. Thanks!
  6. Please mask @Marilyn as Hall of Nations. Be advised @B H A R A T has been banned from our Discord for adspam.
  7. Please add @B H A R A T, @kingdomofkancer, and @Schlesisches Preussen to the Hall of Nations. Thanks!
  8. Mere hours remain to sign up for TWP's Secret Santa! https://bit.ly/34RWNJd

  9. Please mask @shockZy & @Radla as Hall of Nations. Mucho danke!
  10. Please mask @Kurabis and @United Adaikes as Hall of Nations. Thanks you and Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Good to see you make your way to the forums. Welcome!
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