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  1. Guilt by association is fine In Game where the worst damage to be done is a free trip to TRR. In Forum, there needs to be proof that a player is harmful to the Community as a whole (we have had a few like this who will remain unnamed) or violators of COPS. If anything, TWP is forgiving to a fault and even once-banned players can truly repent, be given another chance, and become productive ... and even loved ... members of the Community again (Tweedy is the poster child for that.)
  2. The beauty of our TWP system -- as Isee it -- is that ANY government format can be created in the forum and the Delegate can be a major player in that format both in forum and in game. What we look for in leaders is leadership. The Guardians system in TWP is simply a failsafe for those times when leadership is weak. If someone thinks a bicameral construct is worthwhile and can sell the idea to the region, we will go with it. If someone believes s/he can convince us all to go to the Dark Side and become the biggest damn Raiding Force in all NS history and that leader has a solid action plan to present to the region, we might even go for that. If the Delegate decides "Ahh F**k it!!!" and goes roo-pooh crazy, like we recently experienced, no big deal. The Guardian system is in place to take the hit, correct and reset. The recent "failure" (if there really was one) can be tied to only two things (imo) ... the lack of resolve and integrity of the URAP player and the retirement (and loss of major Influence) of the primary Old Guardians.
  3. Ivan ... I also am uniquely qualified to compare a number of of other Feeder systems with the TWP system ... including that other system of which you speak. I prefer the separation of Forum and Game because it mirrors the real distinction and independence of the two aspects of the region. The Pacific reached a stable point over a decade ago that worked for the region and its players. But to borrow from Star Trek (the TV program and not the region), IDIC. TWP is a different region with different players (for the most part), maintaining a different style of government here. If every region were like every other region, there would be no need for more than ONE region in NS. TP does maintain a Guardian system of sorts with its keeping endos low for anyone not part of the ruling elite. I describe TP as having a Gatekeeper system rather than a Guardian system. It works for TP. TWP works for those in TWP. Both systes have endured for longer than most have been in the game.
  4. Kolmias ... those systems used in other regions that you name were the children of the TWP Guardian system. We were the first to realize the value of Guardians soon after the Game introduced Influence. In this forum, the Guardian system was imagined and implemented. As a Minnow Delegate, I was the first to rely on this new concept. The other regions emulated TWP after they saw how effective a Guardian system could be. But there is something MORE about our system that may not be true about those others ... we develop a true sense of Community with our Guardians and they are players who can be trusted with the very region, if need be. Originally, the Delegate chose the Guardians but those chosen proved to be loyal and true and therefore remained. Over time, others were added. It is only in the last year that TWP has allowed the Old Guardians to retire and new ones to move up. URAP's failure coincided with this slippage. It is a growing pang as old moves to new. I doubt TWP will ever chose to let Guardians be selected by popularity rather than on trust and loyalty.
  5. I am happy to see BBD free of the evils of eucalyptus oil and pleased he is back in the region as a Guardian.
  6. No ... (Antimarsupialist) TAO was ... several times. But it costs more to eject AND ban. So, I enjoyed several ejecations to TRR.
  7. Max has a nation in TNP. You interested in stealing that one? It has matching leather his&hers Delegate chairs.
  8. TWP has existed for years as a Marsupial-free region. Roofur madness is a documented disease and can be treated. The current delegate needs help and that can only happen once he is removed from the DCB (Delegate Control Booth). We need to get that door open ... BBD out ... and Darkesia in. Plain & simple truth.
  9. My brakes are clean ... I just got new pads a couple of days ago. Well ... actually they were put on Mrs. TAO's car. But back to the task at hand ... the region needs to return to its anti-marsupial position, if we expect to keep our monopoly on chocolate and our region free of roofur madness.
  10. Congrats BBD. Although I am more than a little concerned about a pro-marsupial TWP.
  11. Welcome. Always good to see another Osiris co-resident here.
  12. Howdy, Neenee. *holds out hand for chocolate*
  13. Welcome to TWP. Help yourself to the fresh fruit. We are a more laid back crew than is found in other feeders ... probably because most of us are older (40 to 70). Feel free to participate/share ideas/rant&rave/reveal your darkest secrets ... By the way ... I am assuming you are from India. Can't remember anyone being from India (although we have had Indian-Americans before).
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