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  1. URAP


    Hehe... ingame coming too...
  2. Switch my masking with Ele's, please. At least for now.
  3. Contact Ele, not me. I won't be long
  4. Timely. Let's watch this happen, eh?
  5. I invite anyone to have a conversation with me, I would ask that they PM or TG me however. The thread was locked and continuing it would be inappropriate. I would ask BBD specifically to TG me as he may see me as less of a brick wall there than here.
  6. The thread was locked as the request still stands. Any continuing trouble you cause there will be locked as well, tuna.
  7. The forum government is apparently going to annouce DA's soon and the FA DA will approve your request. At least I think that's how it works.
  8. I started my aggression when he started his. Am I sorry about his mother? Absolutely. However, when someone says, "My mother just died so I won't be around. Oh by the way I'm over the cap and I think you suck and I'm staying over the cap so screw you and screw the region", I can't just ignore the threats because his mother died. You apparently lack an understanding of the way things work as well as respect for the members of this region like the one who posted above you. Fool. Topic locked on request. TG me if you feel lucky.
  9. I fucked up the Pacific embassy too, huh? I guess it doesn't matter that Ivan ordered the closure. I wanted a functioning government. It happened. I don't care what form it's in, as long as it's there. Threats? That's a laugh, BDD. I make no threat here. I'm making a promise. You're a complete waste of my time.
  10. URAP

    Time Out

    I am discussing with some guardians about this very issue, in fact. We will come to the right answer. inb4 Eli calls BS because he checked the chamber and there's no such discussion there. I'm specifically having it in-game so you, Eli, among other people, can't see it.
  11. URAP

    Time Out

    I did notice, in fact. I was letting it go, but this is too far. You have one day to reduce your endorsements to acceptable levels as per the endocap's rules. Otherwise, you're done being treated like a VIP. It was a mistake on my part letting it get to this point just because you're old guard. 1 day pal. Or I will remove you in a heartbeat.
  12. Oh boy, a chance for the new government to make it's first embassy! Milestones.
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