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  1. Doesn't your current masking allow moderation of the RP forum? It certainly seems that it would.
  2. Eli


    probably should have smiled...
  3. Eli


    has changed my to wearing tshirts of all things
  4. I changed both to Hall of Natons, Members only
  5. ESTJ-A Manager not surprising, it's the result I get everytime I take one of those...
  6. how about that new one, I'd never seen it before. Over think that for a bit...
  7. Ok I changed the nation name to APKland Locked the thread too, use the one labeled Part Quartre please
  8. Heya Indy, Wasn't there a Senator in the Meritocracy that had a similarly themed nation name to yours back when??
  9. I don't care for that player much...
  10. I don't see a mask unique to that role, Sensor.
  11. you're right there is no delete button. I don't know how to delete.
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