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  1. Tweedy

    Windows 10

    You have a very well-mannered computer - a few "dings" and the sound of shuffling is all that I get!
  2. ** SERVER DOWNTIME AHEAD ** by [violet] » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:20 pm Hello all!We will be off the air for approximately 3 hours starting at 6pm PDT on August 30: Click for your local time During this time, the entire site will be unavailable, including the forums. This scheduled maintenance is to upgrade and shift around a few servers. In particular, it is to let us move off a server that has experienced 13 hardware failures to date. Then we can bury it in the ground and salt the earth so that nothing can ever grow there, as a warning to others. Due to operator incompetence, there may be some bugs and weirdness once we come back, which I will fix promptly. But hopefully not. Thank you for your patience! Top
  3. Horrendous flags? Interesting!
  4. You need two programs which I possess. If you want them, I'll send them to you. It will be another string to your bow if you are capable of animating flags.
  5. This is the sort of stuff I used to do, although I have no idea in what situation they would be needed now! http://www.nationstates.net/nation=sigh_of_macsigh/detail=factbook/id=main
  6. If that was only true - it would prove there was still some life left in me!
  7. It must be nice to be trusted!
  8. Tweedy

    Windows 10

    I had a quick look at Tails 2.5 after reaching 50 endorsements and then being vapourized for the umpteenth time by some ISIS-spirited sad person, but thought naaaahhh! Why bother anymore; it's their loss - whoever "they" are!
  9. I used to like a discussion and enjoy a bit of repartee, but maybe my enthusiasm for British humour and sarcasm was not liked or understood by those in authority. BBD has the same spirit as me, but he's a much wilier person!
  10. I read the statement and cannot dispute that which I cannot remember. But if my behaviour was such that it was conceived to be of a DOS nature, than it had and has to be accepted by me. It's not up to me to question the length of my banning as it's a private sight. What is, is.
  11. Well, whatever the reason it's the way things are, I'm afraid. Thank you for the change, and thank you for your kind sentiment.
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