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  1. ** SERVER DOWNTIME AHEAD ** by [violet] » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:20 pm Hello all!We will be off the air for approximately 3 hours starting at 6pm PDT on August 30: Click for your local time During this time, the entire site will be unavailable, including the forums. This scheduled maintenance is to upgrade and shift around a few servers. In particular, it is to let us move off a server that has experienced 13 hardware failures to date. Then we can bury it in the ground and salt the earth so that nothing can ever grow there, as a warning to others. Due to operator incompetence, there may be some bugs and weirdness once we come back, which I will fix promptly. But hopefully not. Thank you for your patience! Top
  2. Horrendous flags? Interesting!
  3. Tweedy

    Fujansk Designs

    You need two programs which I possess. If you want them, I'll send them to you. It will be another string to your bow if you are capable of animating flags.
  4. Tweedy

    Fujansk Designs

    This is the sort of stuff I used to do, although I have no idea in what situation they would be needed now! http://www.nationstates.net/nation=sigh_of_macsigh/detail=factbook/id=main
  5. If that was only true - it would prove there was still some life left in me!
  6. It must be nice to be trusted!
  7. I used to like a discussion and enjoy a bit of repartee, but maybe my enthusiasm for British humour and sarcasm was not liked or understood by those in authority. BBD has the same spirit as me, but he's a much wilier person!
  8. I read the statement and cannot dispute that which I cannot remember. But if my behaviour was such that it was conceived to be of a DOS nature, than it had and has to be accepted by me. It's not up to me to question the length of my banning as it's a private sight. What is, is.
  9. Well, whatever the reason it's the way things are, I'm afraid. Thank you for the change, and thank you for your kind sentiment.
  10. Please change Mayor Tweedy to Tweedy as there is no Mayor anymore in TWP, and being a Mayor does not stop me being deleted in NS. It's been 10 years now since I was deleted from NS as Tweedy and two days ago some little human deleted Mayor Tweedy in NS - along with over 50 endorsements! Good heavens, some people have no sense of history! Sigh...
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