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  1. err "Condemn The CAIN" failed, not passed...

    1. States of Glory

      States of Glory

      Huh. Can't believe I messed up that badly. Fixed.

  2. [Alright fine, if nobody is gonna...] The vital signs monitor for Agent 18 slowly blinks out. Two officers, monitoring a giant array of screens, glance at each other in apprehension, as the colonel behind them speaks into his radio: "Code PURPLE, Agent 18 is down. We have no more use for the ship. Sink it." Hundreds of feet above, jet engines roar to life. Two stealth fighter/bombers soar into the sky. The control tower, buzzing with activity, receives a transmission from the flight leader. "Roger, target is locked. ETA 3 hours." [Better get a move on! ]
  3. Yeah, it's too bad that there doesn't seem to be a flag history, or else you could see how bad they really are
  4. I hail from The Animal World, home of dubious origin stories and horrendous flags...ehem... Came to see what my government would be like, stayed for the hilarious marsupial-bashing message board. Cheers!
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