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  1. World of Tanks was a cool game. They removed /all chat and that made the game average for me, along with other games/RL making me interested in other stuff.
  2. Welcome! Cool pic, also how much chocolate does your nation have? Also, can you put up an avatar?
  3. For the foreign mil bit (bit late, just read this now), NPO wise we'll probs just contact you directly (think most of our mil doesn't even have accounts on this), Balder don't you control the mil, and I'd hope Equilism would contact you as well directly.
  4. Welcome. I'm guessing you're a spammer with that postcount. Have you joined the WA? Good work on creating an avatar. Just remember, there is no wrong or right way to govern your nation, and don't get too attached to your stats as there will be an issue that is specifically to destroy that stat.
  5. I just avoid general usually like the plague. Ask in moderation if you're really hoping for it (it probably belongs in tech but moderation is the place to go)
  6. Wait, you can win days? This has been too long for me without a random status.

    - yours, 12 time day winner

    1. Westwind
    2. North Pacific Spy

      North Pacific Spy

      Damn, I didn't upvote Badger yesterday to win - still didn't :(

  7. You aren't the 5,355th most beautiful nation in the world, you're the first remember. The WA is all corrupt and rich nations give bribes to make their nations appear higher than my nations. That might not be 100% true. Badger didn't reply quick enough to let me shrink it.
  8. Welcome over! Think I've run into you on Discord already.
  9. Welcome to the forums! What made you pick the name? And also, mind making an avatar, anything SFW would do.
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