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  1. What is an operative clause? Why is it so important?
  2. In this thread the SC group will place their presentation and the subsequent discussion.
  3. In this thread the GA group will place their presentation and the follow up questions.
  4. Seems like weird RP junk....against.
  5. Security Council Resolution At Vote Condemn Tinfect A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: Tinfect Proposed by: Morover The World Assembly Security Council, Recognizing The Imperium of Tinfect as an interstellar power; Noting that in the upper crevices of the notoriously fascist regime is a frightening bureaucracy and meticulous organization, ruled over by the Praetor Imperium Irrell Levant, shrouded in mystery and conspiracy; Further noting that Tinfect, having written a multitude of General Assembly Resolutions (listed below), should maintain a certain level of decency; GAR#339: Repeal: "World Space Administration"; GAR#364: Repeal: "Cyber Security Convention"; GAR#420: Protection of Biomedical Research (via the nation Tinfect Diplomatic Enclave, and later replaced with another resolution of the same name); Dismayed that, despite being a prolific wanderer of the halls of the General Assembly, Tinfect remains in a near-constant state of disdain or outright noncompliance in regards to a multitude of General Assembly Resolutions, most notably: GAR#38: Convention Against Genocide; GAR#84: A Ban On Forced Disappearances; GAR#430: Freedom of Religion; Particularly appalled at the gruesome genocides within Imperial history, especially the Aeravahn Genocide, Purge of the Exterior, and the continued enactment of lebensraum via the so-called Exterior Territories; Believing that, despite occurring before entry into the World Assembly, the complete and utter lack of reparations or show of remorse through any public forum towards the horrid genocidal atrocities committed by the Imperium shows that the Imperial Government would not hesitate to commit another such atrocity again, should an appropriate opportunity arise itself and the Imperium have the slightest bit to gain from it; Disturbed that Tinfect's economy and industry are built almost entirely off of the grounds of the genocide of the various former inhabitants of the Exterior Territories; Further noting the imperialism imposed on neighboring nations to the Imperium, including those far less technologically advanced; Believing that the existence of the Imperial Intelligence (a sect of Tinfect's government which is incredibly secretive) is directly responsible for the deaths and disappearances of a number of Imperial residents - both regular citizens and high ranking government officials - in violation of General Assembly restrictions on forced disappearances and capital punishment; Especially concerned by the replacement of nearly the entire high-level Imperial government following the destruction of the Hathien colony through the use of a planet cracker, including the appointment of Irrell Levant, a former member of the Imperial Intelligence, as the Praetor Imperium; Concerned by the seemingly arbitrary borders set by the Imperium, which may or may not infringe upon the claims of other nations, and the constant lingering threat that arises from Tinfect's unnecessarily large military; Noting the creation of a "Subspace Barrier" by the Imperial government, which effectively keeps out all foreign eyes and allows the isolationist nation to commit their atrocities without international interference; Further concerned by the utter sprawl of the Imperial military, and its unclear policy regarding military contact; Believing the treatment of religious individuals in its territory to be completely unacceptable, showing only the bare minimum amount of tolerance towards those sharing beliefs or belief systems different from the Imperium's; Worried all around about the lack of public accountability from its government as a whole; Concluding Tinfect and all its branches to be a society bordering on dystopian, stopping only where necessary to maintain a relatively positive public image; and Determined to rid it of the utopian image so carefully maintained by the Imperial government; Hereby Condemns The Imperium of Tinfect.
  6. Greetings! Glad to have you here!
  7. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Repeal: “Preventing The Execution Of Innocents” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#443 Proposed by: Tinhampton General Assembly Resolution #443 “Preventing the Execution of Innocents” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Recognising that, although Article 1 of GA#443 seemingly permits WA members to impose capital punishment upon criminals on their territory, such imposition is said to be "ubject to World Assembly legislation;" Noting that this definition not only includes prior and unrepealed law as well as future regulation of capital punishment, but also incorporates the target resolution, which imposes a morass of bureaucracy - under the false banner of "compromise" - in order to neuter the possibility that the death penalty may be allowed, if not always then in many circumstances; Aware that while Article 8 only sanctions executions if the suspect's case record has been certified in the past year (i.e. twelve months), Article 5a demands that the prosecuting member must "serially provide" the WACC's Judicial Committee's Capital Cases Division - or the Division - and all lawyers involved with their case six months each, summing to twelve months, to find any evidence that could lead to their exoneration; hence, either such evidence will be found and the execution must be deferred, or it has not and the execution must be planned hastily if at all; Concerned at the mandate in Article 6 that, upon review, an execution can only be carried out with tools that definitely do not "cause pain or suffering," when in fact no apparatus on its own can painlessly end a sapient being's life, and some members desirous of capital punishment may not have any combinations of such apparatus that do meet the Article 6 requirements; Fearful that, while Article 3 prohibits the prosecuting member from forcing the defending party into a position where their defence could be detrimentally affected, including genuine requests for evidence, Article 4f imposes double standards upon that member in forcing it to prove that "foreseeable" evidence which may "cast doubt" on the suspect's guilt cannot exist (although what level of proof is required is never defined); analogously, forcing the prosecuting party into a position where their prosecution could be detrimentally affected; Disappointed that, even if GA#443 does indeed allow capital punishment on some occasions, Article 2's requirement for each country to only submit one case to the Division per million people per annum seemingly prohibits nations with six-figure populations and below from carrying it out at all, while requiring larger nations with multiple potential targets for submission - some of whom have committed the same crime - to occasionally make arbitrary choices; Agreed that the death penalty is neither fair nor a deterrent and should be prohibited by the World Assembly; but also that the target resolution achieves only such a prohibition (in large part if not totally) by placing many more regulations on WA members than would normally be expected of a blanket ban on anything, and should thus be struck down; and Reaffirming its belief, as stated in GA#438, that a sensible and forthright ban on the death penalty ought to replace the target resolution... The General Assembly hereby repeals GA#443 "Preventing the Execution of Innocents."
  8. Security Council Resolution At Vote Condemn Gatesville Inc A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: Gatesville Inc Proposed by: Bormiar The Security Council, Believing that posthumous condemnations ought not to be invalidated by the Security Council for its nominee’s demise, as condemnations serve to recognize and provide an example of unethical actions as well as create a moral basis behind liberations and future condemnations, Recognizing Gatesville Inc to be the remnants of Gatesville, a militaristic raider organization zealously devoted to the creation of chaos and misery, Scolding Gatesville Inc for its perpetration of a month-long coup d’etat of Osiris in 2013, in which Osiris’ rogue delegate, The dourian embassy, as a desperate attempt to keep its position and prevent the legitimate delegate from taking power, chose to align itself with Gatesville Inc, who preceded to eject prominent natives, suppress the Regional Message Board which had been dominated by members of the Osiran community and lawful government, replace the distressed region’s flag - a prominent symbol of Osiran culture - with Gateville’s flag, and eventually indirectly destroy the Kemetic Republic of Osiris, Admonishing Gatesville, the predecessor to Gatesville Inc made up of many of them same members, organizational structure, and leadership as Gatesville Inc, for its roles in promoting the instability of numerous prominent, efficient, and developed regions, such as: The 2008 rogue delegacy in The North Pacific by its contemporary delegate Lewis and Clark (Westwind), in which Gatesville supported Westwind’s choice to dissolve the constitution, change the communication method used in the North Pacific, disband the North Pacific Army, and establish the “Crimson Order” as the new government; Gatesville threatened to “terminate the interests” of the legitimate North Pacific community, supported the rogue delegate with over 30 endorsements, and even supported attempted invasions of the Rejected Realms and Lazarus (twice) to distract soldiers from fighting for the North Pacific’s freedom, Threatening the sovereignty of the North Pacific a year before the Lewis and Clark coup in supporting an Emperor Matthius rogue delegacy, in which a group of un-endorsement campaigners depleted the legitimate delegate Great Bright Mum’s endorsements and endorsed vice-delegate Emperor Matthius, illegally forcing it into the delegacy. Emperor matthius then used this event as a platform to eject its endorsers into the Rejected Realms, move there itself, and nearly overthrow the Rejected Realms’ delegacy, Causing great fear and consternation in the previously content community of the East Pacific, in which Gatesville provided significant military assistance to the Empire that terrorized the East Pacific for a long and arduous 4 months, ejecting natives and demeaning them through propaganda, A third major act of aggression against the North Pacific; when Gatesville supported the establishment of the North Pacific Directorate, a coup in which Pierconium seized the nation of Pixiedance, the North Pacific’s delegate, suspended the constitution, and instituted martial law, before Pixiedance retook control over its nation; When Pixiedance did the exact same thing as Pierconium had previously, Pierconium replaced the North Pacific’s government with a corrupt dictatorship known as the North Pacific Directorate, and Gatesville used its military might to support such, Disgusted by Gatesville’s meddling hands which attempted to influence the governments of foreign regions via a vast intelligence network which reported confidential information to Gatesville and acted only in Gatesville’s interest, rather than the targeted region’s, Acknowledging one of the notable spies under Gatesville: Lots of ants, which, cunningly and with masterful deception, proved to be a useful new nation in the West Pacific, taking on important roles in the region before eventually becoming delegate, at which point the nation mysteriously dropped out of activity. This event, which intentionally and successfully destabilized the West Pacific, was found to have been orchestrated by Darkesia, a prominent member of Gatesville intelligence, but it is entirely unknown as to whether or not Darkesia always controlled Lots of Ants, Noting that Gatesville acted zealously against the World Assembly, and used its political influence to combat it, Horrified by Gatesville’s long and appalling history of subverting and bullying prominent and happy regions into submission via dastardly intelligent covert operations and its massive terrorist army, just to satisfy its childish dislike for this Security Council and its own self-interests, Hereby condemns Gatesville Inc.
  9. I am strongly against and advise all WA nations to follow suit. The vote is very close. https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=37496022
  10. Security Council Resolution At Vote Commend Crushing Our Enemies A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: Crushing Our Enemies Proposed by: Jakker City The Security Council, Acclaiming Crushing Our Enemies’ years of regional and cultural leadership within NationStates, Affirming that while this nation may crush its enemies, it cherishes its regional partners, Recognizing this nation’s 10+ years of influence on The Black Hawks (TBH) which included their roles as Head of Military, Head of Foreign Affairs, and Military Advisor, as well as developing the rank and promotion system that TBH uses and has also since been adopted by many other regional militaries, Complementing that Crushing Our Enemies played a vital role in the foreign policy practices and regional responses of The Black Hawks' Council including the aftermath of the military weapon, Predator, being found to be against international law, Noting Crushing Our Enemies’ induction into the Raiding Hall of Fame for their integrity and leadership, Summarizing that when given the ability to conquer other regions, this practice can attract nations who selfishly commit acts which negatively impact regional partners, and Crushing Our Enemies helped to develop a culture of professionalism and responsibility to mitigate this within The Black Hawks, Acknowledging that the nominee also controls General COE of The North Pacific; the largest region in NationStates, Impressed with General COE’s years of dedication to the security of The North Pacific through their involvement in the region’s Security Council; both as a member and as the Vice-Delegate which oversees the council, Declaring General COE as a leading author of legislative and constitutional reform proposals which has served to ensure that regional practices have remained updated over the years, Appreciating their efforts of developing physical copies of the region’s constitution and delivering these documents to fellow nations, Applauding General COE’s efforts in modernizing the operations and media production of the region’s Speakers Office through their role as Minister of Communications, as well as the regional newsletter, The Northern Light, as the first Executive Editor, Further applauding their commitment to justice and democracy within the North Pacific through multiple terms as Attorney General and Justice of the Court, Admiring that during times in which The North Pacific has faced zombie epidemics, General COE has been a leader in developing the regional strategic responses and organizing the distribution of cures to other nations, Observing General COE as the creator of the Election Commission within The North Pacific and has designed many governmental awards, badges, mottos, and seals for the purposes of representation and as incentives to other nations within the region, Applauding the musical contributions to NationStates that has come from Crushing Our Enemies including the songs, Moves Like Jakker and Grey Wardens Boogie, Highlighting that the nominee’s musical productions have been submitted in several global song contests and they have won on several occasions, Concluding that this nominee has devoted years to maximize the Organization of regional practices for the benefit of their partner nations and should be Endorsed by this body, Hereby commends Crushing Our Enemies.
  11. With Attero, Vac, and Don commenting strongly in favor. It is the royal flush of NS dipshittery, doxxing, and deviants.
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