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  1. Here is some more. @Dalimbarwhile threatening to purge me is an amusing, steady snarky consistent resource and asset to the region. While he may threaten, he has the region's interests best at heart, infamous as almost "evil" Dilber in a sense, his hard working talent leads to the protection of our region. His humor, his participation keeps the region going, while he does quite a bit in the background, I appreciate his opinion, snark and general contribution to the region. People keep the community going, whether in obvious ways, behind the scene, whether in being a pillar of community. TWP would not be the same without trying to bedazzle Dali's banhammer. Dali is a significant and important member of this community that I am lucky to know (seriously). @Fujai is extremely hard working. He is always coming up with new ideas for culture, promoting activity within the region and with the newspaper. He has amazing skills and he is just a joy to watch work. He clearly knows what he is doing, and he is a remarkable individual. He is kind, good-hearted, humorous and full of snark.
  2. @Dilberis the most amazing boss that I have had the pleasure of working for in this game. He inspires me to do work without ending. He is my best friend, he is loyal as hell, he is always willing to give himself to a dedicated cause. He is truly one of the kindest and heart of gold people I have ever met.
  3. Do you really respect someone? Do you admire someone or their hard work? Then use this thread to thank them. Right now we live in uncertain times, the world we create is the one we make. We should spread as much gratitude as we can. Recognize someone in the thread below, list out why they mean something to the region, to you or to thank them for contributions.
  4. Testing. One. Two. Three.

    Anyone out there? 

  5. Dilber shocked after a 4 week reprieve of slime returning en masse.
  6. Dilber is pretty great, and welcome back! Just blame him for everything like I do.
  7. Hello, welcome to TWP! Glad to have you here! TWP is like family. Welcome.
  8. Support eradication of the crabs! 

  9. It is that time again! Since @Dilber is intent on trolling me this week with crabs, we decided to write him a slime haiku. Slime is thick and cold Slime is not always stickySlime is very cool
  10. My father is a professor and as a child, he used to let me doodle on the back of student's exams. They often were graced with the brilliant art created by yours truly at age 5-10.
  11. Orcas are amazing. Welcome!
  12. running away from the crabrave invasion.

  13. A repository of the creations created by Dilber and Mia.
  14. blaming Dilber for everything. 

  15. It is time again for the weekly sliming of Dilber. He stands awaiting with pride for the sliming of the week for no one knows just how much Dilber enjoys his slimebaths. But there is a twist! This week, we're sliming @Giovanniland too! Gio's surprise guest sliming. And here is adorable @Dilber. See ya next week.
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