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  1. Please welcome the following nations into the Hall of Nations. If you aren't masked in the discord server, please ping me there. @wilstilplays @Daniel @Oberia @Iguam @LoOhNo @Tater @The Republic of Yerullia @Bobki @Demo1248 @Ostellan @Bruh Moment @the Citizens of Hong Kong @RandomQwerty your application has been denied as your nation is no longer in TWP. Resolve that and reapply.
  2. Please welcome the following to the Hall of Nations. If you aren't masked in the discord server, please ping me there. @United Auroran Republic @Cesteranta @Oaklando @Rojo Nico (SMMR) @Kouki7581 @Carathonia @Alte Donau @lord nathan 222 @ABROham @Russian Siberian Alaska @Eversaint @CanadianMaps(eareamland) @Valiensis @Atdheun @Yorubrailia @Grenka Costan @New Edians @Lollerland @CarcassEater
  3. Yes, I spoke with some folks who know him well. He was looking for a forceable retirement.
  4. Welcome back, man! Nice to see you again!
  5. I would rather support a GA proposal than this.
  6. Security Council Resolution At Vote Commend Cormactopia Prime A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: Cormactopia Prime Proposed by: Jakker City The Security Council, Highlighting the recognition that Cormactopia Prime has among their fellow nations due to their region-building and authorship, Further highlighting that this recognition is evident by this nominee being named the most influential and impactful nation across four years, Affirming the nominee's years of service to Osiris in building regional stability through: Serving in multiple leadership positions including delegate on three separate occasions and vice-delegate twice; Authoring several constitutions and playing a vital role in the current governmental structure of the region; Intervening to ensure that the region recovered after hostile foreign agents were found to be in the government including Lizlemons, a candidate for delegate at the time, and Adytus, who proposed a constitution and attempted to stack the voting with other hostile parties; Recognizing that after foreign agents attempted to manipulate the government of Lazarus in 2018, Cormactopia Prime stepped in to write the constitution for the region and minimize hostile influences, Noting that after these agents were revealed, Cormactopia Prime became heavily involved in Pacifica, serving as the region’s delegate and president, Admiring the responsibility that the nominee took on to form the regional community and government, Further admiring Cormactopia Prime’s leadership in transitioning these nations to Thalassia after the regional founder refused to step down after many months of inactivity, Applauding the nominee’s efforts, across several nations, in authoring numerous resolutions and documents including: Four Security Council Liberations (#144 Liberate Liberal Haven, #154 Liberate Coalition of Freedom, #159 Liberate The International Communist Union, and #198 Liberate The Arab League); The Ten Commandments of Detagging to provide expectations for novice defending nations as well as a notice on how to approach nations who have engaged in behaviors that have caused harm in regional communities; Appreciating the nominee’s commitment to fighting the spread of fascism and condemning the ideology over the years through multiple military campaigns including their assistance in leading the Sovereign Confederation's invasion of Union of Fascists, and advancing regional policies against fascism in Pacifica, Thalassia, and Asgard, Acknowledging Cormactopia Prime's advocacy of equality and inclusion through their Commendation of Gay and their organization of The NationStates #LoveIsLove Campaign, Declaring that it takes significant competency to not only possess the level of command that this nominee has held for years, but also use that power to build up other regions, Hereby Commends Cormactopia Prime.
  7. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Interference-Causing Equipment Standards Act A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public. Category: Regulation Area of Effect: Safety Proposed by: Greater Cesnica The World Assembly, Acknowledging the importance of interference-free electronic communications, especially in relation to the use of personal digital devices, Aware that signal leakage and other badly contained electromagnetic emissions may damage critical infrastructure such as transportation and network systems, Cognizant that improperly shielded devices may malfunction badly enough to inflict catastrophic damage upon such systems and networks, and Seeking to define standards for digital devices which may interfere with other devices, in order to prevent damage or severe disruption of critical infrastructure due to such interference, Hereby: Defines, for the purposes of this resolution: A digital device as an electronic device that can receive, store, process, create or send digital information, Electronic communications as the transmission and detection of communication signals and other such information, in the form of electromagnetic waves, to initiate technological functions remotely or to enable direct communication between two or more electronic transmitters or receivers, and An interference-causing device as a device that causes, or is capable of causing, interference to electronic communications, Enacts the following provisions regarding interfering-causing devices and electronic communication devices: Interference-causing devices emitting a given frequency must not exceed a corresponding electromagnetic field strength value, Interference-causing devices must not significantly interfere with radiocommunications of digital devices or essential machinery, All interference-causing devices that have the potential to expose other devices or machinery to interference levels which can damage them or inhibit their use must be sufficiently shielded against such excessive levels of interference, and All digital devices covered under the provisions of this resolution must be sufficiently shielded against potential excessive levels of interference from interference-causing devices, Forbids the import, export, and distribution of interference-causing devices that violate Article 2 within and between member states, Prohibits the usage of such non-compliant devices, where they are neither: Intended for use by member state military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, space agencies, or scientific research projects and organizations that have the approval of the state they operate in, nor "Denial-of-service devices," or devices intended to prevent cellular and wireless network communication in public settings, when deployed by any entity and authorized for use by the state that said entity operates in, and Encourages member states to establish further technical standards for digital devices in the spirit of this resolution. Co-authored by Tinhampton
  8. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Repeal: “Promotion Of Recycling” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#483 Proposed by: Biscany General Assembly Resolution #483 “Promotion of Recycling” (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses - Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The World Assembly, Cognizant of the dire decadency of the modern global environment and its state, the efforts of GA#483's author to both combat this and to promote international recycling, and as well as the author's expressed knowledge of the fiscal implications of their resolution; Observing, however, that the language in Clause 3 stating: "[The World Assembly hereby] requires its member nations to encourage participation in recycling and salvaging..." is vague and problematically ambiguous, being left to the interpretation of affected member nations; allowing for the possibility of loophole perversion of this aforementioned clause; sowing seeds of circumvention to the clause's requirement and therefore most possibly rendering it profoundly weak or completely impotent; Perturbed by the "economical concerns" as referenced in the bill's introduction, with sight that the requirement for a member nation to encourage recycling by means of "legislation, incentives, or penalization," as stated (also) in Clause 3, creates abusive regulations; allowing larger businesses who can likely afford to abide by these standards to oppress their competition, restraining the growth of smaller businesses who may struggle with keeping their production up to code, no matter how minor the recycling and salvaging required may be, and/or punishing the latter; therefore eventually generating an unhealthy, unjust economic growth gap between small and large business; Thereby concluding that, unfortunately, GA#483's 3rd Clause festers cumbersome logistical issues along with the opportune loopholes thereof, and breeds divide between small and big businesses ex its added environmental requirements which supersede its professed environmental importance; Further concluding that this bill falls short of accomplishing what it was originally created for in a profound manner; Thusly failing to see this bill being enforced effectively; Hereby, Ardently wishes for a new, more effective and more thorough proposal to take the place of GA#483 in The General Assembly; Views this international body further sustaining this resolution as unnecessary and repeals General Assembly Resolution #483.
  9. Oceanic Hazardous Waste Disposal Ban A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry. Category: Environmental Industry Affected: All Businesses - Mild Proposed by: Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar The World Assembly, Lauding previously passed World Assembly resolutions regulating waste, litter, and other pollutants in the marine environment, Understanding the crucial role oceans play in global ecological and economic stability, demonstrated by industries such as fishing, marine aquaculture, shipping, and recreation, as well as providing countless ecosystems serving as a habitat for oxygen-producing organisms, Noting the dumping of hazardous wastes into oceans have catastrophic impacts on all of the aforementioned industries and ecosystems, Aware that once dumped in an ocean hazardous waste can travel great distances and have international impacts, Hereby, Defines 'hazardous waste' as: Radioactive substances created as a by-product of industry, Industrially produced carcinogens and waste known to present lethal health hazards to marine life, Waste deemed chemically unstable, either due to acidity, flammability, or chemical reactivity, Sewage or other materials containing a high level of nutrient pollution, waterborne pathogens, and/or pharmaceutical compounds; Prohibits the intentional disposal of hazardous waste, materials containing hazardous waste, or materials known to break down into hazardous waste, by governments or corporations, into oceans or water bodies that feed into oceans; Clarifies that waste, once treated to remove its hazardous characteristics, is no longer regulated by this resolution; Provides an exception to waste disposed of in an effort to mitigate an acute unforeseen situation involving the potential for the immediate loss of life, massive property damage, or national security threat, States that the processes of subcontracting or other ways to intentionally work around the 'unforeseen' requirement above are entirely foreseen and will be recognised and treated as such; Encourages member nations to find more environmentally friendly ways of disposing of such waste. Co-Authored by Ransium
  10. Done. There's no deputy WA mask. If one is needed we can create down the road.
  11. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Limitation Of Inhumane Weaponry A resolution to slash worldwide military spending. Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Mild Proposed by: The COT Corporation The World Assembly, LAUDING the current ban on biological weapons, established by this body, INSPIRED by the resounding support given to similar proposals, OBSERVING that inhumane weaponry still holds a place in the world, BELIEVING that weaponry solely designed to maim or cause permanent disability should be regulated, HEREBY; 1. Defines "maiming" to be the infliction of a permanent major injury or disability, such as loss of a limb or loss of function in sensory organs such as the eyes; 2. Defines "inhumane weaponry" as any weaponry solely designed to maim sapient targets, rather than kill them; 3. Clarifies that the incidental ability to cause such an injury is not by itself sufficient to render a weapon inhumane; 4. Prohibits the use of inhumane weaponry in all situations where lethal force would also be prohibited; 5. Mandates that member nations cease development of, trade in, and funding of inhumane weaponry. Co-authored by Verdant Haven
  12. What is an operative clause? Why is it so important?
  13. In this thread the SC group will place their presentation and the subsequent discussion.
  14. In this thread the GA group will place their presentation and the follow up questions.
  15. Seems like weird RP junk....against.
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