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  1. I was on this forum long before your nation even existed, I am even part of the old archived forums before Winni made this one. As a matter of fact, I was one of the handful of people to first post anything in these forums after they were set up and running. Just because I do not frequent here does not mean I am not watching.... *bites you on the ankles*
  2. OMG! KaS, she is so cute !! You guys are blessed to be sure! You gonna stick around this time ? Are ya gonna teach mini-KaS the ways of the Betta ?
  3. I told y'all long ago : 'Death by Discord'. And now look.
  4. The game allows for animated flags(GIF). It must be no larger than 107(w) x 71(h) and less than 50k.
  5. It is just a covert way to keep tabs on you...
  6. The other day browsing this here forum, I 'discover' a protected forum. wait ...what? Is it permissible to acquire the masking for this ? *puppy-dog eyes*
  7. Yes! Welcome indeed !! Please let us know how we may abuse ....amuse you!
  8. Then display them proudly at the Fair,lol. I figure the non-animated one to the general populace and the animated one to 'special' guests/visitors perhaps?
  9. My final submission(these things are hard to make!) I hope I passed the audition.
  10. One program: http://www.online-image-editor.com/
  11. That does not seem fair. People have already voted on & for the other design. You should have submitted that as a separate entry. IMHO (nice job BTW)
  12. Whoa whoa whoa..... what? As in changing the regional flag?
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