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  1. I was on this forum long before your nation even existed, I am even part of the old archived forums before Winni made this one. As a matter of fact, I was one of the handful of people to first post anything in these forums after they were set up and running. Just because I do not frequent here does not mean I am not watching.... *bites you on the ankles*
  2. OMG! KaS, she is so cute !! You guys are blessed to be sure! You gonna stick around this time ? Are ya gonna teach mini-KaS the ways of the Betta ?
  3. I told y'all long ago : 'Death by Discord'. And now look.
  4. Nation in The West Pacific: Yy4u World Assembly (WA) Nation: Yy4u Please list any other names or aliases you use in NationStates: Yy4u v4, Yy4u v5 Please list regions or organizations with which you are currently affiliated as a resident, citizen, or member: The West Pacific Please list regions or organizations with which you have in the past been affiliated as a resident, citizen, or member: The West Pacific Would you like to join (check all that you wish to join)... [ ] The West Pacific Armed Forces [ ] Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Corp [ ] The West Pacifican Newspaper Staff [ ] Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry Staff [ ] Ministry of Internal Affairs Staff I, Yy4u, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, the constitution of The West Pacific, or any laws made pursuant to that constitution.
  5. Yy4u

    Windows 10

    LoL! I have an MSI mobo with a dual core AMD 4850e processor and only 2 gig of ram...... Not bad. Somewhere I have a mobo that can run a 4-core AMD(Phenom), with high-end graphics onboard, but I can't get it too boot!
  6. Yy4u

    Windows 10

    *plugs a Canon wireless printer into an Acer notebook running Windows 10* Computer: Oh, I see you've plugged in a Canon printer, would you like me to install the drivers so you can use it? O_o I plug the same printer into a Linux 17.3 driven pc...Oh, I see you've plugged in a Canon Pixma, what would you like to print? :/ Linux FTW
  7. Yy4u

    Fujansk Designs

    The game allows for animated flags(GIF). It must be no larger than 107(w) x 71(h) and less than 50k.
  8. It is just a covert way to keep tabs on you...
  9. Yy4u

    Windows 10

    Linux/Unix FTW Linux Mint : The Poor man's OS. And Firefox runs beautifully on it.
  10. The other day browsing this here forum, I 'discover' a protected forum. wait ...what? Is it permissible to acquire the masking for this ? *puppy-dog eyes*
  11. Yes! Welcome indeed !! Please let us know how we may abuse ....amuse you!
  12. Then display them proudly at the Fair,lol. I figure the non-animated one to the general populace and the animated one to 'special' guests/visitors perhaps?
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