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  1. It would appear that it was a mistake for me to come back. I will return to the shadows.
  2. Thanks everyone. It's good to be back.
  3. I'm good, thanks. Just trying to get back involved.
  4. That is because she was relaying everything to Gracius Maximus, who was prompting her responses and then they were put into her odd communication style. Nothing that was done in TNP in the final days of the ADN's influence was handled directly by the Delegate because she couldn't handle the pressure. Reminds me a bit of when the Meritocracy selected a certain Senator to be a part of their delegation to the ADN negotiations. I miss the old days.
  5. Global NS domination is overrated. Trust me.
  6. I remember that. I believe their new Minister of Justice, Gracius Maximus, drafted the statement. Was shortly before he took over the region I believe. I remember most of the rest as well, as someone formerly associated with the upper echelons of the ADN. I also remember when I first joined the Equilism forum and got into arguments with the nations there because I insisted on calling them Equilismites instead of Equilismers.
  7. This would likely get more traction in the RP forums.
  8. Date movie? I guess it depends on the date...or the anticipated outcome. I found some of the gratuitousness a bit much personally.
  9. At present I do not think there is any plan for a standalone Hulk movie but he is supposedly going to have a larger role in Ragnorak. If you haven't already seen the Fantastic Four reboot then I wouldn't bother. It was horrible. What they did with Dr. Doom was a disgrace - even worse than the 2005 version - and that takes effort. I thought the Spiderman reboot was okay in the first movie, the second was not good to me. Looking forward to the Morales version though. I liked Man of Steel except for the end, and I think the backlash has unfortunately tainted the Dawn of Justice plot with the whole Zod is Doomsday scenario.
  10. Hmmm...generally, I think yes, but I see a lot of movies so if one or two is a dud then I am not too bothered. If it isn't one that you actually wanted to see beforehand then I would say maybe wait on Netflix.
  11. I'm looking forward to most of the comic movies...including Dawn of Justice. Deadpool was just okay for me. The dialogue was brilliant but the plot was just meh...thinking that had a bit to do with the budget so hopefully a sequel will be better. Was pleasantly surprised by Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
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