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  1. Good luck! Exams are horrible but the feeling when they're done is bliss!
  2. Always been a fan of pelicans, can't quite explain why.
  3. The badge bit was what I was meaning. No worries its hardly a priority
  4. If you fancied masking me too, as an Ambassador if you so fancied, that would be grand
  5. Offsite anything; forum, Discord, whatever, are never as active as the onsite version. RMB and telegrams are there for a reason, to put it bluntly. That said, I somewhat presumed that the Cathedral of the Guardians to be rather busy right now.
  6. Presume this is the right place to post, apologies if not. I'm asking for information regarding starting the process of raising opposition to an embassy currently held between TWP and another region. For diplomatic discretion, I will not yet provide more details about which.
  7. Some call it submission, others call it allyship through might
  8. Hello all, Must have been a year+ since I was forum active, (ok not strictly true, but properly active on main TWP forum), I'm trying to change that again, lets see how many days it lasts this time! Great to see old and new faces active
  9. NationStates Nation Name: Liberillia Discord User Name (if available): Skype User Name (if available): ask privately if you want it Your Local Timezone: GMT Regions You Have Active Nations In: TWP, The Internationale Any Diplomatic Experience: Yes, was a TWP ambassador to a few regions about a year ago, the Ambassador label seems to have been retained so its about time I started living up to it again!
  10. Good evening all, lovely to see such a big thread in the offsites, sorry for not coming here too often, its not my personal cup of tea juggling lots of websites but always feels nice when I do! I'd love to be a TWP ambassador, those that know me know Liberillia has only ever left TWP when forced by things out of my control, however I'd love to be a visiting TWP ambassador! (oh and if I can help ambassador with one of my favourite regions out there, the Internationale, that would be even grander)
  11. Welcome back Wallgates As for the challenge thing, its really just a comparison of stats (you know, political freedoms, industry size etc) to see which nation comes out on top
  12. Harharhar Welcome Verbluffen, I do apologise for Ike's attempt at a pun, such poor attempts should really be Verbotten
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