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  1. Immediate mountains for me. Away from the noise of the city. Cool and fresh air. If I were given my choice of place to retire. Definitely mountains. Of course there's always necessary services needed available at the local area. A cabin on the mountain....
  2. Latin alphabet and English language are widely used both official and lingua franca for convenience sake. Traditional and old languages may still exist and practiced by locals but only up to regional level. Slang, pidgin, and creole also coexist one another in certain province or regional border. Only around 12 recorded language before Latin and English came. It was believe that theres more than 40 languages spoken among country's populace.
  3. Hello! Christmas is in few days now. So, I'll take my liberty to say Merry Christmas to all TWP! May you have wonderful day even after Christmas.
  4. Update: Tomorrow is the day! The said geography paper I'll be taking. Yesterday, no- last sunday, I just learned that it was actually a practical skills paper. Which all practicals in each semester that I take aggregated into one paper. Thank goodness I'm already taking it seriously because I thought it would be another thing that outside of my knowledge. With that, semester 3 paper will be finish by tomorrow and the next day will be semester 1 repeat. Cheers!
  5. Thankfully, all supervisor at the examination hall are very friendly, supportive and diligent helping me to solve the problems. Tomorrow after taking my next paper, I will immediately go to the nearest post office to pay for postage for my name's issue fine. Which I had to pay 12 dollars or more for postage. A small price to pay. Cannot be compare with my future. But with that, the most pressing matter already been solved, almost. There's this one paper that I should know but not, it's geography again! But now involving a lot of sketching and making graph, statistics and such. Oh wow, I really grateful to my geography lecturer because he instantly agree to help me studying the said paper, because last year we hadn't learn it. I'm deeply appreciate with all of your wishes. Now I can study and focus for the exam without worrying that problems again. Thank you again guys. Cheers!
  6. Update: Geography paper 1/2 finish. Tons of frick happened to me in just 1 hour. The receipt for me to go to the examination hall got my name's wrong, my name doesn't show up at most of the examinee list for exam taking, tomorrow I have to call the examination council to properly change my name and had to pay the fine which equivalent to 12 dollars. It's their fault my name got wrong! Omg. Luckily my ID number is correct, if not, I pretty damn sure I'll get barred from taking the examination. Wasting my 200 dollars. Tomorrow will be the deciding day if I can change my name and pay fine or they'll let me go through all the examination without changing it. Gonna change it fast. Cheers!
  7. On November 4th 2019, is the day where I will start taking exam at nearest college since I will be a private candidate (and the only one) instead of the usual candidate because I've late to take the second option. So yeah, cheers! P.S. It cost me about 200 usd to take the repeat. *Sob sob* my money...
  8. Congratulation guys. Too bad I cannot participate this year. No matter, next year I will surely be able to participate regardless! Cheers.
  9. Hmm... How about act like citizen of your country (irl citizenship)?
  10. I smell history. Might as well get down to it too.
  11. Just a simple question that anyone can answer but I'm too dumb to know the answer myself. Let's just say, due to your pile of works trying to finish before the deadline, you forgotten to let anyone know about it? Then tarry it until you're completely forgot. Hmmm.. did I forgetting something?
  12. Regarding themes. Anything is fine for me. Because I'm quite a fan of those days (Imperial Russia, Dynastic China and Shogunate Japan). But hey, if other than that. I'm cool with it. It would be awesome if we go with Feudal Japan. Huehuehue.
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