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  1. If there's a part of that complete turkey meant for delivery to a god living in a shrine, you can send my piece of turkey to someone else. For the love of Gord, I do not like turkey.
  2. Not quite sure what I'm doing on here, if I am totally honest.

  3. Uh, Something something pointless post...


    Yeah, I got bored.

  4. Being great at Rugby, but terrible at Nomic since 2020

    1. Reçueçn


      Hey! you're not terrible at Nomic!

      i think you mean 1420

  5. Nope, not at all. Way too hectic.
  6. I am Clarkov, of Hertfordshire and Jammbo, a nation situated in South-East Andolia. I can be found on a train most days, or on the Silent Mary on Thursdays. H&J is a proud member of the Hall of Nations and is a recruit within the TWPAF. H&J as a nation currently holds 949 million citizens and 80 WA endorsements. The Hart, a type of stag is the national animal and the capital city is Primp Town, located in the Anglia region somewhere in the East of the nation. H&J is incredibly cultured, subsidizes business to massive levels, has high Human Development, a world-class railway network and a booming economy! On the downside, basically no-one is inclusive or compassionate, nearly everyone is interested in politics, religiousness is close to non-existent and let's just say foreign aid is not of the people's concern. I am currently very active in the Discord and hope to start becoming active in the forums. Merry Christmas, all!
  7. Hertfordshire and Jammbo has 3 langauges that are considered to be national. Anglian: Most widely spoken language, used all over the nation, uses the Latin script Jammbian: 2nd most spoken language, used mainly in the centre and east, uses the Cyrillic script Hertmerian: 3rd most spoken language, used mainly in the west, uses the Greek script There are also 3 other minor langauges aswell. Dacoran: 4th most spoken language, used exclusively in the west, uses the Hangul script Tendrish: 5th most spoken language, used exclusively in the north-east, uses the Armenian script Debenian: 6th most spoken language, used exclusively in the east, uses the Georgian script
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