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2nd TWP Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Please don't post in this thread until you've signed up. Please don't put OOC posts here either.

(Rugby Union)

Welcome to TWP's second Rugby World Cup! If you've signed up for this competition, you're ready to start posting in this thread. A good way to start is with a roster post. A roster includes some information about your nation's rugby team, including, importantly, who the people on the team are. Here's a helpful link if you're new to rugby: https://www.ruck.co.uk/rugby-positions-roles-beginners/

Another helpful thing to include in a roster post is your "rp permissions." If you're planning to rp but want to make sure other rpers don't do things with your players you don't want, you can post a little box outlining what things others can or can't do, like this example:

Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes

"Godmodding" is rping unrealistic or unbelievable things happening, so if you want a more realistic experience for your team, you can ask that others don't godmod in your matches. Feel free to add other things you think of to your rp permissions, or leave some of the things in the example out, or be more or less specific. Or don't include it at all. You don't have to rp in this competition any more than you want to (or at all).

Finally, you can also include what's called a 'style modifier.' This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if your team has a more attacking or defending style. Teams with negative modifiers are less likely to give up points but will score less as well, while teams with higher modifiers will score more often but also let more attacks through. Style mods don't affect your chance of victory. If you don't put one, that's fine, you'll get a neutral mod (0.000).

Once you've posted your roster, feel free to start rping leading up to the competition. When the tournament begins you'll start seeing results here to rp about. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the OOC thread. Have fun!

One note: although I am scorinating this tournament OOC, IC, the tournament is being held in Dilber. RP accordingly!

Group Draw:


Group A:






Tara & Cambray


Group B:







Group C:

Hertfordshire and Jammbo




Big Bad Badger


Group D:


Saint Mark


United Adaikes



Top 2 of each group advance to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal draw: I: A1 v B2, II: B1 v A2, III: C1 v D2, IV: D1 v C2

Semifinal draw: I v III, II v IV



MD1: Sunday, Nov. 29

MD2: Monday, Nov. 30

MD3: Tuesday, Dec. 1

MD4: Wednesday, Dec. 2

MD5: Thursday, Dec. 3

Quarterfinals: Friday, Dec. 4

Semifinals: Saturday, Dec. 5

3rd Place Game and Final: Sunday, Dec. 6


Group schedule (if you're in a group of 5, your game against '6' is a bye)


Round 1
1 v 6
2 v 5
3 v 4



Round 2

6 v 4
5 v 3
1 v 2



Round 3

2 v 6
3 v 1
4 v 5



Round 4

6 v 5
1 v 4
2 v 3



Round 5

3 v 6
4 v 2
5 v 1



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United Adaikes National Rugby Union Team (Sharks)

 1 - Jarret Sabrine
 2 - Simon Atencio
 3 - Hansom Jay Señedo
 4 - Isabelo Arancon
 5 - John Marco Saludar
 6 - Miguel Gonzales
 7 - Ivan James Rivera
 8 - Mark Martin Gentapan
 9 - Noeljan Bajao
10 - Ray Mark Bituin
11 - Ernest James Gelmo
12 - Romeo Vailoces
13 - Felix Chua, Jr.
14 - Rex Anthony Regidor
15 - Crisanto Dura

Coach - Mr. Giovannie Gallardo

Injure my players: no
Assign my players yellow cards: no
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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tSToBdk.png          beMAedE.png


Team Information

  • Style mod: 4.2
  • Home stadium: Ellestede Garden, cap. 18,500
  • Manager: Tam Davies
  • Coaches: Kees Gordon, Tab MacArthur


Name Position Age
Elliot Coetzee Hooker 26
Ryan Shepherd Hooker 26
David Owain Hooker 21
Ken Trierweiler Hooker 34
Olive John Prop 23
Wyn Metcher Prop 24
Kellen Brown Prop 28
Rhys Sears-Duru Prop 28
Dillon Kilifi Prop 25
John Lewis Prop 28
Idris Alan Lock 29
Jeremy Peters Lock 29
Adam Pelser Lock 25
Taylor Beard Lock 24
Cory Tucker Lock 29
Trent Hunsaker Lock 22
Andrew Basham Flanker 30
Ross Penny Flanker 26
Harry Moriarty Flanker 21
Josh Durutalo Flanker 30
Eric Shingler Number 8 31
Justin Hattingh Number 8 23
Scott Williams Scrum-half 30
Rhys Cina Scrum-half 26
Ben Evans Fly-half 31
Jarrod Dean Fly-half 24
Gareth Jones Fly-half 32
George Parkes Center 26
Joey Tompkins Center 24
Kyle Laughlin Center 23
Hadleigh Neal Center 26
Siti Adams Wing 25
Josh Brennan Wing 23
George Hassler Wing 30
Brock Adams Wing 28
Harry Staller Wing 21
Liam Turner Fullback 29
Jonah Halfpenny Fullback 28


Style modifier 4.2
Home stadium Ellestede Garden
(RP) Players may be injured Yes
(RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
(RP) Players may receive red cards No
No godmodding

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Dalimbar Union da Rugby

Home Stadium: Garrison Stadium, Saint Andreisburg. Capacity: 30,000

Manager: Col. Nur Olsen

Coach: Cpt. Hasse Siemon

Name Age Number Position City
Aleksandr Bellincioni 29 1 Loosehead Prop Saint Andreisburg
Marko Zellweger 23 2 Hooker Saint Andreisburg
Valero Lang 29 3 Tighthead Prop Selia
Juan Tamaro 27 4 Second Row (L) Nadu
Fulvio Drago 21 5 Second Row (R) Geness
Carlos Schuyler 26 6 Blindside Flaker Danu
Alexandre Arts 28 7 Openside Flanker Saikuz
Theodor Rybar 31 8 (C) Number 8 Port Ain
Pelayo Accorso 21 9 Scrum-half Trizon
Florijan Arts 24 10 Fly-half Saikuz
Victor Labelle 23 11 Left Wing Danu
Kristen Navratil 27 12 Inside Centre Trizon
Vasco Barta 29 13 Outside Centre Selia
Saveli Lafrentz 28 14 Right Wing Saikuz
Guillaume Severin 23 15 Full Back Saint Andreisburg

Primary Substitutes:

Justin Nicolas 21 16 1, 2 Selia
Tore Sessa 32 17 1, 2, 3 Markof
Ambroz Plesko 25 18 2, 3 Saikuz
Svante Nicolosi 26 19 4, 5 Saint Andreisburg
Bohumil Rocchi 22 20 4, 5 Donlas
Rens Blanchet 21 21 4, 6, 8 Nadu
Jurriaan Gabrielli 25 22 5, 7, 8 Port Ain
Eugen Guerriero 20 23 8, 9 Saikuz
Ture Mariani 31 24 8, 9, 10 Nadu
Javor Steuben 23 25 9, 10, 12 Trizon
Camilo Gjorgiev 28 26 11, 15 Saikuz
Arno Stroman 24 27 10, 12, 13 Geness
Henrik Ferreiro 26 28 12, 13, 14 Markof
Abramo Philips 25 29 13, 14, 15 Donlas
Carlos Favreau 25 30 11, 14, 15 Nadu
Style: +1.23
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes


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Saint Markan Royal Rugby Team (Lions)

Style   -1.00

 1 - Bruno Goldwash
 2 - Welhelo Saylor
 3 - Baxtor Goldwash
 4 - Eric Shoreman
 5 - John Evermore
 6 - Marcarius Hightower
 7 - Gregor Napoli
 8 - Paul Reston
 9 - Michael Hawk
10 - Nelson Saint Mark
11 - Hugo Dasher
12 - Rudolph Centerman
13 - Alan Stonegate
14 - Christopher Dancer
15 - Blaze Emberfell

Coach - Sir Evan Rahl

Injure my players: no
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes



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Mediobogdum's National Rugby Union Team (The Mashers)

 1 -  Trevor Hugmenot
 2 -  Georgie Beastman 
 3 -  Howard Bottled
 4 -  Gordon Heavyhand
 5 -  Antonio Hardnose
 6 -  Frederick Nail
 7 -  Malcolm  Malfourm
 8 -  Stewart Kong
 9 - Jamie Neifer
10 - Neville Bastard
11 - Raymond Ratter
12 - Simon Trigger
13 - Paul Pistol
14 - Harold Silencer
15 - Jasper Jugular

Coach - Mr. Ginger (Fingers) Malone

Injure my players: no
Assign my players yellow cards: no
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes

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 Fujanske Landslaget i Rugby



Fujai (fu:'jaɪ, foo-yEYE) is a small coastal nation of just over 7 million residents, located in the north of the Polarii continent. While Fujai has a long sporting history, rugby is not a commonly played sport. The sport is most common in rural and industrial areas of the country, particularly in Braskvik, Mærtesund and Almoren, Elsøra.

The Landslag

The Rugby Landslag is made up of the finest players in Fujai, though not many would be considered of truly international quality. It is sponsored by Fujais Rugby Idrottsforbund (FRIF - Fujansk Rugby Sports Federation) of Fujansk Idrottsforbund (FIF - Fujansk Sports Federation). Most Landslag players come from Fujai's top league, Højserien, though a few come from the second league, Lågserien. The winningest clubs tend to be from the regions of Hasmark and Felvenna, where the sport is most popular.

The Landslag came in second in both the First Rugby World Cup and the I Summer Olympics in Saint-Josalyn, to Hertfordia and Zoran, respectively. After being shut out of the top spot twice, they're mighty hungry for redemption.

Fujais Idrottsforbund

Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF) is the federation of labor unions representing all sports players and workers in sports-associated industries. It is separate from the Fujansk government, but receives accreditation and financial and infrastructural support from it. Its structure includes clubs at the local level (e.g. a local sports club), which are constituents of fylke organizations, which are a part of the larger federation representing specific sports (e.g. Fujais Fotbollforbund for football), which are then members of FIF. FIF is a member of the Rhodoniad and World Olympic Council.

Important Notes (!)

Editor's note on gender: Fujansk culture does not have individual gender categories. The five common genders were historically recognized, though categories and classifications of gender expression have broken down in the last few centuries, resulting in today's non-categorical perception of gender. Since the Fujansk language does not have gendered pronouns, most Fujar choose choose to use gender-neutral pronouns when interacting in the common tongue, such as they/them. All players on the Landslag use they/them pronouns in the common language.

Translator's note: Landslaget translates to "The National Team," while Landslag translates to "National Team." In the common tongue, one would say "the Landslag did well" or "Landslaget did well," not "the Landslaget did well" (the translated equivalent of "the The Landslag did well"). This is because the Fujansk language uses suffixes to create definite nouns instead of articles. See Den Fujanske Ordboken (The Fujansk Dictionary) for more information.

Quick Info

  • Trigram: FJA
  • Adjective: Fujansk
  • Demonym: Fujar
  • Plural: Fujar
  • Language: Fujansk
  • Population: 7,294,825 (~RL Paraguay/Washington state)
  • Area: 521,912 km2 (Øyen: 131,016 km2, Hasmark: 390,896 km2) (~RL Nicaragua+Zimbabwe/Alabama+Montana)
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 1,760,000 kronar, 71,535 international monetary units
  • Capital: Keiserholde, Keiserholde fylke


Team Info

  • Style mod: -3.1
  • Home stadiu,m: Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde - Rugby cap. 23,680 (12,400 all-seater) (football cap. 48,300; 34,680 all-seater)
    • Known commonly as Nykanalen, the stadium is located in Nykanalparken, a park built on the former fortifications that surround Keiserholde's city center. Nykanalen is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the Landslag. Like most stadiums in Fujai, it includes large standing areas to increase capacity, lower costs, and help people stay warm by standing instead of sitting in the country's famously cold weather. Nykanalen also recently hosted the second edition of the FFI Liga dos Vencedores and third edition of the Taça das Confederações.
  • Managers: Keiren Jorda, Halla Usviken
  • Coaches: Ila Navna, Qi Jun


Name Num. Pos. Club City Age League
Zeinab Krælle 1 Loosehead Prop Solbakken IL Keiserholde 33 Højserien
Edda Hortel 2 Hooker Braskvik IF Braskvik 28 Højserien
Farre Jorg 3 Tighthead Prop Strand RL Almoren 23 Højserien
Ågot Moen 4 Number 4 Lock Jarnfoss IL Jarnfoss 32 Højserien
Bertil Vik 5 Number 5 Lock Austvolla IF Austvolla 27 Lågserien
Gert Sunde 6 Backside Flanker Retthavn IL Retthavn 25 Højserien
Vilje Helland 7 Openside Flanker Braskvik IF Braskvik 30 Højserien
Kaz Fyr 8 Number 8 Oppdal IL Dernes 24 Højserien
Emma Wagner 9 Scrum-half Koren RF Strafsund 29 Højserien
Ruzar Levanzin 10 Fly-half Strand RL Almoren 29 Højserien
Huan Min 11 Left Wing Retthavn IL Retthavn 33 Højserien
Solvår Nanj 12 Inside Centre Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 29 Højserien
Synne Veiren 13 Outside Centre Galskeir RF Galskeir 31 Lågserien
Jofried Tysken 14 Right Wing Braskvik IF Braskvik 33 Højserien
Kay Engen 15 Full Back Holda IL Bertranslaug 25 Højserien



RP Permissions


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, including season/career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason—ask me if you want to do something wild and we can do it together

Gender note: Pronouns are important, use the right ones.
Language note: If I provide a word in Fujansk, please use it as is instead of a translation. If you'd like any additional translations or have a question, feel free to message me


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Team Information

Style: 4.3

Home Stadium: La Falca Mestalla, New Larxia

Capacity: 54,000

Coaches: Joe Keep, Felix Cage

Manager: Eddie Hansen



Jake Kirk                               LHP
Brock Levi                           Hooker
Cameron Kubrick                 THP
Brodie Whitelock                   SR
Sam Matfield                         SR
Jerome Smith                        BF
Richie Hooper                        OF
Kieran Lawrence                  No.8
Gareth Gregan                       SH
Michael Davies                      FH
Brian Sella                               IC
Mathieu Driscoll                    OC
Ben North                               LW
Willie Naholo                         RW
Beauden Brown                     FB


Injure my players: no
Assign my players yellow cards: no
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes-but ask me and we'll probably do it together

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Fhaengshian First XV - The Mountaineers



Starting number Position Name Territory
1 Prop Ounpei Laerets SH
2 Hooker Blitoe Kuinae SS
3 Prop Aluing Fahresn TR
4 Lock Tuneik Sodhuen AH
5 Lock Jaelstei Hefoew SH
6 Flanker Poilsae Roesten FH
7 Flanker Likleffi Arielnk FH
8 Number 8 Hoifte Ikroeh (c) FH
9 Scrum-half Jafnoettuo Fernuit EN
10 Fly-half Neijstoi Rallesn FH
11 Left Wing Heksta Mourtnad UG
12 Centre Muidaef Mourtnad UG
13 Centre Joistuim Cuipshael FH
14 Right Wing Tisoen Uneifhi FH
15 Fullback Ottseproen Taerste BH
sub Front row Kolstae Puegl AH
sub Front row Gerhn Kuinae SS
sub Second row Ranuof Otiel AH
sub Back row Loilens Hientoll NS
sub Back Geiffial Cimmer FH
sub Back Detshaer Riemlaic LG
sub Back Cudoelf Oashie CS

Coach: Sanreig Hraic


Style mod: +2.72
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: ask first

The two letters represent which territory each player is from. The 12 mainland territories hold a yearly round robin tournament, with the winner playing Fhaengshia territory in a best of 3 match.
FH: Fhaengshia territory, stadium: Ghomhoeria Dome 45,000
AH: Ahfeginsi, stadium: The Big Rig 22,000
AN: Aneiane, stadium: Aenia Centre 16,000
BH: Bhaiarch, stadium: BDC Arena 18,000
CN: Central Naegsainh, stadium: Gaewne Stadium 12,800
CS: Central Saegnainh, stadium: Gaishwe Field 14,000
EN: Enuo, stadium: Mountain Amphitheatre 10,000
LG: Lower Gheffian, stadium: CG Centre 31,000
NS: North Shenia, stadium: Salhien Centre 15,000
SH: Shihganfe, stadium: Ganfa Arena 26,000
SS: South Shenia, stadium: The Forest 14,000
TR: Trhaiarch, stadium: TSG 18,500
UG: Upper Gheffian, stadium: CG Centre 31,000


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Minsun Imperial Rugby Team - 1420


Team Information

  • Home Stadium - The Jade Centre, Qiye City. cap 20,000
  • Manager - Mr. Tan Duyi
  • Coach - Mr. Wang Ang



Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no





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Kurabijsky tym rukby (Kurabi Rugby Team)

Team info:

  • Style mod: -2.2 (if decimals aren't allowed, then just -2)
  • Home stadium: Narodny stadion grånyich sportů, Parducze
  • Manager: Petr Kos
  • Coaches: Edo Rakby, Karle Hol

Main players:

Name Gender Age Num. Pos. Origin
Tom Hårtman male 32 1

Loosehead Prop

Anet Šmít male


2 Hooker

Kosovske Mjesto

Jakåb Kos

male 26 3

Tighthead Prop

Kosovske Mjesto

Sokol Ples

male 25 4

Lock 1 


Anetka Nordun

female 30 5 Lock 2  Hrånice
Stella Ksík female


6 Backside Flanker Parducze
Sokol Ztan male


7 Openside Flanker Pelyi
Klap Vådiš male 24


Number 8 Parducze
Anet Trímpf male 29


Scrum-half Horotojryi
Tom Vora male 22



Tel Harra

Teresa Zlend female 23


Left Wing Zlend
Emi Destinači female 28


Inside Centre Kosovske Mjesto
Elen Mikmik male 31


Outside Centre Nordun
Stella Zlend female 26


Right Wing Zlend
Anet Våssr male 30


Full-back Parducze


Backup players:

Name Gender Age Num. Origin
Tom Parča male 25 1, 2, 3 Parducze
Petr Parča male 28 4, 5 Parducze
Albeta Mis female 24 6, 7 Sentregrad
Tomas Merde male 25 8 Soutne Mjesto
Sela Simt female 27  9 Nicgrad
Meksando Mil male 26 10 Plesop
Timas Mokriz male 28 11, 14 Nor
Vlad Vlast male 29 12, 13 Mannfur
Sele Kosov male 26 15 Parducze










Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no


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Zoranian Rugby Team:

Team Info:

  • Style mod: +2
  • Manager: Adanvtelidohi Wadoyaholi
  • Coaches: Ahneewakee Adasegogisdi, Euna Dinanelohvsgi


Name Age Position
Amo-Adawehi Tsasima 25 Loosehead Prop
Attakullakulla Quegadu 21 Hooker
Salonitah Gelusva 22 Tighthead Prop
Twah'kohi Agasgani 20 Second Row (L)
Atsadi Hna'hido 28 Second Row (R)
Enoli Digewi 30 Blindside Flaker
Dlasimahe Asduidv 26 Openside Flanker
Sesdi Tsunela 23 Number 8
Ganiyegi Atsidanelv 19 Scrum-half
Ganohilvsv Ayeliiyv 33 Fly-half
Wohali Goyadv 24 Left Wing
Hawinaditlv Ayeli 34 Inside Centre
Doyaditlv Ayeli 30 Outside Centre
Duyugodv Goyadv 28 Right Wing
Kali Gasohi 18 Full Back



Injure my players: Yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod scoring: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes


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28 November, 1420; 7:00 AM AMT

Zoranian Times Live!

Location: Dilber, Dilber International Airport

Zoranian Times live intro plays and on the screen you see Winolisa Austenaco from the beginning of the Saint-Josalyn Olympics. He now has a shaved head and is wearing a filthy and wet orange prison jumpsuit.

“Good Morning Zoran! My name is Winotlisa Austenaco! A-”

“Hey! I thought you were fired! In fact, aren’t you supposed to be in prison in Saint-Josalyn!? How did you even get here!? Security!” interrupted someone from off screen. Winolisa frowned, dropped the microphone and yelled,

“No! I am not going back there! You will never take me alive!” Winolisa starts running and two security guards follow behind him in pursuit.

“Now where is Quiyakaso Gohalitsve?” asked someone offscreen. The sound of muffled yelling can be heard off screen and the cameraman turns around with the camera to show a hogtied Quiyakaso with duct tape over his mouth moving like a caterpillar out of the news van.

“By the Spi-”


28 November, 1420; 7:05 AM AMT

Zoranian Times live intro plays again and this time the proper reporter, Quiyakaso Gohalitsve, is on camera.

“We apologize for all that folks! Good morning Zoran! My name is Quiyakaso Gohalitsve and we are here live at the Dilber International Airport to show our national Rugby team arrive for the second annual Rugby tournament! We were not present in the first tournament but this time we are able to participate! After our team’s victory at the Olympics against the incredibly talented Fujansk team, our team has been practicing a lot to improve to ensure our victory in this event! Despite the turmoil in our country, we here at the Zoranian Times hope we can all come to cheer our team to victory in the Rugby World Cup.”

Sound of a plane landing heard in the background

“Oh! It seems our team’s plane has landed now, let’s go see them exit the plane!” Quiyakaso and the cameraman walk over to the team’s plane and watch the plane door open and the steps lower to the ground. The team is seen in their black, purple, and red jerseys walking down the steps of the plane carrying their carryon bags.



“There they are folks! Our skilled rugby players are ready to head out and play in the World Cup! Th-” He was interrupted when the cargo hold door popped open and Zoranian refugees began pouring out of the cargo hold. Quiyakaso just stood there watching with his mouth agape. After all the refugees are out of the cargo hold, you could see that there were approximately 1,000 refugees that were in the cargo hold.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well it appears that are approximately a thousand-wait how is that even possible? How did a thousand refugees fit in the cargo hold and how did the plane manage to make the journey with all that extra weight!? In fact, how did they get into the cargo hold undetected!? How are all those refugees still alive!?”

“Stay on topic Quiyakaso!” yelled someone off screen. Quiyakaso facepalmed and sighed before continuing,

“Right, well there are approximately 1,000 refugees that fled the turmoil in Zoran by stowing away in the cargo hold of our national rugby team's plane. We will see you at the parade that the NACZ had arranged later today before the games begin today. I am Quiyakaso Gohalitsve, why do weird things like this keep happening to me whenever I report, and I will see you all later today!”


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Giovannilandian National Rugby Team
(Giovannilandian: Giovannilandiana Equipa Nacionalia di Rugbio) 

Team Information:

Style mod: -3

Home Stadium: Purple Stadium, Giovannistadt

Managers: Adrianna Santos & Giordan Wright

Coaches: Roberta Urial & Otavio Smith 

Main Players:

Name Gender  Age   Number  Position Home City
Rio Schmidt (C) Male 26 1 Loosehead Prop Giovannistadt
Ana Silvia Lee  Female  23 2 Hooker Anneville
Gustavo Borges Male 18 3 Tighthead Prop New Bwaryk
  Flavio Ruwibert Male 21 4 Lock 1 Vrosa
Thomas Khan Male 19 5 Lock 2 Manariaus
Luis Quintana Male 21 6 Backside Flanker Violet Harbor
Arabella Jacques Female 20 7   Openside Flanker   Quoriv
 Giovanna Antoine  Female 27 8 Number 8  Altadia
Pietro Zapata Male 20 9 Scrum-half Anneville
Joanna Zhao Female 23 10 Fly-half   Giovannistadt  
Helena Qualwill Female 21 11 Left Wing Quoriv
  Guillermina Reyes   Female 24 12 Inside Centre Violet Harbor
Horacio Albrecht Male 25 13 Outside Centre Giovannistadt
 Lara de Abreu-Floryn  Female 22 14 Right Wing Amorant
Lukas Jung Male 20 15 Full-back Violet Harbor

Backup Players:

Name Gender  Age   Number  Position Home City
Lavro Shenliang Male 18 1 Loosehead Prop Ulunboryn
 Cesar Rodriguez-Sancho  Male 19 2 Hooker Arlavontei
Lavinia Moraes  Female  30 3 Tighthead Prop Violet Harbor
Sandra Allamand Female 24 4 Lock 1 Cybraluw
Elisabeth Rossi Female 26 5 Lock 2 Urythburg
Anastacio Orpheus Male 23 6 Backside Flanker Lavanday
Xerxes Nakamura Male 19 7   Openside Flanker   Giovanoria
 Manuella von Violetshire Female 24 8 Number 8  Giovannistadt
Guilherme Gimenes Male 22 9 Scrum-half Altadia
 Andressa Goethe Shang  Female 24 10 Fly-half  Giovannistadt 
Markio Teles Male 27 11 Left Wing Violet Harbor
 Brian Winters-Gutenberg Male 25 12 Inside Centre Spoyburg
Alessandra Ivanovich Female 23 13 Outside Centre Rimekalyn
Simone Hamilton Female 28 14 Right Wing Urythburg
 Benedita de Castro  Female 22 15 Full-back  New Elysthin



RP Permissions:
Injure my players: yes (including season- or career-ending)
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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10.00 am, IAT+0
It is the morning of 28th November 1420, the Rugby World Cup starts tomorrow. 

The people have gathered to seen the Larxian Rugby Team at the airports and outside the billion-dollar sports facilities that the government invested in to improve the face of Larxia in International Sports.

The heroes of the country have been training till today and will depart for Dilber soon.

3.00 pm, IAT+0
The Larxian National Team have reached the airport, after a long procession from the training grounds that saw our heores donning the 'Rugby Larxia' tracksuits. There is a Rugby fever in Larxia as the people wave to their heroes.

3.45pm, IAT+0
The security around the airport has been tightened. His Royal Highness, King Maddy IV has personally come to wish the National Team luck."While I would really love if you won the World Cup, the best advice I can give is, enjoy playing and do you nation proud, we satnd by you no matter the result", he said.

4.30 pm, IAT+0
The players have settled into the private jet that will fly them to Dilber. "We leave our country with the hopes and ofcourse, preparation to come back with the title," Team captain Brown was quoted as saying.

7.30 pm, IAT+0
The plane has landed in Dilber and the players have reached the hotel reserved for the Larxian National Team. Spirits are high, they are prepared for anything that is thrown their way.

We wish our National Team 'All the Best'


The Official Jersey to be worn by the Larxian National Team






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De Efisl Raste av di Härtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Junjen/Афитсилниьат Спаисук не Катфадсие ае Дзаембеу Рагби Сцийас

AKA: It's getting slightly ridiculous now. What kind of place is Hertfordshire & Jammbo anyway?!

Neim/Имеи Deende/Пеуп Eide/Вузрвст Nambe/Неуме Pezisn/Пазитсийа Klab/Клаб Setelment/Селисти Lig/Лпге

Ongo Vidopliassova

Male 13 3 Tight-Head Prop Shakhtar Deambeu RFK Malatsavichy Premiesip
Kaguya Birziņa Female 1,400 6 Blind-Side Flanker Ivatsechytsa Eientei RFK Kirkelev Tsampiensip
Damian Mladenov Male 11 12 Inside Centre Vezdenurekesväk RFK Kirkeholm Tsampiensip
Hiroto Mucenieks Male 14 5 Lock Břevínov RFK Valaškovice Tsampiensip
Bello Salman Male 11-12 4 Lock RFK Deambeu Tothalom Premiesip
Shang Rozītis Male 29 2 Hooker Teplisek RFK Přehumín Tsampiensip
Peter Cipriani Male 31 7 Open-Side Flanker Kistafalu RFK Grigorionii Tsampiensip
Robert Lee (Captain) Male 213 13 Outside Centre Sajothalom RFK Cimiceni Premiesip
Barack Vranchev Male 59 9 Scrum Half Biatorbas RFK Balatonves Premiesip
Satori Vinters Female Unknown 1 Loose-Head Prop RFK Piritsa Pákés Premiesip
Britannia Degre Female 27 14 Right Wing Nova Pulalin RFK Anibolia Premiesip
Galeem Gaismas Genderless Don't Try Asking 15 Full Back Gaismas Pasaule RFK Vulcăneșlia Tsampiensip
Isaac Moriah Male 5 11 Left Wing Brehasca RFK Komarovo Premiesip
Keiki Hadjiivanova Female Unknown 8 Number 8 Amasterat RFK Corrași Premiesip
Jeremy Clarkson Male 60 10 Fly Half Jawozin Ȟames RFK Staloków Tsampiensip



If any injuries are sustained, there is one reserve for each person on the main team.

Neim/Имеи Deende/Пеуп Eide/Вузрвст Nambe/Неуме Pezisn/Пазитсийа Klab/Клаб Setelment/Селисти Lig/Лпге
Nagisa Tsankov Male 10-12 1 Loose-Head Prop Slawbin RFK Vabruysk Premiesip
Francis Vitanov Male 36 2 Hooker Vyernhyamyel RFK Bykavysk Tsampiensip
Vodka Drunkenskis Male 35 3 Tight-Head Prop Valaštek RFK Kokovice Premiesip
Peko Pekyneva Female 16-17 4 Lock Kuzuryu Klan Dunarica N/A
Phoenix Blaus Male 28 5 Lock Senejov Eidensi RFK Šašská Premiesip
Takumi Mihailov Male 19 6 Blind-Side Flanker Project D Bachyn N/A
Sig Pironev Male Unknown 7 Open-Side Flanker RFK Dollynska Pomivary Tsampiensip
Richard Hammond Male 50 8 Number 8 Berevutych Ẁaipaut RFK Druzdrivsk Birmingham Premiesip
Draco Myronovych Female 16 9 Scrum Half Pastalawye RFK Zhylya Tsampiensip
Mina Klebitz Female 12-13 10 Fly Half Shakhtar Deambeu RFK Mioghita Premiesip
Mamoru Petrovskis Male 14 11 Left Wing Inazuma Ostroná FK Tábokolov Tsampiensip

James May

Male 57 12 Inside Centre Valašlov RFK Havlídubice Premiesip
Rococo Radulov Male 14 13 Outside Centre Pilisve Gigant FK Biatorna Tsampiensip
Goomo Vasils Male 12 14 Right Wing RFK Deambeu


Aran Dimitrov Male 23 15 Full Back Corocco RFK Rîbder Premiesip



Manidee/Менидсцуе: Mr. Faust Ḩarełeudeiem  [A mysterious man who turned up one day to replace Jennifer Hammond as manager, after she was ousted due to conflicts with the public over her desire to become a car show presenter. That, or a daytime radio presenter. Faust, whose name roughly translates to 'Fist of the Pendulum Clock', is widely regarded to be the greatest manager in the country, with an innate and often frightening knack for making any team into a defensive fortress, even if they use all-out attacking tactics. A defence so great that no team has ever been able to score more than 7 points against him. It has often led to many rumours that Faust is nothing but an experiment by the HRJ. He is known as the King of Defence, other times people call him the Spiral Enforcer. He has a superb working relationship with the HRJ coach. No one knows whether Faust can be considered ally or enemy on the international stage.]



Keuts/Трене: Mr. Rago Ǹemisis [Replaced Isambard May, who renamed himself back to James May and became a player for the HRJ. A style of complete attack, the polar opposite of Faust's defending style, Rago is the champion of offense in Hertfordia. Despite this, he has general goodwill towards the manager, as he was resurrected by the 'Fist of the Pendulum Clock' following his apparent murder at the hands of an unknown scarf wearer. The 'Child of the Black Sun' is said to be harboring intentions of turning TWP into a new pit of darkness, but surely if that comes to fruition, the players and manager can put him back down. He is known as the God of Destruction, because in every match his teams take part in, they have always managed to win by at least 20 points. Sometimes he is also known as Nemesis Incarnate. Watch out for him. His right hand man Pluto Ḩeidīz is the one who convinced Rago to take up the HRJ coaching mantle. He once ran for prime minister, on a platform of making the dark prophecy of the ancient King Ḩeidīz into law.]



Steidiem/Стааиен: Stratosfera Park (Hoddesdon) [Stratosfera Park is the national stadium for the HRJ and is based in the northern fringes of Hoddesdon, just a couple streets away from the Princess Alexandra Hospital. It has been the home of the HRJ ever since the beginning of 1420 SM. This stadium has a capacity of 90,810 seats, making it the second largest stadium in the land behind Fàktri Mêridien in Harlow, which has a capacity of 111,089 as a football stadium, and is near the Music Factory, where all of TWP's music ultimately harkens back to. There's a reason the Jammbo side of H&J is referred to by nationals as the 'Origin of Music in the Universe'.]



Stail Madifaie/Стли Мадифаикеите: +3.7 [Rugby players in H&J are aggressive players, and are often offensively minded. The tactics of H&J perhaps resemble an organized mafia assault, this time with a new style of attack built by training in the countryside. When needed, they also perform a mean park-the-bus defence, due to their height and speed off the line/in general]

RP Permissions (I wish, yet again, for a realistic experience):

Injure My Players  : Yes

Assign Yellow Cards: Yes

Assign Red Cards: Yes

Godmod injuries: No

Godmod scoring: No

Godmod other events: No

The roster for this season retains many of the stars and fan favourites that lifted us to the title last time round, but also features new faces who broke through the rigorous yet rewarding HRJ academy. Come on Remnants, go for top once more!

This roster has been provided by the Härtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Junjen. Thank you for your patience.


NOTE: Hertfordshire and Jammbo has a very well developed local rugby scene that has been going on for some time, and it has some experience in national rugby, having won the first TWP Rugby World Cup. The local scene received a substantial boost after the underdog success story that was the HRJ from the current government.

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28 November, 1420; 5:40 PM AMT

Zoranian Times Live!

Zoranian Times live intro plays and reveals a unawares Quiyakaso who is currently picking his nose until he realizes he is live on air.

"Oh! Hello people of Zoran! I am Quiyakaso Gohalitsve and we are reporting live in the streets of the capital of Dilber awaiting the celebratory parade that the NACZ planned for our rugby players! But while we wait, I want to say that the team uniforms of the other teams look absolutely marvelous, very fashio-"

A red haired five year old, dilberian chique who is dressed like a homeless person, aggressively stops into view of the camera before saying, 

"You really think you know what fashion is!?" said the girl. Quiyakaso pinches the ridge of his nose before sighing

"And who might you be little girl?" the girl had abnormally large muscles for someone her age before she said loudly,

"Who am I!? Are you stupid or something!? I am the best fashion designer in all of Dilber! And I tell you that these jerseys are not fashionable at all! What I am wearing is the peak of fashion!" Quiyakaso began to laugh and the girl only grew angrier,

"Okay okay little girl, look here have some money and buy yourself a chocolate bar or something."  he pulls out some Dilberian currency he got when he arrived her and handed it two the girl. The girl took it but quickly ate it and let out a battle cry. She punched Quiyakaso in the balls with all her might. Quiyakaso clutched his crotch as he let out a squeak that showed that this girl was not any normal girl, she was a Dilberian girl on steroids. Quiyakaso collapsed onto the side walk and the camera man backed up as a swarm of homeless people and the girl quickly descended upon him, stealing everything he had on him except for his microphone. When the swarm dispersed, Quiyakaso was left curled up on the ground in his white boxers and his microphone as he clutched his groin in agony. He didn't roll over to face the camera but you could see him shakily raise the microphone to his face and you heard him squeak out,

"You *groan* heard it here *sob* first folks. *sobs* Jerseys are not fashionable. *groans* Now let-argh-view the parade. *sobs* Why did I keep this job?"

"Because it pays really well and you didn't think things could get worse from what occurred at the Olympics." said the camera man. Quiyakaso began to silently cry in pain in the street as the NACZ logo fades into view on the screen before changing to another camera that showed the NACZ parade which shows floats with a giant logo of the NACZ made out of roses and the rugby team standing on the first float. But on the next float there are three people in the Olympic judo team outfit, in fact they are the three Zoranian finalists in the Judo event from the Olympics, if Quiyakaso wasn't incapacitated he would be asking what they are doing here but he can't! Following their float there is a giant platypus mascot with a few cheerleaders who are bringing the hype. Then a few other floats pass that aren't very important but behind the float you think you see a person in a prison jumpsuit with a shaved head running from some security guards yelling that he will run till the ends of the planet.


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The home team from Dilber has returned the same team from the last cup, but for "fairness" is not playing in it's home stadium.  Also, they're all mysteriously bigger and stronger and sponsored by BetterBy Pharma.  Ask no questions about how some of them are "younger" or "look like different people and were clearly replaced due to "not winning".



The Dilberian Dopin' Dogs:  We play to win  (if you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin')

Style mod:  5

Home Stadium:  Dilber Rock  (famed for it's overly large hotdogs due to antibiotics and steroids)

Stadium size:109,500 people


Player coach is Ivan Mihovilovic


Robert Weaver Hooker 24
Dave Williams Hooker 24
Brad Hanafourde Hooker 95
John Clements Prop 23
Brad Hanafourde Prop 23
Douglas Neary Number 8 31
Mark Tompkins Prop 29
Ivan Mihovilovic The guy in the back 84
Frank Henry Prop 8
Franklyn Williams Wing 7
Ruben Dario Garcia Wing 6
Sergio Chade Wing womb?
Eduardo Hussey Lock 17
Dr. Christian Schlaerth Lock 43
Ken Simmons Lock 46
Matt Rowe Flanker 24
Paul Mallon Flanker 24
Mike “Littleman” Resta Flanker 36
Scott “Huey” Garrity Flanker 42
Bill Johnstone Number 8 33
Mike Hayden Number 8 22
Sharon Resta Hooker Aged-less
Paisley Penn
Scrum-half 35
Rahl Fox
Fly-half 23
Kajetan Wardle
Fly-half 43
Yisroel Fuentes
Fly-half 25
Brent Tang
Center 25
Montgomery Cresswell
Center 13
Malcolm Garcia
Center 46
Maverick Gallagher
Center 15
Jess Whitworth
Wing 39
Kiran Busboy
Wing 23

The team is on a lot of drugs, and it is a fairly known secret that they are good at getting around the testing rules.


Style mod +5



Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes

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Team Information

  • Style mod: 3.7
  • Home stadium: Dodek-Tourbillion Stadium, Clarendon County- Rugby cap. 5,120
    • Dodek-Tourbillion Stadium is the historical home of the Basric Rugby Association. Though not the largest rugby stadium in Nieubasria, it is the closest to the capital and set on privately-owned land by the Dodek family. The pitch was refurbished in 1398 to address concerns of accessibility of the stadium and accommodate the greater demands for telecommunications suites by the television broadcasters.
    • The Basric Rugby Association is owned and convened by the Baron-Esquire Theo Dodek, great-grandson of the first convenor and namesake of the home stadium. 
  • Manager: Dylon Dickinson, Baron-Esquire Theo Dodek (ex-officio)
    • As patron to the team, Convenor Baron-Esquire Theo Dodek is considered an ex-officio manager. In practice, Theo is singly responsible for the staffing and operations of the Rugby Association, whereas Dylon takes on the affiliations with the amateur and semi-professional Association.
  • Coaches: Daniyal Walter, Simone Vaughan


Name Num. Pos. Age
Arailt MacIlleDhuinn 1 L. Prop 31
Adnaan Navarro 2 Hooker 23
Isaak Quintero 3 T. Prop 25
Fabian Carver 4 4 Lock 29
Jonah Bowler 5 5 Lock 28
Zaid Haas 6 Backside Flanker 23
Karol Morley 7 Openside Flanker 25
Teo Nelson 8 Number 8 22
Isaac Alford 9 Scrum-half 25
Tate Callaghan 10 Fly-half 31
Winston Macclellan 11 Left Wing 34
Trystan Montgomery 12 Inside Centre 27
Pàl Breathnach 13 Outside Centre 29
Maon Innes  14 Right Wing 30
Earc Magees 15 Full Back 27



Style modifier 3.9
Home stadium Dodek-Tourbillion
(RP) Players may be injured Yes
(RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
(RP) Players may receive red cards No
No godmodding

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Saint Andreisburg - Dalimbar

Colonel Nur Olsen arrives with his squad at the airport early. He knows he has to make his team ready for the tournament of their lives. They have to make Dalimbar proud, especially after the incident at the embassy last time and their showing. The conversation with the Brigadier in charge of the Dalimbar Sports program was certainly not the most pleasant he had to deal with, neither was the one he had with the diplomatic officers while he was still in Reçueçn. Finally, the presentation to Stavka and the Marshal himself. There were many in Stavka who wanted to liquidate the program and send hostile messages to the outside, but as the Marshal himself noted, he was a rugby player himself, and this was the first battle. Col. Nursan and his rugby squad were spared. 

In the airport lounge for officers, Col. Nursan pulled Captain Hasse Siemon, the coach, aside. A smoke and a drink later, they finally found the opportunity to speak when their "comrades" in the Special Police finally grew bored enough to lurk around the departure wing hoping to harass some... foreigner? Some unlucky soul, to say the least.

"It's a 104, Siemon. Have to be on close guard of supplies while there." Said Col. Nursan while finishing off a glass of glass of vin.

"No shit, sir. You saw what the druggies in Dilber hauled in with them last time. But a 104, sir?" 

"No chances. Between our friends and hosts, no chances." Col. Nursan saw one of the more loathsome elements of the Special Police, Major Trolio, coming back to the lounge, looking at both men with a mild contempt. The two rugby officers continued their quiet drink while waiting for the plane to board before taking them to another hive of barbarians.


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image.png.695090356b58246aab9906ea3fde6a75.pngFormer Wales captain Kingsley Jones named Canadian men's rugby coach | CBC  Sports
NB Rugby Manager Dylon Dickson looks on during the frought Nieubasria-Recuecn
of the 1419 Rugby World Cup

The Basric men’s rugby team will soon find out whether consistent players on the roster will translate to consistent results on the field against top competition.

Nieubasria announced its roster Friday for its second Rugby World Cup entry. It features only 11 of the 15 players that were on the opening squad for Nieubasria’s first RWC team, as well as a new team captain – Maon Innes.

“It’s a quick turnaround in the domestic League, and the roster has been quite consistent throughout the last few seasons” Nieubasria head coach Simone Vaughan said Friday in a phone interview. “When you’re working internationally it really is important to get that consistency of quality of challenge and keep your best feet forward.

“But more importantly we’re investing in people, and we want to keep investing in a consistent squad of players.”

Loosehead Prop Arailt MacIlleDhuinn of Irvon Hill RC and Outside Centre Pàl Breathnach of Glenarden RC are the newcomers from the Basric Semiprofessional Rugby League.

They replace Cayson Donovan and Dilan Salas.

It’s the first call-up for Breathnach, who helped Irvon Hill finish first in both halves of the inaugural BSpR season and impressed Dickson with his play against tougher opponents in the Basric Championship.

“He showed solid performances in his run against top-ranked teams in the Basric Championship,” Dickson said. “And he’s got a level of flexibility. He has a real physicality about his game, which I think is important coming into the game with the Libterrerian team.”

“He’s a very steady midfield player with great energy,” Dickson said. “He’s tactically disciplined but has that creative streak in him that I think’s important for the type of player we want.”

“The Libterrarians will have their own motivations,” Dickson said. “We have to come with that same spirit, that same mindset that this is about qualifying for the Quarterfinals and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

The Basrics placed fourth of four in the Group Stages at the preceding World Cup, and critics say that the lineup shuffle will not be enough to overcome the strong teams they have been placed with in this year’s group stages.

Cambria, also placed in Group A this year alongside Nieubasria, is also hoping for a strong showing coming off of the across-the-board dominance of the Astorian nations in the Summer Olympics in Saint Josalyn.

Dickson said the senior team has been able to build consistency both tactically and culturally over the past few training sessions, and now it’s starting to see the fruits of those labours.

“The tactical framework we’ve embedded has since got better as we’ve come up against better opposition, we’ve learned and we’ve adapted. But what we’re starting to see is that consistency. We’re able to show an identity better and have become more aggressively strategic onfield.

“The more results we gain as a team, the more people understand how important this journey is through World Cup, and that every game counts,” Dickson said.

“We’re building something. And having our best players in every camp helps us keep building the momentum. It helps our young fans see our best players turn up to Clarendon, or Saint Aiaden, or wherever we’re playing regardless of who the opponent is, I think that’s crucial to keep growing the game in this country.

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Hertfordshire and Jammbo


Emblem Look above

Union: Hertfordshire and Jammbo Rugby Union

Head coach: Faust Ḩarełeudeiem/Rago Ǹemisis

Captain: Robert Lee

Most caps: Robert Lee (5)

Top scorer Mikhail Faustin (23)

Top try scorer:  Ongo Vidopliassova/Mikhail Faustin (4)

Home stadium:  Stratosfera Park    

World Rugby rankings

Current 1 (as of 29 November 1420)

Highest 1 (1420)

Lowest:  7 (1420)

First international

Dalimbar 17-18 Hertfordshire and Jammbo
(23 February 1420)

Biggest win

Hertfordshire and Jammbo 19-0 Sensorland
(29 February 1420)

Biggest defeat


World Cup

Appearances1 (First in 1420)

Best result:  Champions, 1420

Website:  We don't have a website

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Libterraria team:

Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes



Style modifier = -3

Other notes:
Rugby is slightly popular in the Fingal Islands whilst almost everyone in the mainland doesn't even know the rules.
The team has about a 50 50 split between Fingalese and Libterrarian people.

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It had been a long weekend. The press conference in the lobby of the Royal Central Rail Station in Sanctus Leo had gone as expected. The questions centered on three topics.

How did Saint Mark expect to compete in rugby on the international stage when only a year ago a national team didn't even exist? Good question!

Won't the fact that the team has to take the train to accommodate Rudolph Centerman's fear of flying fatigue the players even before they arrive?
At least the games were being hosted in DIlber and not off continent. If that had been the case, we would have had to either take a ship or drugged Centerman.

How does Gregor Napoli feel about the civil war in Zoran?
Even though Gregor was born in Saint Mark of immigrant parents, the press still considered him Zoranian.

Afterwards, the team almost missed their train when the Goldwash twins couldn't be pulled away from a crowd of admiring young ladies.Thank goodness for our charismatic Fly-Half, Nelson Saint Mark. He seems to be the only one the team listens to when they lose focus. He was able to drag the twins away while avoiding his own scrum of fans.

Upon arrival, clearing customs went smoothly, although it was odd ... the officials almost seemed surprised that we weren't carrying any drugs.

The hotel was nice, not Saint Markan of course, but nice. The crab hors d’oeuvres in every room was a nice touch.

Finally, after a team meeting and another press conference, Sir Evan was alone in his room with his feet up and a glass of Aurum Sherry in his hand.
Please God, let the team hold together! Let us have a respectable showing.

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