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  1. The glorious Free State of Dalimbar will be defending our victory from last time or die trying. Go Boys in Blue!
  2. Nation name: Dalimbar Nation trigram: DAL Players: 1. Grigroii Utkin 2. Kuzma Vinogradov 3. Kyusha Vasilyev 4. Syuzanna Makarov 5. Halina Frank 6. Avenir Krupin
  3. Система аварийного оповещения / Emergency Alert System Вещательный диапазон: Порт-Айна / Broadcast Range: Port Ain Внимание! / Attention! Внимание! / Attention! Внимание! / Attention! Внимание! / Attention! Порт Айна заблокирован до дальнейшего уведомления. / Port Ain is under lockdown until further notice. Пожалуйста, оставайтесь в своих домах. Не выходите на улицу. / Please remain in your homes. Do not go outside. Порт Айна заблокирован до дальнейшего уведомления. / Port Ain is under lockdown until further notice. Пожалуйста, оставайтесь в своих домах. Не выходите на улицу. / Please remain in your homes. Do not go outside. Вооруженные группы атакуют следующие объекты: Атомная электростанция Порт-Айна; Командный центр Порт-Айна; Таганский Торговый Центр; ФСТВ Порт-Айна. / Armed groups are attacking the following locations: Port Ain Nuclear Power Station; Port Ain Command Centre; Tagansky Shopping Centre; FSTV Port Ain. Вооруженные группы атакуют следующие объекты: Атомная электростанция Порт-Айна; Командный центр Порт-Айна; Таганский Торговый Центр; ФСТВ Порт-Айна. / Armed groups are attacking the following locations: Port Ain Nuclear Power Station; Port Ain Command Centre; Tagansky Shopping Centre; FSTV Port Ain. Не покидайте свой дом, пока не даст разрешение! / Do not leave your house until given clearance! Слава Далимбар! / Glory to Dalimbar!
  4. COMMS TO ALL FIELD COMMAND OFFICERS IN FAR-EASTERN CONTROL ZONE SENDER: VC Stavka/FC FECZ Today we begin the integration of the FECZ into the Free State. From Stavka on to company, all have received their orders. The following measures are to take place: 1. Designated units will ensure compliance of relocation of hostile-class residents to reserved lands. Non-compliant hostile-class residents, if classified as a threat, shall be immediately terminated. Other non-compliant hostile-class residents shall be handed to Gulag Processing Units in their sectors. 2. Border units shall be at fortress state along the frontier and reinforced. 3. Supporting internal units to enforce lockdown procedures in their sectors. 4. Port Ain and other urban sectors in FECZ with Dalimbari and other FS citizens shall be lightly swept for subversive activity and secured from outside conditions. 5. Project Sitka shall be engaged in reserved lands for continued project testing, particular lands to be noted in future comms. Glory to the Free State! Glory to the Marshal! Glory to our Ancestors and the Path! -Gen. Iosip Frank
  5. "so... we actually won? Against the host? Who is currently setting fire to their own stadium?" asked Gen. Iosip Frank, almost stunned at television. Marshal Briand and General Frank were watching the Ryxtylopia vs Dalimbar match on FSTV-1. "It... appears so. Remind me to have Stavka approve something for Sasha. Lunging at that one Ryx player in the first half was entertaining. I think she may have drew blood." responded Mar. Marcus Briand. The two senior officers of the Free State historically often watched Dalimbari sports together, having been friends for what seemed like ages. Although born in separate cities, their families had close ties with one another and got to know each other in their time in the 16th Tank. Briand took a more direct route to Stavka compared to Frank, who preferred the field lifestyle. This week was the first in quite a while where the two were in the same room, now that Briand convinced Frank, and Stavka, to appoint his friend as Vice Chair. "Absolutely, Marcus. Poor barbarians, they're going to lose their small minds at this. Which of the players scored? I couldn't tell." Gen. Frank said while sipping his beverage. "Does it really matter? They're all one in the same. But I think it was either five or seven. Or maybe eight. I really do appreciate the program from Research Branch that made... whatever this all is, happen. I really can't tell the difference between them." the Marshal of the Free State of Dalimbar sipped his beverage, and the two watched a commercial on the latest in tractor technology in a contented silence.
  6. УКАЗ Ставка Фреистат Далимбар 231128-05 О продолжении интеграции Дальнеговостока Ставка Фреистат Далимбар: 1. Во всех административных районах, находящихся в ведении Полевого Командующего Дальневосточной Контрольной Зоны (исх. УКАЗ 210425-02), Полевой Командир должен иметь опеку над всеми жителями враждебного класса (исх. УКАЗ 181117-06), которые еще не достигли совершеннолетия в Фреистат, считаются подопечными стат; ...A. В качестве Хранителя Полевой Командующий и назначенные им агенты должны предоставлять возможности для образования, здравоохранения и интеграции в общество Фреистат; ...Б. Все подопечные обязаны посещать школы с интернатами до тех пор, пока они не достигнут совершеннолетия или не будут исключены; ...В. Для необходимого образования подопечного его учеба должна быть освобождена от перерывов, а лица, стремящиеся прервать обучение подопечного, признаются совершившими преступление "вредительства воспитанию" и приговариваются к 10 годам каторжных работ без права переписки (исх. УКАЗ 050215-03). ...2. Во всех административных районах, находящихся в ведении Полевого Командующего Дальневосточной Контрольной Зоны, Полевой Командующий требует, чтобы жители враждебного класса были идентифицированы Фреистат по следующим параметрам: ...A. Все жители враждебного класса должны зарегистрироваться для получения номера «Диска», который будет официальным документом, удостоверяющим личность; ...Б. При регистрации своего номера «Диска» они получают от Фреистат личное имя из утвержденного списка чодеанских/хазарейских/дриннонских названий (исх. УКАЗ 890716-02); ...В. Номер «Диска» состоит из следующих элементов: ...В1. Первый элемент должен быть отмечен либо «С», либо «Ю», с учетом того, что житель проживает либо к северу («С»), либо к югу («Ю») от Порт-Айна; ...В2. Вторым элементом должны быть последние две цифры года, в котором резидент зарегистрировал свой номер «Диска»; ...В3. Третьим элементом является пятизначный номер, присвоенный резиденту; ...В4. Примером этого может быть: С23-00001, Ю24-12345, и т. д. ...Г. Звонок или обращение к жителю враждебного класса, будь то он сам или другой, с использованием любого другого идентификатора , кроме полученного им личного имени и номера «Диска», должен классифицироваться как «вялотекущая шизофрения» и ограничиваться психологическим учреждение до момента признания его годным к возвращению в общество (исх. УКАЗ 930522-01). ...3. Во всех административных районах, находящихся в ведении Полевого Командующего Дальневосточной Контрольной Зоны, Полевой Командующий требует, чтобы жители враждебного класса проживали только на заповедных землях и вели свою социальную и экономическую жизнь строго в пределах заповедной земли, к которой они относятся. назначены; ...A. Эти земли будут выделены в районах, которые не препятствуют и не препятствуют развитию Дальневосточной в Фреистат; ...Б. Местоположение, размер и принадлежность этих зарезервированных земель определяются Полевым Командиром и назначенными им агентами; ...B. Жители враждебного класса обязаны переехать на зарезервированные земли в течение 30 дней с момента уведомления о выделенной им резервной земле. Невыселение в установленный срок на отведенную резервную землю признается совершением «социального тунеядства» и наказывается лишением свободы на 10 лет без права переписки (исх. УКАЗ 050215-04); ...Г. Жители враждебного класса имеют право передвижения в пределах отведенной им резервной земли. Жители враждебного класса не имеют права передвижения за пределы отведенной им резервной земли; ...Г1. Жителю враждебного класса может быть предоставлено право на передвижение за пределы закрепленных за ним резервных земель и получение пропуска, подтверждающего такое право, если он является подопечным, как указано в статье 1, или по другим утвержденным причинам, определенным Полевым Командиром; ...Г2. Недоказание того, что они получили право на передвижение за пределы закрепленных за ними резервных земель, считается совершением «посягательства первой степени» и наказывается к 5 годам каторжных работ за первое правонарушение, к 10 годам каторжных работ за первое нарушение. за второе правонарушение, а по третьему правонарушению - 10 лет каторжных работ без права переписки (исх. УКАЗ 050216-01). От имени Ставка, Маршал Маркус Брианд Председатель Ставка Маршал Фреистат Далимбар Генерал Иосип Франк Заместителем Председателя Ставка Полевого Командующего Дальневосточной Контрольной Зоны On the Continued Integration of the Far-East Stavka of the Free State of Dalimbar: 1. In all administrative areas covered under the authority of the Field Commander of the Far-Eastern Control Zone (ref. UKAZ 210425-02), the Field Commander shall have Guardianship over all hostile-class residents (ref. UKAZ 181117-06), who are not yet age of majority in the Free State, deemed Ward of the States; ...A. As Guardian, the Field Commander and his designated agents shall make available facilities for education, health, and integration into Free State society; ...B. All Wards are required to attend schools with residential facilities until they either reach the age of majority or are expelled; ...C. For the required education of the Ward, their studies shall be freed of interruptions, with those seeking to interrupt the education of the Ward to be deemed to have committed the crime of "education wrecking" and sentenced to 10 years of hard labour without the right of correspondence (ref. UKAZ 050215-03). 2. In all administrative areas covered under the authority of the Field Commander of the Far-Eastern Control Zone, the Field Commander requires hostile-class residents to be identified by the Free State under the following parameters: ...A. All hostile-class residents are to register for a "Disc" number which shall be the official record of identification; ...B. Upon registration of their "Disc" number, they shall receive from the Free State a personal name from the approved list of Chodeani/Hazari/Drinnonese names (ref. UKAZ 890716-02); ...C. The "Disc" number shall be comprised of the following elements: ...C1. The first element shall be marked with either a "N" or a "S", noting that the resident lives either north ("N") or south ("S") of Port Ain; ...C2. The second element shall be the last two digits of the year in which the resident registered for their "Disc" number; ...C3. The third element shall be a five digit number assigned to the resident; ...C4. An example of this can be: N23-00001, S24-12345, etc; ...D. The act of calling or referring to a hostile-class resident, be it themself or another, by any other identifier than their received personal name and their Disc number shall be classified as having "sluggish schizophrenia" and shall be confined in a psychological institution until deemed fit to return to society (ref. UKAZ 930522-01). 3. In all administrative areas covered under the authority of the Field Commander of the Far-Eastern Control Zone, the Field Commander requires hostile-class residents to only reside in reserved lands and shall live their social and economic lives strictly within the reserved land to which they are assigned; ...A. These lands shall be set aside in areas which do not hinder nor impede the development of the Far-East by the Free State; ...B. The location, size, and membership of these reserved lands shall be determined by the Field Commander and his designated agents; ...C. Hostile-class residents are required to move to the reserved lands within 30 days of notice of their assigned reserve land. Failure to move to the assigned reserve land within the timeframe shall be deemed to have committed "social parasitism" and sentenced to 10 years of hard labour without the right of correspondence (ref. UKAZ 050215-04); ...D. Hostile-class residents shall have the right of movement within their assigned reserve land. Hostile-class residents shall not have the right of movement outside of their assigned reserve land; ...D1. A hostile-class resident may be provided the right to movement outside of their assigned reserve lands and receive a pass proving such right if they are a Ward as noted in Article 1, or for other approved reasons as determined by the Field Commander; ...D2. Failure to prove that they have received the right to movement outside of their assigned reserve lands shall be considered to have committed "trespass of the first degree" and be sentenced to 5 years of hard labour on the first offense, 10 years of hard labour on the second offense, and 10 years of hard labour without the right of correspondence on the third offense (ref. UKAZ 050216-01). On behalf of Stavka, Mar. Markus Briand, Chairman of Stavka Marshal of the Free State of Dalimbar Gen. Iosip Frank, Vice Chairman of Stavka Field Commander of the Far-East Control Zone
  7. FSTV 2 - Military Morning Cpt. Natali Alexandrov, Host: Welcome back to Military Morning, here on FSTV 2. As announced yesterday afternoon by Stavka through Ukaz 231125-01, the Field Commander of the Far-Eastern Control Zone, General Iosip Frank, has been named as Vice Chairman of Stavka. He is to hold both roles as Vice Chair and Field Commander, the latter role he attained back in the springtime during the Rugby World Cup here in Dalimbar. We would like to welcome General Frank to the show to get his take on his new position and the overall situation. Gen. Iosip Frank: It is a pleasure to be here. May the Path and our ancestors bless our frontline troops. Cpt. Alexandrov: Indeed, sir. First off, on behalf of all of us Dalimbari, especially active-duty, a heartfelt congratulations on your new role. This has been a busy year for you, right? Gen. Frank: Thank you, Captain. I would like to thank the Marshal and all my colleagues in Stavka for the confidence that they have seen in me to permit me to serve in both Vice Chair and Field Command roles. It is an honour to serve our Free State in both functions. I would also like to take this time to thank my good friend Admiral Kresco for his services as Vice Chair these past several years, he was a strong force within Stavka and I hope that he enjoys the gosdacha in 8. Along with the Marshal, Mihovil was a mentor to me and he will be missed in command. Cpt. Alexandrov: I'm sure many active-duty Dalimbari have heard your story now, but would you mind telling us a bit about your younger years? Gen. Frank: Oh absolutely! As I'm sure many of the lads know, I'm not a Starija-born lad, my family was based in Selia when I was born. Dad was a Colonel in the army but often served frontline in the Far-East and Yugodalia. As with many Dalimbari, we kids followed the paths of our forefathers, playing rugby in school and academy, going through training, and starting to make our way through service. For me, while Saint Andreisburg is our founding place and capital, Selia is... home. Even if I don't get to see it often, as I have been fortunate to tour around our great and splendid country throughout my career. Cpt. Alexandrov: The 16th Tank Division in particular must be proud of your accomplishments. Gen. Frank: I have fond memories of my time with the 16th Tank. Our work in the Far-East was and continues to be essential to ensure the survival of the Free State and to consolidate and integrate the Far-East onto the Path. I'm always happy to start blasting at barbaric terrorists and their ilk if they dare threaten our Free State. We show no mercy. Our glorious Marshal Briand and the rest of my colleagues on Stavka want to ensure that the Far-East is a peaceful as the Starija, and as Vice Chair and Field Commander, that is my mission. Cpt. Alexandrov: And we thank you for your service, sir. We're going to take a quick commercial break, and after we'll continue to talk to Gen. Frank. Stay tuned!
  8. УКАЗ Ставка Фреистат Далимбар 231125-01 О заместителе председателя Ставка Ставка Фреистат Далимбар: 1. Принимает отставку адмирала Миховил Крешко с поста заместителя председателя Ставка и членство в Ставка; ...A. Награждение Героем Фреистат (первой степени) за образцовые героические заслуги перед Фреистат. ...Б. Начисление выходного пособия и пенсионного обеспечения в соответствии с УКАЗ-091026-02 ...В. Далее присуждает госдачу в Районе 8 для его исключительного и частного использования 2. Назначает генерала армии ФС Иосип Франк заместителем председателя Ставка; ...A. Продолжает исполнять обязанности полевого командира Дальневосточной зоны От имени Ставка, Маршал Маркус Брианд Председатель Ставка Маршал Фреистат Далимбар On the Vice Chairmanship of Stavka Stavka of the Free State of Dalimbar: 1. Accepts the resignation of Adm. Mihovil Kresco as Vice Chairman of Stavka and membership in Stavka; ...A. Awards the "Hero of the Free State (First Class)" for exemplary heroic services to the Free State ...B. Awards severance and retirement package in accordance with UKAZ-091026-02 ...C. Further awards a gosdacha in District 8 for his exclusive and private use 2. Appoints Gen. Iosip Franc of FS Army as Vice Chairman of Stavka; ...A. Continues his duties as Field Commander of the Far-Eastern Control Zone On behalf of Stavka, Mar. Markus Briand, Chairman of Stavka Marshal of the Free State of Dalimbar
  9. IB STN RYX==/UPLNK MSG IB HQ NOTE - Comms w/ HQ soon off in RYX; STN dmg by rads due to host gov pol. ID secure atm. Pub space non-secure. REC - 1. Lock of IB STN, 2. Req int. --- IB HQ==/UPLNK MSG IB STN RYX RESP - 1. K. 2. No, but "Redwood" asst in min 24 hrs. --- IB HQ==/UPLNK MSG JOB HQ/MSG SOB HQ NOTE - Sit in RYX worsening. Assets in host in cross btwn host and rads. REQ "Redwood" asap. --- JOB HQ==/UPLNK MSG IB HQ RESP - K. --- SOB HQ==/UPLNK MSG IB HQ RESP - ExAf will hate this. K.
  10. FSTV 3 - The Way to Health [Opening scene: A well-lit studio with the host sitting at a desk adorned with various health-related props. The camera zooms in as the host begins speaking.] Dr. Gerasim Orlov, Host: Welcome, dear viewers, to another episode of "The Way of Health". I'm Dr. Orlov. Later on in the show we'll be discussing the negative mental and physical effects of consuming foreign media, especially "anime" from places like Zoran, but first... [An ominous looking fungus appears in the corner of the screen.] Dr. Orlov: ...we're going to address a growing concern in our community - a dangerous street drug known as "fun-gi", "devil spore", or "brain rock". This substance has been making its way through our streets, and it is crucial that we shed light on its potential risks. What makes this substance particularly alarming is its origin, as it is believed to have originated in the backwards society of Varanius, and both its original form and a synthetic form has been used by young people going to parties and clubs, particularly in Saint Andreisburg. [Cut to video of a party club scene while Dr. Orlov continues to speak.] Dr. Orlov: The Office of the Surgeon General notes that after its introduction via smuggling into the Free State during the Rugby World Cup, a synthetic form has been developed in clandestine laboratories in hostile-class regions of Yugodalia and then bought by innocent Dalimbari youth, thinking it is just a harmless party substance. They take it before and while in a club, but its effects can be both unpredictable and perilous. Users seem to experience hallucinations, altered perceptions of reality, and intense mood swings. [Cut back to the studio.] Dr. Orlov: The concerning part about "fun-gi" or "devil spore" is that its production methods are entirely unregulated, leading to variations in its chemical composition. This makes it extremely difficult to predict how an individual may react to the drug. Reports of adverse reactions, including seizures, anxiety attacks, "skin crawl", and even cases of overdose, have been on the rise. [Transition to a pre-recorded interview with a recovering addict.] Former User: I started using "fun-gi" at parties, thinking it was just a bit of fun. It made me feel really good for a while, like I was on my own Path! But soon, I found myself unable to control the impact it had on my life. I was spending more and more on this junk, just to try to feel the same way I did the first time I tried it. It took a toll on my physical and mental health, and I knew I needed to seek help. I really had strayed from the Path. [Cut back to the host.] Dr. Orlov: It's stories like these that emphasize the importance of being informed and vigilant. If you suspect someone you know might be using "fun-gi" or any other unknown substances, encourage them to seek help. We can not lose any Dalimbari from the Path. Addiction is a serious issue, and professional support can make all the difference. [Contact information for local treatment centres appears on the screen.] Dr. Orlov: Remember, your health is your most valuable asset. Don't waste the life your ancestors gave you. Stay vigilant and stay on the Path. Up next, our panel will be discussing the dangers of foreign media. You won't want to miss it. [The screen changes to a commercial on the latest tractor.]
  11. FSTV 1 - Saint Andreisburg Morning Natasha, Anchor: "... and turning to the world of sports, while it isn't rugby, the Footblues have landed in Ryxtylopia to compete in the third World Cup of Football. Reporting from the games is our very own Dmitry. Dmitry, can you tell us how the flight was for the team?" Dmitry, Sports Reporter: "Good afternoon, Natasha! It was a long journey for the Dalimbari squad to get here... wherever here is. Oh yes, Ryxenia. As airspace was not granted by the barbaric dwarves to the east of the Free State for a more direct flight to Ryxtylopia, we had to do the long "High Thulian to Tethys" route. No matter, our squad got here in the end. All Ivans and Sasha are getting prepared for their first match against... um... Pedandria? Genuinely don't know where that is, but apparently it is a country! These barbarians are cute, making up new places for us to play against." Natasha: "And how is Sasha in particular doing after such a long flight?" Dmitry: "She may have tried to make a swing at local security shortly after we landed but in the end she calmed down after being presented a tray of salmon and berries. Along with the Ivans she is in good spirits and seems eager to maul the competition." Natasha: "She's becoming a hero of mine. One might say she's becoming my... spirit animal, hah!" Dmitry: "Oh, I think the feed cut out there for a sec, Natasha. What was that?" Natasha: "Nevermind. How are the Ryxtylopians doing with preparing for the games?" Dmitry: "There is certainly a buzz in the air, with stadiums undergoing final preparations and locals getting into arguments over who will win. At least, that is what I assume happened in some of the... what's more barbaric than barbarian living, a slum? Yes, slums. Though, compared to our comrades in the Militsiya, I found that the security forces here were lax when it came to breaking things up. Perhaps they can learn from our great nation once we win a second world cup this year?" Natasha: "Exciting stuff, Dmitry. Keep us up to date. And now, the weather..."
  12. Федерация футбола Далимбар Dalimbar Football Federation RP permissions: Injure my players: yes Assign my players yellow cards: yes Assign my players red cards: yes Godmod injuries: yes Godmod scoring: yes Godmod other events: yes Style Mod: +2.7 Name Position Number Ivan Pervyy (Иван Первый) Centre Forward 1 Ivan Vtoroy (Иван Второй) Left Forward 2 Ivan Tretiy (Иван Третий) Right Forward 3 Ivan Chetvertyy (Иван Четвертый) Centre Midfield 4 Ivan Pyatyy (Иван Пятый) Left Midfield 5 Ivan Shestoy (Иван Шестой) Right Midfield 6 Ivan Sed'moy (Иван Седьмой) Centre Back 7 Ivan Vos'moy (Иван Восьмой) Centre Back 8 Ivan Devyatyy (Иван Девятый) Left Back 9 Ivan Desyatyy (Иван Десятый) Right Back 10 Sasha (Саша) Goalkeeper 11 Note regarding spares: In the event that a player requires replacement, a new individual will take their name and position. Note regarding the goalkeeper: Sasha may or may not be a bear.
  13. State Dinner Between: The Free State of Dalimbar, the Kingdom of Giovanniland, and the Holy Principality of Saint Mark Markus Briand, the Marshal of Dalimbar, walks into his office at the Oborin Palace accompanied by his trusted assistant, Colonel Natalia Kuznetsova. They have just returned from a tour of the palace, checking the final preparations for the State Dinner, which will be attended by Prince Marcarius of Saint Mark and King Giovanni VI of Giovanniland, along with their entourages. While no longer the residence of the Marshal, he maintains an office in one of the many ornate rooms of Oborin Palace. The walls are adorned with intricate gold leaf designs and priceless paintings, while the ceiling features a breathtaking fresco of a hunting scene. The room is illuminated by dozens of crystal chandeliers, which cast a warm glow over the elegant furnishings. The Marshal takes a moment to gaze around the room, admiring the opulence of the palace. "Oborin Palace truly is a sight to behold" he remarks to Kuznetsova. "We are lucky that my predecessors built and maintained this. Col. Kuznetsova, how are the preparations for the State Dinner coming along?" Briand asks, taking a seat behind his desk. Kuznetsova nods in agreement. "Sir, everything is going according to plan and we have spared no expense in preparing for this event. The kitchen staff is putting the finishing touches on the menu, which includes dishes from several districts of the Free State, and the floral arrangements have arrived and are being set up as we speak." The Marshal smiles, knowing that Col. Kuznetsova's attention to detail is second to none. "Excellent work, Colonel. We have an opportunity here to showcase our hospitality to the world", the Marshal begins. "As a state often away from the rest, we must make the most of this occasion to strengthen our ties with these foreign powers, Saint Mark and Giovanniland." Colonel Kuznetsova nods in agreement. "It is an exciting time for Dalimbar, sir," she says. "Hosting the Rugby World Cup, now a state dinner with two foreign powers. It has been a lot of work but our guests will be impressed and comfortable here in Oborin Palace." Briand smiles. "Good work, Colonel. I know I can count on your attention to detail." "Thank you, sir," Kuznetsova replies with a smile. Markus walks over to the window, overlooking the grand gardens of the palace. "This event is crucial to our foreign relations. It is an opportunity for us to strengthen the ties between our countries and build new partnerships. Perhaps with things less tense with the Astorian Union bloc, we need to explore the rest of the world for opportunity and trade." Colonel Kuznetsova chimes in, "Absolutely, sir. And we must ensure that our guests from Saint Mark and Giovanniland leave with nothing but positive impressions of our country." Markus nods in agreement. "Precisely. We must show them the best of our traditions, culture, and cuisine." As Colonel Kuznetsova leaves the room, Markus takes one last look out the window, taking a deep breath before turning back to his desk. With the preparations in the capable hands of his trusted assistant, he can rest easy knowing that the State Dinner will be a success and that the guests from Saint Mark and Giovanniland will be impressed with the hospitality of Dalimbar. Markus Briand remembers another crucial detail. "Oh, one more thing, Colonel. Don't forget to have the highlights of the Rugby World Cup playing on the televisions throughout the palace. We are hosting the tournament, after all." "Of course, sir," Kuznetsova replies with a nod. "And congratulations on Dalimbar's victory yesterday. We have advanced to the Quarter Finals." Markus grins with pride. "Yes, it was a great victory against Kalmach. But let's not forget that Saint Mark and Giovanniland lost their matches in the Round of 16. We must be gracious hosts and ensure that they enjoy their time here despite the results on the rugby field." "Absolutely, sir," Kuznetsova agrees, and with a final nod, she exits the room. Markus takes a deep breath, feeling the weight of responsibility on his shoulders as he prepares to host this important State Dinner. But with the preparations well underway and the hospitality of Dalimbar in full display, he is confident that the evening will be a success.
  14. Stavka of the Free State of Dalimbar Chairman of Stavka, Marshal of Dalimbar - Mar. Markus Briand Vice Chairman of Stavka - Gen. Iosip Frank Commander and Chief of FS Army - Army Gen. Yuri Markov Commander and Chief of FS Navy - Fleet Adm. Vikentije Mateev Commander and Chief of FS Air Force - Air Gen. Adam Svetomir Commander and Chief of FS Militsiya - Militsiya Gen. Marin Kral Commander and Chief of FS Marines - Marines Adm. Grigor Machan Commander and Chief of FS Coast Guard - Coast Adm. Zigmund Stanic Commander and Chief of FS Rocket Forces - Rocket Gen. Boris Sykora Governor Commander of District I - Adm. Iliya Cerny Governor Commander of District II - Adm. Milos Pavlov Governor Commander of District III - Adm. Aleksander Martinovic Governor Commander of District IV - Adm. Tjaz Erazem Governor Commander of District V - Gen. Drago Vodenicharov Governor Commander of District VI - Adm. Asen Kovac Governor Commander of District VII - Adm. Gabrijel Bozidar Governor Commander of District VIII - Adm. Kostyantyn Zivkovic Governor Commander of District IX - Gen. Yulian Balaz Governor Commander of District X - Gen. Neven Zdenko Governor Commander of District XI - Adm. Aleksey Afan Governor Commander of District XII - Gen. Nika Dvorak Governor Commander of District XIII - Adm. Georgiy Dimitrov Governor Commander of District XIV - Gen. Leon Mirek Governor Commander of District XV - Adm. Aleks Seva Governor Commander of District XVI - Adm. Andrej Bakhtiyar Governor Commander of District XVII - Gen. Renato Timotei Governor Commander of District XVIII - Adm. Joso Vjeko Governor Commander of District XIX - Gen. Adam Brin Field Commander of Administrative Districts “Yugodalia” - Gen. Mikolas Kucera Field Commander of Far-Eastern Control Zone - Gen. Iosip Frank Field Commander of Southern Control Zone - Adm. Vilim Ajdin Commander of Joint Operations Branch - Lt Gen. Danylo Valeriev Commander of Special Investigations Branch - Vice Adm. Matfey Orlov Commander of Special Operations Branch - Lt Gen. Radovan Hadjiev Commander of Intelligence Branch - Lt Gen. Dariy Struna Judge Advocate General - Vice Adm. Igor Joze Surgeon General - Lt Gen. Yevhen Vidovic Chief of Energy Development - Maj Gen. Asya Smola Chief of External Affairs - Rear Adm. Aleksey Klement Chief of Finance and Trade - Rear Adm. Arman Mlakar Chief of Force Development - Maj Gen. Paskal Milen Chief of Infrastructure - Maj Gen. Radomir Brankovich Chief of Internal Affairs - Maj Gen. Gasper Kovachich Chief of Materiel and Procurement - Rear Adm. Gabrijel Dragan Chief of Public Affairs - Rear Adm. Maksim Hornik Chief of State Development - Maj Gen. Pavol Luchic
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