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  1. Welcome, and we wish you a good stay here! TSP's embassy in our forums can be seen here for when you need to post updates or other important news:
  2. Looks like I'm on the minority this time around. Maybe it's just the fact I am Brazilian, the Amazon has some lovely biodiversity that I'd like to see more closely.
  3. Lost in the jungle, even though I could potentially be hunted down by dangerous animals, I would also get to see a breath-taking nature.
  4. Please remember to create a forum account so it can be masked as Hall of Nations member if your application is successful
  5. Fluent in all languages, I already know how to play my favorite instrument which is the piano but there are so many nice languages that I don't know how to speak so it was an easy choice for me.
  6. Welcome! I am one of the TWP Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and it's nice to have you here Be sure to post any updates you have, the embassy UA linked above is the best place for that.
  7. Back in time, I love history. Funnily enough, since I've been researching NS history a lot recently, perhaps I could travel to 15-20 years ago and see for myself how the early days of NS were. Not that the existing coverage is bad (our forums have really good resources), I just feel like wanting more.
  8. Interesting, looks like everyone answered side so far. For me it's almost always side, but sometimes I also sleep well in the stomach position.
  9. This was hard to choose considering there are both cats and dogs at home. But considering both quantity (2 dogs vs 1 cat) and time they've been here (7 and 6 years for the dogs, 6 months for the cat) I choose dogs.
  10. If you follow the instructions listed in the first post of this thread, sure. Also please create a forum account instead of posting as guest, so it can be masked as Hall member after you successfully apply.
  11. I'd have hiccups for an hour. If the hour of sneezing comes at random and then it happens during a class, I'd hate for everyone else to think I've got the coronavirus.
  12. How is everyone?

    1. Zoran


      I am doing well. :)

  13. This treaty was enacted long ago already. I'm not sure why did you gravedig a thread from 9 years ago.
  14. This embassy has been closed and moved to the Inactive Embassies section due to over a year of inactivity.
  15. Hey there! First, let's get two things straight: The right place to apply for citizenship is the Hall of Nations Application thread, not anywhere else. I see you posted there already, so if you did complete both the form and the oath, the only thing to do now is be patient and wait. It's preferred if you post in an out-of-context (OOC) way rather than in-context (IC), meaning that you, the player behind the nation is requesting citizenship, rather than sending an envoy or ambassador. We like to keep IC posts within our roleplay subforums. That said, welcome to the West Pacific! Feel free to ask questions you have, and be sure to get more involved in the region once your citizenship is accepted!
  16. Welcome to the embassy of Entropy in TWP's forums! Make yourself at home and enjoy the fully stocked bar
  17. Welcome! Like I said in the Discord, I love the poetry you've posted in the RMB and I think it's nice that you are already getting involved a lot here.
  18. My national factbook has finally been updated forumside! Read it in this link :)

  19. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  20. Welcome! I see you've already joined the Discord server and applied for Hall of Nations citizenship, that is nice. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are very friendly and helpful.
  21. Never gonna make you cry

  22. Feels weird to welcome you after you have already done so much for the community, but hey there!
  23. Hey there, welcome to the West Pacific! Have you had a chance to read our New Player Guide and apply to the Hall of Nations so you can get involved here?
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