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  1. Wasn't able to post yesterday so I am sliming you today @Dilber
  2. *eyes Mia suspiciously* Okay "Mia" *backs away while dumping slime on @Dilber* (Dilber if you are reading this I am not saying you are chris pratt...he just happened to be the person in the photo)
  3. Spent time drawing something on inkscape and tried to upload it as a photo and it doesn't upload, I am sad now . But still love this Lo!
  4. As long as it is within the week I don’t think it matters, unless you say otherwise Mia :p
  5. @Dilber Enjoy the slime shower!
  6. Welcome to the Best Pacific! We are glad to have you. You should first consider applying for citizenship in the Hall of Nations, once you are accepted you can get more involved in the ministries and in RP!
  7. @Dilber I guess I am sliming you now
  8. Not the place to ask that question, better place to ask that is on the discord. Or better yet, you can read one of the guides on the NS region page.
  9. Welcome! We are glad to have you join! I also noticed your question about badges and to answer that question, you get badges by participating in regional or NS events and your performance or activity in them dictates if you get one or not.
  10. Hi Orandia! Glad to have you become more involved here! As you are now a HoN member and you want to get involved in RP just follow the steps that are under the Rp section of the forum. Just start by making a map claim
  11. We are glad to have you in the West Pacific! Like Gio said, feel free to ask any questions and we are glad to have you join us when you feel ready!
  12. Grievances of the Unheard Once upon a time there was a dream to make a land for the free, A dream and that is all it was as people of color were bound In the chains forced upon them by their fellow men; as their lives and cries were lost as the bells of freedom rang and drowned their loud sounds; While their fellow men would whip and beat these poor black men to the hard ground, And yet for those that ran/to be free, they would be fed to the hounds, But the Fathers that found this ravaged land had the chance to end it all And yet they kept the system out of fear; to unite the states and doomed Their posterity to centuries of hate and pain and spilt blood, And now I watch the news of the people who are consumed by the gloom, Unable to do my part at seventeen as men are inhumed As they seek to be heard after being ignored as anger ballooned, While those before who rebelled in Shay’s and Whiskey were pardoned Along with those who left to keep the blood rusted chains in the fields By Washington and Lincoln, who many admire and praise as heroes, And yet the men and women who peacefully protest for ideals Of justice after being ignored for far too long yell out pleads; Only to be met with force and are sent to jail by some fiends, After years of fighting for rights of colored people years ago Were all those sacrifices of those who died for change made in vain? Liberty may stand on broken chains but she cries in chains herself As she watches as her people are shot and gassed, writhing in pain, Meanwhile the orange man hides away tweeting away; guilty as Cain As he guns down his own citizens, showing how he is insane, But here I sit holding back tears writing these words to express how trapped I feel; unable to do my part at seventeen when men before Conquered nations at my age, and yet I am unable to help Those who are on the ground taking a stand for true justice and more, All I can do is sit and watch the world burn as more blood is poured, Is this the land of the free or of the damned, I ask as I offer another prayer,
  13. Studying for my AP chemistry and US History exams

  14. Welcome to the TWP Family! We are glad to have you join us!
  15. Welcome to the best pacific! It really is a nice community and we are glad to have you join our family here!
  16. Welcome! We are glad to have you in our crazy family here!
  17. Welcome! We are glad to have you join our crazy family here!
  18. "Please don't fire your guns at the hurricane!" -Every Florida police officer during Hurricane Season
  19. Fighting for control with CGZ

  20. I am an ENFJ-A (Protagonist)
  21. “What is TNP?” -Vara the Questioning Fetus
  22. Welcome to TWP! We are glad to have you here and hope you stick around!
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