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  1. Dusts off slime machine again and pulls the lever dropping @Dilber into a vat full of slime I wait for the day to do this regularly again.
  2. Gio! How could you! But of course I have to choose cookies, it is part of my whole schtick!
  3. *turns on the lights and brushes off some dust* I'm back! @Dilber, you're going for a little swim!
  4. Welcome! We are glad to have ya! Feel free to ask questions on our discord, everyone is happy to help!
  5. @Dilber you know, you look better covered in a healthy shade of neon green.
  6. @Dilber I have a slime delivery for you! :p
  7. ^Actual picture of @Dilberafter my spooky sliming this week
  8. Welcome! We are glad to have you join!
  9. @Dilber so because of budget restraints I had to change the source of the slime. The slime may be green but don't be fooled...it is made of crabs!
  10. @Dilber if you thought you were safe from the sliming this week then you have been mistaken! From the pile of busy work I shall still slime you!
  11. @Dilber later than usual but here is your weekly sliming!
  12. @Dilber another week and another healthy dose of slime.
  13. @Dilber despite being at school and stuck in classes I will still slime you! You cannot escape the slime!
  14. @Dilber glad you think so because it will keep going as long as I am here so here is your weekly dosage of slime!
  15. @Dilber another week another sliming.
  16. @Dilber it is that time of the week again!
  17. @Dilber Bit later than I liked but here is your weekly dosage of slime!
  18. Mia is a great deputy minister of Foreign Affairs
  19. @Dilber Double slime for you today!
  20. Welcome! We are glad to have you join! You don't have to just do a newspaper there are infinite number of possibilities for you to do in RP but a newspaper is always a good start! Another note about RP that you should know is that we don't use NS stats, they aren't very realistic and so we have our Questionnaire thread that you can fill our and post there after you make a map claim (if you haven't already that is) to get some of your stats sorted out. Feel free to ask any questions about RP in the RP discord server, everyone is happy to help! Also consider joining one of the ministries to become more involved in the community!
  21. Its that day again, got your healthy weekly dose of slime for you @Dilber
  22. Wasn't able to post yesterday so I am sliming you today @Dilber
  23. *eyes Mia suspiciously* Okay "Mia" *backs away while dumping slime on @Dilber* (Dilber if you are reading this I am not saying you are chris pratt...he just happened to be the person in the photo)
  24. Spent time drawing something on inkscape and tried to upload it as a photo and it doesn't upload, I am sad now . But still love this Lo!
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