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  1. As I have been tasked, I shall take to this project. For those intending to help, I have little experience with the process of drafting or campaigning for an SC resolution. If anyone with access to this thread would like to bring forward any suggestions, they are always welcomed. I will start this process with some research. A quick and cursory google has given the following previous attempts or discussions: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=462483 _______________________ ______________________ https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=273454 And some responses from Dali and other Primary info in that thread: I did not coup, but I was assisting both the Coalition side and the Sedge/Milograd sides at the same time. In the Sedge case, he had only contacted us the last day of his Delegacy, thus assistance was limited. I had acted as an observer in the Milograd case until the Coalition started to get its act together, and then worked with Biyah and a few others to put an end to it. You were in the counter-coup, so you will remember what was going on. So these should be reworded to say that he has either supported or been involved in a coup in all 9 except The Pacific, but not both. And that's assuming that's also true of TWP, whose history I know very little about seeing as it is so uninteresting. Indeed, The Pacific has not been couped in the sense we term it since Francos took over. There have been palace coups, certainly, yet I was never involved in that. I have conspired against Moo and Krull, and they knew. I could not do anything to them, and they couldn't really do much to me. For a brief period of time, under Moo's Delegacy, I did have the password to his nation. Moo and I also had a fictional marriage for propaganda/lulz.So, these lines needs to be fixed. For the record, I was Deputy Director of RLA Intelligence. I was also heavily involved in RLAF (Red Liberty Armed Forces). Never mind one of the top diplomats of the org. But, you weren't there.
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