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  1. I have already ignored the application. Your ejection is between you and the Guardian that banjected you; don't bring it up here.
  2. This is formal notice that starting now, this application will grant only provisional citizenship. Full citizenship will be contingent upon completion of UTWP.
  3. We're no strangers to love.

  4. Alright, apologies for the delay everyone, the citizenship staff has been preoccupied with RL recently. @Archipool @Federation of Inner Ryxtylopia @Nijineser @Illaois @Hisokratch @embubbleblue @Veganism Rocks @WesternHowell @Moray.Aberdeen All accepted.
  5. @Sensorland Approved. @Yaddak Your application is on hold as you have not submitted the Google form. Please fill out the form to complete your application.
  6. I told you exactly what you needed to do. Following instructions is an implicit requirement for citizenship.
  7. @Kazaman @Boxicus @Alterre Approved.
  8. @Galactic Serbia @Lundelbell Your applications are on hold as you have not completed the oath in this thread. @VergVillerepublic @Av Libertas Vindex @Autumn (Dakoran) @cool British Columbia @PineMelon @Rojo Nico (SMMR) Accepted.
  9. @Kesawi @Kingbuster9903 @Senchuratia Approved, apologies for the delayed notice.
  10. @Stratethclyde @Hollsulls @Norse @TheSkaps Accepted. Kesawi and Sortire, your applications have been received and are pending approval.
  11. It's weird using the forums on a real computer again.

  12. @The Vail @Marusin @Syberis Accepted.
  13. @Liberal Dia Weld @CongressionalDiplomatofThoshia @Donuia Accepted.
  14. @Blyskalia Denied—the nation listed on your application is not a resident of TWP.
  15. @Ostrogothaland @The United Kingdom Of Lenited Accepted. @Min-Su Yours has been recieved and will be processed ASAP. Sorry for the delay. @Odysseus You have not completed the oath.
  16. Notice: Applications are now closed for the duration of the election cycle. Applications submitted before this announcement will still be processed.
  17. @The United Kingdom Of Lenited You need to complete the oath in this thread to complete your application.
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