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  1. I wish I could be in the TWPAF :/

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    2. Talidania


      Hmmm would you happen to know why the dispute?

    3. Altino


      Really only one other raider org on NS will work with TI. Lol. They're an icky group! 

    4. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      There's multiple reasons. The first started last winter. Before then under Knot, we actually had an embassy with them and worked with. But things eroded because of management there. Then they sent out all of the crazy SC proposals. So we left. At the same time it started to emerge that several of their higher ups were engaging in unseemly and harmful behavior. Leadership did nothing about it. So we decided to go in a different direction and stay away. It has since gotten worse and we are staying further away.

  2. I slipped on my face and landed on my feet c:

    1. Zogradia


      Reverse gravity got you, too? I hate when that happens!

  3. LAZUUUUURZZZZ......LAZURZZ everywhere!

    1. Hariko


      Mai eyeballz!

    2. Lady


      Tali is fluent in gibberish :33

    3. URAP


      Not Ze lazurz!

  4. July 23rd, 2015 | Issue #3 Current Regional Population: 332 (-102) | Current Delegate Endorsements: 58 (-50) Forum Posts: 242,127 (+3,603) | Forum Members: 930 (+17) Chancellor: Asylum Founder: Falconias Secretary of Engagement: approximate psychosis Secretary of Equinomics: To Be Appointed Secretary of Lifestyle: Ceapoyce Speaker of the Senate: To Be Elected Guild Senators: Supreme Leader | KevinWasserman | Spontaneous Lunacy | yumyum36 World Assembly Delegate: KevinWasserman NEWS FROM EQUINOX --The Guild Probation Period was not a success, ending the short lives of The Equinox Avengers, The Aurors, and Suicide Squad. --When Hospitlar resigned the Speaker of the Senate, RGarrettGamer and newcomer Spontaneous Lunacy both ran. RGarrettGamer won with 3 Guilds voting for him. --When Speaker RGarrettGamer took over, he quickly presented 4 bills for Chancellor Asylum to sign. Equinox officially signed the Arnhelm Recruiting Treaty, The Voting and Debate Limits, the Impeachment Act, and the Electoral Reform Amendment. Debate was heated with a debate on the powers of the Speaker, after the Speaker edited legislation to his liking in regards to the Equinomics Budget for the term. Chancellor Asylum quickly vetoed the altered budget and then implemented it without the Senate's blessing. --Mounting complaints of Speaker RGarrettGamer's conduct on the offsite forums and Skype, were brought forward by multiple high-standing Equinoxians to Chancellor Asylum. After filling in Founder Falconias of these, the decision to ban RGarrettGamer and his nations, North Gralend and Southern Gralend, from Equinox was announced. Met with a general approval of the residents on the forums, Equinox has already moved on. --With the banning of Speaker RGarrettGamer, the Senate is now leaderless. This and the overall inactivity of the Senate has brought forth a discussion lead by Chancellor Asylum to amend the Constitution and dissolve the Senate, giving any powers it had to the Chancellor and the Guild Electoral College. The debate so far, seems to be leaning in favor of dissolving the legislative body of Equinox. --Secretary of Equinomics yumyum36 approached the Chancellor in late June asking for a removal of office. Chancellor Asylum agreed, removing him from the position. Instead of appointing a new Secretary, the Chancellor absorbed the responsibility and set forth making the foundation of the regional economy. --Equinomic's foundations have been laid, and several personal properties have been built, and several businesses have expanded such as the Admin Shoppe, and Ye Old Photo Shoppe owned by Ceapoyce. --Delegate Asylum announced his resignation so he could help focus his efforts on the raiding military of The Mafia. A quick election was held with KevinWasserman winning a popular vote over residents Falconias, Ceapoyce and now banned RGarrettGamer. --The Forum Staff grew, when Senior Admin Asylum announced the appointment of Equinox favorite, Captain Mordor, as a new Moderator. --Secretary of Lifestyle Ceapoyce, aided by her assistant Captain Mordor and Chancellor Asylum, has been busy presenting quizzes, crossword puzzles, and new Pointless Polls of the Week, all with incentives of the Equins to aid growth in Equinomics. --Happening Now; In Equinox, was launched to better aid residents to find activity on the board. 5 different sections are now displayed below the forum, helping them find something to do in The Senate, Equinomics, Lifestyle & Culture, World Assembly Affairs, and Announcements. --Forum Staff announces new forum theme of "Touch the Sky" --The Cabinet voted in two new members to the region's Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Griff, and Mekhet (better known in NS as Zaolot). Guild Power Rankings 1. The Mafia Leader: Asylum, Members: 15 A change in The Mafia has paid off for its military, as any new member to The Mafia is now required to serve in it's raiding military. Any member of La Famiglia before the change is grandfathered in and can still opt-in only to the military. The Mafia to date has raided 136 regions, and has been on the battlefield with the likes of DEN, Funen, Lone Wolves United, and has been recently re-enforcing the Osiris raid in Founderless. 2. Guild of Doom Leader: Ceapoyce, Members: 8 With Hall of Famer, and Leader Hospitlar attending to RL matters, Ceapoyce has taken over leadership of the Guild. Guild of Doom recently gained a new member to the Equinox Hall of Fame with Mekhet (Zaolot), and has been steadily active in the region's Lifestyle and Culture activities. 3. Industrialist (TIED) Leader: Supreme Leader, Members: 3 After appointing himself as their Senator, Supreme Leader has been quiet. Luckily for them they have The Cat! Equinox's official Cat, Alunya has been the most active ambassador for the Ambassador Corps, arranging the embassies in the Feeders has been her mission and has been quite successful with her efforts. 3. Scooby Gang (TIED) Leader: Wopruthien (PAGING WOP, PAGING WOP), Members: 3 Finally appointing yumyum36 as their Senator, Scooby Gang is still the most quiet guild. A jump start by an active Wopruthien would be nice. Maybe he can get some of his defender buddies to come and start up the Scooby Gang's military to rival the raiding Mafia? (If Wop is found, please return him, we miss him )
  5. I'd gladly participate in military functions, I'm associated in quite a few militaries. TNP is lame TSP is lamer, Considerable experience = 5 1/2 yrs
  6. I have considerable experience within NS and decided to explore a feeder. I'm recognized as Tali or Talico. Just stopping by to see what there is to offer. Im here to have fun and I declare TWP as all mine now. :DDDDD Much love to everi wun hugs & kisses Its 5am Im going to bed :DDDDD Nice to be here X_X caek
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