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  1. Forward. I'd like to see how things turned out vs how they got here.
  2. Hiccups. I have violent sneezes so would be in much pain well before an hour.
  3. Dog. Had both. Allergic to both. But dog.
  4. 3/4 of the way. Between side and stomach with a leg out like the number 4. I can't sleep on my back in a bed, only on like a hammock or a couch if I take the middle cushion out so it supports like a hammock.
  5. NationStates Nation Name: Papercuts and Skittle Discord User Name: Stax#1978 Your Local Timezone: Pacific Regions You Have Active Nations In: TWP Any Diplomatic Experience: Was an ambassador from like 2006 to 08ish I think
  6. Fall back is like performing a trust fall with the Earth, knowing it'll be there to catch you.
  7. I've had 2 dogs and 6 cats growing up, dogs.
  8. Mountains, as far away from other people as possible
  9. American, all my grandparents are American, but their parents came from the old countries. I'm 5/8's Swede and 3/8 German. What makes up those ethnicities past that is harder to figure out though. Was born in "Northern Virginia" for the non-DC locals, and have lived all over the country, Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon.
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