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  1. I've been part of a few "my way or the by-way" situations (including some in THIS region) and this doesn't feel like that to me. This feels more like an honest effort from a delegate eager to try something to encourage activity. "We need more activity" has been a point for a while here, I know I heard it while I was delegate. I just didn't have it in me to enact any sweeping changes. Part of that was likely because of the reaction I was sure that I would get, from both in and out of the region. Halo, apparently, does. I'm iffy on some aspects of this, there are certain things I'd have preferred to have seen done differently. I didn't participate in the conversation, and that was my choice; I'd seen the TG about it. However, I'm down to see how this goes. It could end up amazing. But if it sucks, I trust that Halo will make an effort to adjust things so they do not suck. When things don't change, we end up in a place with a good ol' boys club. I've seen it happen here before. So, really, the way I see it, the worst thing that happens with this is people are cranky, it doesn't work, and Halo adjusts it. The best is that it's actually fun and new people get active on some level, participating.
  2. I’m going to keep my statement fairly short… Being Delegate of The West Pacific is an honor and a privilege. When Dave came to me to be Delegate, I was thrilled. I was looking forward to being able to do all the things and work toward keeping the region amazing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to live up to my own expectations. The region deserves someone who can be consistently active and around. Due to RL things, I have not been able to give The West Pacific the time or energy it deserves to have from its delegate. I tried and kept telling myself that as soon as this thing or the other sorted out, that it’d be fine, but that hasn’t happened, and I can’t in good faith continue. I’ll be able to be around still, I’m not retiring or anything, just taking a step back. Thankfully, The West Pacific is full of wonderful people. So, even though I must step away from the Delegacy, there is someone else ready, willing, and more than able to take on the role. It is my great pleasure to announce that @Saint Mark will be the next delegate of The West Pacific. I am confident that he will do an amazing job. His passion for The West Pacific shows in everything he does, and his natural energy will give the region the boost it has been needing. Please, join me in welcoming and congratulating Halo! <3
  3. Could thefieryknight, Aweland, The Lord of Dawn, Altino, Nobovian [ALRJ], and Jevei please be masked as citizens? Thank you!
  4. I have more work for you, Admins! Will you please mask asher, ghostmw3123, and greyghost as citizens? *leaves cookies and booze for you all*
  5. Hello! Could I please get Confederados do Brasil, The North Ammon Thierry Order, Glenden, and Trantain masked as citizens? Thanks!
  6. Hello! Ark hasn't been around lately, and FA needs a person. Badger is going to be the new FA Minister, working with the Deputy and Ambassadors to make sure things keep going smoothly. Yay Badger!
  7. Hello! Please mask Libertarian Capitalist (Nover), Brax, Rakasyakti, Trioccultatia, The Confederacy of Senstristria, and Akroterium as citizens! Thank you :-)
  8. Those are banjections I can get behind. Certain names just point to bad times with a nation.
  9. That's great, and I think something that simplified will be useful (because yes, people don't want to read), and will probably handle a lot of the questions/behavior that would otherwise come up on the RMB. I think my concern is the people who want the human contact, so to speak. They want to interact and ask questions. Obviously though, it is preferable that they read the things first and then ask, and we should encourage that. But, as long as the attitude is "Here, this will help" and not "Can't you read?" that should make a difference.
  10. Fujai, I'm down with working on having a theme, something that will make whatever it is on be obviously a TWP thing that is official. Also, I agree the flag could use an update, and I think you're on the right path with the examples you have there. I do differ a bit from Dave, though, in that I don't think it has to really be the same style. I'd be interested in seeing anything that feels like TWP. I love tradition and old things, but sometimes something fresh is good too. I disagree greatly with the delegate being elected. Dave is right, for Intel to be doing their job properly, you won't know. If you know a lot of what they are doing, it's being done wrong. Making the Hall matter beyond elections would be great, that is absolutely something to work on. The number of banjections have decreased. However, I get your point. And I agree entirely, I think that new players are often reacted to poorly if they are obviously new or behave in a way that makes it clear they didn't click and read the things first. Many of them do, and that's awesome, but the ones who don't and are still well-intentioned should probably get more of a friendly nudge than a "Can't you read?" That attitude isn't happening as often, either, so I think in general we are on the right path here. We were all newbies once.
  11. Congratulations, Neenee!

  12. If you don't have chocolate, I have some you can use to give to Dark. Anyways, hello there!
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