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  1. Hello person who I can't remember sorry I'm crap with names, or faces, or dates or just about anything
  2. I agree with Dark trying to figure out who the FA minister is or the delegate is annoying when they all have obscure or confusing names. This being said I'm all for a theme change but I don't want to change the traditional laid back nature, I personally like it because it offers a break from my hectic RL. If I had a preference it would be the Imperial Russian theme I but I applaud everyone for the hard work and the huge amount of creativity in the ideas. my one thought or Idea would probably be a more organized discord or forum RP, but that take a lot of work and effort so it may not be plausible.
  3. 50% Dutch from my mother's side and a mix of scottish,English, and German from my dad's, I'm American.
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