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  1. I don't care to much about my ethnicity, I chose to care more about where I live and my nationality. Most of my family is rather disappointed by this, but moving back on topic, both my parents were born in India and my mothers side comes from India. I never asked my father where his parents were born, we can safely assume somewhere in the world. I myself was born in Minnesota, (not a Vikings fan however), and raised in Florida and just recently moved to Texas. I am the only person in my family that did not celebrate Pakistan's independence day and perhaps the only one that celebrates July 4th from my mothers side.
  2. The UK? Damn. What would be your guess of the number of star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy?
  3. "Netflix ftw" -Hariko "I have a poor man's netflix. Youtube and cruncyroll." -Little Sealand "Oh come on, just get on with some mates and put up $3 bucks each per month. Netflix will allow you 4 devices at the same time and give you no issues :D" -Ele "$3 is a lot in Ramen noodles D:" -Little Sealand "You know, of all the things to say..." -Hariko
  4. The only bad thing about this thread is that there's only 50 US states....
  5. Ah, Nox once stated that he would be first to post on the five thousandth page of the RMB.
  6. No matter what, we should always try to follow the democratic process.
  7. URA gave his nation to DEN as a sign of weakness an they taken over the region, cut all embassies, and destroyed the WFE.
  8. "Questionmaster: Your specialist subject [nation=short]little_sealand[/nation] is the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. Little Sealand: I like tacos and burritos. Shortest quiz show ever." BBD ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Not everything is about domination, Sealand. You should try relaxing for one, like me!" -Hariko "Dude I'm not sure if I could ever love a crane and drag my economy as much as you do." -Little Sealand "I'll show you the spirit of the Great Palm Frond! *sissy-punches Sealand*" -Hariko
  9. I am in strongly in favor or banning,There is no reason why he deserves to be here after what his actions have caused. Tuna has already given many reasons and examples of URA's ungainly leadership previously.
  10. That's correct(I think), the problem is for me I had a horrible Spanish 1 teacher, so Spanish 2 was a living hell. I didn't really pick up Spanish, I really only drew and goofed off. Currently, there are anything from spaceships to penguins with monocles and top hats in my Spanish notebook.
  11. I like the english version. I think only one season is on netflix however.
  12. What is this? I fought my battles in spanish class! And I passed! Somewhat.
  13. We also seem to have a strong Hetalia fandom here as well.
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