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  1. Based on the question I'd have to go with Batman, if you fallen off a building Spidey probably has the edge but Bats ain't far behind but if your kidnapped or something then Bats all the way. Spiderman is cool and highly intelligent depending on which version we're talking about but spiderman still is limited on resources.. Batman on the other hand.. super genius creeper detective that knows more about you then you do will probably be able to track you down before you even know your missing.
  2. I would definitely be a hard choice for me if it was a nice summer rainfall or snow just slowing falling with no winds then id pick both since I always found both of them calming. But for 'Dark and Stormy Night' I have to go with rain, snow leaves to much work future me has to deal with.
  3. "I didn't come this far to only come this far" -A motivational thing I listen to to get hyped up when training
  4. What is your nation name? Teralyon What is your Discord tag? ZaFo#1920 What do you want to do in Cultural Affairs? While admittedly I'm not really sure, looking at the list I feel id be useful in Event Planing and small scale cultural coordination. What experience, if any, do you have in this area (in NS or RL)? In NS: Minor things with UTWP In RL: While I'm not sure how well this translates, in my line of work I sometimes have to plan out days and figure out ways, sometimes creative ways to solve issues and problems that arise usually under a time constraint.
  5. My personal favourite quote is the one i have in my signature and comes from the Stormlight Archive series of books written by Brandon Sanderson. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. -The First Ideal of the Immortal words of the Knights Radiant
  6. I really had a tough time with this, I don't think I've listened to a full album since my teenage days and tastes have definitely changed or rather broadened in the last 10 years and i rarely listen to just 1 genre or 1 artist at a time so choosing just one album was tough. In the end though I've chosen: Nervous_Testpilot - Wardialler Tracks: 10 Total length: 50 Minutes Genres: lo-fi, Electronic Year: 2019 Favorite track: Isolation Looking through my spotify, I really don't have one thing I listen too and 90% of songs i have saved in playlists are all from different artists, albums and its a mess with every genre possible showing up but out of that hole chaotic mess I did find I tend to listen to Nervous_Testpilot a lot when I'm working on something, be it something at home or when I'm at work I usually let his album(s) play when I know I will be there for a while. At work specifically, when I'm testing alone or in the field while commissioning or troubleshooting the machinery my company builds I tend to turn it on to keep me almost thinking at slower pace which lets me be more methodical in my work instead of just running through things and making mistakes. The track "Isolation" is probably the song i always start with first thus ill say its my favorite (playlists always on shuffle) it is almost a sort of reset and focus track for me. In terms of an Album alone that i have played over and over and tend to play it has to be Wardialler. There are of course many other songs and other artists that have some deep meaning for me for different reasons, for example, "Gangsta rap made me do it - Ice Cube"[explicit Lyrics] I more then likely interpret this songs meaning completely differently then Ice Cube means but for myself it comes down to "Don't blame others for your mistakes, take ownership and rise above" "Free - Mother Mother" For certain RL reasons it makes the feels feel
  7. I enjoy watching both, those athletes are amazing but since it's either or I can only base it off of what I personally like so let's see.... I love snowboarding so I should go with Winter Olympics but I also deal with the cold for far longer then I like.... When I get a chance for some beach volleyball though I look forward to it a lot more. I guess it has to be Summer Olympics for me. Sun's out guns out!
  8. Thank you for the advice! it's really appreciated! I'm not sure how to proceed with "Protect our Players Accord" since that is what it's called and all three of us felt it was important to add but at the same time looking at it now after its been mentioned it is skirting rule 4c quite close. My associates and I will definitely be discussing on how to make sure this is not a rule violation. We will also make sure to add more detail about Saint Mark's time as MoFA and roles held in the other regions. Thank you for the advice as well! Again it's really appreciated! Along with the minor things, we will definitely be making changes and expanding upon what was mentioned about what Saint Mark did as MoFA and the other positions that were held in the other regions. Thank you for the advice! Tags shall be added and my associates and I will discuss what to add about NSToday. 1) Great Idea Alon! 2) Yes, A oversight that will be fixed, Thank you. It has, but your comment reinforced my belief that TUMS, Kurabis and I will need to look into it and make it completely legal, Thanks Gio.
  9. An operative clause is the statement of what a proposal will do. Will it: Commend the nominee? e.g. "Hereby Commends Exampleland" Condemn the nominee? e.g. "Hereby Condemns Exampleland" Liberate a targeted region? e.g. "Hereby Liberates Example Region " Repeal a previous resolution? e.g. "Hereby Repeals SC#000 Commend Exampleland" e.g. "Hereby Repeals SC#000 Condemn Exampleland" e.g. "Hereby Repeals SC#000 Liberate Example Region" The operative clause must clearly state which of these it will do. Failure to do so will make the proposal be in violation of Rule #3 which in turn will make the proposal illegal.
  10. Hey GA crew! I was wondering if you could tell me how General Assembly resolutions affect the stats of my nation?
  11. The Security Council The Security Council is the Counterpart of the General Assembly. Together they make up the World Assembly, the Security Council focuses primarily on Gameplay as opposed to the role-play centered General Assembly. Security Council resolutions are almost all based on Gameplay involving regional politics rather than any sort of role-playing. Unlike the General Assembly, the Security Council passes only three different types of resolutions: Commendations, Condemnations and Liberations. Commendations Commendations Are resolutions that are usually written in gratitude and meant to showcase the outstanding contributions of a certain nation or region. Condemnations While Commendations are written in gratitude a Condemnation is the exact opposite and are resolutions that are written to express disdain towards a certain nation or region. Liberations Liberations Are a type of resolution written that focuses only on regions, a liberation removes the ability to put a password on a region so that it may not be able to continue to be held by raiders that have taken over the region. It is also important to note that all three types of resolutions can also be repealed. This is done by a new resolution being passed in the Security Council that nulls any previously passed resolution, for Condemnations and Commendations this will remove the badge that the nation or region gained in the previous resolution and for Liberations it will mean that a region regains its ability to place a password. The Procedure for how a Security Council resolution comes to pass is done by writing one but its not just as simple as writing one out and have it be the next thing the Security Council votes on. First you’ll want to follow the rules, there are 4: You cannot commend or condemn site staff for their actions unique to staff roles, Your proposal must have a new and relevant argument, Your proposal must contain an operative clause that explains what your resolution will do, Your proposal must fit NS canon. It is important to note that to even be able to submit a proposed resolution you will first need to have your nation be apart of the World Assembly and it must hold a minimum of two endorsements. Before you submit your proposal it is recommended that you get feedback, a great way is to go to the Security council section of the Nationstates forums. The first thing to do after your new resolution has been written is to start by submitting your proposed resolution. Once you have submitted your proposed resolution you will need to reach the minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly which is called attaining quorum. For your proposal to reach quorum all it needs to do is be approved by at least 6% of World Assembly Delegates within 3 days of submission which can become very difficult since many delegates do not look through the proposed resolutions. It is highly advised that you run a proposal campaign to try and reach as many delegates and get them to vote as you can within your 3 day period. One of the best ways to do this is by running a telegram campaign letter which will allow you to not only get delegate's to vote on your proposal to reach quorum but will also allow you see what delegate's aren't so convinced with your proposal and may end up voting against it. If your proposal attains quorum, your proposal will be placed into the Security Council's queue but be careful and make sure that you have more then just the bare minimum of delegate approvals because if it falls below 6% the amount of approvals required, it will drop out of the queue. Now finally if you attained quorum and made it to the front of the queue your proposed resolution will finally move to the voting floor and will be at vote for four days by all everyone that is in the World Assembly which means both WA delegate's and ordinary WA members will be voting. It is highly recommended that you also are active on the Nationstates forums while you proposed resolution is at vote. Many WA nations will vote either for or against your resolution based on the arguments for or against that are made in the thread for your proposal so you should address as many criticisms people have about your proposed resolution there. Written By; @TUMS, @Kurabis and @Teralyon
  12. Thank you kind sir! Thank you! please take all my chocolate as tribute!
  13. Hello there TWP! I hail from Teralyon, I don't exactly know how long i've been playing NationStates, I'll say it has to be atleast 2-ish years now of lurking around. Teralyon is the first and only nation i've made and The West Pacific is the first and only region i have been apart of and i don't see a reason to change either of those statements anytime soon! I joined the Discord server a while back but for some reason never got around to joining the forums so i figured id go ahead and remedy that today and it totally has nothing to do with that sweet map of The West Pacific i saw recently.
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