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TWP Rugby Signups and OOC

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(Rugby Union)

Hey everybody! Whether you're a longtime rugby fan or only here because you're intrigued by a sport you know nothing about, this is the place for you. If you just want to beat up on some TWPers via a roleplayed sport, that's cool too. So. What do you need to get started?

Not much. Just post here and say something to the effect of "I sign up." After that you can start posting in the IC (In Context) thread, where team rosters, roleplays, and results will be posted. This thread will be reserved for signups and OOC (Out Of Context) posts, so if you want to just chat about the tournament or have any questions, that can go here too.

Signups will be open for about a week or two and when we have a good number of people I'll close signups and post the tournament format in the IC thread. Don't feel that you need to wait for the tournament to begin to start rping about it, however.

Another note: I (Reçueçn) will be scorinating the tournament, but if any nation wants to host the world cup IC, feel free to mention that in this thread or roleplay a hosting bid and a nation will be selected. IC hosting would entail being the nation where everybody roleplays that their teams have been sent for the world cup, and we would want you to post a list of cities and stadiums where games will be held.

That's all I've got to say for now. Confused how we're playing rugby in a text-based game? Don't know what "scorinate" means? Read this spoiler.


Sports rp is a special kind of roleplay where rather than the roleplayers deciding what happens, the results are generated first and then the stories are created by the players after the fact to fit the results. This means that the cardinal rule while rp'ing is don't contradict the provided scoreline.

Ah, but how is that scoreline created, you ask? With a special piece of software called a 'scorinator.' A scorinator uses random numbers to generate a realistic score for a sporting even, taking into account several factors. These factors usually are rank and roleplay. If the competitors have competed in the past and established before which teams are stronger, that can be reflected by assigning those teams a rank. The scorinator will then provide realistic results where the stronger team is more likely to win. On the other hand, teams can be given an rp bonus as well. RP bonus is a tool used to encourage people to roleplay in the competition. The user scorinating the competition will read rps and give a bonus to each team according to the roleplay it wrote, slightly boosting its performance in the scorinator. However, this doesn't mean that if you roleplay you will win, and you should always roleplay because it's fun, not because you want the bonus. 

Results will be scorinated one matchday at a time to allow people to roleplay about each game. If you have any other questions about the whole thing works that I didn't address here, feel free to message me or ask in the thread.


Signups in spoiler



1. Reçueçn

2. Giovanniland

3. Big Bad Badger

4. Sensorland

5. Croblade (Boda)

6. Bran Astor

7. Clarkov

8. Aelitia

9. Bhang Bhang Duc

10. Fujai

11. Dilber

12. Kurabis

13. Bingsearching

14. Dalimbar

15. Teralyon

16. Darkesia

17. Westwind

18. Taledo




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Ok.  I want to play.

Fair warning: I have never participated in a sports RP and have no idea how to play rugby.  I just like to stare inappropriately.


I just realized, after reading the description, not knowing a damned thing about the sport will make it impossible to RP it.  So, I will have to withdraw.  Apologies for getting ahead of myself.  

Ok.  I'm in.

Edited by Darkesia
Changed my mind AGAIN!
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I was going to sign up over the weekend, but decided against it for the same reasons as Darkesia.  My only experience with Rugby was when the college team offered to go to war against another group of people on my behalf. It's good to have Rugby friends.

No wait. That's not my only Rugby experience. I forgot. I've been to Rugby, North Dakota, geographical center of North America.

However, if you need more teams, the Westwind Storm is available.  Just beware, that Westwind's Basketball team won the Gold Medal at the Equilism Olympics in 2004 even though they were glowing with radiation from Westwind's nuclear civil war. Some of those irradiated players may have survived to join the Rugby team. 

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I'm realizing that I didn't make it very clear in the original post that although I did label this as 'a roleplay competition', roleplay itself is entirely optional. All that's needed to participate is to sign up here: I'll be taking care of everything else to provide results and let you know who wins. Roleplaying about the competition is just an added activity players can do if they think that would be fun. I'd really be sad to see anyone leave over concerns they don't know enough about roleplaying--the goal here is to include everybody at the level of involvement they want. The more the merrier. (So yes, Westwind, we'd love to have your irradiated team too!)

As always, if you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask here or contact me privately.

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Ok everybody! We should have enough people now to get things rolling! I will put an official sign-up deadline a day from now, February 21 at 22:00 UTC+2 (20:00 UTC, 3.pm eastern, if I'm doing my math right). When signups close, I'll post the group draw and tournament schedule. It should be starting this weekend or next week probably, I'll figure out the exact day.

I'll also go ahead and say that the tournament will be hosted in Recuecn, since no one expressed interest. I'll try to get host info (stadiums, etc.) up soon.


tl;dr signups are still OPEN a bit longer! Join us!

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