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TWP Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Please don't post in this thread until you've signed up in the signup thread. Please don't put OOC posts here either.

(Rugby Union)

Welcome to TWP's first Rugby World Cup of its own! If you've signed up for this competition here, you're ready to start posting in this thread. A good way to start is with a roster post. A roster includes some information about your nation's rugby team, including, importantly, who the people on the team are. Here's a helpful link if you're new to rugby: https://www.ruck.co.uk/rugby-positions-roles-beginners/

Another helpful thing to include in a roster post is your "rp permissions." If you're planning to rp but want to make sure other rpers don't do things with your players you don't want, you can post a little box outlining what things others can or can't do, like this example:

Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes

"Godmodding" is rping unrealistic or unbelievable things happening, so if you want a more realistic experience for your team, you can ask that others don't godmod in your matches. Feel free to add other things you think of to your rp permissions, or leave some of the things in the example out, or be more or less specific. Or don't include it at all. You don't have to rp in this competition any more than you want to (or at all).

Finally, you can also include what's called a 'style modifier.' This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if your team has a more attacking or defending style. Teams with negative modifiers are less likely to give up points but will score less as well, while teams with higher modifiers will score more often but also let more attacks through. Style mods don't affect your chance of victory. If you don't put one, that's fine, you'll get a neutral mod (0.000).

Once you've posted your roster, feel free to start rping leading up to the competition. Once signups close, a format will be posted and you'll start seeing results here to rp about. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the OOC thread. Have fun!

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Fujanske Landslaget i Rugby


Further info on Fujai and host bid coming soonish.

Team Info

Basic Info

  • Style mod (if applicable): -3.1
  • Home stadium: Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde - Rugby cap. 23,680 (12,400 all-seater) (football cap. 61,800; 42,960 all-seater) - Known commonly as Nykanalen, the stadium is located in Nykanalparken, a park built on top of former fortifications that surround Keiserholde's city center. Nykanalen serves as the home stadium for Fujai's national teams in most field sports.
  • Managers: Keiren Jorda (She/her), Halla Usviken (They/them)
  • Coaches: Ila Navna (Ze/hir), Qi Jun (They/them)


Name Pronouns Num. Pos. Club City Age League
Zeinab Krælle He/him 1 Loosehead Prop Solbakken IL Keiserholde 32 Højserien
Edda Hortel Ze/hir 2 Hooker Bruland IF Keiserholde 27 Lågserien
Farre Jorg They/them 3 Tighthead Prop Koren RF Strafsund 22 Højserien
Ågot Moen She/her 4 Number 4 Lock Jarnfoss IL Jarnfoss 31 Højserien
Bertil Vik He/him 5 Number 5 Lock Austvolla IF Austvolla 26 Lågserien
Gert Sunde They/them 6 Backside Flanker Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 24 Højserien
Vilje Helland Ze/hir 7 Openside Flanker Oppdal IL Hafstrand 29 Højserien
Kaz Fyr She/her 8 Number 8 Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 23 Højserien
Emma Wagner She/her 9 Scrum-half Koren RF Strafsund 28 Højserien
Ruzar Levanzin She/her 10 Fly-half Strand RL Almoren 28 Højserien
Huan Min He/him 11 Left Wing Retthavn IL Retthavn 32 Højserien
Solvår Nanj She/her 12 Inside Centre Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 28 Højserien
Synne Veiren Ze/hir 13 Outside Centre Galskeir RF Galskeir 30 Lågserien
Jofried Tysken They/them 14 Right Wing Braskford IF Braskfjord 32 Lågserien
Kay Engen They/them 15 Full Back Holda IL Bertranslaug 26 Højserien



RP Permissions:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, including season/career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason—ask me if you want to do something wild and we can do it together

Language note: If I provide a word in Fujansk, please use it as is instead of a translation. If you'd like any additional translations or have a question, feel free to message me


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Kurabijsky tym rukby (Kurabisian Rugby Team)

Team info:

  • Style mod: -2(.2)
  • Home stadium: Narodny stadion grånyich sportů, Parducze
  • Manager: Petr Kos
  • Coaches: Edo Rakby, Karle Hol


Name Gender Age Num. Pos. City
Tom Hårtman male 32 1

Loosehead Prop

Anet Shmít male


2 Hooker

Kosovske Mjesto

(Blackbird City)

Jakåb Kos

male 26 3

Tighthead Prop

Kosovske Mjesto

Sokol Ples

male 25 4

Lock 1 (4)


Anetka Nordun

female 30 5 Lock 2 (5) Hrånice
Stella Ksík female


6 Backside Flanker Parducze
Sokol Ztan male


7 Openside Flanker Pelyi
Klap Vådish male 23


Number 8 Parducze
Anet Trímpf male 29


Scrum-half Horotojryi
Tomás Vora  male 30





Teresa Zlend female 23


Left Wing Zlend
Emi Destinachi female 28


Inside Centre Kosovske Mjesto
Elen Rakby male 31


Outside Centre Nordun
Stella Zlend female 25


Right Wing Zlend
Anet Våssr male 30


Full-back Parducze

 Note: Kurabis does not have any rugby clubs; no rugby games are played on national level


RP Permissions:

Injure my players: Yes

Assign my players yellow cards: Yes

                                  red cards:  No

Godmod injuries: No

                scoring: No

                other events: Depends on the situation



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De Efisl Raste av di Hartferdsier en Deambeu Ragbi Junjen/Афитсилниьат Спаисук не Катфадсие ае Дзаембеу Рагби Сцийас

Neim/Имеи Deende/Пеуп Eide/Вузрвст Nambe/Неуме Pezisn/Пазитсийа Klab/Клаб Setelment/Селисти Lig/Лпге

Ongo Vidopliassova

Male 23 3 Tight-Head Prop Shakhtar Deambeu RFK Malatsavichy Premiesip
Carl Jefferson Male 26 6 Blind-Side Flanker Dravusy RFK Vilchuk Tsampiensip
Wallabee Agnelli Male 25 12 Inside Centre Stororyska RFK Partin Premiesip
Chris Morituros Male 32 5 Lock Moperk RFK Plebem Premiesip
Salman Bello Male 27 4 Lock RFK Deambeu Tothalom Premiesip
Ashraf Memento Male 19 2 Hooker Klana RFK Mokallo Tsampiensip
Peter Cipriani Male 31 7 Open-Side Flanker Kistafalu RFK Grigorionii Tsampiensip
Robert K. Lee Male 22 13 Outside Centre Sajothalom RFK Cimiceni Premiesip
Graham C. G. Foster Male 25 9 Scrum Half Ribporeni RFK Rycie Tsampiensip
Kingston Ray Male 21 1 Loose-Head Prop RFK Frundru Prazezow Tsampiensip
Britannia Degre Female 27 14 Right Wing Nova Pulalin RFK Anibolia Tsampiensip
Scott Bevan Male 24 15 Full Back Jawobrowa RFK Darmaceava Premiesip
Isaac Ozbek Male 33 11 Left Wing Brehasca RFK Komarovo Premiesip
Toni Bandera Male 23 8 Number 8 Sladkoska RFK Vrulic Tsampiensip
Williana Zelensky Female 31 10 Fly Half Moljecke RFK Balkopsk Premiesip

Manidee/Менидсцуе: Mrs. Jennifer Hammond

Steidiem/Стааиен: Stratosfera Park (Hoddesdon) maxresdefault.thumb.jpg.5d7dfe7155baa3423752894b49d03db0.jpg

Keuts/Трене: Mr. Isambard May 

Stail Madifaie/Стли Мадифаикеите: +3.3

RP Permissions (I wish for a realistic experience):

Injure My Players: Yes

Assign Yellow Cards: Yes

Assign Red Cards: No

Godmod injuries: No

Godmod scoring: No

Godmod other events: No

This roster has been provided by the Hartferdsier end Deambeu Ragbi Junjen.


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Giovannilandian National Rugby Team (Gïovannilandiäna Equïpa Nacïonalia di Rugbio) [WIP]
Name Gender Age Num. Pos. City 
      1 Loosehead Prop -
      2 Hooker -
      3 Tighthead Prop -
      4 Lock 1 (4) -
      5 Lock 2 (5) -
      6 Backside Flanker -
      7 Openside Flanker -
      8 Number 8 -
      9 Scrum-half -
      10 Fly-half -
      11 Left Wing -
      12 Inside Centre -
      13 Outside Centre -
      14 Right Wing -
      15 Full-back -


RP Permissions:


Injure my players: yes

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: yes 

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: no

Godmod other events: no


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Terljonska Nacionalni Ragbi Tim / Teralyon National Rugby Team

Team Information

  • Style Mod: 4
  • Home Stadium:
    • Stadion Maršala / Stadium of the Marshalls


  • Managers:
    • Pero Miljović
    • Jelena Golovin
  • Coaches:
    • Milanko Kolev
    • Katerina Krakowski


                                                                 Team Roster                                                               

















Katia  Jastrzemski Female 1 Loosehead Prop 25 Terra Zastava TRL
Rados  Ivanova Male 2 Hooker 26 Slan Vatra TRL
Trpimir  Siroky Male 3 Tighthead Prop 29 Terra Zastava TRL
Kostya  Jellinek Male 4 Lock 1 27 Lyon Otočani TRL
Jadranka  Kulakov Female 5 Lock 2 23 Suza Bik TRL
Branimir  Prochaska Male 6 Backside Flanker 30 Jevo Carstovo TRL
Mecka  Michalković Female 7 Openside Flanker 27 Slan Vatra TRL
Zlatek  Kokoschka Male 8 Number 8 26 Jevo Carsovo TRL
Daria  Calić Female 9 Scrum-Half 24 Terra Zastava TRL
Goran Kibuč Male 10 Fly-Half 24 Slan Vatra TRL
Velislava  Grabower Female 11 Left Wing 29 Jevo Carstovo TRL
Slobodan Aždro Male 12 Inside Center 25 Terra Zastava TRL
Caslav  Prokesch Male 13 Outside Center 26 Suza Bik TRL
Zlatko  Kokoschka Male 14 Right Wing 27 Suza Bik TRL
Arnela Hajek Female 15 Full Back 31 Terra Zastava TRL




(I have no restrictions) 

Injure my players: yes

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: yes

Godmod injuries: yes

Godmod scoring: yes

Godmod other events: yes



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Competing in the 1420 Rugby World Cup


Style modifier -3
Home stadium Siroco Arena, Taledo
National anthem "March of the City Republic"
(RP) Players may be injured Yes
(RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
(RP) Players may receive red cards Yes
No godmodding, please!


Gen. Manager Cismo Alber
Asst. Manager Trelano Fabriz
Head Coach Dardo Giovan
Asst. Coach Gostic Aléjan
Name Number Position Age Gender Club
Russi Herchel 1 Loosehead Prop 25 Male Raburo RC
Febor Gianno 2 Hooker 27 Male Novytero RC
Naby Felix 3 Tighthead Prop 26 Male Raburo RC
Levasco Taller 4 Lock 1 24 Male Poroco RC
Cabren Isac 5 Lock 2 26 Male Abletto RC
Reve Somel 6 Blindside Flanker 25 Male Merlino RC
Edell Acer 7 Openside Flanker 26 Male Ferturino RC
Tibi Alphon 8 Number 8 29 Male Novytero RC
Minci Bartolo 9 Scrum-half 21 Male U. of Taledo RC
Starn Anton (Captain) 10 Fly-half 26 Male Poroco RC
Merrité Hanno 11 Inside Center 26 Male Abletto RC
Caganola Ram 12 Outside Center 27 Male Abletto RC
Angele Theo 13 Right Wing 28 Male Bacero RC
Unger Petro 14 Left Wing 29 Male Ferturino RC
Barza Nicolo 15 Full Back 24 Male Raburo RC
Tuela Karn 16 Bench 20 Male Raburo RC
Nisiter Zakar 17 Bench 19 Male U. of Taledo RC
Chun Bronner 18 Bench 20 Male Ferturino RC
Gane Tabara 19 Bench 21 Female Poroco WRC
Azeri Palo 20 Bench 30 Male Merlino RC

N.B. The first name in a Taledan name is the family name (or surname), not the given name, which comes second. For example, team captain Starn Anton's given name is Anton, not Starn, which is his family name.

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