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    As the sun rises in a cloudless sky over The West Pacific, slumber ends for most of its residents. This is the day they celebrate the Enthronement of The Second Dragon-Emperor! Preparations that began as soon as Bran Astor was named Heir Apparent come to fruition today. No school or work! Real life is suspended! Everyone who isn’t part of the ceremony will dress in their finest and hurry to claim a prime vantage point for witnessing this historic event. One resident greets the sunrise wide-awake. In a meditation chamber off the throne room, guarded by Sir Fujai, Xia of The Benevolent Order of The Three Perfections, and Dilber, a Guardian and close aide, Bran Astor, Delegate of The West Pacific, has been praying and fasting since the previous dawn, eager to gain The Mandate of Heaven. While The People’s Mandate had, through their endorsements, secured his power as regional Delegate several days prior, and even though he is more comfortable with a casual approach to governing, The Second Dragon-Emperor is happy to play his part in this ritual in order to affirm his allegiance to the principles and traditions of The West Pacific. His most fervent wish is that his Delegacy will serve and honor his people. He has risen to this region’s Delegacy and is now ready to ascend to The Dragon Throne. The Commander of The West Pacific Armed Forces, Kawaii Schoolgirl, Countess of Junshan, reviews her troops stationed in formation outside the palace of Zijin Cheng, The Forbidden City. Soldiers know that emperors blessed with The Mandate of Heaven are assured victory. They sense greatness in the one who will soon be enthroned, and stand a little taller. Inside the ornate gold and red Hall of The Dragon-Emperor, the throne room of the immense palace, priests and acolytes have been at work polishing and lighting incense. All must be perfect. The hour is near. Stately melodies on the erhu, pipa, dizi and suona intermingle with the rustle of the silks of the expectant crowd, and the Past Delegates and Peers process to the palace. Many of these dignitaries, such as Mediobogdum and Big Bad Badger, Royal Dukes of The West Pacific, Darkesia, Duchess of Hainan, and Yy4u, Xia of The Benevolent Order of The Three Perfections, have already assisted the new Delegate in his transition. Others, like Neenee, Royal Princess of The West Pacific, Elegarth, Royal Duke of The west Pacific, Davelands, Wickedly Evil People, All Good People, Bhang Bhang Duc and BIteland, have helped to build the region into the powerful cultural and educational center it is. In a region that venerates its elders, the sight of all these luminaries right before them almost causes several in the crowd to swoon. The procession halts at the carved great doors to the throne room. Bran Astor has arrived and waits with facing the rising sun, attended by Dalimbar, Earl of Zhifu, Arkadia Universalis, Earl of Ping, and Overthinkers, Baron of Lantau. As the hymns reach a crescendo, Saint Mark, Emeritus Emperor of The West Pacific, Chancellor of The Hall of Peers, and Celestial Sage, nods and smiles to his new Dragon-Emperor, and opens the doors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiXgOQ9_-RI The angelic voices of The Imperial Choir of The West Pacific wash over the assembled from the balcony above. Bran Astor is the first to enter, followed by Saint Mark and the others in order of precedence. The ancient hall fills to capacity. When all is ready, The Dragon-Emperor ascends to his rightful place on the throne as the choir’s last triumphant stanzas ring out. In the silence that follows, the Emperor Emeritus unfurls a scroll and calls out the Imperial titles: His Imperial Majesty, Bran Astor, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific, Delegate, Son of Heaven, Builder of Worlds, Supreme Squatcher, and Duke of Hebao Confident, the newly enthroned Dragon-Emperor then rises to read his ascension edict: http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/topic/3402-honors-of-the-west-pacific/ At the conclusion, a joyful cry erupts from those present, the epicenter of a thunderous wave of celebration that spreads across The West Pacific. Through the night and into the morning, there are parades and parties, fetes and fireworks. A new Delegate sits on The Dragon Throne. The West Pacific is assured of continued peace and prosperity.
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    Bran Astor

    Response to the White List Author

    What is it about a redemption story that draws us in? Is it the drama of the fall from grace? Is it the hope of a better tomorrow? Could it be that each of us has a nagging memory of a wrongdoing we hope won't follow us the rest of our IC, OOC, and IRL lives? The author of the White List Campaign telegram is betting on that. NationStates, for the most part, has a good Admin and Moderation team that does indeed protect its players. We've witnessed them warn, correct, suspend, ban, and delete accounts that commit everything from spam to flamebait to harassment. However, as most of us know, the communities and overall nature of gameplay extends to several off-site locations, such as forums, IRC, Skype, and Discord. Does the protection of the Admin and Moderation team extend to those locations? No. Do certain players take advantage of that? Yes. NationStates should be a safe space for people of all ages. A vast majority of communities have admin teams comprised of good, sensible, caring players who diligently extend the umbrella of protection to all facets of gameplay. They have long drawn a line of decency against bad behavior in the sand and proclaimed "Here we stand." The West Pacific has a long memory. We remember the White List author. We remember their actions. You and your kind will never be welcome here. Here we stand.
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    Big Bad Badger

    A Public Apology

    Last week I dismissed four Guardians from their posts. The action itself is not what caused issue, but rather the manner in which I handled the dismissals. Each Guardian has served TWP with honor and distinction and I failed to treat them with the respect and dignity their service demanded. Their devotion to TWP is unquestionable and their professional character is beyond reproach. Failure to recognize that - however temporary - constitutes a gross misjudgment on my part. I want to personally apologize to Elegarth, Yy4u, Wickedly Evil People, and Bhang Bhang Duc. Furthermore, I would like to apologize to the rest of the region for the undue stress and anxiety caused by this situation. Going forward, I pledge to earn back the trust in me that has been shaken, and to continue to serve the region and her interests to the best of my abilities.
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    Saint Mark

    Honors of The West Pacific

    Today, a new theme is inaugurated in The West Pacific, one that honors our traditions and institutions and builds on these to provide new excitement and opportunities. This ceremony is not about me, but about you, the residents who make this the best region in NationStates. Therefore, I use this occasion to recognize some of those who have made The West Pacific what it is today and those who have begun the work of bringing it to a new glory. Merit is awarded in The West Pacific. The greatness of our region is the result of the imagination, talentand work of many individuals over many years contributing to our common good. These Honors are one way we can show our appreciation to those dedicated residents. As today is the first Honors ceremony in The West Pacific under the current theme, it will be longer than most will be in the future. There are many achievers that must be recognized. Honors Of The West Pacific Granted by His Imperial Majesty, Marcarius Halo Rahl, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific on the first day of March in the year two-thousand and nineteen. The recognition of merit is one of the pillars of The West Pacific. These dedicated residents of our region, by applying their unique talents with hard work and imagination to the betterment of The West Pacific have earned high praise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, it is with great affection and admiration that I grant Neenee the titles of Dowager Empress of the West Pacific For her dedicated service as our last Delegate, Chancellor of The Hall of Peers So that she may continue to serve the region with her wise counsel, and Celestial Sage As one who appointed the current Delegate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next, I would like to honor, Davelands, the Delegate that preceded her and who has done so much in so many different roles for our region both before and after his delegacy, by granting him the title of Royal Prince of The West Pacific. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next honor is granted to Big Bad Badger for his inspired leadership during his past delegacy which led to the creation of The Manners among many other regional improvements and institutions. He is made a Royal Duke of The West Pacific. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In recognition of his past work as the Delegate during whose tenure I was born in The West Pacific, for having started several of our fond traditions and for always being our Delegarth, I grant Elegarth the honor of Royal Duke of The West Pacific. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In recognition of his aid to The West Pacific multiple times as our transition Delegate, and honoring his many years of loyally serving as one of our region’s Guardians, I grant Mediobogdum the title Royal Duke of The West Pacific. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grateful for the chocolate she shares and appreciative of her wise counsel, and in recognition of her service as a past Delegate, I grant Darkesia the title of Duchess of Hainan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In gratitude for his many years of time, talent and treasure in supporting our region, and especially the forum, I award Southern Eureka with the title of Duke of Chongming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In recognition of his many contributions to the region since antiquity, including his terms as our Delegate and his support as The West Pacific’s unofficial historian, I grant All Good People the title of Duke of Zhoushan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In gratitude for his assistance as a Guardian, and in recognition of his past contributions as a Delegate of The West Pacific, I bestow upon Yy4u, the title Marquis of Donghai. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In appreciation for his service to The West Pacific as its Delegate multiple times, Wickedly Evil People is granted the title Marquis of Shangchuan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In recognition of his past Delegacy, and fearful of his roofur madness, I bestow upon Bhang Bhang Duc the title of Marquis of Damang. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In gratitude for her loyal and dedicated service as The Commander of The West Pacific Armed Forces and briefly as our Foreign Affairs Minister, and in appreciation for her willingness to delve enthusiastically into any project, I grant Kawaii Schoolgirl the title of Countess of Junshan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In gratitude for his devoted service as Speaker of The Hall of Nations and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in appreciation for his willingness to work for the region, I grant Arkadia Universalis the title of Earl of Ping. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In recognition of his work as our first Minister of Education, and in appreciation of his wise counsel, I grant Dalimbar the title of Baron of Zhifu. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In gratitude for his exceptional work in Internal Affairs, both past and present, and with appreciation for his wise counsel, I bestow upon Bran Astor the title of Baron of Hebao. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Orders of Xia Xia means someone with power who helps others in need. The Xia (pronounced shya) are the knights of The West Pacific. This is the highest non-peer honor a resident can receive. ~~~~~~~~~ Benevolent Order of Mencius: for extraordinary service to the people of TWP This is the highest of the Xia Orders. Those admitted to this Order today are: Southern Eureka For his years of Forum support Big Bad Badger For beginning The West Pacific’s transformation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Imperial Order of The Dragon: for extraordinary service to The Emperor Those admitted to this Order today are: Kawaii Schoolgirl Arkadia Universalis Dalimbar Bran Astor These have demonstrated steadfast loyalty, wise counsel, constant vigilance, and an untiring willingness to serve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Martial Order of Ching Shih: for extraordinary service to TWPAF Those admitted to this Order today are: Kawaii Schoolgirl Chervil Altino These have been crucial to the restructuring and rebirth of the region’s armed forces. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Benevolent Order of The Three Perfections: for extraordinary service in The Arts Those admitted to this Order today are: Fujai Kawaii Bran Astor Yy4u These have demonstrated an uncanny talent in turning any request into a beautiful work of art.
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    Saint Mark

    Perspectives on Autism

    As part of The West Pacific's month-long recognition of Autism Spectrum Disorder, we present three essays from our friends on the spectrum. Wymondham So, I suppose I should start by telling you all about myself. I’m Wymondham, Vizier of CA in Osiris, NSToday PR Director and Court Justice in Lazarus. But, I’m not here to talk about that. I was diagnosed with High Functioning Aspergers at age 13 and that helped explain a lot to me. However, to explain the rest of my story, we need to go back further to when I first started primary school aged 4. I had always found making friends difficult and the same was true at Primary school, I made 2 or 3 friends and was very close to all of them. I quickly found that, although I excelled at the work, I would misinterpret the teachers instructions and was often told off despite not really knowing what I had done wrong. When I got to the older years though I had an excellent teacher who seemed to really understand me and I cannot thank her enough for the ways she helped me. Whether it was from giving me instructions that I could follow and easily understand, to stretching me in terms of work difficulty by moving me up a year, which is an arrangement that I have continued to this day. Moving up to High School was difficult for me. I struggled very much to make friends and was bullied until the summer of last year. Without a diagnosis my teachers refused to make allowances for me. I got into a very heated row with my Head of House when he refused to give me some space to calm down following a fracas with another boy who had been mocking me because of my appearance. I’ve always struggled with expressing my feelings and, as such can often find opening up to people rather difficult. I was diagnosed aged 13 and it helped me understand a lot about myself. Suddenly certain things I didn’t understand why I did suddenly became a lot clearer and it has become a lot easier to develop strategies to control my often explosive anger. Routines are a major part of my day and since getting my diagnosis people have certainly been a lot more accepting off it. For example, when I go on discord, I will always say good morning to servers in a certain order: a friends personal discord server, followed by Osiris, then my two family servers, then Thalassia and finally Karma. Same goes for saying goodnight in PMs, I say goodnight to Rigel first and Altino last. I will have lunch at a certain time every day, go for my walk at precisely 2PM. Therefore, disruptions to my routine such as the Coronavirus can be extremely disorientating, I go to a boarding school which I find extremely useful due to the routine. Going home has required a readjustment to my routine and for the first week I was very very confused until I adjusted to the new normal. The internet and NS have been so useful for me as someone with Aspergers syndrome. It has given me the opportunity to interact with people without having to read facial expressions, which are the bane of my social existence - as a Brit I have grown up around Sarcasm so do not find that as difficult to deal with as other people with Aspergers. It has enabled me to meet people like Altino, Rigel, Halo, Rachael and Sho who have all helped me so much with my other mental health struggles which my tendency to hyperfocus does not exactly aid. So yeah, that’s me and Aspergers. If you’ve got any questions TG me or shoot me a discord PM (Wymondham#3478) Dilber As a kid, I always was a little different. I skipped speaking individual words and went straight to sentences. My teachers told my parents I was far behind on reading, and that I had major learning disorders until all of a sudden, I could read paragraphs and was years ahead of my class. When I was four years old, I was playing with a friend and he teased me mercilessly. Instead of getting angry at the time, I waited a day, and then bit his finger to the bone. My favorite book to read for years was volume A of the encyclopedia. I received my initial diagnosis back when Aspergers was just added to the DSM. My mom had read up about it, and was pretty sure I had it. The psych, however, didn’t believe that it was a real disorder. In the end, I was diagnosed with ADHD, Dysgraphia, and Non-verbal learning disorder. I started therapy at 4 years old. I don’t remember much of my early therapy, but one of the things I do remember was my writing therapist giving up on me. I went to a writing therapist for four years, but by second grade I was using a laptop because the therapist didn’t know how to improve my motor skills. I didn’t have a good experience with therapy until I was 8 years old, and we’d moved to a different city. I got a fresh start with a new therapist that I would end up seeing for the next thirteen years. Through middle school, I went to therapy 2-3 times a week. I lacked very basic social skills and was unable to read people at all. I was very young for my grade (made the cutoff for being in that grade by 2 days), and then skipped 4th grade. My peers were 2-3 years older than me, and I just didn’t know how to interact with them. Therapy was a very important part of my life and helped me learn how to function. I was regularly bullied by some of the kids, and therapy helped me learn coping skills, and how to handle people. I was very lucky to have incredibly supportive parents. Therapy also taught me how to connect with my father. We also conflicted when I was young, because he had issues understanding my actions. I had a tendency to use my “logic” which no one else could understand where I came to the conclusion that something needed to be done. The most common therapy that I did as a kid was “play” therapy. The therapist and I would talk and play games, and he’d indulge all the rules changes I would make to the game. This allowed me to open up more, and really helped me learn how to communicate. Over time, I learned how to read body language better, while also getting really good at the made up version of connect 4 that we used to play. I ended up repeating 8th grade, not for academic reasons but because I would have been going into high school as a 12 year old, and that would have made the bullying worse. When I was 14 or 15, my psych admitted that I most likely had Asperger’s, but it wasn’t worth changing my diagnosis because it would mess with all the educational plans I had at school. I would have been forced into special education classes, and taken out of my honors classes, and it would have really been detrimental to my social life that I’d finally managed to start developing. In middle school and ninth grade, I always had a very small circle of friends but I started blossoming in tenth grade when I joined the school jazz band. Music helped me connect with people, and I was able to form close attachments with friends. I still was the “weird” kid, but all of us were a little bit weird and that taught me it was ok. Making friends was the next important step in development for me. Back in middle school, I thought it was “cool” to sit by myself because it would impress the girls. I wasn’t any smoother in high school, but navigating social groups and bonds helped set me up for the learning how to become a functional adult. This was also around the time I got into Nationstates. Nationstates was great because on the internet you could be anyone, and no one had to know your struggles if you didn’t want them to. Nationstates taught me a lot about online communication at the same time I was really learning how to interact with people in-person. The next step for me was in college when I got into Improvisational Comedy. One of my long running-struggles was a massive need for “structure”. Without structure, I was unable to operate and basically shut down. Improv taught me how to play around with-in the rules, before later learning how to break them. This was a big improvement over me as a kid, where I once tattled on my cousin for buying me ice cream when my mom told her not to get it for me because I knew I broke the rule and it wasn’t right. I’m now a “slightly weird” adult. I had a conversation with a former co-worker that told me that when I was hired, they thought I was going to be incredibly annoying. I had a tendency to want to talk while they were doing work and wouldn’t understand their body language that they wanted me to back off. This was a really important learning for me, and I’ve told my co-workers to straight up tell me “hey, I need to do stuff.” Therapy helped me learn how to read people, but when I get excited I still run into issues. I hyper-focus on this, and I get really excited about stupid things and then explain it to my poor wife. I got really into smart home technology, and now I own three smart ceiling fans. It’s interesting to think of what I would have been like without years of work. When people think of the spectrum, they think of what they’ve seen in movies. Not everyone needs to live in a group home, but if they do that’s ok. We all cope and learn to do things different ways. My business partner was diagnosed with Autism as an adult, and it made a lot of things in his life “click”. We have discussions because sometimes it feels like we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of our preferences to do things, but because our brains are different that “normal” people we can understand each other better. Normal is a relative concept. Most people have no idea that my friend or I are on the spectrum, and many would be surprised to find out. There is a stigma attached to the spectrum that needs to be cleared up. People on the spectrum can be just as unique from each other as they are to neurotypical brains. If you know someone with autism, just talk to them about it. Ask about their preferences or why they said something. Be gentle, be kind, and be understanding. This doesn’t mean be a pushover. Being on the spectrum is not a license to be an asshole, and I thank my parents, friends, and coworkers for giving me boundaries. Awareness of the spectrum is key for the future. There’s a whole gap between the public perception of “group home” or “rain man”. Awareness is really important, and I’m glad that people are starting to learn more. Ithobbit I think a lot has been written by people close to Autism, quite a number of articles, studies, notes and even projects that heralded new insight as to what Autism (and the spectrum) is. Not so much (or at least published in great numbers or popular in nature) has been written by the autistic to tell their part. The new found use for Social media and Social networking has shifted the balance here, everyone can get a platform to shed light on the things close to their hearts and to be able to express themselves somewhat. We know what the DSM says about Autism: "Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Fifth Edition of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM 5)*, is a complex developmental disorder associated with symptoms that include "persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts" and "restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities." But, from the point of view of someone in the spectrum, what does that really mean? To me, being on what used to be called Asperger’s and now is just a part of the ASD, it means that certain things are FAR more important or worthy of attention than others. That I’ll settle in and be comfortable with certain tasks and situations, while being absolutely unable to cope with others, and for each one of us, these are different. My son, also on the spectrum will tirelessly research, learn and go on to teach if allowed anything and everything he can about video editing, cinema and movies. He’s dedicated dozens of hours to analyzing the differences in DVD (or BluRay) menu options between different versions of a movie, and will gladly share everything he knows about it if you just sit down “for a minute”. Some of us are very prone to bouts of “self isolation”, alone playtime, going into closets, under beds, or dark places. Others are hyper and love moving about and doing all sorts of physical activity, but one major thing we have in common is that social “awkwardness” that prevails over most of our interactions; be it that we miss social cues, we take things at face value, or simply, miss absolutely anything relating to sarcasm or innuendo because we only really register the words, not the nuances. Overall it makes daily things hard. People may take advantage of it (we trust a lot) or be afraid of our aloofness or possibly even they fear that we may become irate “over nothing”; quick hint here, very rarely it’s over nothing. We on the spectrum obsess easily, that’s a great gift for learning, but we also don’t let things go as fast as others. Someone making fun of you stays, sometimes even for years, which lends itself for some really hard times when forgiving a slight. Eating is another “fun” time. Some of us have issues with textures, some foods that are absolutely enjoyable by most, are actually retch producing and we need to work around that daily. It all is variable, and some people seem very far removed from “neurotypical” while others are far more functional, but sometimes none of us get a chance to show how or why. I’ve taken my son out of more schools than I care to admit, we’ve tried different systems, education patterns, teachers and methods, and only some work, and not all the time. We’ve had parents force our kid out of the classroom because they are afraid that their children may miss classes, have a hard time, or, in the worst cases “catch something”. It’s been 11 years of schooling, Jr has moved to seventh grade now, he’s moved out of the city and into a more rural environment, people are somehow more open there, teachers try to explore different ways, and the fact that there is more space and nature, has brought anxiety levels down on all of us. Not everyone is this lucky, we had a choice, we were able to move him to a place where people were willing to not just shy away, but reach out; in times like this, don’t we need a bit more of reaching out, albeit metaphorically if not actually?
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    Saint Mark

    Honors of The West Pacific

    Honors Of The West Pacific Granted by His Imperial Majesty, Marcarius Halo Rahl, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific, on the third day of June in the year two-thousand and nineteen. The recognition of merit is one of the pillars of The West Pacific. These dedicated residents of our region, by applying their unique talents with hard work and imagination to the betterment of The West Pacific, have earned high praise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, For their continued devoted service to The West Pacific, its People and its Emperor, I elevate the titles of Bran Astor and Dalimbar. Bran Astor will now be titled Earl of Hebao And Dalimbar will be titled Earl of Zhifu. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Orders of Xia Xia means someone with power who helps others in need. The Xia (pronounced shya) are the knights of The West Pacific. This is the highest non-peer honor a resident can receive. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Martial Order of Ching Shih: for extraordinary service to TWPAF Admitted to this Order today is: Overthinkers For his long leadership as a dedicated General of TWPAF. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Benevolent Order of Confucius: for extraordinary service in government Admitted to this Order today are: Bran Astor Dalimbar Arkadia Universalis Rizorien
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    Be Thankful, Not Entitled

    Be Thankful, Not Entitled By Madeline Norfolk ( @Lady Madeline) Over my years in NationStates, I’ve come to realize that I have these phases in my time in regions that I put a lot of work in. I go from being gracious just to be given the opportunity to do what I like, and extremely humbled when recognized by folks that I’m doing a good job, to being frustrated that nobody appreciates my work and my time I’m putting in. Currently, I’m in a weird place where I’m not really gracious or frustrated—I guess that comes with more RL maturity. I’m in a place where I just want to do what I enjoy in NationStates and if that means cutting down how many regions I’m involved in, or taking a step away from a position or part of a region I really enjoy, then that’s what I’ll have to do. Through this journey of maturity and general peace in NationStates activity, there’s something we all should learn, we need to be thankful instead of entitled. What I mean is, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked in a position or a region, Be Thankful every time someone recognizes you for doing good! Don’t expect people to fall to your virtual feet and sing your name in praises every time you do whatever your job is. I certainly don’t play this game to stroke the ego of strangers on the internet, and you probably don’t either. If you’re getting frustrated because no one is praising you anymore or thanking you, then it may be time for you to take a step back or go in a different direction! It is amazing how much a term break or letting someone else take over with as little involvement from you as possible can be. Not only can it be rewarding to see your hard work continue in others, but it can also help you reassess why you’re doing this job. So why am I even talking about this? Too many of my friends and people I know in NationStates come to me or others frustrated that nobody cares what they’re doing or they’re feeling underappreciated because they got negative feedback. It isn’t fun and it really just stinks worse than leftovers from Thanksgiving that you left in the fridge for a month. As we enter this season of giving and receiving, remember that everyone here is human, and not only that, but most are not here to make you feel good about this game. You should find your feel good in things you accomplish, the surprises when you do get recognition, and most importantly in the friendships and communities you join. At the end, if this game were to shut down tomorrow, it isn’t like we’ll all just stop talking to one another, and frankly nobody cares if you’ve built 8 different proboards forums or written 4 Constitutions. So be thankful for your opportunities— Be thankful for the unexpected recognitions— Be thankful for the communities you have— And don’t feel entitled that you deserve things because you did a thing or anyone owes you things because you did a thing for them. Do things because you like doing them, not for whatever prizes you expect to get for doing them! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, be thankful, be gracious, be humble, be loving, be caring, be intentional. ✌
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    Bhang Bhang Duc

    Statement Regarding Khanter

    Once upon a time a statement regarding the status of a TWP citizen would have been posted here first rather than in NS Gameplay. https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=35703941#p35703941 Now not all TWP members go to the GP forum, nor do they bother with Discord. Would be nice if TWP’s government could remember that.
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    Hey TWP I love you!

    Hey you guys! Sending some love out today! <3 I was talking to someone earlier today about a silly tag that we did with TWPAF back when Kawaii was Commander and I was just a First Commander in revenge on The Bee Movie! It brought back a lot of fun memories in TWP, so I wanted to share some of my favorite TWP times with you guys. The Spanish Inquisition - I've been on a ton of raids during my time on NS, but the most fun that I ever had with one was when Khanter helped us plan a big raid on Spanish-speaking regions. Like, ALL of the Spanish-speaking regions! We had just kicked off our pirate theme, so we needed to do something big and fun to really cement that direction, and between my Pirate Code, Ban's excellent Graphics, and Khanter's excitement to help with that raid, this put us in the perfect position to really sell it! I spent days hyping everyone up about a secret raid that we'd have coming up and screaming "¡SOMOS PIRATAS!" to anyone who would listen, Khanter made us a WFE all in Spanish for the raid, and Bran made us this cool image as a teaser: It ended up being a ton of fun and the beginning to my favorite military theme on NS! Punday Monday! - Listen, you guys, I am not in favor of puns, I'm honestly not, but thanks to Badger and Roavin have had to take on the title of Ocassional Punstress. Badger used to poke at me EVERY MONDAY to get my pun on with everyone on the RMB, and EVERY MONDAY I would grumble at him for it. But secretly, I gathered puns throughout the week and was always excited to post them and make all my friends groan! I don't think I ever ended up getting most likes for the best pun, but I'm pretty sure I came fairly close. Badgerbot - Idk how many of you know this, but when I first met Badger, I legitimately thought that he was a really, really well programmed chatbot. Something about his avatar, I don't know, seemed very botish to me! When I finally figured out that he was an actual person, I was really embarrassed, but had to tell him about it, and for the long day time after that I called him Badgerbot when I saw him! Eventually he created an actual BadgerBot to rule over TWP's Discord server and I was tickled pink! Now we have BadgerBot2.0 and it continues to be a weird, inside joke legacy that always makes me smile! Glitter Apprenticeship - Before I got really involved in TWPAF, I got really involved in TWP in the form of RMB shenanigans. This is where I met some of the old greats in TWP and learned to respect them! I was a wee noob, but I got friendly with BBD, YY, Medio, and a lot of the other Guardians at the time while I was there. I'm still upset that Medio didn't get unlocked until after I was done with TWPAF! I always wanted to raid with him. :c But my crowing achievement was one day convincing NeeNee to let me be her Glitter Apprentice. I spent like a week after that glittering everyone on the RMB and learning her ways. It was a great time. Bugging Forum Mods - I'm sorry to finally be admitting this, but I got... really into recruitment when I was running TWPAF and almost my entire motivation behind big numbers (besides pilers) was making tons and tons of posts in the mask request thread for the forum mods to have to do. :3 I just liked peeping in every day like "FIVE MORE MASKS FOR YOU, THANK YOU GUYS!" It was my own private little game. But every time I see someone join TWPAF now I get a little shot of glee that the mods will have to mask someone. xD Sorry. <3 Anyway, just sending out some love from me and Osiris! Hope everyone is doing well! What about you guys, do you have any really special memories with TWP that make you happy? What do y'all have going on!
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    Big Bad Badger

    200th Day Address

    Important Announcement from the Office of the Delegate Ladies, gentlemen, wild animals and creatures of all types, Today is my 200th day as the Delegate of The West Pacific! We are now the 3rd largest region in the game! I want to thank you all for the privilege of serving the region in this role. I appreciate each of you for your confidence in me! Throughout my 200 days, I have worked hard to place TWP in the spotlight deserving of a region of this quality for all of the NSverse to look at and envy! I have always said that the number one resource of The West Pacific is great creative, snarky, and hardworking people of the region. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best group of people a no0b Delegate could hope for. I would like to thank the guardians for their assistance and guidance in assisting me in developing and establishing plans for the betterment of the region. The seven of you have provided me with so much and without you TWP, nor I, could not be successful. I would like to thank the members of my NS family, House Rahl for their support, mentorship and guidance! Contrary to the belief of some, they never have imposed or dictated business here, moreover respect and collegiality of this group as well as their experience is what makes their brilliance! Rather they have empowered me with the knowledge and confidence to be a Delegate and lead the region. Without the people around me, whether it be the former Delegates and Guardians of TWP or House Rahl this job would not be nearly as much fun nor would TWP be the shining star and leader in the NSverse! On a personal note, I would like to welcome my NS bride-to-be to the region @bellahtrix! She goes by the name Rigel on our forum and discord server. She has been a member of KGB and Exodus before joining us here in TWP. We will be married on 4/28. There will be more details in the forum. I hope that you will all welcome her to the region! When I first became Delegate I said that activity was going to be my first and foremost priority. I am proud to say that our regional forum, discord server and RMB are brimming with activity. Our foreign affairs, internal affairs, and military were three aspects I was going to focus on to help build activity. Today each of these areas is having immense success. Through a stroke of luck or genius, I was able to procure four of the best, hardest working NS’ers in the game to takeover these endeavors (@yuno_owl, @davelands, @doppio_giudici and @theparis) and I am forever indebted to you for making me look good as the region swells with activity in all of her platforms. Each of these ministers have worked their tails off for you the citizens of The West Pacific! Our foreign affairs have become one of the largest webs of information and outreach in the NSverse under the guidance of @Davelands. I am proud to say we have opened up new relationships and treaties with a number of regions including the relationship I am proudest of The Kingdom of Great Britain. Meanwhile we have expanded relations and activities with old friends in regions like The Pacific and Osiris. Furthermore, we have worked to diligently to provide stability and leadership in several organizations we belong in the GCR Sovereignty Accords and CAIN. Our military has been bustling with activity ever since @yuno_owl came on board to provide her leadership. Our numbers of soldiers are at an all-time high. We are operating on nearly every update leading operations and providing support for our friends and allies. The work she has done in recruiting and keep active this force is to be commended! I am so proud of TWPAF, their capabilities and knowledge. We will flex our muscle to set foreign affairs policy, protect our allies, or smite those who attempt to harm TWP! Internal affairs is the ministry that I see the most work in because of the hustle and creativity of the co-ministers: @doppio_giudici and @theparis. We have always joked that TWP was the place for RP to die. These two have done a tremendous job in changing that fact and developing opportunities for RP in discord and the forum. They recruited players from other regions to help and play. The newspaper continues to thrive and our newly developed TWP radio is expanding. Our internal affairs went from one of the most forgotten about aspects of TWP to a healthy thriving and contributing member. All of these things have made a mark in the greater NSverse for TWP! We are gaining experienced members of NS from a multitude of regions that are coming here to be a part of our activity! We are now 3rd most in the world in population! I am excited about the work done here in the last 200 days. However, I am more excited about our future. Looking forward to our next 200 days I am anxious to see our activity continue across the board as we build a better and stronger standing for TWP becoming the type of region that others look to for inspiration, leadership, and action! I am looking forward to the work of The Hall of Nations as we work together to forge the future of The West Pacific! As I have said in the past, young nations I challenge you to make a difference in your region. Join the Hall of Nations! Join one of the ministries! Veteran nations I challenge you to find a place where you can assist to make TWP the greatest, most powerful region in the game! We have many exciting opportunities for nations looking to get involved in any aspect of the region. Please TG the respective ministers to find out what you can do to help TWP achieve. Together we can be Brilliant! tl:dr
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    Saint Mark

    2019 N-Day Recognition

    N-Day Recognition Congratulations to all those that participated in the 2019 N-Day event! The West Pacific ended up well-irradiated, but you took on the NS-verse single-handed and never backed down. Your skill and teamwork were impressive and led to a great showing. You made us proud! Those who led the team were: @Ark @Dilber @Wintony @Podium You are warded the Badge of The Crimson Sea Missile Command of The West Pacific The valiant participants were: @Varanius @Night_stalker @Sensorland Gryphonian Alliance @Midproth @Zazumo @Mediobogdum @WaRlorder @thefieryknight @Reçueçn @Fujai @Westwind You are awarded The N-Day Task Force Badge Congratulations!
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    Gratitude thread

    Firstly, I thank @Saint Mark. I joined NS at the time of Halo's reign as Delegate. He showed me that there was a lot more of NS beyond issues, and encouraged me to become a citizen and join the Discord server and forums. Although the delegate change happened not much time after that, I still remember Halo's delegacy, and I thank him for helping me. I also thank @Ark for introducing me to Foreign Affairs, which was the first ministry I decided to join, and I thank @Bran Astor for being an amazing Delegate and helping me with the Speaker position after I was elected, such as giving me ideas on how to start the Regional Commendations. Furthermore, I also thank @Reçueçn, @Elegarth, @TUMS and @Mediobogdum for being Trading Cards players that constantly trade cards with me and help keep the TWP Card Channel in Discord active. From all these card farmers, I think I should especially thank @Reçueçn for also encouraging me when I was seeking the last cards for my TWP S1 collection, giving me ideas to contact the players who had these rare cards, and showing me some tools to make card farming faster and less boring. It is important to say, though, that those are all individual players. I thank the West Pacific as a whole for being a wonderful region! Without you all, TWP wouldn't be the same.
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    Gratitude thread

    @Bran Astor You've been one of my closest friends. This was the case before you were my boss. This will be the case after you're my boss. While you're my boss here, you've been one of the best people that I've served under. I like that you challenge me to think in new ways, and I like that you allow me to challenge you as well. I like that we can have very frank discussions and as much as I've be annoyed for a brief couple days, you're always ready for the next discussion that I bring up. You're a true comrade and friend.
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    Saint Mark

    Naming The Heir Apparent

    Naming The Heir Apparent Of The West Pacific His Imperial Majesty, Marcarius Halo Rahl, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific, on the eighth day of October, in the year two-thousand and nineteen, by the prerogative of The Delegacy, and in accordance with the Peerage Proclamation, is pleased to confer upon Bran Astor the title and privileges of Imperial Prince of The West Pacific, Heir Apparent to The Delegacy. Bran has been either the driving force behind or a major contributor to most of the region’s accomplishments during my administration. He supports our traditions and advocates for innovation. He is hard-working, talented, funny and patient. He loves The West Pacific as much as I do and will serve it well. I intend to abdicate sometime in the second week of November and will try to thank properly the many people who have contributed to the great successes we have enjoyed at that time. Let this moment belong to Bran who is well-deserving. Please support him as you have supported me.
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    Saint Mark

    Honors of The West Pacific

    Honors Of The West Pacific Granted by His Imperial Majesty, Marcarius Halo Rahl, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific, on the twenty-fifth day of August in the year two-thousand and nineteen. The recognition of merit is one of the pillars of The West Pacific. These dedicated residents of our region, by applying their unique talents with hard work and imagination to the betterment of The West Pacific, have earned high praise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, in gratitude for her continued assistance as a trusted advisor to The Emperor and in appreciation of her near omnipresence on the region’s RMB and Discord, where she is always willing to aid or re-direct the new residents, I name Darkesia a Guardian of The West Pacific with full powers of The Trebuchet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next, in appreciation of his enthusiastic participation in the life of our region and in recognition of his many contributions in the Ministry of Education, I name Rizorien to The Peerage, granting him the title, Baron of Tong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the region in TWPAF and the Ministry of Recruitment & Citizenship, and in acknowledgement of his valuable assistance as one of our Discord Moderators, I bestow upon Overthinkers the title, Baron of Lantau. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Orders of Xia Xia means someone with power who helps others in need. The Xia (pronounced shya) are the knights of The West Pacific. This is the highest non-peer honor a resident can receive. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Martial Order of Ching Shih: for extraordinary service to TWPAF Admitted to this Order today is: Wyvern For his long leadership as an officer of TWPAF. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Benevolent Order of Confucius: for extraordinary service in government Admitted to this Order today are: Denieria Craiolia Reçueçn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instituting The Youxia I am establishing a new non-Peer Order of Recognition. It shall be called the Youxia. The Youxia honor is similar to a Knight Errant and ranks just below the Xia. Youxia will be entitled to be addressed as Master or Mistress and to use the seal below. To be considered eligible for Youxia recognition, a nation must hold between 100 and 150 endorsements over a period of two weeks. This is to prevent obvious threats from gaining recognition, especially if they cross the endorsement cap. This is also to promote responsible endorsement swapping in the region by considering only those who hold above 100 endorsements in the two-week period. Being below 100 endorsements in the two-week period can deem a nation ineligible. Th Speaker of The Hall or their designee will be charged with keeping The Emperor up to date on which nations qualify as Youxia. Youxia Eligibility List - August 24, 2019 The period of time considered for this list was from August 10th to August 24th. Fujai Wickedly evil people Westwind Liberillia Cro Magnon Gryphonian Alliance NoHiceLand The Undivided Bhang Bhang Duc Papercuts and Skittles Denieria Doggerstan Oometz Ilmecith
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    The bright light of dawn breaks over the ocean in the east, turning the sea red and orange and gold. In the temples, the priests light incense; in the palace, nobles begin to stir from their beds as servants continue their frantic preparations in the kitchens; in the streets, guards check and recheck the processional way and women drape banners of red and gold from windows. The day of the Emperor's enthronement is beginning. The Emperor himself has already been awake for hours; he and his attendants dressed in their ceremonial robes and rode to the Temple of the West long before dawn. Now, as the sun rises, the Emperor stands facing its golden rays, offering prayers to Heaven, in particular to the Jade Emperor Yuhuang Dadi and the Royal Mother of the West Wangmu Niangniang, for the success of his reign. Under their beneficence, he hoped that his dynasty would retain the Mandate of Heaven and prosper for centuries to come. Once the sun has risen and the ceremonial way has been prepared, the Emperor sets out from the temple towards Zijin Cheng, the Forbidden City. As he passes through the streets with his procession of guards and attendants, the masses of people cheer at his approach and bow at his passing. Children bounce on their toes to get a better look; in the future they will tell their grandchildren of this glorious and singular day. The Dragon Emperor Marcarius Halo Rahl enters the gates of the Forbidden City to the peal of drums, bo, and luo. In the courtyard stand ranks upon ranks of his warriors, TWPAF. They stand straight and proud as he passes; victory attends emperors with the Mandate of Heaven. The Emperor and his procession ascend the steps to the throne hall, where he enters first. Waiting at a side door is the Dowager Empress, NeeNee; she steps in after him. One by one members of the court enter, the most senior first, until the throne room is full. Only the space in front of the throne itself is empty, and the Emperor stands still and silent facing it as the room fills behind him. The room is silent, every man and woman there all but holding back breath. Seeing that all is ready, the Dowager Empress motions to the musicians, who begin a long, slow roll on the strings of the yangqin; the breathy xiao joins in next. The music crescendos and the Emperor walks forward to the throne. As he takes his rightful place, the Dowager Empress calls out his titles: His Imperial Majesty, Marcarius Halo Rahl, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific, Delegate, Son of Heaven, Moral Compass, Best Barista and Sovereign Sommelier. The officials of the court let out a shout, which is echoed first by the warriors in the courtyard and then on and on across the city as people hear the cries and know what they mean: the Emperor has ascended and taken his rightful throne. In the throne hall, the officials of the region line up to present their memorials of congratulation; the Venerable Sage beside the Emperor taking each scroll on his behalf to be opened at a later date. The Emperor then reads his ascension edict: http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/topic/3075-honors-of-the-west-pacific/ The festival in the palace will begin soon, once all final congratulations have been given and ceremonies completed. Out in the streets, dragon floats are being paraded to and fro to the sound of music and cheering. The celebrations will last almost until dawn the next day, with fireworks throughout the night. All across The West Pacific, cities will resound with them, their brilliance flickering over the towers and walls of the cities and the faces of the celebrants. A new era has begun.
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    New Theme Chatter

    Anything that drives healthy activity is a good thing IMHO. I see nothing wrong with an attempt to give the region a cultural theme and I applaud the creative work being done by the region's residents. That said. Can we get an option for an in-game theme that doesn't involve memorizing new titles, please? Can the Delegate and Ministers still have titles that clearly state what they do? the one thing that really irks me about the themed regions is the crazy titles everyone has. I need a glossary to figure out who has what job in Osiris for example.
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    COPS Treaty banning

    In keeping with both the COPS Treaty and Administrative policy, account 94 Block has been banned as a known forum destroyer. Attempts to violate this ban may result in the filing of charges to the full extent of the law. (That's RL law, in case it's not clear enough.)
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    Have you ever sat back in the evenings, eyes closed and your favorite "lets be evil" hat on, and wished that you could only be given the opportunity to relentlessly barrage NationStates with nuclear missiles that left even the moderators shaken? Yeah. Me too. Gracefully, we were recently given such a chance! For NationStates' second Nuke Day, The West Pacific teamed up with Osiris, The East Pacific, and Karma to form a Superfaction. The designated server for the event reached nearly a hundred members and our faction had nearly 1,300 nations in it. Needless to say, we dominated. Onlookers watch in fear as Syberian Badgers with Caek ransack their nations with nukes SBC spent the entire first half of the game at the top of the leaderboard. The most common complaint from our team was from those making Shields - the world was too afraid of the massive arsenal of Nukes we were gathering to even shoot at us, and their jobs seemed boring because of it. We spent hours blowing other factions to smithereens and being begged for mercy. Here are just a few of the messages we received from enemy factions in their desperate attempts to end our waves of nukes: - Founder of The Peoples Red Army. We did not have mercy. They were destroyed. - Member of USSF. Hint: No. - Member UPPERCUT. We did accept this one! GCRs gotta stick together. - Member UDS. We didn't ally with them, but did cease fire and switch targets as good faith to UPPERCUT. - Member The Galactic Defense Force. Easy target, man, sorry! SBC finished off the event with alliances with UPPERCUT, Glitter Squad, Friendship and Explosives, and Collaborating Defensive Alliance. We remained on the Leaderboard until around 6am, when the leaders of SBC finally had to call it quits and go to sleep. We couldn't stay up forever! We awoke to find ourselves to have fallen all the way down to 26th place and though we fought valiantly, there wasn't enough time on the clock to make it back onto the Leaderboard. That's what we get for sleeping until an hour before the event ends... Still, SBC managed to dredge itself up from 26th place all the way to 15th place in the span of 30 minutes! A glorious victory, if I do say so myself. We even managed to absolutely cream the Mods' faction, DEAT From Above, and will forever be memorialized as aggressors to their faction and also the guys who ultimately blew the place up. Mods angrily grumble as SBC steals their caek and nukes their houses SBC ended the game with the 3rd most nations and 3rd most strikes (nukes that landed successfully) in the entire game, but with the most nuclear radiation in the game, with nearly 20,000 more radiation than the next closest faction - Jak Attack, who were the big faction to beat during our last Nuke Day in April. Despite being very obviously the key faction to attack, SBC managed to keep on the Top 20 and take the world by storm! Everyone did a very good job, and we can't wait to do that much better next year. Special thanks to @Chron for staying up until 5am with me to help keep us on the leaderboard, @Les Claypool for sneaking behind enemy lines and turning factions who were on our backs against each other, and @Maria Isaraider for being the best and most dedicated nuke sender in the faction! Please feel free to take this forum badge that @Bran Astor made for everyone in TWPAF who participated in the event! Once again, great job everyone!
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    A public apology

    See my comment in the other thread. This is silly. The Delegate has the authority to ignore an offsite government, but not to dissolve it.
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    I am not bowel incontinent, thankyouverymuch I was however surprised by some basic mistakes made by a group that should have known better. Also, for the record: I have always hated the dumbass ranking questions. It's like highschool prom queen or something. Stupid and irrelevant. What do I deem important? Simple: It's a game. Are you having fun?
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    Gratitude thread

    Do you really respect someone? Do you admire someone or their hard work? Then use this thread to thank them. Right now we live in uncertain times, the world we create is the one we make. We should spread as much gratitude as we can. Recognize someone in the thread below, list out why they mean something to the region, to you or to thank them for contributions.
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    A whiteboard for TWP!

    https://r8.whiteboardfox.com/810372-3549-9959 Use this whiteboard to write or draw anything you want! The sky's the limit, and in the end a wonderful collage of TWP's thoughts will come out! [May take a few tries to connect to it.]
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    Gratitude thread

    I'd like to thank @Sensorland for getting me more involved and for also being a friendly and fun presence, and @Bran Astor for liking my haiku and getting me even more involved! Thanks as well to the folks in Karma who have so kindly welcomed me as a new ambassador.
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    Saint Mark

    Gratitude thread

    There are so many people I could thank here. TWP is filled to overflowing with good people. I really am blessed to have been "born" in this region. So one person .... hmmm ... I think I would like to thank @Big Bad Badger. When I was a noob, he was the TWPAF Commander and tried to teach me raiding. I stunk at that, but he saw potential in me in other ways and stuck with me, mentoring me when he became delegate and including me in his plans. In addition to helping me personally in NS, he has been a huge asset to the region. His reforms began our TWP renaissance. Even after his delegacy, he has continued to be active and supportive. Thanks, Badger!
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    Once upon a time in NationStates, failure to clear the citizenship rolls of inactive members became a problem. Entropy of Activity in NationStates is a problem that arises over and over again. No matter how dynamic and active a region's community may be, activity eventually wanes, folks are distracted by RL, and Regional Officials get burn-out. Citizen/Players fade away. Then newer players with their own ideas of activity come along. They find the inactivity of the existing citizenry boring. So they write and present new Legislation to be voted upon, to shape the region with new activity that interests them. The ideas come up for a vote, and those old inactive citizens that haven't posted in months come out of the woodwork to vote, and they vote against the new player's legislation. The idea dies. Inactivity is thus perpetuated, and the frustrated new players go elsewhere. To combat this phenomena of the 'Old Guard' coming out to vote when they are otherwise inactive, Regions began to establish Activity Requirements to ensure that voting citizens are actively engaged in the regional community. Posting requirements can be more important for Regional Officials as well. Once upon a time, there were requirements for Ministers and Deputies to post no less than every other day, and requirements to post a notice and assign a deputy if a Minister will be absent for longer than a couple days. Activity begets Activity in NS, while the Entropy of Activity is the corrosive rust that destroys regions and communities.
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    Bhang Bhang Duc

    Naming The Heir Apparent

    An excellent choice. Congratulations Bran. *mutters* Well that’s my coup delayed by another year or so. The roo squad are going to be so unhappy.
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    New Theme Chatter

    Let me state for the record that TWP will never become anything even close to TEP. Let me also say that the idea that if TWP adopts a Japanese theme, that does not and should not ever be seen as a bad thing that will lead to an influx of memers, disrespectful types of any kind, or any kind of individual that we wouldn't normally banject on the reg. I think too many people have let the bad "weeaboo" kids ruin the image and idea of a Japanese theme, but it's important to remember that there's more to Japan than Anime and J-Pop, just as China isn't all about kung fu and Mauism. :^) I had an idea to adopt a fun and promising environment that reflected Japan's Bubble Economy of the 80's, complete with the aesthetics as you can see by my flag. (And I'm aware that's not exactly "imperial Japan but it's what I was feeling so I went with it lol.) To give some background on the general culture of the Bubble Era, it was a time in Japan when its economy was at its peak and commercial success was high for many people. There are a certain feel and mood that's strongly present in many media depicting 80's Japan, that paints a picture of the good old days. It wasn't too far off from what the 80's was like here in the US. I wanted to try and take the key aspects that made Bubble Era special and incorporate them into a theme, allowing us to leave a good first impression with those who come to our region. I wouldn't have sold them short either. I would do anything to give them something reminiscent of the high spirits and energy that was everpresent in 80's Japan. This coupled with a nice retro look would pull in many people. Especially as it relates to Japan. A lot more people now than ever are falling in love with Late 20th Century Japanese culture, it's been growing in popularity for over the last decade, and doesn't show any sign of stopping; nostalgia is very easy to market. Now with all that being said, TWP wouldn't be "80's Japan," it would be TWP but with the characteristics and overall environment present in 80's Japan. I agree with keeping our coastal beach idea, but adding in a more fun, active, and promising vibe to it along with retro imagery. Anyway, that's my two-cents as it relates to my theme. I know the other two are quite different. But now I've spilled my beans and explained my thought process with my theme a bit, hopefully, it may be to more people's liking.
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    New Theme Chatter

    Just a note: What ever you decide, Halo. ~for the love of all that is holy, I'm begging you; do not go with anime or kpop or any of that weeb stuff. I can happily adjust to almost anything but that. I can't bear the discord channels that have been consumed by it.~ But in reality, you are the Delegate. It's your choice. This sort of seeps into the other area of your changes. (The desire to add a Senate level to the off-site government structure) If you are waiting for complete consensus on something, it will never happen. So, if you think the peanut gallery is being difficult now, just wait until you try to tie legislation to arguments from two separate bodies full of strong, intelligent opinionated players. I am not passing judgement of right or wrong. I'm just reminding us all of the difference between expectations and reality.
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    New Theme Chatter

    Howdy! I want to start by saying both thank you and f--- you to Ark, Kawaii and OT for making this a hard choice. I like all three options and will be weighing each carefully in the next couple of days. But why the theme change at all? Why not stick with tradition? Well, what even is traditional for us? As Westy mentioned above, we have taken plenty of different directions on how we wish to theme our government. We started out as one of the key pillars of the ADN, and proudly were one of the most effective forces in defenderdom, never mind in-game. We experimented with different themes since then, be it a committee-structure when Eli couped that one time to the various themes Westy listed above. We have had a great past couple of years and I don't think anyone wants to tarnish that legacy. Rather, updates and new priorities, such as the theme, peerage, point system, and Ministry of Education, can be made to help make us a better region. What doesn't change are our core values. Delegate supremacy, meritocracy and community do not change. What matters most is that we have a fun time here and allow newer folks the chance to feel welcome and able to learn from those of us who should honestly be NS dead by now. There is a lot of work to be done on both sides, myself included. I like the idea of a new theme. Right now as I mentioned above I'm not sure which way I'll vote, but I like having options. Our Delegate has made it clear that not all presented aspects will be included in the final theme design, which is good because we can talk about what is good about the general idea and what might need to be nixed. I echo the concerns raised about changing the titles of Delegate and Guardian. I certainly don't mind there to be a title made for them and other ranks, but I probably will still use Guardian as my job title We don't need to go hardcore on the titles, but it is nice to have our own regional way of describing who we are. What we get with that is more of a cultural identity. I'm not necessarily saying that we'd get up to such status with a theme change, but I preferred the communist-themed Pacific over the bunny-themed Pacific.
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    Saint Mark

    New Delegate Announcement!

    Greetings to my fellow TWP citizens, our allies and friends and the regions and nations of NS. I am honored that Neenee has chosen me to succeed her as Delegate of TWP. She, Badger and Davelands have been my mentors and best friends ever since I joined. I have always had their support and am grateful for their promise of continued support in my new role. While I am excited for this opportunity to lead my native region, I am also humbled by the thought of trying to build upon the accomplishments of the legendary Delegates that have preceded me. If Neenee hadn’t been couped by rl, her tenure in TWP would have been magnificent. While not completely without experience, I know that I am an infant compared to many of my peers here. The Holy Principality of Saint Mark was “born” in TWP a mere two and a half years ago. TWP has been my primary region, my home, ever since. During this time, I have represented TWP as an ambassador to several of our allies and was the principle author of The Etiquette of The Hall of Nations while I served as the first Speaker of The Hall. I was Minister of Foreign Affairs and am currently a Guardian and Minister for Recruiting and Citizenship. Maybe because of my early focus as an ambassador, I have been a bit of a cosmopolitan. Even though this may have competed with my TWP duties at times (sorry Badger ), it allowed me to make many friends throughout NS. I serve or have served as a Priest of Osiris, an Arbiter of TEP, Pyo Sage of Karma, a regional officer of The Sasquatch Republic and Archbishop of Albion. TWP is a friendly, active, snarky GCR that believes in the supremacy of the Delegate and awards merit. Neenee is our glittery goddess, all of our chocolate belongs to Dark and a pirate shanty stirs our blood. I have always found TWP to be a good fit for me. I consider myself friendly and imaginative … my snark could use work. NS is a game and games are meant to be entertainment. It is most important then that TWP be fun! I pledge to do my best to always make it so. I also pledge to do my best to make TWP a safe place to play. There are many minors among us and it is our responsibility to protect them. Even adults, though, deserve to be treated with respect. Bullying and intolerance will never be acceptable in TWP. Toxicity is why I rarely hang out in GP (although I guess I’ll be around a lot more now … maybe I can help set a gentler tone? ). I see no point in digging up old grudges or launching the same old personal attacks. I will always try to conduct myself with civility and kindness, and will expect the same behavior from the people of TWP. Finally, it is my opinion that, as a feeder, TWP should strive to educate the new players about the world they have entered. To that end, I will also try to improve the educational opportunities in our region. I have a lot of ideas that will help us achieve these goals, but TWP isn’t just the Delegate. A very strong central government, be it an absolute delegacy or an oligarchy, can lead to stagnation. That is why it is crucial to award innovation and hard work. The region will flourish only if it enjoys the creativity, support and efforts of its residents. TWP has terrific people. I am honored to have been chosen to serve as its Delegate and look forward to working with my fellow citizens to realize our region’s full potential. Long Live Neenee! Long Live The West Pacific!
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    NS reminisces

    Dec 3 2002 I had just got to work, same office I'm in now just three different owners since then. Browsing National Review, Jonah Goldberg's column said check out nationstates.net, I'm still here. That morning as I was getting out of the car, Eli's Coming; Three Dog Night version was playing, so I'm humming Eli's Coming. My first nation was born that day, Eli was and is a libertarian leaning plain spoken type... I had to have been born in the Pacific, since it was the only GCR at the time, I think this actually pre-dated the Rejected Realms *scratches head* Soon I went to the Capitalist Alliance, founded by New Caithness who is still around today as El-Cid, and started building alliances between my nation and others in that UCR. I ran for Delegate, in game only, and got elected. Not too long after this I woke up in some other region, I don't believe there were founders yet, and discovered to my chagrin/pleasure that I'd been ejected from the Capitalist Alliance by some sordid scoundrels going by the name of the Atlantic Alliance. <insert boos and hisses here> It seems that they had discovered they could take over regions with a bit of organization and a bull rush to the endorsement button of their favorite take over figurehead. It was a result that had never crossed my mind. I did a bit of looking around and found out that there were some in the Meritocracy that would help us recover our region. Some treaty organization that Free4All was in, so we in the CA joined it. This eventually resulted in us overtaking the AA's figurehead (or they got bored and went elsewhere) and in Eli becoming interested in the Meritocracy. https://www.nationstates.net/page=news/2003/12/12/index.html. *I'll add to this later this will become a very postzilla type deal before long*
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    I'm going to vent. It's stupid to think that banning AR 15s could have prevented the recent school shooting. It's stupid to not ban AR 15s, no one can make a coherent argument for a private citizen to own one. But remember it's just symbolism, there are 300,000,000 guns in the USA. It's ridiculous that the FBI didn't do something about the shooter. I bet they get 10k of those warnings a month, humans-mistakes are pretty common. I've never owned a gun legally myself, 35 years ago I illegally owned an Uzi machine pistol with a fully automatic trigger mechanism. I lived in Illinois at the time so they were illegal there. I traded it for a 10 speed bicycle, once I sawed a limb off a sapling with a magazine I couldn't figure out why I'd want to do that again. Very little if any property crime in my area, everyone owns a gun (except me). You walk in someone's back yard without a compelling reason you're putting your personal safety at risk. More likely from their dog, I doubt Mr and Mrs Average could hit a Suburban with their Glock 17 from further than 10-15 feet. Ricochets on the other hand could be a problem. There is a reason the AT+T guy and the Charter guy where those neon vests and it isn't traffic. It's to make sure Mr/Mrs Suburbia don't light them up. Cnn is a fucking joke, so is Fox. Chris Cuomo should be flayed, while tied to Shawn Hannity, being flayed at the same time. Not really but surely neither one is as stupid as the characters they portray on their nightly BS, if they are God help us all. It's too bad that outright lies and propaganda is peddled as news, Reality TV for ratings rather than facts is all it is. more later, time to go pay for this mess...
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    Gratitude thread

    Here is some more. @Dalimbarwhile threatening to purge me is an amusing, steady snarky consistent resource and asset to the region. While he may threaten, he has the region's interests best at heart, infamous as almost "evil" Dilber in a sense, his hard working talent leads to the protection of our region. His humor, his participation keeps the region going, while he does quite a bit in the background, I appreciate his opinion, snark and general contribution to the region. People keep the community going, whether in obvious ways, behind the scene, whether in being a pillar of community. TWP would not be the same without trying to bedazzle Dali's banhammer. Dali is a significant and important member of this community that I am lucky to know (seriously). @Fujai is extremely hard working. He is always coming up with new ideas for culture, promoting activity within the region and with the newspaper. He has amazing skills and he is just a joy to watch work. He clearly knows what he is doing, and he is a remarkable individual. He is kind, good-hearted, humorous and full of snark.
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    Recognizing The Holy Principality of Saint Mark as a leader in many aspects of NationStates. Realizing Saint Mark has influenced many Nations by serving as a leader in the feeder region, [region]the West Pacific[/region]: -Serving as Delegate of the West Pacific -Serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. -Serving as a Guardian of the West. -Green-lighting the the The West Pacific Armed Forces, helping bring peace to game created regions and their allies Also remembering Saint Mark’s Service as a Regional Officer in [region]Osiris[/region], [region]Albion[/region], and [region]The Sasquatch Republic[/region]. Observing Saint Mark’s recognition by NSToday as one of the 20 most influential nations. Appreciating the establishment of the Protect our Players Accord by the Holy Principality of Saint Mark, which created a fun and safe environment for all. Seeking to commemorate the Influence and goodwill of the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. Hereby commends the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. authored and researched by @Teralyon, @TUMS, @Kurabis
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    Dear all, When I started my nation and signed up on the forum, I was a little intimidated since it was clear that there are some long-time players here. Sorry for not posting sooner! It's also been a bit of a learning curb. It took me time to understand RMB etiquette with things like double posting. I am Fuentana and I have been lightly spamming our RMB with puns and Haikus with some regularity, so this might be a bit of a delayed and unnecessary intro for some. It's been a lot of fun getting more involved over the last few months. I'm looking forward to more chuckles through the region's snark, wordplay, and RP. But I do want to note that I'll be posting Haikus here in the Library and Coffee Shop section of our forum, as well as various RP stuff as I learn them. Probably a decent amount of my RP contributions (if valid; I'm still learning my way in these parts) will be cultural in nature, playing on some of my real life interests. So I hope you'll visit the library from time to time with a cup of coffee in hand (or a dram of whisky) to see what the poetically just people of Fuentana are writing. Cheers!
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    Hello from Kurabis!

    Hi everyone! My nation is named Kurabis. I have as of time posting this 648 million people. My capital is Parducze, national animal is blackbird and currency is Kurabisian crown. I am not very active in the region RMB since joining this region , but I will probably start to be more active there.
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    Westwind By Correspondent Reçueçn “I’d like to ask for your thoughts on some things, as well as just your own history,” I said. “Go right ahead,” said Westwind. He poured us both another glass of rum. I took a moment to look at the bottle, with the TWP Spiced Crimson Rum branding. “This is good stuff,” I said. Westwind nodded. “By the way, in TNP it was Crimson Rum. In TWP it was Spiced Crimson Rum. There IS a difference! Both are served at the E-Bar in Equilism, and kegs of Spiced Crimson Rum are delivered to the TWP RMB on special occasions. Such vintage spirits have limited availability.” I laughed. “Well I’m glad I could taste some.” I savored a mouthful as I thought about what I wanted to ask. “We talk a lot about how NS is a 'text-based game' and what that means. Definitely it's a very unique game in both the demands it makes of players and the opportunities it presents. What qualities of yours do you think it plays to?” “Well, having a degree in political science and geography plays well to a political simulation game. I remember when SimCity first came out....and the first Civilization. Having done my own sort of version of NS when I was young, and having written a book about those fictional nations and characters... it all fits well. Maybe Max Barry was my protege and he doesn't know it. As for the text-based aspect, there's probably a few other factors. Besides trying to write a book, I'd been editor of three publications. Back in the days of paste-up layouts before computers. So I'm often comfortable writing. And when those early computers came along, text-based games were what was available. 'Rogue'....enter a direction and get a response. Text based. Due to my disabilities, I cannot play Real Time Simulation games. (I liked Age of Empires, but I can't play it) Trying to keep up with the game causes me to have seizures. So I have to be careful what kind of video games I play. I have to watch out for rapid graphics, flashing graphics. And my medications slow brain function. So I'm too slow to react for some games, and I have to play them on the very easiest settings. The text-based game NS doesn't give me any of those problems.” “When you reminisce about your time on NS, what period do you think of the most fondly?” “I would have to say it was the camaraderie of the players of Equilism,” said WW. “How well we all worked together inside and outside the region. How we were often able to avoid the heated conflicts that were seen in so many other regions. How we were able to innovate outside of traditional NS ideologies, plot complex ideas outside of the box and out of the R/D perspective, ground our actions in well-founded ideals, and how well we could come together to accomplish our goals. Great players with great accomplishments all across NS. I was fortunate to work with them. Just like all the greatest rock bands....the interactions of strong personalities makes for great music.” “What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from NS?” “Intrigue in NS is described by Pink Floyd in the song 'Dogs' Welcome to NationStates!” And in true TWP style, Westwind began to sing me some karaoke: “- You got to be crazy.... - Gotta sleep on your toes... - You got to strike when the moment is right without thinking... - And after a while, you can work on points for style.... - You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to So that when they turn their backs on you You'll get the chance to put the knife in. - You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder.... - You know it's going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you get older... - And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown.... - Sometimes it seems to me as if I'm just being used.... - That everyone's expendable and no-one has a real friend....” He trailed off and thought for a minute before speaking again. “Or....Maybe I"m an old grandpa (my nickname became 'Gramps' in Equilism by '05) that's learned to be more online social media savvy from interacting with players young enough to be children and grandchildren on NS? Too weird. But I've been online since before the Internet was public, so I already knew cyberspace.” Once more, he began to sing: “’Net boy, Net girl Send your signal 'round the world Put a message in a modem And throw it in the cyber sea...’ I have seen NS political tactics applied in RL across Social Media that baffled traditional political operatives. I ran for office once in 1990's RL, via third party for State Legislature. An informational campaign. More recently, both major parties were offering me leadership conferences and training in the '16 election. So strange...getting offers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Washington, California...... I admit a certain curiosity as to how useful NS experience might be in pursuing RL Politics. Would I do it though? Probably not. I don't like either major party, and you can't win without one. I don't think my health would like it. And the mudslinging would drive anyone mad. But most of our RL politicians are not terribly intelligent.The Oligarchy of Real Life. In NS and RL, leadership requires finding the right people to do the job that needs doing, and being willing to delegate tasks and the authority (and resources) they need to carry them out. Thus, in NS as in RL, politics makes strange bedfellows. Play NS enough, and you'll understand the odd alignments that appear in RL politics at times.” “What question do you most want to get asked in an interview? What's the answer?” “I don't know. I'd found it curious that no one had ever asked me about The Crimson Order in TNP, and now that's been asked and answered in TRR.” We drifted into natural, personal conversation as we sipped on our rum and enjoyed some TWP karaoke favorites. Suddenly, the clock on the mantlepiece chimed loudly. It was already evening, and I had stayed longer than I had meant to. “Thank you so much, Westwind. For the newspaper, I'll let you have the final word. Anything else you'd like to say?” “I don't know if I have any words left." He chuckled. "NationStates is a curious animal. It cannot be tamed, but it can be lead and domesticated for a time and place. Just think.....had the Destroyers/Deadwood/NTO/SOULEATERS efforts been backed by a multi-regional organization such as a reformed ADN or The Crimson Order and followed to it's natural conclusion.....more Raider targets would have been removed from the game....Region names freed for new/active players to use.....there would be fewer small regions without security, leaving fewer regions for defenders to defend....the R/D game could be crippled......forum/offsite communities enhanced by players returned from the void of inactivity....interregional politics and 'wars' could supersede the R/D conflicts of the past....NS could be a more dynamic political simulation capable of innovation unhampered by limited R/D gameplay perspectives. The potential in those ideas that were developed was audacious. No wonder defenders worked with raiders to defeat The Crimson King. *chuckles* Existing paradigms don't like change. NationStates is a long story that is constantly having new pages written by it's players on a daily basis. And I'm just one of the Storytellers.” I would like to personally thank @Westwind for granting this interview. I had a lot of fun speaking with him and learning from him. I'd like to apologize for the frankly ridiculous amount of time it took me to get around to writing it up, and also for leaving out as much as I did... WW is a source of much wisdom and I couldn't pack it all into the format I wanted. Any inaccuracies in the above articles not in direct quotes are my responsibility: please let me know if I've gotten anything wrong. Happy Holidays!
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    Naming The Heir Apparent

    Congratulations @Bran Astor ! And my condolences on the loss of all your free time. Congratulations on a well made choice, @Saint Mark. I am in full support!
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    Hi there TWP o/ I'm W&S. Some of you know me, others don't, but I'm a soon-to-be-stateless gameplayer who's taken up residence in TWP recently and I realized I hadn't made a forum account here yet. https://www.nationstates.net/nation=twpaf_temp_worker is my nation in TWP. More on the name below :P A little about me for those who don't know me so well: My main nation is Witchcraft and Sorcery and I usually go by W&S or WS or whatever variant of that you please. I just celebrated (or rather completely forgot) my sixth anniversary playing NS on February first. Most of that time has been spent in 10000 Islands, where I've been a senator, dean of the university, and tactical officer of TITO among other things. I also spent a year and a half in the Grey Wardens before returning to 10ki. Right now though I'm in the process of leaving 10ki, this time likely for good as my military ideas have shifted well away from what 10ki stands for. What the heckee am I doing here? Just chilling for now, honestly. I've become friendly with a lot of people in TWP's government over the last couple of years. Badger, Dali, Rigel, Ark, and I've had pleasant interactions with a lot more. Y'all are cool and I'm happy to be here ^_^
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    New Theme Chatter

    I have a crazy idea. *watches everyone roll their eyes* Flags: I love the dragon flag where the dragon is clinging to the back of the sun for the Regional WFE flag. I have always been partial to dragons and love them in all their literary and film adaptations. I also really like the stamp-like, trendy flag that was Kawaii's, I think. I like it because it looks like a stamp. If we added a relief of words (or a dragon?) in the top part of the sun, it could easily be used as an FA seal for treaties and dispatches. I dislike the first group of flags because they remind me too much of the Kaiser and WWI sensibilities. However, I have always wanted to rp-live in Imperial Russia. Which brings me to ... Titles: I dislike all of them and their forms of address. But not the idea of titles and some designations. I think we (the region) can do better if we drink some wine and argue about it one evening. I would like to ask that the Heir apparent designation be removed from the lists for a number of reasons we can argue about another time.
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    Punk Daddy's daddy

    The origin of the name punk daddy begins in 1992. I was a 14 year old kid who loved to act and was acting in my first High School play. I was very insecure this particular year and there were some girls I liked who were making fun of me. Playful fun but I told them, “well you know what they say about black guys, right?” For those that don’t know, “they” say black guys are well endowed. From there I gained the nickname, Big Don. “Don” is PD’s real first name. In my junior year, I played the role of Daddy in a play, was way more secure in myself, and those same girls changed my nickname to Big Daddy. When I went to college I joined a web chat as Big Daddy. However, I was very precocious as gained a nickname – Punk Daddy – from the older folks who thought I was just a kid who should go back to school and not talk to them about matters of the day. I like Big Don, Big Daddy, but I liked Punk Daddy the most because I felt like most people in my world wouldn’t associate me with that name. And I like being different. So when I joined NS back in 2004, I had been using Punk Daddy for years and it became my first nation name. ------------------------------------------------- This post isn’t really about my name but about punk daddy’s daddy. He passed away on August 21st. I’d venture to guess that both Darkesia and Eli are aware as they are my friends on Facebook. It was a pulmonary embolism that took him out. From the moment he woke my stepmom to tell her he was having trouble breathing to the moment he died was about 40-45 minutes. I did some reading on massive embolisms and they strike suddenly and they are not easy to treat once symptoms start showing. In the days prior to my dad passing away I had texted him this “I want you to live to see that day” regarding seeing me, his son, reach a particular level of financial success he and my mom had tried to attain (and failed) back in the early 90s. He didn’t respond to that text which wasn’t unusual, so don’t read too much into that. My last text to him was “TGIF!”, it’s funny that’s the last message I sent to my father. He was my best friend. He could tell me things others couldn’t. As the oldest son, I took on the responsibility of writing his obituary. It was not easy but I knew that I had to do it. The final result was something I’m sure he would have enjoyed. I’ve also had bad job news and my oldest son is also having some health issues. It’s been a trying time. But my head is still up and I wanted to share with you all where I was. PD
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    Glutton for Punishment

    So, I've started the process of studying to become an Enrolled Agent. https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals/enrolled-agents Why? My Job is dull? My neurosis about always being in school? My compulsive need to collect certifications? Tired of not getting my tax questions answered coherently? I'm insane? Yes.
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    Greetings TWP, Today I want to make the region aware of a situation that came up earlier this week after I had our treaty with the Kingdom of Great Britain repealed and our embassy withdrawn. The King and his Curia have threatened TWP and Osiris with war, intend to see our downfall. Furthermore, they have attempted to undermine Europeia. Several months ago it was discovered that the King Alexander, who otherwise goes by Don, is a pathological liar IC and OOC and an all around manipulative bastard. He lied about RL situations in order to gain sympathy and manipulate people in his region. This caused myself and others to leave the region and disassociate ourselves from KGB. However, we still had this treaty; which I was ok with provided more lies and deceit didn't surface. A few weeks ago it was discovered that Don was bringing back into KGB a nation known for harassing and bullying behavior who penned this apology letter: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=421555 Knowing first hand what had occurred, I could not in good faith allow TWP to be associated with this individual or any region that harbors him. So after discussing this with the guardians, I decided to act quickly and dissolve our relationship with KGB. Earlier this week, one of our operatives sent me a long line of logs. The relevant ones can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/MZm7P After laughing voraciously at their thinking that they could coup TWP, I informed our friends in Europeia, Vice Chancellor Brunhilde and director of intel NES of the potential security breech. They have made sure that Europeia is secure. The newly elected President, Cat has decided to step down for her part in this. When these logs became public a few hours ago, the king has decided to abdicate the throne and quit NS. Don being a manipulative liar, I am sure will resurface soon. When he does, I ask that you remember what he has said about TWP and the intentions of his council. None of these people: Don Mountbatten (former king Alexander), Victor Lancaster (the new king William Victor I), Charles Lancaster, Cephal (Cornelius Tallyrand), and John Mountbatten should be forgotten for their role in attempting to subvert TWP and our allies. We will not work with KGB or the above individuals in any fashion. I would ask our allies to do the same. They are not to be trusted! When I first began diplomacy with KGB last spring, I was pleasantly surprised by the terrific people in the region. Many of them have chosen to come to TWP over the past few months to see what we have going on here, even becoming actively involved in our TWP community. Several were actively involved in getting this information to me as they understood the King was making poor choices. Those of you who have come here from KGB, I hold no ill will towards any of you and ask TWP to do the same. However, the individuals with the King in the Curia; I do hold you responsible for your statements and actions. Hail TWP! Badger
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    Sounds like you guys had a hell of a blast!
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    *wipes the dripping sarcasm off his shirt* There was a time when the only thing you had was the RMB and TGs. Then regions started using forums. Then they got into IRC and Skype. Now Discord has supplanted (only) IRC and Skype. If you don't accept and embrace new ways of doing things (especially when everyone else is using those tools) you risk being left behind in the dustbin of history. Better?
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    Obviously it commemorates their victory in the war against good taste.
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    A public apology

    And this my friends is the crux of the issue. The delegate has no authority as far as I can tell to dissolve the offsite government. But Minister of Legislative RP did, technically, and he may have some backing to do so. I have no desire to participate in any form of government that can be so unilaterally dissolved without so much as a notice. The reason is, why invest in something if someone - per whatever - just wants to pull the rug out. Not cool in my book.
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    The trouble with leaving TWP for a while and then returning for the occasional pop-in, is that you've not the slightest idea what's going-on; most of the old regulars have left, you don't know many of the active new regulars, and they haven't the slightest idea who you are! Severely limits the understanding of any gossip that's gone-on, or anything else for that matter!
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