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4th Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please.

Welcome to the 4th Rugby World Cup! This is an international rugby union tournament. If you are a participant, you can start posting about your nation's rugby team (logo, players, kits, and any other related information). You can also post about your team's preparations for this event!

Another important thing to include in your roster post is the "role play permissions". If you want to role play while making sure that the other RPer(s) won't do inevitable things you don't want to happen to your team, you can post these below outlining what the other RPers can or cannot do, for example:

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y/N
Choose my kicker: Y/N
RP injuries: Y/N
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
Godmod injuries: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N

The last three permissions, godmodding, is the role playing unrealistic or unbelievable things happening. So if you want a more realistic experience for your team (and what we hopefully want in the games for the duration of the tournament), you can ask other RPers not to godmod in your matches. You can also add, leave, or remove any role permissions you want. It's your team, so we will let you dictate the way your team plays (as long as it is realistic).

Also, you can include what we call a "style modifier". This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if you are a defensive (leaning to negative numbers) or an offensive (leaning to positive numbers) team. If you don't put one, you'll automatically get a neutral modifier (0.00), and that is just fine.

There will be 3 attributes that will determine the skill of a team for the scorinator (xkoranate): base skill, RP post bonuses, roster bonus. 30% of the base skill and 70% of the total of the RP post bonuses and roster bonus will be the basis for the skill attribute of a team in the scorinator.

The base skill will be from the latest Rugby Rankings being managed by the Free State of Dalimbar. NPCs will have their base skill halved in the scorinator during the whole duration of the tournament.

As this is a sports RP event, all RPs made by a participant will be given a bonus. However, we believe in "Quality over quantity". It does not mean that a participant with the most number of RP posts in the tournament will have the highest RP bonus. It should be known that multiple posts of a participant before a specific matchday will only be credited to that incoming matchday alone except for posts about the team roster, as it is also a different RP bonus attribute.

For RP posts, the highest score that a participant can receive in a specific matchday is 1 point, with the lowest score being 0.1, based on the quality of the current best RP for that matchday, as determined by the OOC host. On succeeding matchdays, the RP bonus received from the previous matchdays will be accumulated to the total RP post bonus.

The roster bonus is about your team (as mentioned above, the logo, players, kits, and any other related information). Participants posting only the starting XV of their team will only receive 0.5 points. Posting 31 or more players will receive 1 point. Anything between 15-30 will have 0.70 points. Roster bonus will be doubled if a participant submits a comprehensive team information (with team logo and kit(s) at the minimum receiving at least a 1.2x multiplier for the roster bonus).

With this, may I request that the post regarding your roster shall be posted first and your RP for the first matchday shall be separate.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me in Discord. You can DM me or drop your question in #rwc4 of the RP server. You can also ask me in the OOC thread.



Note: Reserving posts are only for the IC host (Dalimbar) and OOC host (United Adaikes).

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Welcome to Dalimbar! Host of the Rugby World Cup IV!

For the Dalimbari, rugby is a religion. In the warrior society of the early Dalimbari, games of strength and strategy became a way for the aspiring to showcase themselves with their units and defend their honour. Throughout the centuries where a ball was introduced and rules explored, the Dalimbari throughout the Starija core lands developed what they called "rugby". Other nations, many surprisingly outside of Polaris, also found themselves drawn to the sport. This happened through some cultural exchange with Dalimbar, particularly in the past three hundred years. The showcase event of the Rugby World Cup (RWC) has demonstrated Dalimbari strength in the game while reminding them that the sport has gone international. The Dalimbari, from Nadu in the west to Port Ain in the east, aspires to "bring it home".

Modern rugby in the Free State is administered by the "Union da Rugby", organizing the national team and the "Liga Rugby", a 40-team league which competes for the Marshal's Cup. All 19 Districts of the Free State host at least one team, with Saint Andreisburg, Donlas, and Kaisah hosting multiple squads. All are determined to hoist the Marshal's Cup in front of the Marshal and the nation in Garrison Stadium. Intense sports-betting and statistical analysis are undertaken by enthusiasts, which has been exported to the international tournament scene with the "Rugby Rankings" provided by the Department of Sports. 

The Free State of Dalimbar is proud to host Rugby World Cup IV. With a culture and infrastructure which supports a successful tournament, we know it is our time to host the most prestigious event in all Esferos. The Marshal and Stavka of the Free State commits to hosting a fair and friendly games for the entire world to enjoy.

On behalf of Stavka,
Lev Toksin, Chair
Department of Sports of the Free State of Dalimbar

Infrastructure of the Games

We are proud to welcome the 28 competing teams to our eight stadiums, all located in the Starija Dalimbar. Note that all times listed below are in Polaris Mountain Time/Dalimbari Standard Time (DST).

Stadiums of Rugby World Cup IV


Group A teams will play in: Garrison Stadium (Saint Andreisburg, District 1) and Nadu Naval Stadium (Nadu, District 2).

Group B teams will play in: Fort Kaisah Stadium and Port Kaisah Stadium (both in Kaisah, District 7).

Group C teams will play in: Posadka Stadium and Marinksy Stadium (both in Saint Andreisburg, District 1).

Group D teams will play in: Central Donlas Stadium and Donuzlav Stadium (both in Donlas, District 6).

All stadiums will host a Round of 16 match. 

Quarter-Final matches will be played in: Nadu Naval, Fort Kaisah, Marinksy, and Donuzlav Stadiums.

Semi-Final matches will be played in: Posadka and Central Donlas Stadiums.

The Bronze match will be played in: Nadu Naval Stadium.

The Gold match will be played in: Garrison Stadium.


Garrison Stadium
Capacity: 81,000
Hosting Rounds: Group A "Premier" Matches (19:00 DST), Round of 16, Gold Medal Match
Location: Kamenny Neighbourhood, Centre-East Sector, Saint Andreisburg, District 1
Current Tenants: FS Dalimbar National Rugby Team (aka "Boys in Blue")


Located in the grand Kamenny neighbourhood in the Centre-East sector of Saint Andreisburg, Garrison Stadium is the heart and soul of Dalimbari rugby. Each year it hosts the Marshal's Cup, the ultimate showdown of Dalimbari rugby teams. Surrounded by parklands and other amenities, it is a great central location for the tourist to Saint Andreisburg.

Nadu Naval Stadium
Capacity: 67,800
Hosting Rounds: Group A "Afternoon" and "Evening" Matches (13:00 and 16:00 DST), Round of 16, Quarter-Final, Bronze Medal Match
Location: Portlands Sector, Nadu, District 2
Current Tenants: Nadu Naval RC


Home of the current holders of the Marshal's Cup, Nadu Naval RC, this stadium is located in the trendy Portlands Sector of Nadu on the waterfront. It is also the second largest stadium in all the Free State after Garrison.

Fort Kaisah Stadium
Capacity: 45,000
Hosting Rounds: Group B "Premier" Matches (19:00 DST), Round of 16, Quarter-Final
Location: Old Fort Kaisah, East Sector, Kaisah, District 7
Current Tenants: Fort Kaisah RC


Located near to the original "Old Fort Kaisah", this stadium is host to Fort Kaisah FC. It is surrounded by tourist attractions including the aforementioned Old Fort and numerous museums and parks. 

Port Kaisah Stadium
Capacity: 20,900
Hosting Rounds: Group B "Afternoon" and "Evening" Matches (13:00 and 16:00 DST), Round of 16, Quarter-Final
Location: Port Kaisah, West Sector, Kaisah, District 7
Current Tenants: Port Kaisah RC


Located in the western Port Kaisah neighbourhood, this is one of the original rugby stadiums in Kaisah and hosts of Port Kaisah FC. It has easy access to all the amenities of downtown Kaisah and offers picturesque views of the sea and canals.

Posadka Stadium
Capacity: 45,300
Hosting Rounds: Group C "Premier" Matches (19:00 DST), Round of 16, Semi-Final 1
Location: Posadka, North-West Sector, Saint Andreisburg, District 1
Current Tenants: Posadka RC


Posadka RC, often a favourite to win the Marshal's Cup, resides in this state-of-the-art stadium just north of the downtown core of Saint Andreisburg. 

Marinsky Stadium
Capacity: 35,000
Hosting Rounds: Group C "Afternoon" and "Evening" Matches (13:00 and 16:00 DST), Round of 16, Quarter-Final
Location: Marinsky, West-Port Sector, Saint Andreisburg, District 1
Current Tenants: Marinsky RC


Right on the shore of the T'Kope Sea in downtown Saint Andreisburg, this gleaming stadium hosts Marinsky FC and is close to a number of trendy bars and clubs frequented by the who's-who and glitterati of Dalimbari society.

Central Donlas Stadium
Capacity: 45,600
Hosting Rounds: Group D "Premier" Matches (19:00 DST), Round of 16, Semi-Final 2
Location: Central Sector, Donlas, District 6
Current Tenants: Central Donlas RC


Central Donlas RC, the runners-up of the most recent Marshal's Cup, are based out of this stadium. Adjacent to the downtown core of Donlas and the main transport connection, spectators will have no difficulty enjoying their time in and around the stadium.

Donuzlav Stadium
Capacity: 43,300
Hosting Rounds: Group D "Afternoon" and "Evening" Matches (13:00 and 16:00 DST), Round of 16, Quarter-Final
Location: Donuzlav Sector, Donlas, District 6
Current Tenants: Donuzlav RC


On the eastern end of Donlas you will find one of the most recently constructed stadiums, Donuzlav. It is also home to other festivities including the annual "Patriot Music Festival" which sees musical talent for all across the Free State compete to be the best in Dalimbar. 

Getting into Dalimbar (and What are Blue Cards?)


Welcome to the Free State of Dalimbar! We hope you enjoy your time here for the Rugby World Cup IV and to enjoy all that Dalimbar has to offer.

All visitors to the Free State will be flying into our main international airport, Saint Andreisburg--Marshal Aleksiev International Airport (SAA). Upon arrival, tourists will go to the Militsiya Customs desk for inspection and documentation. Once processed they will receive their "Blue Card". Representatives of participating squads and their governments should arrive before the influx of tourists to pre-arrange Blue Card distribution to their sides. 

The Blue Card is a document the size of a credit card which indicates that you are permitted free access to all the Rugby Zones across the Free State. It will have a picture of you, a bar code, and a chip for financial transactions while in Free State. This is your core piece of ID while in Dalimbar and also functions as a debit card, where you can exchange your currency to FS Credits and pay for all transactions. We ask that you always carry your Blue Card on your person, regardless of status or rank in your home country. Failure to do so will result in temporary incarceration while your Blue Card is located and possible deportation or further detention may happen.

Once you have received your Blue Card, you are free to start exploring the "Rugby Zones" throughout Starija Dalimbar, or the western core-lands of Dalimbar. The Sky Metro (Nebesnoy Metro, NM) rapid transit system (OOC: akin to Skytrain in Vancouver) will take you from the airport to Dukhob Station in central Saint Andreisburg. From there, if you are heading to either Kaisah or Donlas, you will be using the Rapid Train (Skoryy Poyezd, SP) system, taking 1 hour 35 minutes to reach Donlas and 2 hours 45 minutes to reach Kaisah. Those staying in Saint Andreisburg can make ample use of the Sky Metro and other local transit to move around the Saint Andreisburg "Rugby Zone". Spectators going to Nadu will need to head to the Vanino Ferry Terminal to take the 3 hour 30 minute trip to Nadu. 

Rugby Zones, Where You Can Go


The cities of Saint Andreisburg, Nadu, Donlas, and Kaisah each host a "Rugby Zone". These are the sections of those communities where Blue Pass holders have free access, from the stadiums to restaurants, tourist attractions, lodging, and other areas of interest for the visitor to Dalimbar. As a state with relative tensions in some areas, we wish to provide for a safe and secure games for the enjoyment of all. 

Saint Andreisburg is the capital, first founded, and largest city of the Free State with a population of just over 9 million. It is the centre of all Dalimbari activity, the headquarters of all Dalimbari society from Stavka downwards. The Rugby Zone of Saint Andreisburg connects all four stadiums with the centre of the city, with Blue Square as its focal point. The Rugby Zone encompasses a population of 700,000 and is 66 km2

We respectfully ask that all foreign guests to the Free State remember that they are under the sovereignty, traditions, and rules of Dalimbar while in our homeland. Being outside of the Rugby Zones will result in immediate detention.


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Text Format:

Group A
Hertfordshire and Jammbo

Group B
Saint Mark

Group C

Group D
United Adaikes

Cut-off Time: Every 48 hours at 9 PM ET.

Schedule (teams on the left wear home/white kits)

Group Stage (listed first and second are afternoon and evening matches in the non-premier stadiums, the third match is in the premier* stadium)
Matchday 1 - March 28 (2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5, Rest Day for 1)
Matchday 2 - March 30 (6 v 4, 7 v 3, 1 v 2, Rest Day for 5)
Matchday 3 - April 1 (3 v 1, 4 v 7, 5 v 6, Rest Day for 2)
Matchday 4 - April 6 (7 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3, Rest Day for 6)
Matchday 5 - April 8 (4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 7, Rest Day for 3)
Matchday 6 - April 10 (1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4, Rest Day for 7)
Matchday 7 - April 12 (5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, Rest Day for 4)

4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and no points for a loss

If, at the end of the Group Stage, teams are tied in Points, these are the tie-breaking procedure:
a. highest Point Difference
b. highest Points For (scored)
c. Head-to-head record between tied teams
d. Head-to-head Point Difference between tied teams
e. Head-to-head Points For (scored) between tied teams

*see IC Host info post

Round of 16 - April 14 (A1 v D4, B2 v C3, C1 v B4, D2 v A3, B1 v C4, A2 v D3, D1 v A4, C2 v B3)
Quarterfinals - April 16
Semi-finals - April 18
Finals - April 20



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Giovannilandian National Rugby Team
Squadra Nationala Giovanniterrana de Ovalsfera

Style mod: -3
Stadium: Stadio Purpuro, Giovannia
Manager: Ortensio Oktavio-Girvo
Coach: Sabina d'Ervedestia

Previous Appearances:
3rd Place - 1st Rugby World Cup, I & II Summer Esferiads
Group Stage - 2nd & 3rd Rugby World Cups

Main Players:

Name Gender Age Number Position Home City
Kornelio Fabio-Lavro Male 25 1 Loosehead Prop Andoliaville
Samanta Alva-Nyima Female 22 2 Hooker Zartegal
Lavinia Moraes Female 32 3 Tighthead Prop Giovannia
Demetrio Trieste de Souza Male 26 4 Lock 1 Narveklano
Tomás Kandido-Silva Male 21 5 Lock 2 Manariaus
Farlina Laritana Linyares Female 28 6 Backside Flanker Uryde
Arabella Jakobo Female 22 7   Openside Flanker   Quoriv
 Giovanna Antonia Female 29 8 Number 8  Altadia
Pietro Zapata Male 22 9 Scrum-half Anneville
Tarquino d'Alvamenta Male 19 10 Fly-half Florestal
Marko Teles (C) Male 29 11 Left Wing Porto Violeta
Rosangela Altada Female 28 12 Inside Centre Portaflora
Karina Giertuvera Female 29 13 Outside Centre Veldyena
Severo Pompilio-Oriene Male 20 14 Right Wing Giovannia
Lukas Juno Male 25 15 Full-back Porto Violeta

Backup Players:

Name Gender Age Number Position Home City
Livio Pina-Bromelya Male 24 16 Loosehead Prop Gioville
Nisontre Valentino Male 30 17 Hooker Trevirene
Terentia Talvelirya-Girvo Female 27 18 Tighthead Prop Andoliaville
Augusta Lastramore Female 23 19 Lock 1 Kandaluvro
Purpuro Vrosenor Male 26 20 Lock 2 Vrosa
Arvonio Emilio-Amore Male 19 21 Backside Flanker Giovannia
Fausto de Tavaliano Male 31 22   Openside Flanker   Andoliaville
 Desnia Teresa-Quarasta Female 27 23 Number 8  Porto Violeta
Kassia Avrinet de Luna Female 25 24 Scrum-half Abrentopolis
Januario Avaro-Zarya Male 28 25 Fly-half Giovannia
Mariana Mandulze Female 21 26 Left Wing Luminaryo
Masimo d'Uriastelo Male 24 27 Inside Centre Olviranda
Valeria Oldra de Lima Female 22 28 Outside Centre Gioville
Felipo de Abreu-Floryn Male 20 29 Right Wing Amorante
Benedita de Kastro Female 23 30 Full-back Elysdin



If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: No
Godmod scoring events: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: No

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The Zoranian Sun Hawks
Style Mod: +2.5

Name Age Position
Amo-Adawehi Tsasima 28 Loosehead Prop
Attakullakulla Quegadu 24 Hooker
Salonitah Gelusva 25 Tighthead Prop
Twah'kohi Agasgani 23 Second Row (L)
Ahuludegi Tsiguka 21 Second Row (R)
Degataga Dvagahi 19 Blindside Flanker
Dlasimahe Asduidv 29 Openside Flanker
Sesdi Tsunela 25 Number 8
Ganiyegi Atsidanelv 21 Scrum-half
Gulkalaski Lemomequa 22 Fly-half
Wohali Goyadv 27 Left Wing
Mohe Yvokala 24 Inside Centre
Oconostota Dlanegvotli 20 Outside Centre
Ama-edohi Masiguti 20 Right Wing
Kali Gasohi 21 Full Back

Coach: Amadahy Lvaguta




If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N
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Team Introduction

The 4th Rugby World Cup will see the debut of the Overthinkers National Rugby Team, or OT Rugby®. OT Rugby is built on the success of the nation’s own Tryhards Rugby League®, and stars a mix of the sport’s biggest names and some unsung heroes from inside and outside the TRY RL®.

Leading the national team in this competition is Coach Anton Edwards, known to Overthinking players and fans as Coach Ed, who led the Hestmere Thunder to four TRY RL titles in seven years before his retirement in 1420.

OT Rugby’s mascot is the Kite, a bird of prey commonly seen across the nation, selected by popular vote.










J. Cameron Lazul



Jason Stella



David Nauta



Leona Knight



Hank Moor



Robert Caseus



Jena Cantor



Bonnie Marculus



Brian Harding



Cory Villa



Carson West



Andrew Hall



Alan Cord



Bryan Harding



Theresa Argent



Keane Gallus



Ty Rex



Joseph Knight



Don Virga



Quinn Calum



Lee Julius



Greg Warner



Micheal Anul







Style Mod: +3.1

If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: Ask
Godmod injuries: Ask
Godmod other events: Ask
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Federasione Fluviana de Rugby | Fluvian Rugby Federation

Style mod: -1.5

Team Info
Home Stadium: Massopirro Arena, Le Fornaci District, Grancastello (cap. 10'215)
Coach: Deodiro Pitti

Players representing Rivalfiume:

Number Player Name Age Position Other Info


Pau Moscardino 28 Loosehead Prop  
2 Mauro Svitto 26 Hooker  
3 Leno Schiumarola 31 Tighthead Prop  
4 Federico Patrisi Martusciovo 22 Lock  
5 Bacco Mardadi 23 Lock  
6 Juli Nurca 25 Blindside Flanker  
7 Nicola de Nojaltri 24 Openside Flanker  
8 Max Petroforte 28 Number 8  
9 Gian Criscese 32 Scrum-half  
10 Smitto Torricelli (C) 24 Fly-half Can play as Inside Centre
11 Medèo Lemmini 26 Left Wing  
12 Giangiacco Issà 30 Inside Centre  
13 Renetto Celsionet 25 Outside Centre  
14 Cino Beccacci 27 Right Wing  
15 Jan Malo Lunardi 20 Full Back  
16 Cristoff Nola 27 Reserve Prop Can play as Hooker
17 Gio Dagomari 30 Reserve Prop  
18 Atelèo Vitti 22 Reserve Lock  
19 Majo Cimìn 26 Reserve Lock Can play as Blindside Flanker
20 Niclo Magis 25 Reserve Inside Centre Can play as Fly-half
21 Disìato Turpi 28 Reserve Scrum-half  
22 Bes Cajotto 21 Reserve Outside Centre  
23 Deserèo Pandolce 23 Reserve Hooker  


First Colours


Second Colours


If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y (within reason)
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N



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Two weeks before the beginning of the Fourth Rugby World Cup

New Zoradia, Zoran

“...and that is why I recommend that we should get more funding in next year’s budget!” said Minister of Defense, Waholi Lanusila, with gusto.

Queen Atsil Ani-Wah was at the head of the table, rubbing her temples to try and soothe the headache that Waholi’s proposal had caused her,
“Waholi, with all due respect, the military is on time for completion and does not need any more funding and I am certainly not going to approve a budget increase just for the military to develop ‘star lasers,’” she says with air quotes, “as you call them. Now if you could do something about the remaining mines in the country that would be greatly appreciated.”

Waholi crossed their arms and huffed as they sat back in their chair, “If we had star lasers we could blast the mines from orbit.” He grumbles to himself to which Atsil rolls their eyes due to how childish the man was acting.

“Now, I believe that is all we needed to cover this session. Thank you all for coming.” The ministers got up from their seats and proceeded out the door, all except for one.

“Just a minute, your Majesty,” said Director Soyohata of the Secret Intelligence Council, “There is one small matter I would like to discuss with you in private.” Atsil raised an eyebrow at him,

“Very well, what is it?”

“As you are aware, this year’s Rugby World Cup will be taking place in Dalimbar and as you know the Dalimbari are quite passionate about the sport over there.” he said in a monotone manner, “Our team is quite good but I have concerns about the ramifications of a Dalimbari defeat in the World Cup within their own country in a sport they are very passionate about.” Atsil began rubbing their chin,

“I can see what you are getting at here. If you are concerned about the safety of our people who travel there or our team there is little we can really do.”

“Little that we can do normally.” began Soyohata, “If you allow me, I would like to make plans to send SIC operatives undercover as tourists and staff members of the rugby team and make plans to provide an emergency extraction of the team and our people should a Dalimbar defeat ever occur.” a look of hesitation appeared on Atsil’s face,

“We have no real access to any assets in Dalimbar…and the arrangements needed to pull off such a plan is very improbable. I do not think we can do that.”

“Please, your Majesty,” said Soyohata, “You know Dalimbar can be a wild card when it comes to how they may react due to their levels of secrecy, but we have to take the ch-” Atsil held up her hand,

“You just want the bragging rights for infiltrating one of the biggest military states with near impossible odds, don’t you?” she asks with a knowing smirk. Soyohota does not make eye contact,

“Maaaaaaaybe.” Atsil groans at this response,

“I swear, sometimes I feel like I am running a circus. Look, if you can make a plan that might actually work and are somehow able to gain access to assets needed to perform an extraction in Dalimbar, pitch it to me and I will approve it, but know that I reserve the right to plausible deniability should that plan go south. Am I clear?” Soyohata smiles,

“Crystal, your Majesty.”

Day before flight to Dalimbar


The Zoranian Rugby team is gathered together in an auditorium after having received an abrupt message from their coach telling them they all have to attend a mandatory meeting for reasons they did not reveal. They were instructed to leave their phones and electronic devices at home.

"Afternoon, everyone. I know that this meeting is unexpected but there is a reason for it." began Coach Lvaguta, "As you all are aware, this World Cup is being held in Dalimbar and we know that strict guidelines have to be followed. While we believe that the Dalimbari would not risk angering every nation attending the World Cup, the Ministry of Defense and the Secret Intelligence Council wants to take some precautions in the case that covert action is taken against us by the Dalimbari. With that out of the way, let me introduce you to Director Soyohata of the SIC who will be discussing the details of these precautions." The team clapped as the director took the stage of the auditorium,

"Good afternoon, as you know the safety of our citizenry, especially those representing our nation abroad, is our top priority. As a result, several operatives of the SIC will be part of your staff and be posing as tourists going to the games. Should anything go wrong, these operatives have contingencies and plans to get you out of the country. While our resources are...limited in Dalimbar, we have tried our best to ensure safe extraction of the entire team should anything go wrong. You will be provided with one contact to report any suspicious behavior while in Dalimbar but keep your reports discreet to protect the cover of our operatives, we cannot let Stavka know what we are doing. But for now, follow the guidelines Dalimbar provided, keep your nose out of trouble, be careful what you say, and be on the lookout for fowl-play. I wish you a safe trip and the best of luck, do your best to keep up our winning streak."

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Iconic Rugby Stadiums of Giovanniland: Part Two
Posted 25/03/1423 

Rugby fans, remember us from the last Rugby World Cup? Indeed, we're happy to announce that SporTravel will continue our series of showcasing interesting rugby stadiums within Giovanniland. While our national rugby team, the Squadra Nationala Giovanniterrana de Ovalsfera (Ovalsfera is the Giovannese name for rugby, literally meaning egg-shaped ball), prepares to fight for the title in Dalimbar, we hope that our posts will help Giovannilandians and sport-loving tourists to visit some of the best rugby pitches and stadiums in Giovanniland, even when they're not actively having games, to appreciate these beautiful buildings and the rugby sport itself.

For some context on Giovannilandian rugby, the sport was introduced here around a year ago in the early 14th century to the northern Lavender Island coast, with the city of Quoriv hosting the first team and stadium (Stadio Giordano, that hosted games in the II Summer Esferiad). In 1325, the National Rugby League of Giovanniland was founded by various teams across the nation, and in 1329 the first national team was founded and featured some of the best players from notable teams. Although coming from two bad results in the last two Rugby World Cup, the Giovannilandian team can certainly look to its 3rd place in the 1st Rugby World Cup and the I & II Summer Esferiads as a goal to meet or perhaps even surpass this year! Anyways, without further ado, let's take a look at the three stadiums we've featured today:



Stadio Lavro I, Uryde Prefecture-Level City - Capacity: 44,204

Just like the famous Stadio Giordano, the Stadio Lavro I is another stadium in the northern part of Lavender Island, although smaller and less known than its western neighbor in Quoriv. Nevertheless hosts the notable Ursos de Uryde team, which means Bears of Uryde in Giovannese! The stadium is located on the outskirts of the city, not far from the old city center, a place full of wonders for tourists interested in Giovannilandian history. This is also the source for the stadium name, which honors the erstwhile ruler of the Uryde city-state back in ancient times that then went on to conquer neighboring city-states like Quoriv, Vrosa, Bwaryk and Elysthin in order to found the Lavandulan Empire, which lasted for more than a millennium.



Stadio Joakim I, Giovannia Capital City - Capacity: 41,920

Whereas the Stadio Purpuro is the largest stadium in the capital and also home to the Squadra Nationala Giovanniterrana de Ovalsfera (therefore not to any national league team), the Stadio Joakim I is home to the most famous team from Giovannia, the Gorilas de Giovannia. This team is a very successful squad in the national rugby league and the oldest team of Giovanniland that doesn’t hail from the Kosta Nord region. Once called simply by its home team's name, the stadium later changed its name to honor Joakim I, one of the emperors of the Giovannian Empire that ruled from 831 to 841 AF. Though Joakim I's reign was short compared to other rulers, he is notably known for focusing on infrastructure upgrades throughout the nation, especially in the capital, therefore being recognized as namesake of various places in Giovannia and its nearby region, Giovannia Magna.



Stadio de Les Nautes, Anneville Prefecture-Level City - Capacity: 33,510

The eponymous rugby team, Les Nautes, has played at this stadium for a long time, a coastal stadium in the nation’s fourth largest city Anneville. Its name honors the seafarers (nautes, in Giovannese) that set foot in southwestern Lavender Island and founded the Kingdom of Arvonia. They were descendants from Saint Markan traders, coming from a powerful empire at the time including a lot of continental Aura. Their arrival into the island contributed a lot to what would in the future become Giovannilandian culture, mixed with indigenous traits such as the Lavandulan culture in the north, and the language spoken by most people in the country also descends from the language of Saint Mark. Not far from here is the first settlement by the travelers, called Markopolis, a historical city that provides insight into the foundation of the Kingdom of Arvonia.

That's all for the second part of this series! Thank you for reading, and we wish you good and safe travels if you are looking to visit these and other rugby places in Giovanniland. If you've got suggestions for the next parts, email us at sportravelgiovanniland@giovamail.com!

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Folkskommunarna Fujai (fu:'jaɪ, foo-yEYE) is a small coastal nation of just over 7 million residents, located in the north of the Polari continent. While Fujai has a long sporting history, rugby is not a commonly played sport. The sport is most common in rural and industrial areas of the country, particularly in the regions of Mærte and Felvenna. The Dalimbari are often credited with bringing modern rugby to Fujai during their occupation of parts of the country beginning in 1242.

The Landslag

The Rugby Landslag is made up of the finest players in Fujai, though not many would be considered of truly international quality. It is sponsored by Fujais Rugby Idrottsforbund (FRIF - Fujansk Rugby Sports Federation), a member of Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF - Fujansk Sports Federation). Most Landslag players come from Fujai's top league, Højserien, though a few come from the second league, Lågserien. The winningest clubs tend to be from the regions of Hasmark and Felvenna, where the sport is most popular.

The Landslag came in second at the First Rugby World Cup to Hertfordia and was knocked out in the quarterfinals of the Second and Third Cups by Zoran. For a nation not well-known for its rugby, its team has put up quite a fight, and all are watching to see what happens next.

Fujais Idrottsforbund

Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF) is the federation of labor unions representing all sports players and workers in sports-associated industries. It is separate from the Fujansk government, but receives accreditation and financial and infrastructural support from it. Its structure includes clubs at the local level (e.g. a local sports club), which are constituents of fylke organizations, which are a part of the larger federation representing specific sports (e.g. Fujais Fotbollforbund for football), which are then members of FIF.

Fujais Rugby Idrottsforbund

Fujais Rugby Idrottsforbund (FRIF) is the labor union that governs some forms of football in Fujai and represents all players, related workers, and clubs in the country. The main sports under its purview are rugby union, sevens, and league and gridiron football. FRIF's Rugbyseksjon organizes the nation's rugby union league play, with eight clubs competing at the highest level.

The eight clubs that currently compete in the top flight of rugby union are:

  • Braskvik IF - Braskvik, Heldingland, Mærte
  • Bruland IF - Keiserholde, Keiserholde, Vestfjordarna
  • Linbukt KRF - Linbukt, Mærtesund, Mærte
  • Lakseåkar IF - Lakseåkar, Oppmærte, Mærte
  • Rønnon IL - Rønnon, Vørreshall, Jornstrand
  • Strand RL - Almoren, Elsøra, Felvenna
  • Tåkstads RK - Tåkstad, Mærtesund, Mærte
  • Vemdemning RF - Vemdemning, Vemselag, Mærte




Important Notes (!)

Editor's note on gender: Fujansk culture does not have individual gender categories. The five common genders were historically recognized, though categories and classifications of gender expression have broken down in the last few centuries, resulting in today's non-categorical perception of gender. Since the Fujansk language does not have gendered pronouns, most Fujar choose choose to use gender-neutral pronouns when interacting in the common tongue, such as they/them. All players on the Landslag use they/them pronouns in the common language.

Translator's note: Landslaget translates to "The National Team," while Landslag translates to "National Team." In the common tongue, one would say "the Landslag did well" or "Landslaget did well," not "the Landslaget did well" (the translated equivalent of "the The Landslag did well"). This is because the Fujansk language uses suffixes to create definite nouns instead of articles. See Den Fujanske Ordboken (The Fujansk Dictionary) for more information.

Quick Info

  • Trigram: FJA
  • Adjective: Fujansk
  • Demonym: Fujar
  • Plural: Fujar
  • Language: Fujansk
  • Population: 7,294,825 (~RL Paraguay/Washington state)
  • Area: 521,912 km2 (Øyen: 131,016 km2, Hasmark: 390,896 km2) (~RL Nicaragua+Zimbabwe/Alabama+Montana)
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 1,760,000 kronar, 71,535 international monetary units
  • Capital: Keiserholde, Keiserholde fylke


Team Info

  • Style mod: -3.1
  • Home stadium: Korsongars Idrottsplass, Tåkstad - cap. 12,985 (6,684 all-seater)
    • While the Landslag rotates its matches to stadiums around the county, the plurality of international matches take place at Korsongars Idrottsplass, home of Tåkstads RK.
  • Managers: Keiren Jorda, Halla Usviken
  • Coaches: Ila Navna, Qi Jun


Name Num. Pos. Club City Age League
Zeinab Krælle 1 Loosehead Prop Solbakken IL Keiserholde 34 Lågserien
Edda Hortel 2 Hooker Bruland IF Keiserholde 29 Højserien
Farre Jorg 3 Tighthead Prop Strand RL Almoren 24 Højserien
Birk Broks 4 Number 4 Lock Lakseåkar IF Lakseåkar 22 Højserien
Mattei Abbas 5 Number 5 Lock Vemdemning RF Vemdemning 25 Højserien
Gert Sunde 6 Backside Flanker Rønnon IL Rønnon 26 Højserien
Tinius Grindheim 7 Openside Flanker Braskvik IF Braskvik 23 Højserien
Kaz Fyr 8 Number 8 Oppdal IL Dernes 25 Lågserien
Eskild Åsheim 9 Scrum-half Hæreby KRF Hæreby 21 Højserien
Ruzar Levanzin 10 Fly-half Strand RL Almoren 30 Højserien
Huan Min 11 Left Wing Rønnon IL Rønnon 34 Højserien
Matilde Lieng 12 Inside Centre Tålkstads RK Tålkstad 30 Højserien
Synne Veiren 13 Outside Centre Galskeir RF Galskeir 32 Lågserien
Jofried Tysken 14 Right Wing Braskvik IF Braskvik 34 Højserien
Aylin Egge 15 Full Back Lakseåkar IF Lakseåkar 22 Højserien




RP Permissions


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my scorers, kickers, etc: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, including season/career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason—ask me if you want to do something wild and we can do it together

Gender note: Pronouns are important, use the right ones.
Language note: If I provide a word in Fujansk, please use it as is instead of a translation. If you'd like any additional translations or have a question, feel free to message me or check the Ordbok.

OOC Disclaimer:


I know basically nothing about rugby other than hot guys toss a ball around and run into each other, please be kind

If you'd like to know something about Fujai that I didn't cover or whatever else, feel free to send me a message or look at my fully and totally complete factbook.
All graphics created by myself

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United Adaikes National Rugby Union Team
The Sharks


  Position	          Name		 Sex	   Age	
Coach		Ferne Huxtable		F	 52

1		Vincent Arias		M	 30
2		Peregrine Norman	M	 37
3		Wilfrid Clement		M	 33
4		Rorie Waller		F	 22
5		Ryanne Thrussell	F	 28
6		Blossom Crespo		F	 26
7		Keira Hull		F	 33
8		Albie Thompkins		M	 37
9		Ursella Bissette	F	 28
10		Tyrell Darwin		M	 34
11		Koby Rose		M	 35
12		Kaelea Kimberly		F	 20
13		Ozzie Matthewson	M	 28
14		Venceslas Aaron		M	 27
15		Hernan Jacobson		M	 34

Hooker		Gwyneth Zapatero	F	 38
Prop		Wesley Sempers		M	 33
 		Earlene Swindlehurst	F	 26
Lock		Candi Guerra		F	 33
Back row	Cearra Hampton		F	 32
 		Regena Gabrielson	F	 21
Scrum-half	Rosie Ruiz		F	 29
Fullback	Baldwin Joiner		M	 31

Hooker		Mallory Dale		F	 21
Prop		Reginald Hudnall	M	 31
Lock		Narcisa Hayden		F	 24
Back row	Parker Tolbert		M	 36
Scrum-half	Kole Boyce		M	 19
Fly-half	Sidney Monk		M	 19
Center		Mel Scrivener		M	 37
Wing		Stevie Christianson	M	 35

Style Mod: +1.706

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y (but TG/DM me first)
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N

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tSToBdk.png          beMAedE.png

Team Information

  • Style mod: 3.9
  • Home stadium: Ellestede Garden, cap. 18,500
  • Manager: TC Danen
  • Coaches: Kees Gordon, Wolf Bruijs



Name Position Age
Elliot Coetzee Hooker 29
Ryan Shepherd Hooker 29
David Owain Hooker 24
Bart Plane Hooker 22
Olive John Prop 26
Wyn Metcher Prop 27
Kellen Brown Prop 31
Rhys Sears-Duru Prop 31
Dillon Kilifi Prop 28
John Lewis Prop 31
Idris Alan Lock 32
Jeremy Peters Lock 32
Adam Pelser Lock 28
Taylor Beard Lock 27
Cory Tucker Lock 32
Trent Hunsaker Lock 25
Gavin Bashir Flanker 23
Ross Penny Flanker 29
Harry Moriarty Flanker 24
Jordy Weyland Flanker 24
Eric Shingler Number 8 34
Justin Hattingh Number 8 26
Scott Williams Scrum-half 33
Rhys Cina Scrum-half 29
Wolf Carroll Fly-half 23
Jarrod Dean Fly-half 27
Dirk Chalmot Fly-half 24
George Parkes Center 29
Joey Tompkins Center 27
Kyle Laughlin Center 26
Hadleigh Neal Center 29
Siti Adams Wing 28
Josh Brennan Wing 26
Caleb Darlington Wing 22
Brock Adams Wing 31
Harry Staller Wing 24
Liam Turner Fullback 32
Jade Van Oord Fullback 23

Styles & Permissions

Style modifier 3.9
Home stadium Ellestede Garden
(RP) Players may be injured No
(RP) Players may receive yellow cards No
(RP) Players may receive red cards No

No godmodding

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Team Information

Style mod: 5

Manager: Jack Miller

Coaches: Peter Armstrong, Sophia Wilson

Name Number Position Sex Age
Ace Saunders 1 Loosehead Prop M 23
Cecil Edwards 2 Hooker M 26
Buck Lewis 3 Tighthead Prop M 24
Eve Morris 4 Lock 1 F 29
Tucker Dale 5 Lock 2 M 30
Lucas Ward 6 Blindside Flanker M 20
Abigail Baker 7 Openside Flanker F 22
Mary Hudson 8 Number 8 F 34
Kendrick Reed 9 Scrum Half M 26
Richie Goodwin 10 Fly Half M 25
Vincent Arnold 11 Left Wing M 35
Gerald Hamilton 12 Inside Center M 23
Jericho Price 13 Outside Center M 30
Eloise Chambers 14 Right Wing F 21
Catherine Reynolds 15 Fullback F 25
Barry Cook 16 Hooker M 36
Hadley Simpson 17 Prop F 24
Chuck Newtons 18 Lock M 27
Holly Webster 19 Lock F 36
Jeffrey Sharp 20 Wing M 32
Christopher Long 21 Scrum Half M 24
Jeanne Campbell 22 Fly Half F 31
Cleveland White 23 Fullback M 23


RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: N
Choose my kicker: N
RP injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y


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“Helloooooooo Zoran! I am Quiyakaso and you are watching the Royal News Network live in the Free State of Dalimbar! I honestly cannot believe I am here myself and I would be scared if my life hasn’t been full of a bunch of unfortunate events! Today is the day that the Zoranian team arrives in Dalimbar but I cannot get onto the airstrip like in previous years so instead we are in this beautiful city square.

Now, before this I had the chance to speak with the coach of our Rugby Team, Amadahy Lvaguta, and asked how they have been preparing for this year’s world cup. She told me that they have been working more on team cohesion, having them work better as a unit that can improvise on each other if needed. They also said they emphasized on improving upon the faults they noticed during practices and in previous matches. ‘Both of these things,’ she said, ‘have only improved the team’s performance as these basic elements have helped the team perform better when it comes to more complex and advanced plays as they have gotten used to playing together. It has especially helped us integrate our newest team member.”

I am very much excited to see how our team performs this year an-”

Noya Priscian: “Quiyakaso, what are you doing here?”

Quiyakaso: “What do you mean? I am doing my job of covering the Rugby World Cup.”

Priscian: “This time I was assigned to cover the events of this world cup! The higher ups wanted to see how I would do after I covered for you last year!”

Quiyakaso: “Wait…what!? Why wasn’t I told this!? They covered the cost of my flight and everything!”

Priscian: “It should have been in your email!”

Quiyakaso: “My email was hacked by trolls last week! IT is still working on it!”

Priscian: [groans] “Let’s talk to the producer and get on the line with some of the higher ups to resolve this.”


Seniormembersthing.png.342d5c6d7a35a4202d893010f7df6047.png WaholiReagan.png.93d7cbb2c77b3d2eeb75269747cad616.pngAndoliaville.png.a92968f5444f235be1a6707c90830a41.png

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Sekiyan National Rugby Association
Sekiyan Nationaler Rugbyverband (Mittellandian)
Sekyer National Rugby Associatioun (Karlan)

Sekiyan Nasjonalt Rugbyforbund (Sylvanian)

Nickname: Black and Reds
Style mod: +2
Home Stadium: Kaiserstahl Multi-Stadium, Neuersekitz
Manager: Marcel Wagner
Main Sponsors: Kaiserstahl, SekAir

Main Squad
Due to Sekiya's diversity, the team is full of Mittellandians, Karlans and Sylvanians. The captain of the team is Alexander Schneider, the captain of the team since 1420. He plays with his younger brother, Thomas Schneider, in the team Fischendorf Haie. Thomas has been a backup member of the national team since 1421, however this year will be starting in the main squad, with his brother.

The nickname, Black and Reds comes from the flags of Karlsbierg and Mittelland, historically the two biggest kingdoms when Sekiya was united.

Name Number Position Home SAPL Team
Alexander Schneider 1 Loosehead Prop (C) Fischendorf, DH FH
Jérôme Klein 2 Hooker Sudfloss, FL RAR
Thierry Weber 3 Tighthead Prop Zusch, KB KE
Jon Larsen 4 Lock 1 Midtøy, SY SVB
Carlo Weis 5 Lock 2 Sekitz, MT KP
Sven Olsen 6 Backside Flanker Søndreng, SY SVS
Markus Becker 7   Openside Flanker   Hohenberg, MT KP
Thomas Schneider 8 Number 8  Fischendorf, DH FH
Thomas Hagen 9 Scrum-half Furstentetten, SY SVS
David Schuster 10 Fly-half Kirchfeld, MT RGT
Florian Schreiber 11 Left Wing Nordfelden, SR RCM
Moritz Wagner 12 Inside Centre Waldhain, MT SVH
Gilles Fisch 13 Outside Centre Zusch, KB RKE
Paul Schmitt 14 Right Wing Mühlental, MT SVS
Michael Fischer 15 Full-back Sonnenau, MT SVS

Reserve List

Name Number Position Home SAPL Team
Dominik Neufeld 16 Loosehead Prop Beck, MT SVB
Charles Weiler 17 Hooker Nord-Beck, KB RCM
Ottar Matthiessen 18 Tighthead Prop Fjellvind, SY SVS
Mark Lindenlaub 19 Lock Sekitz, MT KE
Theodore Krier 20 Lock Blau, FL RAR
Johny Seimetz 21 Flanker Zusch, KB KE
Gunnar Gutfreund 22   Flanker   Sonnenfeld, MT RGT
Asgeir Andersson 23 Number 8  Skogheim, SY SVH
Jean-Paul Hansen 24 Scrum-half Zierenholz, KS RUAS
Moritz Nessler 25 Fly-half Sekitz, MT RCS
Viktor Torvik 26 Left Wing Fjordbyen, SY SVS
Antonin Steinhausser 27 Centre Fischendorf, DH FH
Christophe Groben 28 Centre Eisenhaustad, FL RKE
Victor Veidt 29 Right Wing Steinhausen, SK SVS
Lars Dohl 30 Full-back Vorstetten, KS RUAS
Heinz Hausemer 31 Full-back Eisenhaustad, FL RKE

The SNRA kit was designed by Sophie Hirsch in 1418, and is primarily blue.


The Kaiserstahl Multi-Stadium is an enormous stadium located in the 9th District of Neuersekitz. The 9th District is the unofficial 'sports district' of the capital, with several other prominent stadiums located there, and is where the League of Seven Provinces is held. The Multi-Stadium is able to be used for Rugby, Football and other track events. Due to this, the SNRA shares the stadium with the national football team.

The stadium was completed in 1412, and was funded primarily by Kaiserstahl and the Sekiyan Investment Bank. The stadium has a hotel attached to it, with some rooms giving access to the pitch.

Kaiserstahl Stadium

Kaiserstahl Stadium (OOC: Air Albania Stadium)

Sekiyan Domestic Rugby
SekAir Platinum League
The SekAir Platinum League is the highest division for Rugby within Sekiya. The league is sponsored by SekAir, the second largest airline in Sekiya. 

Position Abbrv. Name City
1 SVS SV Stormere Ipsheim, SY
2 FH Fischendorf Haie Fischendorf, DH
3 RKE RK Eisenwerke Eisenhaustad, FL
4 KE RC Karlsbierg Engelen Zusch, KB
5 KP SRC Kaiserplatz 51 Sekitz, MT
6 RAR RA Roda Roda, FL
7 SVB SSV Beck 1267 Beck, MT
8 RCM RC Mittelland Sekitz, MT
9 SVE TSV Eiwigstad Eiwigstad, KB
10 RUAS RU Aquarelle/Soliterra Aquarelle, KS
11 RGT RG Tanger Tangerbruck, MT
12 SVH SSV Hurrikane Vinningen, MT

SekAir Platinum League Table,1422

Year Team
1422 SV Stormere
1421 SV Stormere
1420 RA Roda
1419 SRC Kaiserplatz 51
1418 SV Stormere
1417 Fischendorf Haie
1416 Fischendorf Haie
1415 SRC Kaiserplatz 51
1414 SV Stormere
1413 SV Stormere
1412 Fischendorf Haie

Winners of the SekAir Platinum League Table

League of the Seven Provinces
The League of the Seven Provinces is a yearly sporting event that takes place in Sekiya. Think of it as an Esferiad, however local to Sekiya. Athletes from each province will compete for the Trophy of the Seven Provinces. During this event, each province will have teams for Football, Rugby and Cricket, as well as athletes competing in other sporting events.

Year Province
1422 Mittelland*
1421 Mittelland
1420 Karlsbierg
1419 Nursylvania
1418 Dahme*
1417 Mittelland
1416 Karlsbierg
1415 Mittelland*
1414 Karlsbierg*
1413 Mittelland
1412 Mittelland*

Winners of the Provincial Rugby Tournament
*Also won the Trophy of the Seven Provinces

OOC: RP Permissions


Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: N (Talk to me if you want it to be Y)
Godmod: N

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Beautiful Medieval Castle With Modern Stadium In The ...

Principality Stadium in the background with Hillborough Castle in the foreground


Principality Stadium was constructed three years ago as the official home of the Saint Mark Royal Lions. Funds and the site were donated by Lady Arlene Reston, Dowager Countess of Hillborough and aunt to Paul Reston, the Number Eight for the Lions. She is said to have wanted the arena close enough that she could watch her favorite nephew and his friends as they played. It is a fairly small stadium, with a capacity of 19,000. The artwork decorating the exterior walls was the inspiration of artist Manuel Porjiere and carried out by the students of the Academiae Debiles Artifices.

União de Leiria vai entrar nos eSports RTP Arena

Principality Stadium


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20 Fur Closet ideas | fur, fabulous furs, fox fur



The Dowager Countess of Hillborough stood in front of her open fur closet, exasperation showing on the lined face below her elegant coif. Her dresser, Arlswoof, much younger than her lady and much prettier than her name, tried to remain patient. 

"Well with the social situation still up in the air, I simply cannot decide. We will have to bring them all, Arlswoof."

"My lady, that would, of course, be the sensible thing to do, but we can't pack them all within the limitations on luggage that were sent. Might I suggest a jacket and coat each of the white, brown, black, and gray? That way my lady will have choices for evening and day, and surely we can coordinate your wardrobe to accommodate these options?"

The elderly aristocrat sighed. "Very well. That will have to do, I suppose." Although excited to be traveling to Dalimbar for the first time since her honeymoon, and looking forward to watching her nephew play in his sporting game ... what was that again ... Rugby? ... she hadn't realized the trip would be so complicated. She almost regretted suggesting she accompany the Saint Markan delegation.

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The Ryxtylopian Rugby Association 

Asoxicion di Rugby di Ryxtylopia


Style Mod; -2


Pailo Darrias 1 25 M Loosehead Prop Tilipaca
Andreís Guilbirto 2 23 M Hooker Parta'ana
Mirta Palmiras 3 30 F Tighthead Prop Mynas
Riberto Huichilca 4 27 M Number 4 Lock Tipañas
Guivina Divarra 5 22 F Number 5 Lock Progresso
Armando Mataña 6 29 M Backside Flanker Ryxenia
Marco Xilta 7 25 M Openside Flanker Tilipaca
Quista Farris 8 26 F Number 8 Tripartí
Davina Xi'icha 9 33 F Scrum Half Pinilaca
Rinaco Zicha 10 22 M Fly Half Parta'ana
Marco Va'atí 11 28 M Left Wing Parta'ana
Guilbirto Tivaña 12 23 M Inside Centre Kixacata
Rinaco Patochá 13 21 M Outside Centre Mytapixas
Avilita Mataña 14 20 F Right Wing Ryxenia
Ernysto Rivas 15 32 M Fullback Ranchas



Adila Quistra 16 31 F Lock Tsiltañí
Zincho Ampardia 17 28 M Half Vardis
Ernysto Fydó 18 22 M Hooker Va'anatí
Santigo Guivaldi 19 20 M Centre Saltavachá
Crystivas Ticahca 20 21 F Lock Tumbas
Angilina Nivas 21 24 F Wing Carraizal
Riberto Ca'aña 22 26 M Flanker Ryxenia
Rinaco Dipartí 23 23 M Prop Tsalapaní



Riberto Patochá 24 22 M Centre Pinilaca
Davina Fliores 25 34 F Centre Vynitiná
Guilbirto Farris 26 27 M Lock Vynitiná
Jilvian Ampardí 27 24 M Flanker Myvas
Ani Palmiras 28 24 F Fullback Mytapixas
Pailo Mataña 29 25 M Wing Vachás
Xavio Hui'itá 30 29 M Loosehead Prop Bai'ia Canvratí
Cheviz Quistra 31 30 M Half Il Puntí
Mirta Dymar 32 21 F Wing Pestainas
Quistra Pivala 33 23 F Flanker Maiiztá
Xacho Hirvati 34 24 M Half Tacarachá


Coach: Andreís Tivarra





The Ryxtylopian Rugby Association (ARR in Ryxtylopian) will debut in this Rugby World Cup! Its composed of players from the Ryxtylopian Rugby league, a relativley small Rugby league at the global stage, the players range in age and experience, with the team being sponsored by Tybiron Electronics.


The goal set for the team is clear, pass on to the next stage, if this goal is achieved the debut will be considered successful, the odds of passing on look varied, since the group contains both some experienced teams and other debutants, so the A.R.R and its members are looking forward to be able to conduct a successful debut.


RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: *If DM's first
Godmod scoring events: *If DM's first
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: No


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A Sekiyan Story - Part 1

The Sekiyan team had been working diligently in the days leading up to their departure for the upcoming tournament in Dalimbar. Despite their excitement about competing on the world stage, the team also felt a sense of nervousness and apprehension. While they had represented Sekiya before, the prospect of travelling to Dalimbar had everyone on edge. The team knew that they were about to be at the forefront of a media spectacle, with millions around the world eager to see inside Dalimbar for the first time in decades.

As the team's bags were loaded into their transport, they had one last practice on the green next to their runway. They were determined to represent their country with honour and pride, knowing that they carried the hopes and dreams of their nation with them. The team felt a mixture of emotions as they departed from Neuersekitz Air Base in their H-88 Transport plane, excited for the adventure that lay ahead but uncertain about facing a new and unfamiliar environment.


The H-88 over Fischendorf

During their journey out of Sekiya, the transport passed over several prominent stadiums, including their home stadium, Kaiserstahl Stadium. Along the way, they circled over Kaiserplatz Stadium in Sekitz and Haieplatz Stadium in Fischendorf. As they left Sekiya, the escort departed, and the transport continued to Giovanniland for a brief refueling before continuing on to Dalimbar.

After several hours of flight, the team landed at the Emperor Giovanni the Great International Airport in the Kingdom of Giovanniland for refuelling. As they stepped off the plane, they were struck by the airport's beauty and the surrounding city. While in Giovannia, the team were reminded that they were just one of many teams going through similar feelings of discomfort.

Boarding the transport plane once again, the team felt a renewed sense of energy and excitement, knowing that they were one step closer to their destination in Dalimbar. They were determined to do their country proud and to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent Sekiya on the world stage.

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Rankampi Kepatanios  (M) 27y (Captain) -—Hooker

Podosfairo Klepsia (F) 20y —---------------Outside center

Tinasso Piso (M) 23y —---------------------Inside center

Konos Sfaira (M) 22y —---------------------Open-side flanker

Tetartos Flitzani (M) 26y —-----------------Second row

Treximo Grigora (F) 21y —-------------------Number 8

Amyna Paichtis (F) 25y —-------------------Right-side winger

Adikima Paichtis (F) 25y —------------------Loosehead prop

Omadiki Ergasia (F) 23y —------------------Scrum half

Syllipsi Bala (F) 20y —-----------------------Full back

Pedio Paichnidi (M) 24y —-------------------Left-side winger

Nikitis “Niki“ Epitychia (M) 22y —------------Blind-side flanker

Filotimos Ekprosopos (M) 21y —-------------Second row

Einai Ischyros (F) 24y —---------------------Tighthead prop
Paizo Kala (M) 23y —-------------------------Fly-half



RP permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, they may...

Choose my try scorers: No

Choose my kicker: No

RP injuries: Yes

Godmod scoring events: No

Godmod injuries: Yes

Godmod other events: Yes

Screenshot 2023-03-24 10.34.51 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-03-24 10.35.18 PM.png

image.pngLogo I guess

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VA-CM Joint Naval Exercise

MARCH 24, 1423

On 21 and 22 March 1423, Varanius and Cambria conducted a joint naval exercise within the framework of patrolling and exercising high seas freedom of navigation. The exercise involved Cambric Ship VILLIN, as well as Varanian Republican Maritime Forces’s ships AZATHOTH and YOG-SOTHOTH. It included professional exchanges on boarding procedures, ship navigation, and training designed to improve interoperability and integration.

The exercise forms part of the shared commitment of Varanius and Cambria to work towards practical maritime cooperation and support a free and open Darkesian, in line with documents such as the Varanian Strategic Compass and the Cambric Darkesian Strategy.

Varanius and Cambria reaffirm their commitment to further pursue coordination and complementary work for regional maritime security to support freedom of navigation and other internationally lawful uses of the sea in the Darkesian.

Special thanks to Varanius for his input.

Cambric Concern for Integrity of Dilberif Judicial System

March 26, 1423

The March 24 statement by Dilber’s Postmaster General* announcing the filing of a formal request to lift the immunity of judge Cranston Gopro is a transparent attempt to hamper investigations into corruption and an assault on the integrity of Dilber’s highest courts. Judge Gopro was previously recognized as a 1420 Tamaric University Person of Courage (TUPOC) for their efforts to strengthen judicial integrity and the rule of law in Dilber. The autonomy of judges to review cases, establish guidance, and issue rulings and sentences free from the specter of reprisal or external influence is a cornerstone of the rule of law. Continued targeted action against an independent and internationally recognized jurist degrades the central pillar of Dilber’s free and fair judicial system.

*Why Postmster General? Because they deliver the evidence!

Special thanks to Dilber for his input.

Sanctioning Corporatist Financiers in Zoran

March 26, 1423

The Kingdom of Cambria is designating three Corporate-linked financial facilitators and their Zoran-based travel company. We are taking action in solidarity with the Zoranian people, whose security and sovereignty remain threatened by Corporatists' corrupt and destabilizing activities.

Individuals Kunokeski Lagena, Sallali Dvago, and Tooantuh Hetlose, and business Kalvgv Travel were designated under Crown Order 26448, as amended, which targets terrorists, leaders, and officials of terrorist groups, and those who provide support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.

As the Zoranian people suffer an economic crisis of historic proportions, the Corporatocracy continues to engage in illicit activity and amass wealth at the expense of the Zoranian people. The Corporatocracy and its associates are more concerned with advancing their interests than the best interests of the Zoranian people. For more information on today’s action, please see the Treasury Ministry press release.

Special thanks to Zoran for his "input".

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Peourouin National Rugby Association (Національна асоціація регбі Перуінської)

Style Mod: 1

Home Stadium: Box Escobar Remembrance Stadium, Zhlangnon 053

Manager: Dr. Kaaia Skaylais

Coach: Markus Tyrihaillis, Connor Nebrashchka


Aaron Regeuzhyy 1 21 M Loosehead prop Feziklyr
Yammine Predudy 2 22 F Hooker Fradif
Prats Zepanda 3 26 M Tighthead prop Uhulask
Francois Train 4 23 M Lock 4 Kiiv
Udemmina Narov 5 29 F Lock 5 Drir-Jorji
Carlise Grenwich 6 18 F Blindside-flanker Aibuz
Cavrill Najju 7 19 M Openside-flanker Balmoure
Buchiav Yedaiyivni 8 33 M Number 8 Ihashipol
Rozylin Depart 9 20 F Scrum-half Trolin'ye
Krasna Gryy 10 18 F Fly-half Baoken
Dalia Romaero 11 18 F Left-wing Jairprozhia
Pultomuu Jairris 12 29 M Inside-centre Haoux-Polter
Severku Palas 13 25 M Outside-centre Wropens
Tokayev Volom 14 20 M Right-wing Criim
Greta Yuf 15 34 F Fullback Lmopesk


Erdotar Fayy 16 35 M Loosehead prop Logdshch
Maria Holden 17 17 F Hooker Helmaamoi
William King 18 17 M Tighthead prop Haank
Bonita Ameliu 19 18 F Lock 4 Criim
Sarah Almaty 20 35 F Lock 5 Kiiv
Aleksandr Veduz 21 22 M Blindside-flanker Fradif
David Miliquieu 22 19 M Openside-flanker Magyuar
Florence Muespoli 23 27 F Number 8 Balmoure
Madeline Dog 24 26 F Scrum-half Helmaamoi
Ava Qu 25 24 F Fly-half Lmopesk
Sean Inau 26 30 M Left-wing Magyuar
Alan Estimmo 27 32 M Inside-centre Jairprozhia
Laski Shchyumo 28 23 M Outside-centre Baoken
Olcey Shmeyet 29 17 F Right-wing Drir
Tomia Tryyzhia 30 17 F Fullback Zhlangnon




RP Permissions:

If my opponent RPs first...

Choose my try scorers: Y

Choose my kicker: Y

RP injuries: Y (typical injuries applicable or as seen fit)

Godmod scoring events: N

Godmod injuries: N

Godmod other events: N


Message from the manager and the coaches to players and fans on the team social media, the night before the playoffs:

Please, enjoy yourselves. You have made it this far; show how much you want to win. Be respectful, be mindful, be diligent, game on. Thank you Peouroun citizens for cheering our players through the selection process; and thank you to Dalimbar for hosting, we are sure to enjoy your offerings. We are delighted to show our players to the world. Whether a win or a loss, we came to have a great time.

-Kaaia, Markus and Connor (Кайя, Маркус і Коннор)<3

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